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In his previous life, Yun Qingci loved the Emperor more than life and death. When he was alive, he made soup and clothes for him, and in politics, he helped monitor his officials, even his family.

He was solely dedicated to the emperor, and all his scheming strategies were used to gain favour. He never borrowed his power as the Lord Empress to seek employment for his relatives, and he did not show favoritism. He can be said to be strictly impartial and incorruptible, not even recognizing his own family.

Outsiders were terrified of him, and relatives hated him, but Yun Qingci didn’t care. However, in the end, he was thrown into the cold palace by the only person he cared about and his whole family imprisoned.

Finally, he committed suicide on that snowy day, and fell down that gilded tower.

Reincarnated, Yun Qingci retracted his claws, picked up the glass pieces of his heart, and conducted himself evasively in society. Acting as an escort to the Emperor for his relatives, he decided to become a proud Lord Empress that doesn’t need to be treasured or can have his status shaken.

Unexpectedly, the emperor who abandoned him like a shoe, praised by countless courtiers for both his virtue and kindness, suddenly changed his temper. He became cold and harsh, paranoid and cruel.

The servants who confronted Yun Qingci, he would beat them. The imperial concubines that provoked Yun Qingci, he would punish them. A small person who framed Yun Qingci, he would kill him. When someone tries to approach Yun Qingci, he would become jealous to the extreme.

Soon everyone knew that Empress Yun was the emperor’s inverse scale. He was not allowed to be looked at, touched, or even hurt.

Yun Qingci fairy man is speechless: So you like me not loving you, why didn’t you say that sooner.

Gong: ……

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New Miruzakura rated it
January 20, 2022
Status: Completed
Translation: from lazygirl translation very good, kudos. MTL easy to understand.

Plot: overall not bad I give 3.5 star. I dont know it was this dark when I start to read it. No tag about it. There some scenes which not cup of my tea such as

... more>>

domestic abuse (mentally and physicaly on my perspective) to ML: even MC know the whole truth he still do that a little bit, blood and gore (f*ck.. ML cut his meat and blood to feed cursed/witchcraft thingie? snake? Lantern? and in the end that snake ate his whole body left only bone) aiii this one not good for my old heart, thoughts of suicide, self-harm (ML stabbing himself to make MC happy and first time ML stab himself and MC was indiffrent makes me cry buckets) and violence (most common in ancient historical china theme which I dont mind as long it warned in tags)


so if your are easily triggered by one of these things I would suggest not reading this lightly.

Character: good character development on ML, not much on MC.

Both ML and MC is masochistic character. "You do that to me, I will torture you in this life and other person it was my fault... all of it my fault, I accept your abuse". Both was wrong here okay!!! Not only you ML! MC got his wrong in the past toooo... puiiii... I want to slap both of them.

Mc? He a narcissistic person. Quite childish. He dont thought to deep about 'why and what' when ML potrayed his side story MC just like 'oh.. hmm.. ah' and then goes to another thing or topic. He think very deeply about others wrong and quite lightly about his own wrong. I dont like him much.

Ml? I must say you very pitiful person but I understand why you ignore MC in past. Just in present dont blame your self too much, see it has eaten you!. <<less
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Danmei lover
New Danmei lover rated it
January 13, 2022
Status: --
ML chose his country, throne, responsibilities and himself over MC in previous life. MC chose to torture the ML emotionally in this life and left him when his mental and physical conditions were not good. That's it! I think it's equal now.

Now either be together or divorce. Stop this dog blood drama please!If only they could talk with each other this wouldn't have happened.
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Sonata123 rated it
November 18, 2021
Status: Completed
The author's description sounds a bit like it is a historical political drama :) But in reality, it is a pure wife chasing crematorium, and an extremely good one. If you like this trope, you'll find everything you like in this story. Is it very original? Probably no. Is it very satisfying? Oh yes.

The MC, Yun Qingci, is the Lord Empress to the ML, the Emperor, and in the past life he loved the ML insanely. His reputation was ruined - he did't care; his family was alienated - he... more>> didn't care. The ML was the only treasure in his eyes, and for him the MC was ready to do anything. But in the end, the MC's family was destroyed, he was sent to the Cold Palace and eventually driven to suicide. There is no lengthy abuse at all (thankfully), the MC dies in the first scene and later we just get small glimpses of how mistreated (or not) he was.

Then MC is reborn and cured from his crazy love. However, the ML, who apparently didn't care about him in the past life, is reborn as well and wants his besotted shou back. At first the ML is smug and sure he'll make the MC happy by just being a little nice towards him, then he figures out he needs to make more efforts to "chase his wife". And more efforts, and more efforts... and even that might be not enough.

But as the story goes on, we get to know more things that make us realize everything is not that obvious as it seems from the first sight. The MC is quite an unreliable narrator (and he is often called paranoid for a reason) and the "dog Emperor" ML is not really a scum gong. But the MC still died in the past life due to the ML's actions, and can it be forgiven?

