The Scum Gong Begs Me to Get Back Together, but I Just Want to Get Rich


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When Jiang Xiao was nineteen, he accidentally dug a dirty and penniless Lin ChengYu out of the tr*sh and fell in love with him at first sight. He accompanied Lin ChengYu through hard times, and gave him warmth for the next fifteen years until he finally became successful.

By rights, he should have been the white moonlight of Lin ChengYu’s heart. It turns out that he was just a supporting role. Successful people can be callous. When Jiang Xiao fell ill and died in a hospital bed, Lin ChengYu never came to see him even once.

Jiang Xiao after rebirth: F**k this love.

He learned that in this world, aside from the knowledge in his head and the money in his pocket, everything else is unreliable. Now all Jiang Xiao wants is to study hard, earn money seriously, and become a common, ordinary rich man, academic tyrant, and local tycoon.

Lin ChengYu: QAQ, baby look at me! I’m rich, too. I’ll give you all my money and my life!

Jiang Xiao (slowly backing away): Thanks, but I don’t seem to know you.

#Now that I have money, my pursuers are lined up from here to France, who the hell are you?#

【Lin ChengYu, president of YongJiang Group, is well-known in the industry as a single, rich, and handsome man. The outside world thought that he was a cold, sexually indifferent orphan. Only a few people knew that he was just doing his best to hang on until a certain person turns his head.

That person used to spoil him but he didn’t know how to cherish his love. Then he suddenly left, and never returned.

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27 Reviews

New remyrem
May 16, 2024
Status: --
It's fine, I really like MC and enjoy reading about his experiences, but ML really pales compared to the others. If this was just a 1x1 I'd probably be fine with him, but this gave me really strong 2nd ML syndrome and all I could do was sigh and think MC would've been better off with someone else. ML doesn't even compare to other wife chasing crematorium MLs, he's really a failure. He didn't even learn how to cook so he could one day spoil MC! That's like the most... more>> basic "how to be a doting ML 101" trope! He also keeps putting the cart in front of the horse and wasting his money and effort because of it. Funny enough, I think ML would've been more successful if he had just developed himself first and then pursued MC some years later. <<less
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Jul 05, 2021
Status: Completed
I don't understand the low rating. This novel is beautiful in its essence.

First, let me introduce the MC.

    • He's smart, soft-tempered, business-minded but generous, and hardworking. Personally, I consider him an ideal husband.

    • In his previous life, he gave his all --love, care, youth, everything-- to the ML but all he got was indifference and a cold shoulder, even until the day he died.
    • He was reborn when he was 15 years old, just when his life started to go askew. Therefore, he applied the lessons he learnt in his previous life and started his second life full of hope and ambition.
    • One of his regrets in his previous life was that he didn't graduate college, or even senior high school. Thus, in this life, he studied seriously and met...
Second, let me tell you that aside from the main ML (ML#1), MC also had two other boyfriends. These two boyfriends helped him heal (his heart) and both assisted in his pursuit to his dreams. I personally find it just fine that the MC had romantic relationships (other than the ML) that helped him recover from the traumatic love he experienced from his previous life. I'll introduce the ML#2.

    • He and MC met in middle school, when they were both 15 years old. He's the brother of the girl the MC once pursued.
    • He's intelligent and always number one in the school rankings. Encouraged by MC, he participated in Math and Physics competitions.
    • When he noticed the MC's changes, bright personality, and his seriousness to learn, he lent a helping hand in the MC's studies. That's when they started to fall in love.
    • However, they broke up due to...

      ... the pressure of his parents. They were just young at the time, helpess in the face of reality. He was forced to study abroad and leave MC.

    • Truthfully, he's that ideal and smart ML in a modern high school novel. He's sweet, gentle, youthful, and smart. He didn't even lose to the main ML when it comes to aura despite being a genuinely high school kid confronting a 30+ man in a teenage body.
Third, let me introduce our half a celebrity ML#3.

    • Spoiler

      He's a man rescued by MC when he was surrounded by tugs and away from home, somehow like how MC rescued the main ML before.

    • He's the eldest son and his family tackles the entertainment industry.
    • He has a messy relationship with his immediate relatives, especially his father. When he and MC first met, he was living on his own at that time.
    • He's a bit older than MC and he helped him in improving and expanding his business. They got together because he was always there when the MC needed him the most.
    • He's generally caring, sweet, loves MC to his bones, and very capable. In fact, he even got

      the MC's first in this life.

