Buddha-like Rebirth


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Only after dying did Fu Zhiyu realise that the world he lived in turned out to be a novel.

No wonder he devoted all his life to loving Xie Ke but Xie Ke didn’t even like him. After all, the protagonist’s journey was to the sea of stars, while he was an indigenous cannon fodder who bit the dust halfway, just blindly delaying the protagonist’s career path.

Fu Zhiyu, who woke up: What is love? What is power? The world in the novel is all fake, I don’t know what they are fighting for there (disillusioned_and_opting_out_of_the_rat_race.jpg)

He deeply reflected and regretted his previous life that was really baffling. After being reborn, he immediately decided to let go and become Buddha-like calm, not bothering with anything and living his life as a happy cannon fodder, the farther away from Xie Ke and the main plot, the better. But he didn’t expect that he was not the only one who had changed in this life.

…It seems the protagonist became strange too.

Fu Zhiyu: General Xie, please follow the script. Now let go of me, I’m tired and want to go back and lie down.

Xie Ke [gentle smile]: I will accompany you.

Fu Zhiyu: …?

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New AllShipper rated it
May 22, 2024
Status: Completed
I'm so disappointed and sad lol. It started really well. But got dragged over the third half, the politics was interesting from the beginning but I was getting bored of it towards the end. I stayed for the reconciliation and ROMANCE.


I love that the MC didn't forgive the ML easily. I understood his pain and how he felt. Adamant, I liked it. However, as time went on, with all the misunderstandings cleared but the MC still unmoved, it was getting excessive. I was feeling bad... more>> for the ML.

The years of being unmoved and not returning the feelings were pitiful and too strong of hatred. It all started with a misunderstanding and it wasn't really the ML's fault. If the MC didn't love the ML anymore, that's okay but the author didn't need to give hope of any reconciliation.


Even the whole mutant explanation didn't hold water, it wasn't enough for the MC to 'realise' he still loved the ML whatever. I didn't feel the author's excuse at all. Even the alternative world where they later met wasn't enough to fill what was missing. Even when they came back together at the end, it wasn't enough to fill the gap of 'romance.'

Less than a hundred pages out of 600+ were dedicated to this renewed love or reconsideration or whatever it was.

I still don't think the MC loves the ML. He's gotten over him and numb to the other, and it's fine. It should have ended that way, it'll be acceptable as a tragedy.
I feel bad for the ML's obsession. He had the most character growth but it didn't yield anything. The MC was a Garystu character, with no flaws. At one point, the ML was like a supportive character. Even some supportive characters got more screen time than him.

The ML deserves better. There are alot of scummy ML'S and he's not even that scummy, he was just pitiful and in love. He sacrificed alot, yet, he didn't receive anything good. If noticed, the latter chapters without the ML was boring. The ML is the main character. The MC was boring, he wasn't well written because a character can be laid back and nonchalant without being boring. He was apathetic.

I know people loved how the MC was adamant but I still think there is supposed to be a limit to inflicting pain on the other if there's love. The ML was in pain throughout. The feelings weren't balanced. It's sad, I don't consider this as a romance nor an HE. Avoid this if you're looking for a romance.

The translation is excellent though 👌 <<less
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YunYun1 rated it
September 4, 2022
Status: Completed
Yun Yun the translator is here :) This story is double rebirth in alternative history setting plus wife chasing crematorium. There are some mentions of systems and world-hopping but the absolutely major part of the story happens in one world, the original world of the MC.

This novel was probably the first wife chasing crematorium I have read, and it set the bar very high. After reading first couple of chapters and looking at the story tags, I was completely incredulous: the author is going to keep the same ML?! After... more>> everything he has done?! I can't imagine how she's going to pull it off.

Well... without spoiling anything, I must say the author managed it brilliantly and very convincingly. The ML's crematorium is one of the cruelest I have ever read. He regrets, he suffers and he redeems himself. There are also a lot of... not quite misunderstandings but circumstances the ML was unaware of. Anyway, everything will be revealed in time.

Crematorium is one component of the story, and I'd say it is not the most important one. The story is basically about the MC having another chance in life and trying to live a better life and help those around him to have a better life. In the previous life he put everything on the altar of his love for the ML, but in this life his energy and efforts are dedicated to improving his life, the life of the people dear to him, and the life of the people in the whole world. Because even though it's the world in the book, as we learn from the summary, for the people who live in it it's absolutely real.

The MC is a very appealing character. I really loved how decisively he put his feelings for the ML behind him. He doesn't pine, there are no ambiguous emotions, no hesitation. In the previous life, he gave everything to the ML. Now the love is gone - and it is gone. The ML gets nothing from him. All the MC's kindness, gentleness and strength are for the people dear to him, whom he inadvertently missed in the previous life.

Some warnings: once again, it is a wife chasing crematorium. It is NOT a change the gong story. So, the endgame is still the MC/the ML. If you don't want to see that, don't read it. I mean it, don't read it.