For me, a good wife chasing crematorium is when the shou forgives the gong exactly at the moment when I, the reader, is ready to forgive him. A little earlier - and I feel disappointed with the shou's weakness and think the gong hasn't suffered enough. A little later - and I feel the shou is too cruel. Here the author's timing is perfect. From the beginning to end the interactions between the MC and the ML felt exactly right and I enjoyed them immensely on all the stages of their relationship.

It is not an angsty or dark story, despite the MC's suicide and some corpses strewn here and there. I actually read it twice (now it's the third time) because how good it made me feel, how vindicated for all the abused shous out there; and also because it was fun to watch how different some scenes and details appeared when I knew the whole story. <<less
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Estelle_star_QAQ rated it
November 19, 2021
Status: Completed
Did I really just waste my precious time reading this utter piece of idioticity...?

It's not extremely bad, no, it's even fairly ok when you're bored and just want something more boring to read.

The MC, before rebirth used to be paranoid, insecure, jealous person but the reason he became that way was *boom* ML. The ML basically never communicated, hid the truths, added women to his harem and deliberately favored a concubine, to which he made up terrible excuses for later. The MC suffered A LOT. he was ignored, lashed out... more>> at, humiliated and all because of ML.

YET, they end up together and it all goes just according to the ML. Sure, he had his share of suffering but not as much or even close to MC. Literally everyone in the novel, except a tiny few, favored the ML. They always made MC seem problematic as though ML was someone who could never do anything wrong. Even the MC's family was on ML'S side when MC was finally trying to move on. The basically never listened to MC's side of story.

The MC was realistic in a way that his anger was perfectly shown as even until the last chapter, he told the ML that he won't be able to live him (ML) the way he did before.


Strong willed MC (kinda)

Less torture before rebirth


ML has everyone favoring him

Extremely jealous characters

Unhealthy af relationship


Noone asks for MC's opinion

No respect for MC

Respect, who?

Personal space, who?

Communication, what ?

Fleshed out characters? What food is that?

    1. My complains; ML didn't deserve the forgiveness he was granted. MC deserves a better family (and friends). MC deserves a better life too.

Pls I cannot not mention this-

So, there's this adorable side character, Li Yan (Ml's brother?) And he is really loving to our MC but HE DOESN'T APPEAR AGAIN AND I WAS SO SAD.

The given 3 star rating is for the MC and Li Yan, who appeared ONCE QAQ

Ps: @Keikey I don't know either. What I do know is that we read the same novel and as much as my MTL reading abilities and my Chinese tells me, my interpretation of the novel is quite accurate. It felt (the novel) extremely off during the last 15 or so chapters. If my judgement is wrong, j don't know since I only used one website. I'll go through again.

Ok, so. I found out that it was only a few chapters at the begining that MC's father wanted him to stay back at their house but, later, when MC wanted to willingly stay away, MC'S father took the ml's side. <<less
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Resplendor rated it
January 10, 2022
Status: c31
So I'm kinda with the ML on this one. The Shou's life would have been infinitely less miserable if he had actually trusted his husband in either lifetime.

How is a guy supposed to rely on his wife and share his secrets and plots and rule a nation with him if the moment anything doesn't go his way, he lashes out? Sometimes to deadly results? Or self harm?

ML could never share his burdens with the MC because the MC always, always, put other's (the emperoress' especially) words before the ML's. He... more>> had to treat him like he was walking on eggshells. Even when he asked for the MC to just trust him, the MC's paranoia never let go. The ML even let the MC build this great spy network that could report anything the MC wanted on the ML movements and plots, so he wouldn't have to rely only on the ML's words, but evidently the MC mostly just used it to harass the harem. Anything actually important was just passed along to the ML. And eventually the whole thing was given to the ML without the MC bothering to be a middle man.

ML never felt safe enough to share the load with his most beloved. So he took on the sole burden of everything, as he had been taught to do as the emperor, and failed spectacularly because of it.

Is that on the ML? Could he have opened up more? Yeah, but I don't actually blame him one bit. I wouldn't have trusted the MC either.

But Lack of trust on both sides lead to this tragedy.

And then in the new life, the emperor is fully willing to start fresh. To love and be loved fully. To form a true partnership. But the MC takes advantage of every moment the ML does try to put his trust in him again. Betraying him time and again. Stabbing him again and again. In the most painful way he can. Pushing him until he breaks.

Is that what occurred to the MC in the previous life? Yes, in a way. I see the poetic justice. But the ML wasn't the one holding the knife in the previous life. Never once. The MC only perceived it that way. The ML never actually betrayed him, only his expectations.

Some other reviewers say they are pleased the MC never really forgives the emperor. And that's fine. He doesn't have to forgive. He doesn't have to fall in love again. Go with your first plan of ignoring him or divorcing. But I don't think the ML deserves this torture. Save the torture for the true scums out there.

