The Promise Sealed with Our Lips


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When we met for the first time in our first year of high school, he saw my contempt, but silently continued to clean;

In our second year, he kneeled in front of me while enduring the ridicule of others, “Can you please beat me up to vent your anger, then forgive me?”

From then on he would calmly fulfill our appointments: that horrible wound in physical education class, his guilt when he wore three layers of pants, the bruised and battered body that presented itself before my eyes, then I carried the trembling him…….

In our third year, we fell out because of the anger from being betrayed – but now that I think about it, how could that have been betrayal, why did he dare to be friends with me? Even though it was because of my rejection that he once again had to endure violence, what hung on his lips were still “I was the one who lied to you, it’s my fault for making you angry.”

Shi Yan couldn’t help but lift his head up and control the heat in his eyes, while his ears were still ringing from He Nuo’s words that were filled with gratitude, “You are the one who treats me the best!”

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Rena877 rated it
January 14, 2020
Status: v2c6
i love this novel, but it is such a pity that there is currently no new update -.- pleaaaaaase, someone pick this translation up!

about the plot: the ML is kind of a jerk, but at the same time lovable: throughout the book my opinion of him is constantly changing. MC is great: although he had a pitiful childhood, he is strong and capable, knows his own feelings, which simultaneously frightens him (because he doesn't want to get hurt... like AGAIN)

the vol 1 is neither a real BE nor HE,... more>> I think. It's a shitty cliff-hanger, but at the same time you could actually finish the story here- you just won't feel so satisfied though

MC leaves ML to be "free", that's a badass thing to do, if you're in deep love


if you pick this book, the ending of vol1 won't be fluffy, but vol2 is said to be HE. I am currently trying to MTL reading the second book, but MAN I HATE MTL. its very frustrating if you need a great, fluffy and plot-being-totally-satisfactorily-summed-up end like I do. life's hard <<less
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seawaterwitch rated it
March 28, 2019
Status: c54
Really angst. Bitter story first but you'll get the sweetness later. I hate the mc's family especially his dad whom were like beating his last son from his 1st wife and took side also spoilt sons from his 2nd wife. The MC ; He look like an orphan. He was lucky or not? To have Shi Yan the dominatrix took care of him, why do I feel it kind of macoshist story. But not bad.

Two thumbs up for translator's hardwork. Translating is not easy and I only read novel with... more>> good translation b (*_*) d <<less
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izayaYY rated it
April 27, 2019
Status: c107
Very angsty and melodramatic. I have rarely met someone who suffered from so much pain and abuse during childhood and still behave and think like it is all normal. Is Nuo a candidate for sainthood? His parents certainly deserve an award for child abuse and neglect (and excusing it all on chinese culture is ridiculous and s*upid). In any case, I cannot tolerate matyrs in real life and I cannot stand them in fiction either lol. Little saint Nuo is too much of a doormat character for my taste. Shi... more>> Yan's character is consistant with that of a pampered rich spoiled brat, but also maybe sadistic?... the 'human sandbag' and repeated r*pe shows that he is maybe a sad*st or a psycho, or both... but the author did not elaborate on, unfortunately. It would have probably raised my interest of the story by a notch, as it would have been a good addition to ShiYan's personality.


Little saint Nuo is shown to have a backbone and a fighting spirit towards the end of the novel. Although it comes about only after he was cheated on, and the cheating was so sudden that it felt like a plot device in a cheap telenovela. The cheating came soon after they swore eternal love to each other too lol. Yeah kinda sudden and weird. As for the ending, I like it because it feels realistic and appropriate and still remain hopeful.

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xscape rated it
January 14, 2021
Status: Completed
I'm pretty much satisfied with the part upto where the translations are done, hence the 5 stars here. The translations are beautiful, and I feel deeply for He Nuo. I pity him and sympathize with him and at the same time admire his strength. I'm very much satisfied with the ending of volume 1. Anyway, I was previously itching to read the rest, so I continued with google translate and completed reading it, now I regret it big time. It's been a year, and I'm still traumatized by it, even... more>> though it's a happy ending. Nothing exceptionally bad or brutal happening, but I ache deeply at each of He Nuo's pain. I won't reveal anything else though. I think he's the fictional character that I've ever felt most deeply for. <<less
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Rotten_me rated it
July 5, 2020
Status: Completed
Wow this novel is so good that I'm cry in the angst part. I know I'm gonna read some tragedy but never thought it will be so many. After reading it from the translator (gives 5 star to translator), I continue try read through mtl-ed. In the volume 2 they say HE so I brave myself to read till the end just in one day, and what do I get is more angst tragedy than in the volume 1.

I really like how the writer make ML and MC progess in... more>> the era where bl still taboo is so realistic that it makes sense. The four star come from the ml, it's just ML is a pain, he give MC hope then crushed it then give hope again and so when MC beat ML in v.2 I'm smiling the whole time.