On the issues of consent: there is a scene in Chapter 1 that might be triggering. It is supposed to be upsetting and it is supposed to make you hate the ML. It is also going to be put in the context later. Just be warned anyway.

I think it is a really awesome story, emotional, full of surprises and with a very positive message, very worth reading. <<less
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maymthu rated it
September 5, 2022
Status: c2
I love MC. Unlike other rebirth stories looking out for revenge, this dude decided "Nah I'm too tired. Nothing matters in life cuz it's all just strings of data from a story book anyway. I'm gonna just appreciate what I have."

He decided he's above hating and revenge. He's gone down to pure indifference towards everyone who wronged him in his previous life, and this doesn't just show the amount of emotional maturity MC gained, but also goes on to give a big middle finger to ML who's *obsessed* with MC... more>> in this life.

The best thing about MC is there is no hesitation or confusion when it comes to his feelings. MC is very loving towards people he cares about, but also brutal in a sense that as long as he decides he wants nothing to do with this person, he cuts off cleanly. It's so satisfying to read.

ML is a douche. There's no way around that. He can try giving excuses his actions, both in previous and current life, but ultimately he is self-centred to the core.


ML sneaks into MC's room and *hugs, kisses and licks* MC when MC's still asleep (oh ffs... what a creep).

Then ML eventually finds out MC also has memories of his past life, wants nothing to do with him and just have a good laid-back life with his mother and her family. He knows MC decided to give up on everything cuz he was exhausted from all the fighting he did in previous life, betrayed by ML, etc. Then knowing what ML did wrong, feeling all this guilt, did ML back off because MC wanted it?

NO. He decided to continue to be selfish, because his feelings, his guilt takes first place for him. His obsession on MC makes it so that, he completely disregards MC's plans for this life and DOES whatever the f*ck he wants, regardless of what MC thinks.

Yeah uh-huh. We got this guy for ML.

If there's anything I love about this, it's that MC doesn't accept ML easily. I love how MC doesn't even hate ML, the complete indifference HURTs more. I love it everytime ML writhes and dies inside from regret.


I know MC ends up with ML when everything is said and done, but as long as the redemption arc is good, I'll continue to support this novel. <<less
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Hippopotamus rated it
September 7, 2022
Status: Completed
A thing that we usually call as "love", doesn't always work out the way we want it to.

In his previous life, MC gave his heart completely to ML. As he himself said: in this world, he has disappointed many people, but only one person. In the end he died at the hands of the person he loved the most.

In the beginning, ML, who was an actor working under Lord God's orders, only cared about achieving points in every world he entered, in order to gain the highest authority. He entered... more>> the world where the MC was, trying to complete the task while making sure that everything goes according to the plot. He wonders what is the end of an actor. Searching for the answer. He had calculated every action he took with great care, never knowing that things had already gone "wrong" even from the very start...

Then the MC found out that the world he lives in is a book. ML is the protagonist. Meanwhile, he was "destined" to die at the hands of the protagonist.

ML eventually found out that he had made the biggest mistake, even though he didn't meant to. He had succeeded in his mission, getting the highest points he had hoped for, but he realized that the authority he wanted to gain was nothing compared to what he had lost...

And like what we read in the synopsis, MC and ML are back to square one again. Time turned back, the world that should have been free, was forced to start over again. However, again there are things that always don't go the way you want them to be. MC is an anomaly. Because of what he had experienced in his previous life, he had lost his former feelings of love and ambition. Only the desire to protect his family and friends is the "fuel" for him to stay "alive". And ML chooses to sacrifice everything in him to get back his lost love and make amends.

Back to square one, but at the same time there are things that can't be brought back once they're gone...

The author wrote everything well. Maybe for some readers, MC is a figure that is not well liked. But keep in mind here, like what MC said to ML, someone who has never really experienced death, will never understand him (MC).

Overall, this novel is very enjoyable to read. I recommend to other readers to try. But again I say here, everyone has their own preferences. A review can be a reference, but don't because of the views of others, we miss something good here... <<less
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LunaSolis070 rated it
September 30, 2022
Status: --
Everyone thanking gods because MC isnt a girl. He is a male but more beautiful than the supposed female supporting lead, who was said to be the most beautiful girl in their kingdom.

Im also thankful that MC was suspecting and creeped out by ML when he kept pestering MC. Not like some novel who said that they will get their revenge because they were killed by their beloved ML and then proceeds to forgave them at early chapters. 🥵

... more>>

"He spent a lot more effort on Xie Ke in his previous life than this, wishing he could pick the stars in the sky for him. Now that the positions had been reversed, he could see it clearly: it turned out that if you didn't want someone, no matter how much they tried, it was useless." - MC


Should I say that MC and his mother have the same love life? The emperor/ML love them but power/points is more important to them. 🤔

ML: im going to war, meet me for tge last time.