Those are our ML#2 and #3. Honestly, they could be considered main MLs themselves if they were given their own novels considering how good and well-written they are. Their strengths, flaws, and development were clearly written out that I don't personally mind who the MC would end up with. But, but, but! Don't forget our dear main ML!

    • He's a freakin' indifferent scum in his first life that you could not help wishing to enter this novel world and give him an unforgettable beating. He's a bastard that needs a painful lesson! And ta-da~! He was given an extremely bitter regret capsule.
    • In his previous life, he took advantage of the MC's love and care, treating him an obedient pet whom he believed would always understand his absences, business trips, and busy schedule. He neglected him to the point that even his secretary regarded MC as just a raised male pet due to this ML's neglect. He was so confident that the MC would always love and stay, waiting for him to come back. Until ond day, he came back from a business trip and didn't find MC. That's when his nightmare started.
    • He was also reborn and from then on, he did his best to find and chase MC to the crematorium ---pursuing him without any regard to dignity, with all his heart, painfully and frantically.
    • He tried to make up for the things he wasn't able to do before such as learning how to cook, bake, and plant --- all for the sake of MC... and also for himself as he tried to find traces of MC by imitating the taste of MC'a cooking, baking MC's favorite chestnut cake, and planting MC's favorite plants. He endured watching MC in someone else's arms as they fulfilled the things he wasn't able to do with MC before

      --- like going to trips abroad because before, in their previous life, while he was at the peak of his career and having a fulfilling business trip abroad despite MC's begging for him to stay, he let MC quietly die in the hospital, alone. Even though the MC didn't want to see him or have him near him, he tried his best to be there

      --- to accompany MC as much as he could.
    • Honestly, I cried everytime the narrative focuses on him and whenever he and MC interact --- the terrible things he did and didn't do for the MC and how much the MC suffered can be inferred from these. UwU It was just so f*cking painful.
    • However, despite his character development, care, assistance, changes, and extreme love he showed to MC, I still don't like him for MC. MC deserves so much better.
This novel has no major villain boss or obstacle. Just like they said, it focuses on how the MC studied hard, bought and sold items when he was studying with only around 2K yuan capital, and built his company from scratch to a multi-billion flourishing business.

Also, the other characters also feel quiet real and alive. There's no one with a below average IQ.

Ai, ai, ai. That's all I can say. Come on, read it now and don't forget to like this review!
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Jun 25, 2021
Status: Completed
To summarize a bit: Our shou MC dies alone of cancer while his lover of ten years, CEO ML, takes everything for granted and narcissistically doesn't even know MC is sick. After MC's tragic death, he's reborn in the 3rd year of middle school. He vows to avoid love this time while focusing on getting rich and doing well in school. He starts out as a poor student and builds his business step by step during high school and college, selling merchandise and eventually launching the equivalent of taobao. ML... more>> is also reborn, and he's obsessed with getting back together with the lover he now realizes he wronged before. Most of the story follows MC as he builds his business, though there are also a lot of chapters covering school life.

This story has a uniquely heart-breaking first chapter that makes you root like hell for MC! Later, as he concentrates on caring for his mom and building his business, MC actually dates people other than ML, which is virtually unheard of in this genre.

Regarding the ending (vague spoilers) :

For me, ML's obsession felt unhealthy and wasn't resolved in a satisfying way. I rooted for MC, but I didn't root for them to get back together, so for me the happy ending was a little unsatisfying.

All in all, I thought this story was worth reading and a good entry for people who like business-focused stories like Epiphanies of Rebirth or More Than A Few Blessings. <<less
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Aug 23, 2021
Status: Completed
Am I the only one who thinks that MC is also a part of a problem here? No?

While you may hear how wonderful and brilliant this novel is, I still find it an emotional torture, three circles of angst and no one will stay with dry eyes throuout entire thing, if you're not a wooden board you'll cry. Presumably a lot. Maybe to the point of a stuffy nose and having a headache. So beware. But I also find almost 200 chapters in retrospective a bit too much and the... more>> reader spends too much in this chamber of torture.

Why is it that in novels like these a lot of people are happy seeing how ML suffers, but not many point out at MC being an enabler in the situation. The tragedy was fueled by both parties, not just one. It's not a big secret there are people who endure a lot and accomodate a lot in a relationship due to their soft-heartedness and my biggest problem with MC was that he admitted to himself that he did everything right when it came to ML's memories (155-164). He gave all the love and kindness. But in the past never really defended his position or questioned ML. Tbh I don't see any type of relationship without an argument, it is a natural thing which shows that two people reached a contradiction and it is also a type of test to see if two people can move on from there. ML got too used to MC always accomodating him, which gave him the false idea that MC always agreed with his arrangement and never voiced dissatisfaction. When MC was in a second relationship after his rebirth he did have fights. At that point I was like - oh, you can actually open your mouth, strange, I thought before rebirth you were mute in the relationship. That's like the biggest point for me, though I understand that the novel must have ML suffering, since he's such a big scum and who cares their life together sounds a bit strange.