The writer's kindness also take part in four star, originally I want to give 3 star but the writer make v.3 the real HE into v.2 because the writer know the psychology of the readers.

And So I will spill the beans of some unbearable part

1. The MC family also bully MC. MC dad and step-mom is so unreasonable and his brothers like to give MC a hell time.

2. The ML r*pe MC and MC fail his exam, MC dad beat MC because of it. ml?he's having a good time with his family, he know MC will not report him cause he believe MC.

3. The ML use MC dirty photos to make MC stay cause MC want to break-up.

4. The ML use his 'friend' to make MC not leave him by beating the hell out of MC till MC have trauma and his sickness triggered again.

5. Make MC break-up with him then become the master playboy again. Then MC find out.


The conclusion is this novel the type where ML loves MC very much that he can kills MC for love. As for the ending...

Ah did I tell you it's HE? Well it can be called that. If you don't satisfied with the ending, you can read some fluff in the extras

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Small-Sherbet rated it
April 4, 2022
Status: v2c6
This Novel is very closed to my heart, it's been more than a year since I last completed it till the V2, Ch6.

I miss He Nuo and Shi Yan, there new story is taking a new hike, I am tired of waiting for the new chapter, please someone generous out there, of you can translate the Novel, Could you please do it🥺🙏
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whitespade rated it
June 27, 2019
Status: c107
This is a very harrowing novel filled with child abuse, bullying, domestic violence, r*pe and severe sickness and disease. I cried so much for our poor lotus. But in the end, our cowering child become a splendorous flower so the end (of vol 1) is pretty gratifying.

If you, like me, also like to see suffering MC thats trodden and kicked and abused by the author, can try Death Scripture. Its a straight wuxia, but MC's wretchedness is good there too.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
gatesofrain rated it
April 20, 2019
Status: c107
I'm not good writing review and rarely give comments. But, for this once, I would like to recommend this story on your reading list.

Big thanks to translator for translating it neatly, (and for finishing those bunch of last chapters in a couple days) .
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Hazel Grace
Hazel Grace rated it
April 20, 2019
Status: c101
I am just loving this story more and more and I cant get enough of this.I felt extreme joy and extreme pain while reading this Novel.I just dont understand how could Shi yan cheated on He Nuo when he loves him to the heights of Possession...? Hats off to the Translator for translating the chapters so frequently with such a good translation and many thanks and great respect and love to Author for giving and sharing such a wonderful work with us❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Redroses__ rated it
March 23, 2019
Status: c108
I MTL-ed because I thought the story has a lot of promise. The MC was really likeable, despite his circumstances, he never hates or harbors grudges. But what I really like about him was that he has a bottom limit and doesn't let himself get bullied easily. He can stand up for himself whenever necessary.

... more>>

Especially when the ML cheated on him, he wasn't swayed with whatever bullsh*t explanation the ML did, and prepared to leave him even though as far as I can tell, the ML was the only light in his life.


The ML was really unlikeable. He was the reason I rated this 4 stars. Heck, I wanna rate it lower because of him but I like the MC. He was an arrogant, immature, and self-entitled jerk. I think he subconsciously believes that no matter what he did, the MC will forgive him if he showed him a little bit goodness.

Overall, I probably will read this again after it got translated. The MTL was really hard to understand. <<less
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fudanshii18 rated it
February 6, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel is a top notch among the many novels I've read. It is so realistic and classic. I am glad I read this novel. It was fustrating and melancholic but I've come to love the novel. Both the ML and MC were made just for each other.

... more>>

In Vol. 2 the cold war started when ML's mother caught MC in ML's dorm. He was humiliated greatly. ML protected MC by saying that MC is his buddy's friend and that they have nothing to do. MC understood it but he can't help himself emotionally. From then on, MC distanced himself to ML. He kept avoiding him without talking it out. It is partly MC's fault why they are in this drama.

Yu Yao (MC's friend from high school) asked MC to be her boyfriend for a day and MC agreed. Bro? Wth. Are you dumb? ML saw MC kissed Yu Yao on the forehead while Yu Yao kissed MC on the lips but MC was not prepared.

MC deserved the cold treatment from ML afterwards. ML did all of that disgusting things because he doesn't know any thing that can keep MC stay with him in normal means. MC is the wrong one here, he burnt all the pictures and letters he had with ML that ML cherished, then hid without saying anything. MC wanted to break up with ML because of the th**ny path he is to walk on if he insist to be together with ML. I understand MC that he is scared of what to come in the future because of uncertainty but he doesn't have to be so cruel leaving ML.

ML was also regretful for all the things that happened. But he has gone overboard. No words can justify what he did to MC. So inhumane. If this is the consequence breaking up with someone, for sure, no one is willing to be in a relationship. I'm crying because ML is just too much to MC. He was traumatized.