Other MC: said no but because of curiosity or guilt, they will go.

Mc: Bij, im sleeping peacefully. 🧚🏻

Me: deym, we should forgive him

MC thinking of the past.

Me: Nope, nada, let's not forgive him. 😂

When MC planned to spend the night with someone else. I was like.....

Then ML comes crying and almost killed someone.

Thoughts on misunderstanding


oooh, ML actually explained what the misunderstanding was. Early chapter 1-57 I have the same thoughts with MC that there was NO misunderstanding. But not ML explained it, I'm like oooooh.

I actually like this, ML explaining his side clearly. I was about to skip chapters because Im tired of MC and MLs push and pull. Then I got interested when ML explained his side. Not like some novels that said its a misunderstanding, although I was naked with that guy in the bed thats a misunderstanding. 🥴🥵

Although ML already explained everything MC already said the truth came too late. Im already a new person. I forgave everyone in the past but does not mean I will give second chance. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Just my thoughts here: MC cant give second chance but isn't this hypocrisy or irony? I mean he wants to make everything right and compensate his family (who was killed because of him and for those people who was killed for protecting him). But he himself can't give a chance? 🤔 Well I guess you can't give a second chance to the people you really dont have feelings. Like they are some strangers.


Bruuuh chapter 62 🥵 pov of past to present ML


MC spent 100 years thinking and learning. While ML spent thousands or so many world think of How to get MC back. If that isn't love then I dont know. But still I just want to kick and punch ml.

I do t hate ML anymore. They spent their lives in this world but they didnt got together. Im alread at chapter 93/102


Want to know how they reconciled? 🤭 Read the novel. Chapter 90-100


I actually like this novel, although I skipped a lot.

First life : A tragic past.

Second life: forgave but no chance. Grew old but not together. Redemption arc.

Third life: forgave and made new memories.


Deym, this chasing wife crematorium really took 2 and a half life. <<less
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Lucy666 rated it
November 13, 2022
Status: Completed
Xiao YunYun has officially entered into my list of favourite translators. Not only are they fast at updating, the quality of their translations is also top notch. I've read their previous tls and it seems that they are growing at a really fast pace. Kudos to that.

Coming to the story...... Contrary to what some reviews have said, the MC in here is definitely not a block of wood with no emotions. The entire story is really well written and is more logical than most wife (or husband) chasing crematorium novels... more>> I've read before. The pacing is really good, there has never been a time when I felt bored. There are like 5 more chapters left before this story ends, and it shows. The progress is such that we know we are slowly reaching an ending, which is more than what I can say for the many novels with rushed endings out there.

I love novels which give people second chances, and I equally hate it when the people who are given the second chances were the ones who had created every tragedy in the first place. There was one reviewer here who compared it to Flying Ash. I've read that story before, and in no way are these two stories comparable. The essense itself is completely different. For once, while the ML makes mistakes, but he isn't a scumbag. I also like how

they don't end up together in their second life. Their relationship was a doomed one and no matter how it happened, if they had gotten together at the end of their second life, the relationship would've been imbalanced. People who only see the MC rejecting ML's sacrifices and advances forget that it was all tit for tat. MC was very clear minded and tired of everything. And most importantly, he doesn't deserve to go through that heartbreak he suffered in his first life again. The second life is more of a healing as well as growth time for both of them. In the third life, they meet and get together. At this point they don't need more of the drama anymore. They both suffered a lot and grew into who they are now. They have long created the foundations for their relationship. Wasting time now just because they 'just met' when their souls already call out to each other is.... Very impractical as well as out of character for them


When we are hurt, we build walls around our heart. The MC is clear minded but he is also somewhat an unreliable narrator. The fact that he keeps saying that nothing matters to him anymore is his coping mechanism. With how much he suffered in his previous life, it's not very unexpected that he tries to bury his heart. He's never going to be the naive and soft prince he had once been.


Unlike what another reviewer said, the MC and ML both love each other and it shows. Not every person is the same, and hence their reactions are different. Th MC is a clear minded person who believes in doing something. He doesn't mourn the ML because he is determined to get him back. He is so calm it's scary, and that's what makes the most impact. He does everything to get the ML back and that's his way of showing his love and concern. He's very practical, and more importantly, he's experienced enough to know that his tears will do nothing for anybody. He's pitiful like that.


The story isn't completely tled yet, but it's still started wrapping up nicely. I am satisfied with how everything turned out and it was a good story. The character development made me tearful because there are precious few novels that do any of that anymore.

If you like a story that gives people second chances, has good characterisation and progression, deals with regret and unrequited love in the most acceptable way possible, has a capable MC and a not-really-scumbag ML, then this story is for you.

for real, unlike how many other wife chasing crematorium stories always make us hate the ML first and then whitewash him halfway through the story in the most illogical way possible, this one gives us a lot of foreshadowing and makes us realise that things aren't that black and white.


