Si Tian Guan


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With one sentence from Qu Chenzhou, he killed Prince Liu’s family.

The reason was that he was the sword in the hands of the emperor, and the Prince was a thorn in the emperor’s eyes.

But the words were what Qu Chenzhou said himself.

After the Prince defected, he vowed that one day he would surely throw away his bones as ashes,

And for this word, he waited for the Prince in the capital for many years.

Until he died.

He confessed that he was sinful, and he didn’t ask the Prince to understand his secret help over the years,

He just wanted to pay off his sinful debt.

So in front of Prince Liu, he died in the most tragic manner.

But he didn’t see the Prince holding his body in pain, almost in madness.

“——Qu Chenzhou, how dare you lie to me!”

Yuande’s seventh year, Winter.

Qu Chenzhou died, and all parties clapped and cheered.

Except for one person who seemed as if he had lost everything.

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Sonata123 rated it
November 14, 2021
Status: Completed
Seeing this novel getting translated nearly brings me to tears because I love it so much. It makes me so excited to think that more people will read it, more people will get to know the amazing characters of this story, will go on the long journey with them, probably will love them as much as I do. And at the same time I feel ridiculously protective about the story. I love it so much that I'm afraid people will misunderstand it, will judge the characters too quickly and will... more>> get disappointed with it. So, it makes me feel like warning about this and that but at the same time I want to spoil as little as possible.

Some things you should definitely know: there is a lot of suffering in this story. The MC suffers in every possible way in the past life, and after the rebirth, too. There is torture and there is r*pe, and there is psychological trauma. Oh well, the cruelest on the MC story I've ever read was Rebirth: Degenerate S*ave Abuses Tyrant; Si Tian Guan is almost on par with it in this aspect. So, please be warned.

Another thing is: don't expect instant gratification from this story. It is long and it has its own pace. Yes, I was desperately wanting for the ML to save and pamper the MC in the present life as soon as possible, after the tragedy in the past life but... like, would you like Mo Ran to repent in the 2nd chapter of 2ha and start pampering Chu Wanning in the 3rd chapter? :) Why not - but it would be a different story. Si Tian Guan is also a different story. Everything in it has its own place. The author really did an amazing work with the development of the plot and the development of the relationship. There is a lot of foreshadowing. There are many scenes and details that will echo later, that will be meaningful later. Nothing happens without a reason in this story; everything will make sense - but you'll need to be patient for it.

The outer plot of the story is pretty simple - meaning, it's simple to describe: as you can see in the first chapter, the ML's whole family, Liu clan, was killed by the emperor. So, in the present life they work on preventing this situation. For that, they have to take the power. How to do that, taking into account that the MC, Qu Chenzhou, is a s*ave, and the ML is a seventeen-year-old kid who was never interested in the political intrigues, and the emperor is paranoid and treacherous - it's another thing. There were times when I was thinking there's no way the author pulls it off; but she does, never disappointing.

But of course, the main driving force of the story is the relationship between the MC and the ML. Ah, I can't even describe how much I love them. While there are a few characters in BL novels that I love more individually, but as a couple, Qu Chenzhou and Liu Zhongming are my absolute favourites. It didn't happen at once, though. Oh, I was protective about Qu Chenzhou, the MC, at once - you can't help it, he suffers so much. But with the ML it took me a long time; which is understandable, too - he does a lot of unforgivable things. But please trust me - he is not a scum gong. Everything he does - is not dog-blood abuse, not his meanness, not the result of some easy-to-resolve "misunderstanding". The things that happen between the MC and the ML are tragedy, and could they be prevented? Maybe, if they both were some kind of angels or saints, not people from flesh and blood. Ah, but don't be afraid of me saying "tragedy", there is HE! Not an open-end, not "meet in the next life" HE - the HE here is a true, real and all-encompassing one. But, of course, there will be 220-something chapters till then, and the first 150 of them will break your heart into pieces. After that, the story will start healing your wounds :)

The MC, Qu Chenzhou, is amazingly strong. He suffers so much - but he is not a victim. He is a fighter and a mastermind. And he also isn't innocent. There is a sea of blood on his hands in the past life, and there will be blood in the present life, and there are times when you feel that he is more cruel towards the ML than the ML is towards him, despite Qu Chenzhou being the one who suffers physically.

The ML's regret/redemption arc (much later in the story) is actually one of the best regret/redemption I've read, and I've read a lot, since it's one of my favourite themes :) The author is absolutely amazing in this aspect. You know how in some stories the gong's regret is described in some big but empty phrases like "regret was like a thousand knives piercing him" or "for years this scene was haunting him in nightmares". In Si Tian Guan the ML's regret is very concrete, detailed and hard-hitting. There is nothing abstract or superficial about it; the ML will regret every single thing he's done, and we'll witness it. Even if for some things he probably shouldn't be blamed that much... but I blamed him nevertheless, and I was satisfied with his repentance.

Lol, I seem to be able to ramble about this story endlessly. What else? There are really fabulous secondary characters. Bai Shiyan (the brother of Bai Shilei we see in the first chapter; he dies early in the past life and will play an important part in the present life) ; Mu Jingchen, Daddy Hou (the ML's father), Ling He, Mrs. Bai (omg, she is incredible!!!), Liu Qingru, and many others - you'll come to know and love them. There are also villains, and they will get what they deserve. And there are characters whose fate will make you sad, and I don't want to say something like "there was no other choice"; just feel sad for them - they deserve it.

One more good thing about this story - with how much the past and the present life are intertwined - there are no endless flashbacks here at all! The flashbacks when they are happen are short, precise and very on-point, from a few sentences to a few pages, but they are always just necessary scenes. <<less
73 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lizzieonka rated it
May 25, 2022
Status: c139
asdfghjkl I had wanted to keep my new NU account private, but this novel is just screaming for a review, I can't resist


This hurt me even more than 2HA

Plot and development is solid. Couple growth and dynamic is realistic. Political schemes are actually reasonable and don't just come out of the blue. The main CP is not portrayed to be always on top of things too, despite MC's ability. The antagonists are also not idiot cannon fodders. This novel is my new hyperfixation,... more>> and I'm not gonna stop talking about it.

I don't wanna spoil anything, but let me just scream about the main couple coz I STAN

MC = reborn depressed but puts up a ruthless front coz he still has something to do

ML = not reborn, and is practically a CHILD, a child forced to grow up quickly to protect the people he loves

(me calling ML a child is not an insult. I just treat him as a baby I need to protect 😭)

I had thought this would be a dog-blood, reborn, wife-pampering novel, but it's not. The angst in the past life was just an inevitable consequence; they had been too young and naive to prevent the tragedies that happened. But with MC reborn and now more mature, he's able to get a better grasp of the situation and make better decisions.

How he gets along with ML in present life is quite unconventional, but it fits their new narrative so well, I couldn't imagine it otherwise. So, I hope you don't drop the novel just because the main cp makes you feel a little uncomfortable. I swear their romantic development will get you invested.

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