After this, MC promised to stay with ML. Physically but not with his heart. ML was again deceived that MC's illness was due to the fact that they do 'that' but in fact MC is taking a medicine that makes his urine red. Meaning, MC just doesn't want to do 'that' with ML because for him, it doesn't symbolize love anymore but humiliation.

ML saw that MC was not happy with him anymore so he let MC go. I'm so heartbroken for the both of them. I know MC still loves ML and ML undoubtedly loves MC more than himself. MC was crying when he read the break up letter and so does ML. MC also seem to have lost the will the live. But still, even if they have broken up, ML still cares and protect MC secretly. MC knew it all along that made him more heartbroken.

ML came back to being a playboy again because of the great pain he was suffering from the loneliness. His world is slowly crumbling apart. I was actually waiting for ML to cheat because the spoiler I read said so. ML never cheated in Vol. 2, even if he did it with other people, it can never be considered one as he was not in a relationship with the MC at the time. It was funny because after MC witnessed the p*rn*gr*phy film by ML with another girl live, he went back to the room with a stick to beat up ML. MC became an alpha in an instant and ML was subservient to him. LMAO.


Anyway, they should've talked about their problem rather than leaving it at the corner.

ML truly loves the MC to the point it's scary. After all the hardships they've been through, they can finally be together at ease without caring about what others may think of them.

I feel that the main text ended abruptly that I was hoping there will be Volume 3 but it's okay since it was seen from the extra chapters that they are very happy and satisfied with the life that they have now. <<less
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mnque rated it
June 19, 2019
Status: v2c2
omg thank you translators so much for picking up volume 2! I have finished the first volume weeks ago and still come back to reread it because I’m a big sucker for angst and I really really love the improvements in their relationship as well as the personality of our MC, which has built up and made him to be a stronger and better person through all the hardships in his life.
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luathas rated it
January 3, 2023
Status: Completed
Huge contradictions for me.
Want to rate it 1, but also 5 =_=

At the beginning it felt like the MC is a typical Cinderella type character. Wrong!
The MC looks like a Cinderella at the surface but not only can he scheme when he is pushed to the corner, he also knows his worth and throughout the story he never settled for less than what he thinks he deserves. Which is not typical for an unfavourable child in a poverty stricken household with 8 siblings with 0 guidance and 0 friends.

The BIG contradiction for me- the ML - and his relationship with the MC. *Smacks forehead* Though the ML is not a typical indifferent scum gong, but his attitude for the MC throughout the book can be summarised as -
Slap the child. Child cries. Give candy to placate the child. Repeat.

Anyhow, the writer also talks about the socio-economic conditions of the Chinese upper middle classes and nouveau riche around the early 90s. With well written side characters.

What I found the most frustrating is how the MC is indebted and hence emotionally bound to the ML while the ML makes use of his Daddy's money and background to put out fires for MC that he (ML) himself caused in the first place arrrgh! Thus starting a whole new debt cycle. Overall a fun angsty read. Could have been better for me if the MC wasn't such a big victim to the circumstances and people around him (despite trying his best by hook or by crook).The parts where he shines, is independent and happy are too few and far in between. It can be too mentally taxing to read sometimes. But that depends on the individual choices I suppose.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lappelduvide rated it
December 28, 2022
Status: --
I made an account just to say this: this ML is utter tr*sh. The complete translation isn't even finished, but it doesn't need to be. I read enough to be utterly disgusted by the sheer abuse and hurt that ML hurls at MC, while expecting him to be at his beck and call just because little spoiled master was pampered so much he can't even figure out his emotions or act like a cultured human being for once (ironic since his background is supposed to be from a rich upper... more>> class family). No amount of cute, sweet, fluffy interaction between the two can save the ML from being a failure of a being. He is the greatest example of "slap three times then give a piece of candy" (and on repeat).


Not only he bullies the MC ruthlessly, becomes the cause of the mc's illness to appear, uses his rich little boy privilege to cause his equally nasty mother to cause the MC trouble, but he also r*pes him brutally. I felt sick to my stomach reading how he slapped him, kicked him hard enough that the MC puked his own gastric acid to keep him in place during the act, but he also relished in the blood coming out of the MC. Latter paragraphs state that even in the future he "never regretted that afternoon". To put a cherry on top, he leaves after doing this while saying "sue me for r*pe if you can" and continues enjoying holidays and university unbothered because to him it wasn't any henious crime. Meanwhile the mc's illness reawakens, he fails his exams for which he worked his blood and sweat off, and proceeds to get the beating of his life from his pathetic excuse of a father, only to end up working in a horrid factory. The ML comes back and is "saddened" and in "pain" from the state of the MC and tries washing his hands by negotiating with his father to let him get back into school. A poor, sh*tty "sorry" apparently was enough for them to be "sunny" friends again. By this point I had enough, I dropped it. Reading other reviews here I saw that it will get worse and I don't intend to stick around.