Edit: Read the last 5 chapters and here I am again. I'm happy to say that the ending didn't disappoint me and I've as much in love with this story after completing it as I had been when I had started it. 100% reccommended. <<less
30 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
AkaneApples rated it
November 1, 2022
Status: Completed
One of the best in the wife chasing crematorium genres and one of the only cases where an initially domineering & fairly scumbag ML truly learns from his mistakes & has to painfully grow beyond "I'll treat you better and express my love for you more this time." In this niche genre, there's often an all too easy forgiveness for the ML, where the MC who swore up and down not to take back a scumbag quickly softens just bc some hidden tragic truth gets revealed, or he gets moved... more>> by all the romantic things ML is doing for him in this life, including moderately getting hurt for him up to finally risking his life in some emotional finale. They get together soon after all the misunderstandings in the first life are resolved and everyone just lives happily ever after, rewriting all their bad history from before.

This novel takes a look at all of that and spits back "But you still hurt me to death the first time." Just because they are reborn doesn't take away the weight of MC's death in the first life, and the weight of the ML's or other's betrayal. The broken trust and bonds are still broken, and they can never go back to the way they were before, even if all the logic and reasons behind their actions are justifiable. Hurt is still hurt, and some hurts can't be made up for with just words, can't be covered up with kindness and smothered with sweetness to be forgotten like just a bad dream. Each bit of pain has to be paid back before the scales are even again, and even then, the relationship is starting back from -1, bc that previous hurt will always exist. Second chances are beyond expensive, and may just cost you more than everything, even more than you'd ever thought you had, and you're still not guaranteed to get back what you lost the first time.

It's a heavier novel than what some readers may be looking for, but it's a standout pick in this particular genre. Definitely recommended for those looking for that particular kind of heart-wrenching redemption arc material. <<less
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izhov rated it
December 23, 2022
Status: Completed
I usually don't leave comments but this one is one of the exceptions. And I'm also someone who usually don't like to read angsty novels. This one is a masterpiece, well, for me.

This novel is composed of misunderstandings

... more>>

MC misunderstood that the reason why ML killed him in past life was because he (ml) didn't like him (mc) and ML was just deceiving him

but no, ML wasn't deceiving him. Here's comes the misunderstanding in ML's side. ML mistook MC as a fellow actor because ML is a veteran top actor with a system and he thought that MC is an actor like him because MC is not like anyone in all of his years in world hopping, he's like a bug. ML thought that MC has the same ability like him that can heal himself through the system (since all of the actors a.k.a transmigrators have system, right?) and that's why he killed MC because he thought that they can still meet after they're done with their mission without the limitation of the system

at first, I pity MC and thought that ML got what he deserves but as time passes by, as I gradually advance through the chapters, I pity ML. Not because of the reason why he killed the MC but because of his repentance and how he does things just to make things easier for MC with his efforts.

you can see how ML got character development up until the final chapter and it is heartbreaking.

I can't blame MC for being indifferent because you can see just how much he suffered from his past life. His family being killed, One of his friends? (Or more like son or brother?) was also killed by protecting him. His friend betraying him and his lover who killed him. Not to mention that he saw his lover marrying another woman and many concubines which he tried to stop. Just how imagine how heartbreaking it is.


I'm not good at english, I'm sorry for wrong grammars since I'm not an english speaker. I just hope that I conveyed what I want to conveyed

anyway, it is HE <<less
25 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
December 9, 2022
Status: c53
ML: I wanted to give you the shadow gaurds to protect you but you didn't want th-

Mc: No shut up

ML:....... : (

dialogue:"Xie Ke wasn't afraid of anything but he was afraid of him, so he shut up on the spot and followed him quietly."

lol im seriously enjoying this so far hahahha (yes he actually said no shut up to the male lead yes that is the actual dialogue lol)
25 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ylial rated it
September 22, 2022
Status: Completed
Great novel and the ML redeemed himself well, but there are minor flaws which are negligible for me:

The ML said that he acted unruly in the first moments of 2nd lifetime, bcoz he felt he didn't do anything wrong. Yet how come he also said, after he finished the first life with MC, that he felt hatred for himself and regret?

Characters and gist of story:

ML is very selfish at first. Not respecting MC's thoughts and forcing what only he wanted.

Also, The first thing he did in their second lifetime was to assault physically the MC instead to ask forgiveness. The ML should had apologized first since he knew he was wrong and it was supported by the scene when the ML got out of the world, he learned that MC was not actor and his guess was wrong.


Our ML is a world hopper actor. No harm will happen to him when he doesn't do the mission, only his points will be deducted. But this mission is important to him since this is a group efforts and has a responsibility. In their first life, He is very cruel to our MC due to his selfishness and greediness. He thought that MC was an actor too and immune to pain so his priority is his role more than MC. If you truly love a person, seeing him hurt wont be really in ur thougts. ML had a choice and he made one. Serves him right. Fortunately he has a character growth.