My point is, when you start reading you're given the narration that makes you feel sorry for MC and cry for him (but honestly, to me the sole fact that he didn't open his effing mouth to say that he is about to die says a lot about the character and the novel), that ML is so unfeeling and blah-blah-blah. You get teary-eyed and distracted that MC actually lived with ML for so long, still didn't know some things about his past experiences, never went all ballista on ML with a frying pan. I wish he would though, you have no idea how that frying pan can do wonders. You hit first and then spend time figuring out why you did it and who knows, all your problems in the relationship get fixed. But of course otherwise you wouldn't get so much drama, so here we go.

Unlike many novels of this type here we have a different situation, MC actually gets in a romantic relationship with other people after his rebirth (which is quite rare in the whole wif-chase genre). Tbh emotionally it's understandable, in his cognition and believing MC was hurt previously so much that he wouldn't be against seeing other people and it gave him the difference, I also find the number two pretty reasonable. And also how else in the novel would you torture ML if not with the visualization of 'can watch, but can't have'. And trust me, he will be beaten to the dust, smeared to nothingness and in the end present his preserved virg*n body to MC.

MAIN POINT KIDS, don't wait for two lifetimes to pass to realize that you need either more communication and understanding of each other in a relationship, or shut the door and walk away.

All in all it's not a bad novel, despite me having said all this. If you like crying and chasing wives to crematorium through barb wire then you're welcome. I read this novel once and it's what it gets from me :'D <<less
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Sep 13, 2021
Status: c65
Dropped this so I’m not going to rate it. Reason is I got spoiled by the ending that ... more>>

MC got back with ML.


I wanted ML to be with Lin Heyuan more, the highschool boyfriend. They were caring and thoughtful to each other, their only hindrance was Heyuan’s family.

ML on the other hand was emotionally absent for their entire relationship in their previous life, and, to quote MC, “I promised you a lifetime and you really used up my entire life”. This quote hits hard for me. I saw people blaming MC for not telling ML about his sickness but he DID try. But every time he tried, ML’s secretary dismissed and ignored him (which ML knew and allowed to happen btw) and the worst was the dubcon scene in first chapter where MC ended up breaking down and abused physically after the s*x that ML used as a way for them NOT to talk. Like god. Everyone around ML dismissed MC like he’s a pet to ML and ML LET them.

I know this is in the previous life and stuff but sheesh. Gives a bad taste in my mouth. I thought this was about MC finding new love and new life, a fresh start, but it’s just ML being a creepy stalker for 200 chapters while MC tries to get sh*t done. I like MC but I just can’t stand ML. <<less
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Jul 22, 2021
Status: Completed
How is this rated only 3.8? This has gotta be the only novel I've read so far that has a really satisfying redemption arc. It was also a roller coaster ride of emotions for me, particularly the main ML (Lin Chengyu). I went from wanting to beat him with my slippers like an angry Asian mom to patting him in the shoulder and making a thumbsup sign. Gotta hand it to the author, you made my heart hurt throughout the whole story. Also that summary somehow made it sound like... more>> it's a comedy, but nope. It is not.

So what did I like about this story:

    • MC: super loveable character. He's like that one friend that you love to hangout and makes you feel good and also brings out the best in you. He's also smart and capable, gentle yet firm. Once he makes a decision, that's final, PERIODT. Gotta hand it to him to make clean breakups too.

      His break up with Ruoyan was especially epic.

      He was so pitiful in his last life it actually made me cry.
    • ML (Chengyu) : aaaah this guy. During the early parts of the novel, I was gloating and laughing at his suffering. I've never had this much urge to get isekai'd in a novel just to give him a proper beating, then nag him to death. But then you witness how he slowly changed, all for the MC. Then I just couldn't help but start rooting for him. One thing tho, his level of obsession with Xiao Xiao was rather... creepy. But then you read how he ended up in the previous life, so you get to understand his desperation. Haiisss this guy.
    • ML 2 (Heyuan) : he's pretty much the perfect boyfriend material. I actually wouldn't mind if he ended up with the MC. (but then again this might end up in tragedy if it did, at least for Chengyu lol)
    • ML 3 (Fu Ruoyan) : I do not like this guy. Yes, he loved, cared and pampered the MC, but he became a douche towards the end of the relationship.

