Flying Ash


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In the past, Zhou Jinheng thought that Yi Hui was an unsightly speck of dust in the air, a useless appendage, and he just wanted to lift his sleeves and brush him away.

It was only later that he found out that he was the ashes left after the blaze of a prairie fire, the fluffy cluster inhaled into his lungs that was enough to burn his throat and burn his heart.

The wound was dripping with blood, the medicine stone was useless, only he could heal it.

But he was already dead.

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Fly Ash
Tro Bụi
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Sonata123 rated it
February 3, 2022
Status: Completed
It is a rebirth in another body/wife chasing crematorium story. The summary sounds like its's a tragedy, and there are some tragic events, but in this story the death is just the beginning. The MC was mentally handicapped in his previous life. He also sincerely and wholeheartedly loved the ML. The ML treated him like dirt. Then the MC died. Then the ML realized he loved the MC. But it was too late...

No, it was not too late, because the MC was reborn in the body of a young artist... more>> who was suffering from depression and committed su*cide. And started a new life. But it took a while for the ML to find out and wow, the crematorium was burning beautifully. And even when the ML found out - it was just the beginning of his road of redemption.

The MC, Yi Hui, was one of the most endearing characters I've read about. He was so pitiful in his previous life, I was crying till 2 a.m. when reading the first part of the book, then woke up at 6 and cried again. Oh, you'll really want to kill the ML! While he had his... no, not reasons, not excuses - well, if you think about it, his behaviour could be psychologically understood. Somewhat. Maybe. Not. Anyway, I definitely didn't feel like understanding him when reading for the first time. I wanted to tear his heart out with my own hands. Reading second time was like watching a train wreck. Because I already knew how he would regret, how he would pay for every thing he did and didn't do.

It was an extremely satisfying story. The crematorium was just right. I was happy watching the ML suffering (okay, I'm kinda bloodthirsty) and I was happy when they finally reunited. Another good thing is that there is no lengthy pre-crematorium (abuse) part. The events of the MC's previous life are told in very short flashbacks. They were still absolutely heartbreaking but there was no suffocating feeling that lengthy abuse causes and the MC already had his new life. <<less
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Raizel_Pendragon rated it
March 27, 2022
Status: Completed
As usual I went in looking for nothing but knives. Yet ended up being smacked in the face by its beautiful writing. I loved the imagery it painted. Sure the story's filled with cliches and more focused on the pain-regret-2nd chances theme and so the ending is obvious from the get go, but the characters and how they're presented was what made it interesting.

The pre-transmigration Yi Hui's IQ may have been low, but his emotional intelligence has always been quite high. He was a steadfast, empathetic and optimistic kid. Maybe... more>> it was because of his condition that bound his mental age to that of a child's, but his love and emotions in general felt so exceptionally pure and unadulterated.

He earnestly believed that if he held on and showered the other with all his love and attention, his feelings will be returned one day. He endured all the pain he felt and held on because he didn't want his lover to be angry and was willing to be a prop for him to vent his anger so long as it ensured that ML will come back home a few more times and so he'll get to see him a few more times. He gave all the good things he has to ML, hid his scars so as not to disgust him and even in his last breath tried to exonerate him so that his brother wouldn't try to avenge him and cause trouble for the ML.

And after transmigration, as someone who hasn't gone out and dealt with the world, he was still very trusting and a bit simpleminded in his dealings with people. YiHui is such a precious cinnabun roll that you couldn't help loving and wishing all the good things in this world on.


Idk if it's cause I was baptized with too many scum gong novels, but our ML felt more like a rebellious young punk with anger management issues instead of a real irredeemable bastard to me. Unlike YiHui, Zhou Jinheng has an above average IQ but his EQ was pitiably low in the beginning. He is an ambitious, confident and selfish young master who felt stifled by the 'contract' that was forced upon him by his father who happily sold his own son off for benefits. It must've felt really suffocating when your own family willingly destroy your bright future for their benefits. And he took his anger out on the wrong person.

I believe that they were both just victims of the situation. Obviously things would go wrong if

you tie up a high achieving ambitious young man with a person with intellectual disability and force them to live together all for the sake of a contract and material benifits... oh let's not forget that he already had someone he liked and that he's not even of marriageable age (he was underage. just 17-18 at the time!) ~~ 🙂

Moreover I don't think threatening him- blocking his credit cards, taking away his cars etc inorder to ensure he follows this ridiculous contract is really conducive to nurturing any sort of romantic marital ties... Not to forget that there are people left and right who'll pressurise him if he doesn't fulfill his roles. In the end I feel like the ML was forced to accept MC's presence and considered him akin to something like a convenient nanny who kept his house (&bed) clean and warm for him. And the love was born mostly out habit and familiarity. I can't really blame him for that.