The MC, I like his personality the most. He isn't just a brain dead protagonist. He learns from mistake. His personality is very realistic

Overall this is good. The writing, the plot, and mostly the character development
24 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 28, 2023
Status: --
First of all, this STORY was really f*cking good... The question is what happened with the rating??? why it's only have 4.2 star?? this story at least deserves a 4.8 rating.

MC is described as a very kind-hearted character, but at the same time he also described as a character who is very realistic and rational in dealing situations.

Also, in this story you will not find somethings like "Everything can be solved as long as you regret it and apologize for it..." NO BIG NO.

Meanwhile for ML itself, there is... more>> a big twist on his characters in the story. You probably will think of him as "Red Flag ML wannabe" in his first appearance when he met MC, BUT HELL NO...

Anyway, this story is really really good, every character is written very realistically and not fixated on general character elements.

Last, the character relationship that I like the most in this story is Qi Rong and MC.


I like how Qi Rong is portrayed as a character who is innocent/s*upid but still cares MC the most in his first life.

But the things that make me like their relationship is because in the second life Qirong didn't show up at all.

It's all happened because she was already saved by the butterfly effect that MC make, so she didn't need to be a s*ave and become servant in the palace.

The fact that Qi Rong's doesnt remain her memory but still familiar with MC also made me very emotional, and the moment where the MC felt melancholy because Qi Rong didn't remember him but was happy that she was okay was also very touching.

22 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Rafta rated it
January 11, 2023
Status: Completed
Okay so first the things I really loved :

1. The MC not forgiving the ML till the very last like 80 chapters into the story.

2. The ML actually not appearing in front of the MC for years because he knew his presence was disliked

... more>> 3. The redemption. It was great. (ML was unbearable in the early chapters but it is so worth if you hang on until like 50 chapters)

And a lot of other things. I am not really a good reviewer.

But I absolutely loved it. It was a fantastic journey. Definitely recommended. <<less
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RaymondTale rated it
September 15, 2022
Status: Completed
One of my favorite novels; read it a while ago and still remember how much I enjoyed it. The author is certainly bold. There are lots of things mixed into it, apart from the standard rebirth/crematorium stuff. Actually, what I remember best now is not even the relationship between the MC and the ML. It feels like they didn't take that much space in the story anyway, which was the author's intention: she said she wanted to write about the MC building a better life for himself relying on his... more>> own strength. What I recall when I think about this story is how cool and strong the MC was, and how kind and smart he was, and his relationship with his mother, with his family and with the child he saved. And what a fulfilling life he lived in the end. He was someone who really used the second chance given to him to the fullest.

The ML was very pitiful. So much that I wince a bit when thinking of him. But I guess the question the MC asks us valid: if one hurt you by mistake, doesn't it count? Besides, I don't feel the MC was deliberately cruel to him... if the feelings are gone, they are gone. At least there was light in the end of the tunnel.

A good story if you want to read about a strong shou who isn't weak, pitiful and abused endlessly. <<less
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puririnpa rated it
September 9, 2022
Status: Completed

Just a little spoiler;

It's actually a transmigration world. There are actors who played protagonist of the book and there are also countless book worlds that need to be cleared so they could be independent worlds and free from the main plot. FZY's world is one of the countless, just more advanced in plot and foundation although it's more backwards.

Anyway, XK is one of the actor, he went in to FZY's world on a mission and also to be promoted to higher position. The requirement for him to be promoted is scoring no less than 90, more than normally which is 60. But that's no problem since it's XK, a top 3 actor.

But when XK came to the FZY's world, he's in the middle of rescuing FZY (but it should be the heroine!!!). But XK shrug it off. Why? Cause there's supposed to be another actor whose mission is to distrupt the plot and XK's mission while maintaining the balance of the world.

Then the story began and XK ended up killing FZY with his own hand (bow & arrow). He thought it was okay since hey they would met up again when he's done with this world cause both of them are actor and he could coax FZY with giving his promotion to FZY. Wrong. Terribly wrong. FZY was just another data a.k.a person from that world.

XK panicked and boom restarting the world again. Meanwhile FZY was chilling in the main god's space all this time after being killed suddenly s**ked back to his world.

I won't say much anymore, but I just want to say it's kinda hilarious to see FZY and the world consciousness interaction. It's all because the main god calling FZY as world consciousness's child cause it gave FZY some of his power before....

22 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
damnmei rated it
September 22, 2023
Status: Completed
This really is one of my favorite crematorium stories! Anyone who says ML is scum or doesn't deserve MC clearly has not read the entire novel. The regret that ML feels is fully palpable, and by the end I truly felt that the two of them had moved past their first unfortunate life and loved each other without reservation. The backstory takes a while to get entirely explained and it takes even longer for the relationship to truly heal, but I can say with certainty that the wait was fully... more>> worth it.