      He also had violent tendencies towards other people, like he was going to have his half brother's legs broken, but ended up breaking the hands instead when MC heard his phonecall. I was expecting he was gonna have Chengyu beat up in secret or something. Well they did brawl. Then his overly possessiveness and wanting to control the MC. Also his wanting to always one-up Chengyu. Like b*tch, dude almost burned to death, then you had the gall to lie on Jiang Xiao's face? Just to look like the good guy? Bruh.

      Heck, even his grandparents warned the MC about him lol.
    • The Redemption arc: man this was long and sweet. After that really heartbreaking first life, you see Chengyu start his suffering after rebirth. His whole experience from middle school to adulthood was pretty much fate holding his head, opening his eyelids, then saying "oh does it hurt? Does your heart feel like it's being stabbed with a hundred knives? Yeah? Well, here, have some more of that PAIN and REGRET and expect more soon, you little shit". Though I gotta admit, some of the memories he remembers, then discovers after rebirth was really...ouch.

      Like the memory of the cake that Xiao Xiao used to give him. He thought it was just an ordinary cake that was bought in this cake shop, but then after rebirth he found the cake shop again and inquired about the cake in his memory. Turns out, the cake that Xiao Xiao buys for him was custom made and more pricey and special. He cried after finding that out (so did I).

      Yeah this whole arc was just suffering for Chengyu lol. But then he also grew up. He started off as a desperate soul wanting to immediately get back with Jiang Xiao again, to constantly, and I mean constantly, every single time, getting flatly rejected. FOR A DECADE. It's like watching this guy turn into a masochist with that constant pain he gets (well he did deserve it). How he didn't get a heart disease is amazing. Then that desperation turned to acceptance that he'll never be with Xiao Xiao again, so he's content with being a stalker

      ninja and trying to help his beloved baby in the shadows. Really, it showed how much he changed, and despite of it all, his love for Jiang Xiao never waned.
    • Ye Miaomiao: we are all Ye Miaomiao. Rooting for and gossiping about our boss's love life lol.
Really, I never thought I'd find a novel with this kind of redemption, as well as the MC having other relationships. It's refreshing. I found the ending really sweet, and glad the leads both healed their past.

I'll be waiting til this gets translated completely, then read it again.

PS: so I've read two more novels from this author, and they still have the wife chasing theme, but so far, this one has the most elaborate retribution and redemption arc. The other two I've read felt like just a slap on the wrist and a punch in the lungs. This one is more like the ML getting shot with an RPG, get yeeted off a cliff, then has a tank thrown at him for good measure. Still though, I hope the other novels from this author gets picked up and translated, they have their own unique flavors, but this one is my fave. <<less
17 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 25, 2021
Status: c75
I think I’m gonna stop reading it here.

I quite like this book and everything but ... more>>

I’m really simping for Lin Heyuan so I’ll just rewrite my alternative ending where he comes back after college and MC and him can have a nice ending with Lin Chengyu as their best friend who finally got past his obsession :)


Anyways, the story is good, the development is good, the characters are good, and everything feels realistic and well written so far, but because I already know I won’t like the ending as much as I could, I’ll just stop myself before I get to that point and maybe one day I finish reading. Still, knowing what’s to come form both the writing and the reviews, I can guarantee I would be satisfied either ways.

Although, don’t make me giving up as a bad thing! This book is very good and you won’t regret anything even if you continue! (I trust author jiejie, they’re being really good with everything from the drama and emotional development to the characters and stuff. Prommy :3) <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 05, 2022
Status: --
OK! So I read till chapter 21 and then MTLed it and I have to agree with the TLer and the many readers that commented on Foxaholic that chapter 21 is the best stopping point. It's the best ending and I'm taking what I got. It's predictable that the ML and MC will get together again. Here's the catch tho....

Do I hate the ML? Not quite. I hate the fact that he took the MC's sincerity lightly and gave back nothing. A relationship shouldn't be one-sided. You take and you... more>> also give. Keeping that aside, was the ML abusive? No, he wasn't. Which is a plus plus for the ML but was I rooting for him? Not quite. Will I call him a jerk? No, actually he deserves a redemption arc but he still shouldn't end up with the MC. I can't quite put my feelings into words but if I can summarise it, it would be that ML gets a redemption arc but doesn't get together with the MC instead tries to focus on bettering himself so the next time if he falls in love with somebody other than the MC he wouldn't treat them the way he treated the MC.

