The Poor Baby’s Manipulation Manual


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He Qing is a poor baby. He’s been bullied and he’s been deceived. He was tricked out of money, tricked into s*x and tricked into love.

He’s kind, he’s pure, he’s clear and without artifice, unsullied by the filth around him. Even if he’s tyrannizing scumbags, he has to tyrannize them pitifully!

By the time he’s finished his mission, those scumbags have been abused until they’re questioning their lives, and they prefer death to living on.

Happily holding onto his total points, the true maneater He Qing goes on to the next world he’ll be a poor baby in.

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New holachica rated it
July 11, 2020
Status: Completed
Hm. Yeah.

Disclaimer: I haven't really 'completed' completed the novel, but I've read a large portion of it, and have skimmed/skipped through the chapters enough to know what the whole novel generally encompasses.

That aside, there's not much else to say. This novel is honestly... kinda shit, in comparison to the other good ones out there (i.e. Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil, Don't Pick-up Boyfriends from the tr*shbin). The MC's 'personality' as it goes, doesn't change whatsoever throughout. From chapter 1 to chapter 169 onwards, his setting remains 'poor, innocent,... more>> dumb-as-f*ck, IQ deficient and naive. There are slight differences here and there, but the content is pretty much identical. Each arc is a rehash of the MC getting deceived as well as crying oceans of tears. He does nothing else. The characters the MC portrays every single arc are just so f*cking s*upid... it's tiring to read. If they're not crying, then they're being taken advantage of. That's all that happens up until the MC 'dies' and makes the scums regret. And that gets old quick, too.

Well, it's pretty much as the summary states. Not one factor more, not one factor less. The first few arcs are entertaining enough, but it gets boring really fast. It honestly eludes me how the author was able to write nearly 300 chapters of repetitive garbage, and gain absolutely nothing by the end of it. And due to this repetitive nature of the 'MC' walking into the fire, it's hard and cringe to get through.

Content aside, there's the 'content' content, i.e. the 'plots'. For this, there is a very simple description that can be summed up in 3 words: unrealistic, unrealistic, and unrealistic. This book pretty much lands in the books for brain-dead reading. Despite being in modern times, the concepts are wholly unrealistic. Sure, Quick Transmigration novels being as they are, are often unrealistic here and there, but this one pretty much ranks high up on the bullsh*t spectrum. It's hard to take the story seriously in any way, shape or form. I want to get immersed in the plot, but every other sentence has me going "OH, REALLY NOW??"

Some of the character dialogue with characters OTHER than the MC jump through so many logic-void-loops that I'm left for a spin. We also never get the real rundown on the 'original' plot, and how the 'original' victims had acted. We only get the MC's version. That would've been much appreciated.

And the ML... the MC never even gets to interact with the true ML because of OOC restrictions and plot restrictions and honestly just the author's restrictions overall. Like, there's mentions of an ML, but we never get to see romance 'bloom' per se. The ML is always just there, and nothing substantial ever happens wth him. If anything, he gets abused just as much as the scum MLs. Literally, what was the point of even including him? There's never 'true' interaction between the MC and the ML, like in QWTFOD.

Anyways, do I recommend it? Oh hell no. But is this a half-assed book to read when you have absolutely nothing left to read and are just looking to kill time by reading fancy garbage? Uh... still not really. Honestly, just don't. It's not worth the time spent. <<less
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New ColaArcie rated it
July 4, 2020
Status: Completed
The only thing I love in this novel is the vacation chapters. The other chapters are so abusive and always making me cry. The other stories are good but giving me a heartache. out of 10, 2 are happy ending and 8 are sad ending huhuhu... the author is so cruel!
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Hweianime rated it
July 1, 2020
Status: c1
I smelt a gong abuse QT story (my fav hehe) and so I’m here! Only the first chapter and seems pretty good translation wise. It’s pretty clear the first arc is the typical bullied poor nerd shou who gets asked out by scum gong as a dare... Can’t wait to see gong cry ahahaha. anyway let’s see how the rest of the arc is~~
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