There was a reason behind all of ML's actions in their first life together, and once it's explained, I could feel myself already forgiving him. I do like that the MC in this story does not though! He's very headstrong and his hurt can't be erased by words. It takes a hell of a lot of time for the MC to fully forgive the ML, and the journey to that point had me shedding so many tears. Literally they do not actually get back together until—


ML dies to save MC's data, the world is erased, and they meet again in a new world. Seriously, this novel does not make it easy on the ML to redeem himself.


I accidentally spoiled myself a bit before reading so definitely would recommend just reading this fully blind! It's a very interesting concept for a novel, a bit of trope subversion going on with world hopping and systems. I'll admit I mostly skimmed through all the court politics and scenes without ML in them (really it felt like plot filler haha I don't think a lot of it was at all necessary except to prolong the time of ML's suffering on his own), so I can't really speak to the overarching plot, but the relationship between MC and ML really is one of a kind.

I also really appreciated how at the end, MC


actually reassured ML that he had forgiven him and that he would not leave the ML. Oftentimes novels of this genre forget to address the ML's insecurity and make it all about the MC, but it felt important, especially in the context of this novel, for the ML to have his love fully and unconditionally returned.

After all that suffering and endless years of regret, and then further years spent ruminating on his actions and changing his perspective, it felt like he had suffered enough and really deserved the security of feeling cherished and loved back. ML's insistence that he never expected or thought MC would accept him or forgive him really made it that much more clear to me that he had truly changed.

I do feel like anyone who had spent millennia just following through the motions of an actor as ML did would have also made mistakes as he did to not appreciate the love of MC in the first life, and by the end, MC is able to see ML at his core for all he is, and forgive him. It's a really touching conclusion.


Though it took MC a very long time to forgive the ML, the development of the relationship felt earned. The MC took the time that he needed to heal from his original trauma, and by the end, he had fully acknowledged all that had happened between the two of them. This has to be most satisfying novel of its kind, it really captures every necessary point of ML's regret and MC's forgiveness, and there's no point in the novel where either character's emotions feel out of place or inadequate.

If anything, the fact that ML was ready to literally risk it all for a man he knew for 10 years

out of probably thousands of years of existence before and after meeting MC is the most unrealistic part of this novel. But that kind of peerless love is what fiction is about. Definitely made me cry when he spoke his feelings aloud. ML is the definition of following through with your words— he says that he wants MC to live well and be happy even if he isn't in MC's life... and then he truly does allow MC to flourish on his own, literally until the end of the world. He really does distance himself from MC, and stops even showing up in MC's life at all. The amount of willpower it must have taken. The character growth. It's all so well done.

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DementorBehindYou rated it
February 11, 2023
Status: Completed

Wow.... just wow. I honestly did not go into this expecting the inexplicably deep and bittersweet story I got.

I truly think this is one of the best BLs I've read, especially with the 'obsessive love' and 'male yandere' tropes. My heart broke for the MC as we see his journey from his past life to what led him to become so disillusioned with love. His only goal in this life is to protect his loved ones, he even lets go of his own aspirations and goals from his last life.

The... more>> journey throughout this novel is one of heartbreak and healing.

Most of the side characters are pretty fleshed out, and the MC's reasoning with everyone else's actions were so well written. I loved seeing the way the ML:


eventually changed his way of interacting with the MC in his second life. At first, he was doing everything domineeringly (in the usual way you would expect from a yandere ML) and while it takes a bit, he begins to realize how his actions would not win over the MC and chooses to love him from a distance.


and god my heart broke when:


MC sent an arrow to the ML, to make him truly understand why the MC gave up on love, because when facing death by his loved one like that... god. that whole part was written so well and it was what ended up hitting the nail in the coffin for ML, it truly made him understand MC and he was able to empathize for once


It's definitely a bittersweet story overall, and both the MC and ML's experiences makes your heart go out to them, but if you want to know if it's HE or BE:


it's HE!! But it does not happen til near the end


-1 star for me because I was expecting more romance, but it was more about healing and (surprisingly) kingdom building, which was still written well, but not what I was in the mood for when I chose to read this novel.

Overall, it was a beautifully written BL with a good introspection on how it feels to love after loss, to heal after betrayal and learning to let go, all which could eventually lead to forgiveness <<less
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sdl123 rated it
November 22, 2022
Status: Completed
I love how they didn't get together immediately, especially when MC didn't waver from his objective in his current life, no matter the reason and how the ML felt now. MC understood ML's actions and accepted his reasons, but the consequences of ML's actions in the past life still made him suffer. The pain was real and it was hard to forget, hard to move on from this. MC was like this and he never became soft to go and forgive the ML.

I seriously loved MC's character because of this,... more>> since in comparison to the other novels with similar plots like this, the MCs there would still have some lingering feelings and when it's time to forgive, I often felt unsatisfied. Like, he made you suffer so much and when he began to give you the love and care that you want, you are then slowly beginning to love him back again and forgive him? Just like that?