For the MC? I want him to end up with the guy from school. That's all I have to say. I have given my statement *goes into shadows/ picture the Simpsons meme where he goes into the bush lol*.

Overall it wasn't bad but wasn't the best either.

OHHHH before I end this I wanna say that the MC dating others before he settles with the ML is actually a great addition to it. It's kinda progressive for this trope. So Thumbs up for that!

HAVE A NICE DAY READERS! (P.S. This is the shortest review I have ever done. Kind of. Usually, I babble on and on about the characters but this time I really didn't have to say much. It's not a great book where I keep praising it but it isn't so bad either where I keep shitting about it soooo. Yea) <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 12, 2021
Status: Completed
Aww, this story is perfection! I love "chasing wife to crematorium" trope but it's surprisingly difficult to find convincing stories with it - the ones where the gong is really repentant and is not forgiven too quickly, where the shou is not weak and is not swayed too easily. This one is beautiful. I read another story by Su HuaiHuang a while ago with the same trope but in a historical setting and loved it to death, so I knew this one would not disappoint in all its parts: from... more>> feeling the scum gong is an absolute scum that doesn't deserve to live, to gloating as you watch him regret and repent, and then feeling for him and rooting for his happiness with the shou.

This story is longer and more complicated but the whole feeling of it is purely satisfying. I won't say much about the MC, Jiang Xiao, he is such a darling and it's absolutely impossible not to love him. Watching him building his business was fascinating every step. His first life ended so bitter, my heart was going out for him, it was really hard to imagine how it was possible to forgive the ML, Lin Chengyu, for it.

But surprisingly I started rooting for the ML quite early - maybe because there were quite a lot of scenes from his point of view, and they were all so emotional, it was interesting to watch him and watch him changing. However, Su HuaiHuang is a very clever author. She never cuts corners, nothing happens suddenly, there are always many things that affect the development of emotions. So, the ML's road to redemption is very, very long.

I'm not sure why some people can be against the MC having relations with other people in the second life. It just shows how realistic the story is. Everyone is multi-dimensional. I liked the MC's first boyfriend and I extremely didn't like the second boyfriend but not because he was badly written. On the contrary, he was very well written, and the things I instinctively didn't like about him in the beginning were exactly the things that later made the relations between him and the MC impossible.

The chapters about what the ML went through after the MC's death in the past life - I cried so much over them. But it was a good feeling, it was exactly what I would want from this story. And the ending chapters, oh my, the sweetness! I'm still smiling happily when I think about them. An awesome story and a wonderful translation! <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 01, 2023
Status: c65
I can't take it anymore, I can't take it anymore, I can't take it anymore!!!!!! I don't usually read regret novels, but I don't hate them either, but this one... was horrible. The author wanted to do something different, and he succeeded, but I didn't like the result.

... more>>

First the MC was unbearable, yes, he suffered, BUT WHY HE WANTED. Seriously, this is what happens when there is no communication, something as simple as "hey, I feel ignored and I don't feel like we're in a relationship" and if the other doesn't understand then let's fly, end of story. It can't be that 15 years together and the MC never told how he felt, he really annoyed me with the phrase "I'm going to warm his cold heart" TO BEGIN THERE WAS NO COLD HEART. I know that the author surely wanted to do something new, so he gave the MC a boyfriend but we already know that this will never work because he will end up staying with the ML, they painted that relationship very pink for me and I don' t know how he thinks of it break the author, I'm not even going to know why I got here.


This novel has many illogical and silly things, friends if the person you are with ignores you or you don't feel loved, talk and dialogue, ask what's going on, DON'T STAY WAITING 15 YEARS TO WARM YOUR COLD HEART.

Finally, ML, dear ML spinach head, a child who suffered a lot and did not deserve any of this, ML go to therapy, the MC is not for you. All this is just a giant misunderstanding on the part of the MC and that the ML had to suffer the consequences, many will say that he was cold, BUT if MC didn't say anything, how was ML going to find out that things were going wrong? !!?? ML believed that everything was fine, that's why it didn't change, that doesn't justify it but damn, that's what communication is for. This novel makes me very angry, ML needs therapy, that pathological level of dependence on MC is no longer normal, nor should they end up together again.