The great translation was the only saving grace, it felt like a coming of age movie and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The MC too was admirable and made feel great sympathy and pity for him, as his family situation was a tad realistic. My best regards to those who are planning on reading this, it will hurt good and it will churn your stomach. It certainly churned mine, to the point where I'd gladly pay to karate kick that mf of a ML straight in his nasty, spoiled face. <<less
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shineeernesvt rated it
April 12, 2020
Status: v2c6
This novel is one of the best reads I had. I’m truly not into angst and I hate angst stories but sometimes I’m wondering how angst stories felt like and I tried reading one and it was quite good so I tried reading again for the second time and this was it.

At first, I an very pained for all the sufferings the MC had, it was very cruel. The pain he suffers is realistic that it also pains me while reading that I wasn’t aware I’m crying my eyes out.... more>> There are some bitter moments, sweet moments, and a combination of every feelings you could imagine there is.

It’s such a pity that there are still no translation updates. But this book is more than worth reading. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Silvina rated it
May 1, 2019
Status: c107
It's a novel that made me cry so much, but the ending is a big surprise, it's beautiful
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
tiara122 rated it
May 18, 2020
Status: Completed
This was soo good and the angst is real here, people!!! The ML really makes me want to cry but I like the character growth he has and how he stands up for himself.

BTW, does anyone have a link to the raws for volume 2? At this point, I am even ready to read sub-par translations just so I know how it ends. I hope someone will help me out!! :D
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abhi_2296 rated it
February 25, 2023
Status: Completed
Completely agree with another reviewer. Want to give it a 1 and a 5 at the same time. Settled for a 3 instead! Well because there is a part that wants to give it a 5. There were definitely things that worked for me! Like,

1. The MC's circumstances are pitiful. But unlike many other novels, he himself is a not pitiful weak person. The MC, He Nou is calm, mature and really strong. There is not even a single moment of self-pity even though life won't stop throwing stuff... more>> at him that would break most people. He takes everything in his stride. He is a pure kind soul, who in some ways, is above the pettiness and materialistic nature of this world. (Which is also why the ML is so fascinated when he finally understands him because how can a person like him exist. But the MC is not an exaggerated character, people like him do exist.) He is a by-product of his circumstances and he is moulded by his environment like we all are.

2. My biggest pet peeve is when there is no solid reason how the MC and ML fall for each other. In this case, there is no magical love at first sight. We clearly see why and how there thoughts towards each other slowly change. The ML indirectly or directly causes MC harm and the MC is rightfully wary of him (unlike so many other novels, where the MC will just madly fall in love with the scum ML at first sight out of nowhere and keep liking him even when he does horrible things to him). I was happy to see an actual realistic progression of their relationship.

3. I like that the ML, Shi Yan is flawed, he is not perfect by any means. But at the same time he deeply loves the MC. He does many things for the MC which were all very heartening to read but he also does hateful things. Putting myself in He Nuo's shoes though, it is believable why he would forgive him. It is definitely not healthy, but understandable.

4. This brings me to an interesting point which I also liked. The MC is a gentle soul who will forgive those who have wronged him easily (read, his family). He will always endure, even when people wrong him. But only with the ML who genuinely shows him affection will he actually act wilful, will get angry. He is secure enough in their relationship to know that he doesn't always have to endure with the ML like he has to with his family. He has no expectations from anybody but only with Shi Yan he will not easily let things go.

I really like the way volume 1 ends (it's neither HE or BE per se) but even if it was the way, the novel actually ended. I would have been pretty satisfied. Though I hear that the novel ends with a HE.

warning: this story has non-con which I just cannot enjoy. It left a bitter taste in my mouth and drove home the fact even further that He Nou is unhealthily codependent. Vol. 2 The angst in this one is real. What I liked about vol.2. We really drive home the fact that the MC is not a pushover at all. He Nuo can be cunning and ruthless when it comes to Shi Yan. They both know each other so deeply and so well. They play mind games with each other, hurt each other, they are cruel to each other but it all stems from their deep love for each other. These two love each other beyond reason and with their everything. Sigh! It is Toxic but it works for them. <<less
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August 13, 2022
Status: Completed
GOD it hurts so GOOD. The angst is so well written. I love this type of novel where they grow together and learn from each other. Although ML is kind of a jerk partly due to his s*upidity, he can be extreme when he loves MC he'll give him the world, when he's mad he does sh*t that is very hurtful. However, each time along with MC even I was still able to forgive and accept him. MC is not weak, he's mentally strong, prideful, and can be stubborn. But... more>> because he lack the love and support from his family, and being poor; he have to endure a lot of hardship. ML is your typical rich, spoil, and snobby little brat. Somehow their path meets and their life long entanglement begins. MUST read! <<less
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