Of course, it's not like I hated the ML in this novel, because the more chapters I read, even I began to soften for the ML and was rooting for them to get together after more than half of the chapters. So, it was great to see that they finally ended up together again in the last few chapters of this novel.

Not only that, the world background was also pretty great and it explained well what it needed to convey for this novel. The progress of the main leads' romance and their inner thoughts and dilemma was also realistic.

Overall, this novel was really great that I couldnt help but give it 5 stars!!! I'd highly recommend it if you're still thinking if this is a good novel to read or not. <<less
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downtowncray rated it
April 13, 2023
Status: Completed
When I started reading this, I know Im in for a good ride. It was Yunyun's tl after all.

Looking back, I've never really want ML to be redeemed easily... and sometimes hope he wasn't the ML or there's no need to have one.

I'm always puzzled in most of wife crematorium novels, where MC is too soft and forgive easily. Those who didn't and led a salted fish life are mostly people who pushed themselves too much to that person and finally realised how dumb they were.

MC here is just a... more>> combination of that, some of you may not have realised.

MC loved ML so much, he pushed himself to him but also got that hope and attention, which were severely shattered later. He was betrayed after holding that precious gift, not caring if it is a treasure or it isnt.

And he just got tired with all of it. The wife crematorium part just comes in with how much betrayal ML did to him. His love, his family, and his dignity. That dying is such a luxury but still given through betrayal, once again.

I love the pace, I know ML won't be change. But how the story goes, how it focuses more on MC's goals, and how the matters about ML comes the last.

It was such a masterpiece.

The author could have gone the route where MC can still protect his family WITH ML but author didn't. MC don't need that. And its such a powerful move and refreshing to see.

All in all, ML is pitiful but knowing the truth doesn't changed the fact that MC was betrayed. Then what? What about the pain he felt? Is itf his fault for feeling that? but MC is just too tired. Its not a matter of just knowing the truth, its knowing that he was trampled so much that he thought he could accept death calmly but his life still flash in front of his eyes when ML betrayed him in his first end.

I would love to read the author's other works too <<less
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HooliganReader rated it
December 16, 2022
Status: Completed
This was a nice read. I was actually expecting more out of it, but it low-key failed that expectation. I wanted more angst and heartbreak but it kinda fell short (I think it's because the author gloss over the past a little too smoothly? More details = more angst?).

The vibe of the novel and the way it was written was like "The Whole World is My Crematorium" but less angsty. I was writing this review and forgot it somewhere along the line so imma continue with what I remembered from... more>> it.

For those that are worried, the ML is not a red flag (wells he is from the MC's perspective (and at the very start of his rebirth coz tbh I think he was low-key crazy at that point) but he had a good excuse and genuinely thought that they were both on the same page and that the MC understood the hints that he had been dropping (and after his rebirth and facing the numerous rejections he actually learns and compromises)). I just think that this guy is just too pitiful man. Both he and the MC suffered so much (but not enough hehe) just because of a literal misunderstanding/ miscommunication and it wasn't even really their fault.

The MC himself was an enjoyable character. We got to see how a thriving enthusiastic Crown Prince candidate lose his drive and passion and becoming this indifferent character who cunningly navigated his way through the choppy waters of the Imperial Palace to save himself and his mother from this toxic place. We then get to watch how he changed his views and perspectives from being an indifferent salted fish to a ruler who brought prosperity and innovative to his fief. And along the way, the ML, haihhhhhh the poor ML attempts to reconcile with him and failing at every turn. It is understandable why the MC rejected him but still, my heart aches for himmmmmm! One of the reviewers commented that the MC was in a "post rebirth fog" (where he is just hyper focused on protecting his loved ones who he failed to protect in his previous life and not care about anything else before and after he was done with it, making him super indifferent about everything) and I totally agree. It can be annoying at times but it is part of his set up and healing process I guess. So, be warned. Not everyone may enjoy his character.

The ML, haihhhhhh this guy. So the story goes (warning full backstory/ story ahead)

the ML is a system player who has undertaken this super duper hard mission to be the ultimate winner in life for this world so that he can score points for his organization (which he create in the system world) to achieve something like godhood among players. To make it more difficult the overall God of the system decided to add another player in to disrupt the plot of the novel and the character that the disruptor was supposed to play was the MC's character. Alas, because the overall God put too much love into the MC's character he gave him life and so he became OOC and the disruptor player could not enter. The ML knows of the plot so when he met the OOC person, he decided that he was the disruptor. One thing to note about players is that they can't feel pain because the system blocks it from them and they can "fast forward" the timeline (ie skip a few days/ weeks when there are no important plot lines) to speed up the storyline. So, even though he was hurting the MC, the ML didn't know that he was actually hurting him and not considering his feelings because he thought the couldn't feel pain and knew that no harm no foul among players. Sigh that poor poor MC. In the end, the ML killed the MC thinking that they could meet again at the player rest area but lo and behold he found out that the MC was not a player and he actually killed and hurt the man he loved so dearly. And so he wreaked havoc on the system and other worlds trying to reboot the MC's world (so you can imagine how crazy this dude was). Alas, the MC he met was the rebirth MC (who knew and understood that he was doing as players did) who gave him no chance at all and was only focused on his loved ones. So, the (at this point low key crazy) ML tries to force the MC but keeps failing until he slowly accepted that the MC was not in love with him anymore and could never be in this lifetime. From then on he stood from afar, silently protecting him, hoping to catch a glimpse of the MC and burning his life force to sustain this world that he forcibly rebooted until his life force ran out.