What I do have against him is his inability to take No for an answer and his ex-habit of taking out his anger on and abusing the MC (physically, emotionally and probably even sexually- (most of their love making episodes, though ?consensual, were alluded to as him 'venting.' and no I'm not gonna think too deeply into question about whether a mentally handicapped person with intellectual development matching a preschooler's is capable of giving consent and if that consent should be taken as valid, to save myself the emotional ickiness) and maybe his occasional and unintentional kindness that made the poor MC unable to extricate himself.


But oh did he change?

Ignoring all logic, cause and causation and directly convincing himself that it was his Yi Hui, desperately trying to ingratiate himself into YiHui's life, watching from distance not daring to come closer got the fear of disgusting him after seeing YiHui's rejection to him, praying to be hated rather than forgotten, scared of being rejected, pleading, pleasing... the scum-gong abuse and redemption arc was really satisfactory!~ 😌👌

P.S: this is fiction so his intense and dogged pursuit using questionable methods can fly... but if any of you face this sort of 'desperate wife -chasing' irl please call the cops at the earliest. Thank you.


I love MC's new family and his relationship with them. I literally bawled my eyes out during

that chapter where he tried telling his mom that he is not her son, Jiang YiHui, but is the transmigrator Yi Hui who took over her son's body, only to realise that his mom had already guessed it long ago. She just hugged him and comforted him saying "Dear, don't cry, mom is here... It's okay, mom is not sad. No matter what you become, you are Mama's good boy"... (╥﹏╥)


I hoped we got to see more of his brother and sister-in-law tho. Then again, this is a relatively short novel and the focus is mostly on our MCs, their changes and their relationship so it's to be expected that not all side characters will get a great amount of screentime.

All in all I'm very happy I got to read this. It's a perfect example of a novel in the Regretful ML + Wife Chasing to Crematorium genre; I was happy when ML suffered but I was happier when they finally got back together. And the translator's done a decent job too. MTL-ed the rest and it is pretty readable but I'll still come back and reread it once the translation is complete.
Wow this was one longass rant/review~
Well TLDR is: 5/5⭐. Recommended! That's it. Go read it if you like the Regretful ML + Wife Chasing to Crematorium genre. <<less
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JaqiONwbqi rated it
August 1, 2022
Status: Completed
TWs that werent mentioned but might affect your enjoyment / whether you read this at all:

... more>>

Off-putting/Offensive descriptions of mentally disabled (likely autism of some sort) MC ("Fool", "s*upid", etc), r*pe attempt from ML, Self-harm as a manipulation tool, Abuse of disabled characters, slightly insensitive opinions around su*cide, stalking, "keeping" a lover who doesn't want to be f*cking kept


I honestly didnt expect to enjoy this as much as I did, granted, I didnt cry or anything - but I was very surprised by how resilient MC was to falling into the most common tropes in this type of novel.

Nothing ML did made MC fall back in love with him just because he was nice all of a sudden, ML showed as much 'love' and 'affection' as he was physically able to, to the point of ruining himself, and MC still didnt want anything to do with him, and I agree with that - belated affection doesnt erase 3 years of abuse or causing his death. The only thing that made MC finally fall back in love with ML was

ML risking his own life to save MC from his 2nd death, and in the process fulfilling MCs last wish from his 1st life, for "ML to come to him" - that he shared his possible demise with MC and his only wish was for MC to live well and not be sad or angry anymore is honestly probably the most 'romantic' (in a f*cked up, past-abuser kinda way) thing I have ever read in scum gong novels.

and creating a happy future for MC was a nice amalgamation of MLs efforts to reinvent himself into being someone MC would love again.

This also comes back to that one conversation ML had where he asked

how to repay someone you killed, and the answer to that was to die yourself

- he sure tried lmao

Thats about all I have thats good about ML, I liked that he genuinely seemed to actually put MC's life before his own, and understand what he had done wrong in the past and not try to force MC to be okay with it - BUT, the things he occasionally did in his 2nd chance were soooo f*cked up - not even going into the whole "Used MC's disability to abuse him" thing, because that stuff is so obviously shitty that I dont even need to talk about it - ML obviously had a mental breakdown and just got worse and worse, but his lowest of the low was when he tried to

r*pe MC - sure, we find out that he did it to make MC angry, and therefore fight back and pay attention to him - so it wasn't genuinely a r*pe attempt, but MC doesn't know that, and even then it would just make it worse. Manipulating someone into paying attention to u by pretending to attempt to r*pe them is so shitty I cant even start, like I'm half surprised the author didn't give MC trauma from that, and also half not surprised bec then it would need to be added onto the list of things ML did to give MC trauma and we'd have to spend another 15 chapters working through it.


Everything else ML did was shitty too, but that instance was so over the line that im surprised at how little the author paid attention to it, I mean the

pouring boiling water on his hand in front of MC thing was super manipulative and f*cked up too, but at least then it would be ML being in pain - raping someone puts the pain solely on the person not in control - if I wanted one scene to stay id choose it being the one where ML was at least in pain for his s*upid manipulative games (and this is coming from someone who has scars, I am qualified to speak on this issue, thanks.).