Edit: soooo just read up to chapter 39. I think I'm done. Reading to the end would just be self torture. Congrats MC, he's just as broken as you now. <<less
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Keikey rated it
November 20, 2021
Status: Completed
The story is more dramatic than the summary makes it. And what I like it's that everything is not as simple as it seems and that author is clever to lay the explanation as the story goes on.

Interesting because it's not the same plot as every rebirth/revenge novels so far

Pity there's no smut scenes

... more>>

Ps:@Estelle_star. I don't know if we have read the same novel, or the same version, f I know sometimes they changed the plot when published.. in my version, mc's family, especially his father, would rather MC coming back to their home than going back with ml. The MC didn't forgive ML this easily. He still loves him deep inside that's why he hates him so much for making him suffer in previous life. But when he realized that ML had loved to him to the point of craziness, MC was satisfied enough to get back together. Love works in u unbearable way. That's reality for you. And what about Lu Yan? He was a spy Prince for another country and used Mc's older brother death to bargain his place for his country's throne.... Who wants him? <<less
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remyrem rated it
January 8, 2022
Status: --
This is a lot more serious than the summary seems, but it's a very good read. I'm really glad I gave it a shot even though the rating is so low. I MTLed though, so I can't comment on small details but I did get the general idea. Sonata123's review pretty much covers all of it for me, so my review is pretty much just my feelings while reading.

I really like how MC says a lot of things I was thinking, like c31 where he says "But so what? No... more>> matter how much Li Ying suffered and how much he couldn't help it, Yun Qingci was dead." ML's suffering does not excuse or erase MC's suffering. Now that the rose tinted glasses of love are off MC is prepared to make ML fully confront his scumminess, and no amount of ML throwing a pity party for himself is going to convince him to have mercy.

The actual scene of reconciliation was initially really frustrating to me since I wasn't in the mood to forgive him and I was mad that, like MC says, even when he was wronged he's still made out to be the bad guy. However, ML's actions were sudden and to the point enough that I was shocked into silence, and ML talking about MC reminded me about his personality and made me reconsider that this is probably the best reconciliation for him considering his personality.

From a reader's standpoint, I like that although the author makes excuses for ML, they also make sure to firmly say (through MC) that his actions don't just suddenly erase what MC went through and they only show ML's own inadequacies as a husband and emperor. On the other hand, although the author also shows that MC was also wrong and had issues, that doesn't mean he deserved to be hurt. In the end, they both suffer but become better (MC learns to love himself and not just give 100% of himself to someone else, and ML learns how to communicate and show his love).

This part of the review is from MTLing so I'm not sure if it was translated wrong:


One thing I actually didn't like is that the ML seems to have a curse that kills him when MC doesn't love him, which is such bullshit. I hate any kind of "I know I made you suffer but you need to stay with me and endure even more pain so I survive" scenario, especially when it's already been shown that ML himself wasn't prepared to do the same and inconvenience himself for the sake of MC's life before. In this case at least it's somewhat fine, since MC has a somewhat extreme idea of love and the curse+ML's sacrifice is used to show that ML is learning how to understand and reciprocate MC's love.

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sunshine134 rated it
November 30, 2021
Status: --
This was a refreshing read and it's very different from a lot of the other rebirth novels but only could find up till 7 chapters. Where should I go to read the full novel?
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moominmammamia rated it
November 22, 2021
Status: Completed
Excellent, dark and very sad in parts, in the end this is about the MC daring to trust the ML after the trauma of their previous life and the ML trying to fight through the restrictions his position as Emperor has put on him to find his way back to the only person he has ever loved. Even in MTL this is a really good read and I look forward to the proper translation
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Shizun rated it
December 26, 2021
Status: c25
I finished the mtl.

First of all to the previous reviews were very misleading. I almost didn't dare to touch it and only after I tried the first few chapters abit, did I continue to read it.

So there are two timelines. Bad Ending and sorta Happy Ending

... more>>

Differences in timeline.

1. Timeline: MC's elder brother was in a secret mission and died, because of that spy handsome qin player that was from another kingdom. The spy was a lower prince, cuz mother was a concubine or something. In exchange for MC's elder brother death, his ranking rose or sth.

2 Timeline: in this timeline MC took fancy of the spy and this led to ML paying attention to the spy and then realised he is a prince from another kingdom. ML then promised to rescue MC's elder brother and there was an exchange and the elder brother was injured but alive. So in this timeline elder brother is not dead and MC and elder brother met each other.


Anyways. Bad ppl paid for everything. I liked the story very much. There was a huge miscommunication between MC and ml. And if only they talked with each other. It would'nt have happened the first timeline. But it's realistic wise. I'm not much of a fan of Bad end, but well, the characters were well made. Im still confused about MC and his father estrangement. About when MC got injured accident. It wasn't explained more in detail. The 2nd timeline there was alot of groveling from ML to MC. I'm happy that they got their conclusion. I'm still sad though cuz of 1st timeline.

P.S. Estelle was talking about ML's relative or little brother kid who secretly sneaked out to play and has a favourable impression of MC. He only appeared once I think. <<less
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