And then the second part of the story continues.

The main storyline itself was really really well written and actually could have ended that way in an open ended manner but the author decided to give us readers the closure that we needed 🙌.

The overall world building done by the author was amazing! The author gave life to the behind the scenes of the systems and players of the novel which was really cool! This was something that was introduced very early on in the story after the MC woke up (after his death by the hands of the man he loved 🥺🥹) and found himself in this unfamiliar white space. The entirety of this part was really unique and was also how the author gave us some "afterlife" planning for the MC and ML.

Also I really liked that

the author gave the ML a clean slate for the MC to fall in love with him again. Because the MC had felt too much hurt from the ML, the "naive" and unknowing version of the ML was the only one he could fall for. On the ML's side, because he had hurt the MC so so much, he was always threading on thin ice and could never fully love the MC and give his all if it wasn't for his blank slate moment. The MC learnt to love again while the ML won his love and they both slowly healed from the scars that they created on each other. There was honestly no other person for them because of how deeply engraved the other person was in their hearts.


Anyways, aside from the lack of angst-syness, it's still a recommended read for fans of historical fiction with hints of tragedy. Great for those who enjoy a laidback MC, palace drama, not so much romance development for the majority part of the story (it was mostly one chasing while the other being indifferent), wife chasing crematorium, unique system worlds and city/ fief building. <<less
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This person is dying
This person is dying rated it
December 7, 2022
Status: Completed
I like it. More chasing, less torture (for our protagonist).

It's hard to accept the gong at first, but with the great pacing and the slice of life, I can also feel the time washing away the bad memories and the gong's scum points.

He became both lovely and pitiful. Emphasis on pitiful.

I couldn't wait the cliffhanger in the last few chapters, so I quickly read the mtl with vigor and ended up crying at how beautiful this ends.

I am going to put this as personal favorite.
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Wynnfield rated it
November 14, 2022
Status: c95
I enjoyed reading the overarching plot to a certain extent, and I really like the two main leads' characters, but I couldn't find myself to enjoy the character interactions between the main leads.

The story immediately established from the start that in the past live, MC was lost in love over the ML, and the ML is obssessed with MC in the current timeline. The story is rather straightforward with a few plot twists that I didn't expect (Mainly ML's redemption arc. I'd go as far as to say this twist... more>> is one of the most surprising ones I've read on redemptions), but till chapter 90+ I couldn't see the love rekindled between them. I'm guessing the sweetness will come later (?)

There wasn't much narration nor plot content to go about with developing their relationship because they fell in love at first sight, and the MC constantly pushes ML away later on. So for a wife chasing novel, the romance aspect was kind of lacking.

The story was mainly about the MC trying to save those he cared about while face-slapping his ML which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I like that the MC stayed firm in his decision, and I like that the ML too, was trying his best to redeem himself and changed to respect the MC's decisions. For people who likes main leads who stay true to their virtues, I would reccomend this very much.

The romantic aspect of the story was really pushed by the ML thanks to the whole wife-chasing plot device, and it was fresh to see a MC that was adamant about not forgiving him.


After reading till chapter 90+ the MC really felt like a Mary-sue (not in a bad way). He is the most beautiful person in the novel, his brother princes are jealous of his talents, one drop of his blood can cure illnesses. I'm really impressed with how the author didn't make him seem op with how low-key he was acting, but at the same time managing to make it seem like no one deserves to be with him



The characters are very fresh for me, although their dynamics is not what I'd support. For a title with Buddha in its name, I'd say the MC is somewhat of a hypocrite. MC left behind his love in the 1st life, but that doesn't mean he became apathetic. He was left with hatred and with that, the ML was the one suffering in the 2nd cycle. He knew how much his actions hurt the ML, and it was all intended.

Meanwhile, the ML had a lot of misunderstanding about the previous world, and his abuse was unintentional. You have to remember that ML took for granted MC's love and that they've already done things a couple does. I think it's really established later on that ML is very naive. The start of the novel just really makes you want to punch him.


Honestly, I wasn't a fan of this entire abuse cycle. Two wrongs doesn't make one right. Mutual abuse was real in this one. The translator did a good job and I did enjoy the starting. 3.5/5. <<less
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