I don't know what good things to get out of this novel, I'm angry so I can't do it the least <<less
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Jun 25, 2021
Status: Completed
Binged this out of a whim through MTL, which was fortunately easy enough to understand. This novel, spanning multiple years, narrates how the MC (Jiang Xiao) develops his career while navigating relationships with others after returning to the past - including his ex/scum gong (Lin ChengYu), who was also reborn.

Honestly, this setting felt extremely dog-blooded and is normally something I wouldn't read. This review of mine is probably biased due to how I ended up feeling about the scum gong; since he ends up getting a bit of character development... more>> and I ended up somewhat pitying him (despite his actions throughout the novel which I have mixed feelings about), his point of view provided much of the emotional drama for me. It'd be best to read this with an open mind, as near the end of the novel we get some explanation as to what actually happened in the previous life. Additionally, as the summary suggests, the MC goes through several relationships due to having pursuers other than the ML. This seems realistic enough as he needed to heal from his previous relationship, though it did throw me off a little as I merely skimmed through the summary and therefore wasn't expecting it. Putting it here as a warning for those who might prefer only one pairing from start to end. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 31, 2022
Status: Completed
First off, I haven't actually completed this. But I don't plan to. I agree with the Translator in that chapter 21 is the best stopping point. So my review is only valid for the first 21 chapters

The best ending for this novel would be if ML and MC never got back together (which is why our wonderful TLer and some other readers stopped reading at 21). Unfortunately, that's not the case, and the Author doesn't make ML change enough for me to like ML, much less like how ML treats... more>> MC.

Scum gong stays a scum gong.

This was honestly kind of under-whelming, nothing had any impact, and the best part of it was when MC told ML

"you really did use up my entire life" when ML tried to pressure MC into staying with him again bec MC had told him hed love him his entire life.


TLDR; not worth the time I spent reading it <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 24, 2021
Status: Completed
Well. It is no need to say this story deserve 5stars only with the fact that MC has relationships with others!! So so so happy. I'm been tired of rebirth novels like "I'll change" "I'll leave him" but always end with this good for nothing tr*sh. No matter how cheats they got, those MC will always shy and brainless around their exs who gave them bad memories. They will neglect other mls who is good to them and never learn self-respect. I'm fed up with these types so this is... more>> truly a new taste.

The story


This is how MC improve and learn to love, respect himself. As you guess, he end with ex but he has two other bfs. That is a special point unlike other novels.


The relationship between MC and ml

I don't think it was due to lack of communication. MC is always giving and don't know how to love himself. On oth sides, ML is always receiving and don't know how to love others correctly. After rebirth, they both correct themselves.



I really like this MC and also his decision. There is no face slapping or revenge. This is MC improving himself. In previous life, MC is always giving and have no self-love or self-respect, self-care. He is only devoted all his time to ML alone and didn't care himself.

The fact I like best is ML become a stranger for MC after rebirth. MC feels no love or hate for ML and his feeling become empty. And he dare not love. But two other mls taught him how to love himself.




Well. Good for nothing guy. Even though some said this is mc's fault for lack of communication but wait. All know mc's suffer but only he didn't notice. Seriously? Even if MC say or not, nothing will change the fact ML didn't care him. It's true that he also did love MC in previous life but he didn't respect and care to MC. MC was like a pet that will always wait him for his return.

After rebirth, he support and care silently for many years. He didn't give up although MC has two bfs. He didn't hope for mc's love. He only wish for mc's happiness. He wait more than 10 yrs for MC. This is the special point unlike other novels. ML didn't get back MC easily. ML didn't force or push MC. He only change himself to be the best for MC. He just silently support MC whole time even though he didn't get love. That's why I think he deserve second chance.


Other mls


Lin HeYan #ml1

He is the bf from highschool. He is the brother of the girl MC once pursued. I really like this story line so much. He taught MC to stay happy.


Fu is the other bf. MC pick him up. For him, he's like MC past self. Fu feels lack of confidence, insecurities with MC. So he become super possessive and control to MC. They break up before MC propose to him. Sad.


I cry a lot the whole journey. I feel heartache for MC past and want to kill ml.I thank for two other mls for helping MC. The main point I like is MC never brainless when he see ml. Moreover, this ML truly deserve forgiving. So I don't feel conflict with ending.I guess this is the best novel of scum gong become puppy. <<less
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Oct 04, 2021
Status: Completed
For me, I was dissatisfied with the ending.


The ending is they get back together wow a surprise 🙄


I root for others.

I didn't care about the scum gong. I think that scum gong didn't deserve our lovely MC. But who am I lol.

For me I just yeah. I don't want to continue it. Already know the plots.

