Confined Together with the Horror Game’s Male Lead


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I became a maid in a horror game.
And, here in this mansion, I was confined together with the male lead, who’s trying to escape. My role here was to guide him around the mansion and to give him penalties once in a while.
I just need to fulfill my NPC duties until the male lead’s playthrough is over.

“Once I get out, I’ll have you locked up the same way.”

This male lead was kicking up quite the racket though.

So I decided to help him escape as soon as possible.

“Let’s eat, Dietrich.”
“That’s a potion. It’ll get you healed up right away.”
“The escape hint is right over there…”

I stuffed him well enough so he had enough energy for the next part of the game.
I gave him a potion to use in case he got hurt.
I also gave him some hints to solve the problem.

Then, we can get out now, right?


“Not sure. I don’t know the answer.”

Look here, smart guy. What exactly do you mean by that?

…The male lead doesn’t want to leave the mansion.

“If you’re not leaving, then I will!”

I shouted in a fit of anger. At the thought of having to keep looking at this hateful guy’s face, I was justifiably annoyed.

“Is this truly the kind of place that you can get out of?”

As he said this, the look in his eyes darkened sharply.

“Just so we’re clear, I have absolutely no intention of getting out of here.”
“And you’re not leaving either.”

How the hell did it come to this?

Associated Names
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I was imprisoned with the male lead of a horror game
The Male Lead and I Are Trapped In A Horror Game
공포게임 남주와 감금당했다
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4 Reviews

Jun 30, 2023
Status: c82
Bro im only at chapter 82, and things are already getting hella dark😭 like u would think it would be a slow burn, cuz theres 170 chapters.

Anyway review so far, I really love the female and male leads development, slowly going insane even though it's not shown obviously.

Where I am rn, ... more>>

doesnt feel like a romance, more like 2 insane people clinging on to one another. Its pitiful actually. U'd think it's romantic at first, but then it gets really shitty once u realise, these people need therapy not romance


But thats what I love about this book. I also love the missions, the mystery is chefs kiss, like im not into mystery novels, but these was quite nice to read. Each character plays a part, and theyre not just there to progress their relationship, but the plot actually. Which is nice, cuz normally people kill off some random grandpa so that the main couple would be like

"omg Michael, Darold was my favourite uncle, what do I do now!"

"Dw cindy, I gotchu" *embraces cindy*😉👴

Wtf this review is derailing, but all in all its a very good novel to bindge read, I hope it doesnt have a shitty ending and the both get what they deserve <<less
34 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 08, 2023
Status: c11
oh our poor ML and FL, the game is sucks tf, what kind of game is that...

FL got trapped as an NPC but she's also got controlled by the system and will got penalty if she refuse the task, glad she's smart that she didnt hurt the MC but still completed the task

i pity both of them fr, like FL would have gone crazy for long time go if she didnt have one of the feature that can keep her mind steady although shes slowly become more emotionless /sob


ML havent show the yandere side yet, he's still weak? so far I think, kinda delulu tho lmao

its good for read, waiting for the update <33 thankssss muahmuah <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 20, 2023
Status: c138
I don't know what rating should I give this one but maybe around 3.8-4?

It's an interesting story with lots of mysteries unfolding. Somewhat new. I do recommend it but I'm warning y'all, after they got out of the mansion, it drastically changed. Up until chapter 90, it was great, but then it took an unexpected turn. It started to twist and kind of deteriorate. Actually kind of puzzling because the author included much too many components to the mystery to make sense of it all. Although it had potential, at... more>> the midway point I had lost interest. Kinda disappointing. I was expecting that it will eventually go well as I continue it but there's no sign of getting better and it just gets darker. Don't get me wrong, it started pretty good but it just went downhill for me after they got out of the mansion.

It starts with FL that got "transmigrated" in a game as Charlotte a supposedly "maid" trapped in a mansion and meets Dietrich, the protagonist in the game who will have to go all the way to the 5th floor to find the Room of Truth to escape. As the story progresses, they encounter challenges. Their character will further change. The longer it gets, the more twisted they become. It gets darker. It mainly focuses on the mystery of the mansion and the story behind it. Also, there are plot twists that will make your jaw drop, it was frustrating and confusing as well. Both ML and FL are pitiful. They will lose their sanity. As I said, the longer it gets the more twisted the ML and FL become. There was a lot of misunderstanding, deception, and distrust so it was unbearable. I just feel bad for Noah at some point. I had to drop it for now because I can't handle the characters anymore, and I might pick it up soon or who knows when.


FL is actually Charlotte and she ran away from the mansion by going to another world and yet was eventually caught by the demon using bait and that is the game itself. In the story in the game, the young lady in the diary is Charlotte and supposed Charlotte and Dietrich were past lovers (?). They already met in their past lives. Dietrich entered the mansion 99 times already so it's like a recurring cycle or more like a curse and the last would be 100, the same goes for Charlotte. Moreover, Noah is Charlotte's child and I'm guessing that the father is Dietrich. I pity Noah because he's trying so hard to save his mother, who is on the verge of going insane (she's actually already unstable). Although it was somewhat predictable, I can't count how many times I gasped as I read this. It's a long way to go might as well read this novel.

10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 22, 2024
Status: c38
FL: is a maid of a mansion that is actually a game she got in. But she is the maid that at times assists the ML to help him through tasks, although sometimes she also gets missions.

ML: He gets trapped in the mansion after walking in and at first believes it was due to trickery from the FL, but he thinks later on that maybe she is trapped in the mansion as well.
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