Just read it if you want to read it.
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Oct 31, 2022
Status: c21
This is a great story... if you stop reading at chapter 21.

Personally I decided to read only till then because: the ML does not deserve redemption!

He was such a selfish prick I can't even. The MC is such a cutie who did EVERYTHING to make this piece of shit's life better: paid for his schooling, made meals that suited the ML's taste (and that the MC disliked eating), and I could go on but you should read the story to really feel the pain our MC went through for this... more>> scum. ML also doesn't change after his rebirth. Literally only thinking of himself, he only loved the MC in his mind that did everything for him. The MC who is rebirthed is quite cold to our ML and that's like a slap to the face for him and honestly, he needs more than a slap *rolls up sleeves, cracks knuckles*.

Either way, I recommend that you read up till chapter 21 but you can make your own decisions, I've said my piece. <<less
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Jul 03, 2022
Status: Completed
honestly, the ML is pathetic and there was no need to save their dead relationship.

... more>>

The MC was a doormat with little to none communication skills in his first relationship and died because his SO didn't read his mind and understand how grave his illness was. Yeah, the ML was an a-hole simply because he was used to having the MC never voice his opinions, needs or wants in a relationship and assumed everything was just fine.

Honestly, I do love some angst and groveling but I really don't know how hard the ML was hit in the head to continuously pursue someone who wants to so thoroughly get over him. Like, the manz is dating other people and all he can do is stand around like an idiot watching them be together??? He could have easily went "you know what? I'm happy that you've moved on, let me do the same." In these type of novels at least one person must be a virg*n and so utterly devoted for no reason that they let themselves be embarrassed when any logical person would walk away with a strip of face left. In this novel, the pitiful "scum" gong just so happened to be the one who was saving himself for someone who couldn't care less. Of course, there was some dubcon in there, completely throwing away any form of character growth either character made. Naturally, so many secondary and even third ranked love interest who were only there to torture the ML and waste their time devoting their interest in the MC only to thrown out after the MC returned to a lifetime old relationship. It's well written even though it's stretched out, but if you like groveling obsessive and pathetic male leads, you'll like this one <<less
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Aug 30, 2021
Status: c77
This story just isn’t for me. It’s not badly written or anything, it’s just not to my liking that’s all. I think the thing for me is that as much flack you can give ML for neglecting MC, a lot of flack can also be given to MC, who flat out admits he was an enabler who accommodated a lot of ML’s behavior. Yeah the ML left MC to die alone in the hospital in the end of their first life, but MC also doesn’t say a single word about... more>> his sickness either, and you can’t do something that you don’t know you’re supposed to be doing in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, ML did neglect MC and took him for granted, but I can’t help but feel a bit miffed at how MC was a literal doormat but blamed the whole communication breakdown on ML. The biggest thing for me though, is that the way the author has ML consistently hanging around even through MC’s new loves makes me physically wince (in a “this is an INCREDIBLY awkward 3rd wheel” way) and honestly the way they got together in the end felt kinda weak to me compared to what the ML went through.

From what I have read, it’s a very good but very dog blooded groveling-type story. I did really liked how MC was also very firm on moving on from ML, and the fact that he actually dated other people the second time around, which is honestly extremely rare. There’s also a lot (a lot!!) of character growth that occurs as well. Like I said though, I just don’t jive with this story and even though it’s very well written. Maybe I don’t really like the MC? Maybe I just don’t like the plotline? Regardless, I must unfortunately stop here. <<less
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Feb 13, 2023
Status: Completed
Rating: 4.7/5

Putting aside the rebirth part, this novel feels a bit like a slice of life novel, maybe with a bit too much dog blood. The slice of life feeling mainly derives from the fact that you accompany the MC and ML as they grow up from middle schoolers to successful businessmen.

The pacing is not rushed. You get sufficient time to read and experience each new stage of life of the main leads and thus observe each event that aided in their character development.

The person who saw the biggest character... more>> development was the ML, Lin Chengyu. He went from neglectful, white-eyed Wolf scumbag to a remorseful but also annoying stalker, only to be beaten down by all the rejection and heartbreak in the second life until he was basically a pitiful, humbled beggar who would already be happy with mere crumbs. The wife-chasing crematorium was so long and torturing, you really felt sorry for him even if you had cursed his very existence at the beginning of the novel. That's even true for me despite me being someone who holds grudges for a very long time.

The MC in turn seems pitiful in the beginning. All the readers' sympathy is basically directed at him so you are bound to root for his happiness. However, as you read on you eventually learn about his flaws which were partially at fault in causing his demise in his first life. Sure, he generally has a good personality: gentle, kind, intelligent and very indulging. The indulging part is what is ultimately the cause for the downfall of basically all his past relationships to a degree. He keeps prioritizing his other half, giving in to them and not setting any boundaries even when it harms his own interests. He is basically a doormat towards those he loves which enables the others to act toxic and take him for granted. I don't think he learned from his past mistakes, though. It's always written how indulging his partner is part of his personality and if he and his partner are in conflict and break up, it's because they are not suitable. The only reason his relationship with the ML works out in the second life is because the ML is so scared and humbled, he doesn't dare dream of crossing any perceived boundaries.

The importance of timing is an ongoing red thread in the whole plot, be it shown with meeting the right person at the wrong time or the wrong person at the right time or plainly being at the right place at the right time. This in itself is a good plot devise that creates a sense of continuity.

Overall, the novel was entertaining, quite a tearjerker and generally a good read if you like reading wife-chasing crematorium novels where the scumbag has to suffer and repent a lot. It did feel a bit dragged out for my taste. But it wasn't too much of a problem. <<less
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Kim Rachel
Kim Rachel
Jul 06, 2022
Status: --
One of the most disappointing stories I have read, the MC deserves someone so much better Than this obsessive psychopath of ml, seriously he need treatment and see a doctor, Other people say they have seen how he tries so hard to show him that he loves him but in reality he was just someone crazy who chased after him non-stop, but seriously to people who forgave the ml, how can it be, all this time I only saw someone, who obsessively chases after someone who clearly does not want... more>> to contact him anymore and always tells him to leave him, This is seriously not a healthy relationship <<less
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Jul 27, 2021
Status: Completed
u: 2022 April 5

Honestly some of the best character development I've seen (especially for a BL).

The I was deciding between a 4 and 5, but the past life parts were so we'll written I have to go 5.

Modern works like this translate well, so MTL is a good option. I hope a team picks it up. I might reread if it gets fully translated.

Relationship is 100% resolved in last extra, idk what other people feel.

... more>>

The mutual proposal is a pretty firm ✔️ in the "going to commit to each other forever" category

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Dec 08, 2022
Status: Completed
I really liked this story even though it left me a little...I dunno, unsatisfied perhaps? Like there's something missing?

- In any case, the business part is pretty good, especially in the beginning, and is a theme present till the end although to various degrees and not too overly imposing. The main theme of the story is still the romance and the MC's evolution in both life and love.

- This MC is really good, he sticks to his words, is decisive and good at taking chances and making up for it... more>> in love and in business. He also gives all of himself in everything he does and genuinely cares about people, something which is felt and recognized by everyone in the story.

The only thing he perhaps does "wrong" is always giving in and compromising when in a relationship only to just leave when he decides it. I mean, he does try to talk to the other party when there are things he doesn't like, but if he always gives in it's not compeltely irrational for the other party to think there's nothing wrong even though there is something wrong.

Still, this side has a bottom line and is not too excessive in the story and as they say, when one has difficulties with setting up limits, it's our responsability to do so and respect them for them. If it is something they wish for, of course. As the ML does later on.

- The ML was really annoying in the beginning but by the end you really start cheering for him. I think this was really well done by the author, accompanying us on a change of heart process alongside the MC.

I really despised him at the start, then he became extremely irritating right after rebirth. As time went on, I became indifferent to him, then accepting and by the end I really cared for him and hoped the MC wouldn't let him suffer anymore and would just fall in love again.

You even discover by the end that things in the first life are not really completely as they appeared and the ML is just s*upid and not a really a bastard. He just didn't realize his true feelings and always was too late in doing things.

I really liked the part where the old business partner pointed out how he understood the ML really cared for the MC when he knew he gave all his money to the MC to manage.

After being victim of a betrayal from his own family for money, never fully trusting anyone again, this is in fact a huge step


He really worked hard on bettering himself, something extremely difficult to really do, both on the career side and on the personal one. Still, the MC suffered a lot and rightly didn't trust him anymore after rebirth.

Although by the end I think he suffered a bit too much, they still got their happy ending. Both caring for each other this time, with neither side giving too much (even though the ML stressed out a lot in the beginning) so all is good.

- The side characters are also quite interesting and it's a bit of a pity they didn't really get much space in the story. Still, it was good enough as they really weren't the main focus.

All in all a good story, interesting both in the career side and on the romantic one. A good read. <<less
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