I didnt really care much for them getting back together, It happens in

the very few last chapters in case u wanted to know

(chapter spoiler), But I did really enjoy that the whole time before that ML not being given any leeway - he doesnt get a smile, or a thank you, or anything that will give him an indication his plan is working. He has to grovel and sulk and reap the consequences of what he did to MC until MC decides to forgive him fully, none of that "i hate him but hes so handsome I cant help but like seeing him" sh*t we get in other novels, MC hates seeing him, there is no point in this that MC gives into MLs good intentions/looks when he still hasnt healed yet.

On the subject of the 2nd CP, not sure why they were there except to

draw paralells to MC and ML and give ML a chance to do his good guy talk at the very end - (very forced btw, I cringed out of my body)

I felt like the author wanted to go longer or involve them in the story more but simply couldnt find space.

my absolute favourite is the motifs and themes that are carried from the start to the end. Flowers, phrases, items, lighting, poses, anything you can think of that was used to describe an important event in the past - is used again for scenes that reflect that time, everything! Time and time again I had to stop reading because "oh!! That came back! I didnt think it was important!" - even the simplest scene descriptors or items or even character traits that seemed like simple descriptive filler shows its importance in symbolism over and over again, until quite literally the very last lines of the novel. The Motifs in this novel are insane and it makes my soul happy to learn that someone was paying attention in English (Chinese? Literature?) class.

There were problems in this for sure, major problems too - but there are also some things that are just so outstanding technically, It might not be the most accurate at displaying mental disabilities, or su*cide/depression, but the writing techniques and characterization itself is very solid.

I would give this a try, it might not be your jam, but its worth reading, if for nothing but to see ML grovel for some 50 chapters. <<less
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kislanyk rated it
January 28, 2022
Status: Completed
My favorite rebirth wife-chasing in the crematorium novel by Yu Cheng (and on gongzicp overall). Thank you for bringing it to NU. It's really good. If you liked the 188 Boy's Team crematorium novels by Shui Qian Cheng, you'll love this one by Yu Cheng.

Thankfully the 'torturing the MC' part is realy short, and it's more like memory flashbacks, so most of the novel is crematorium (which is how I love my novels. I hate it when more than half of the novel focuses on the first part where the... more>> ML wrongs the MC badly). <<less
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keighlysays rated it
April 11, 2022
Status: c48
One of the better crematorium novels, and I haven't even made it to the ending. It's rare to find a wife chasing novel where the MC or, dare I say, even the ML, weren't frustratingly unlikeable. There's a good number of side characters, and there's careful attention to those characters rather than them being devices to further the plot. Characters are well-constructed, plot is decent though the wife-chasing part of the plot is a bit draggy. Maybe this is the part that a lot of readers enjoy indulging the most,... more>> but I thought the ML groveled and suffered enough. I was ready to forgive but alas the MC's resolution to move on following his rebirth was strong, so I'm curious to see how the author handles the ending.

Yi Hui - MC is a precious character who is pure and innocent to a fault. He has an intellectual disability and viewed life through a child-like filter (basic things like using a knife and fork and accessing the computer were difficult for him pre rebirth). He loved unconditionally yet so fearfully because he was constantly afraid of the ML being disgusted or bothered by him.

He mistakenly believed that if he loved enough that his love would be reciprocated, and because of his intellectual limitations, he wasn't able to rationalize and understand that his love was taken for granted. Until he died and woke up in another person's body, whose name happens to be Yihui and also has a milder version of a similar intellectual disability. Though MC still retained his innocent and pure character, this new body has a brain that's able to detect and interpret situations and events that MC could not have in his previous body. Through waking up, MC was resolutely determined to start life anew and stay as far away from the ML as possible.


Zhou Jinheng - ML was forced to let go of his white moonlight and enter into a marriage agreement with the MC by his as*hole of a father when he was still a minor. He was only 17-18 at the time and his actions and mistreatment toward the MC were construed by the author as him "venting" on the injustice and frustration he endured. Of losing his love, his freedom, and forced into being with someone who he considered to be a "fool."

ML slowly fell in love with the MC and gained a dependency on him - he used to think he often thought of the MC because he hated him, yet he'd be compelled to want to "go home" and see him after he wrapped up his projects. He'd vent his anger on the MC, mistreated and abused him, but his heart was slowly softening to his surprise until one day when he returned to an empty home and all signs of MC was gone.


The redemption arc is well constructed and the plot line moved seamlessly without characters going OOC. The ML's stages of grieving- from denial, to insanity, and then finally acceptance were done so well.

Watching him go from a popular, rising actor full of haughty arrogance to then slowly falling to the bottom as he's enveloped with regret and remorse for his past actions was supposed to be satisfying, but there came a point where I thought he's repented enough. He tried so hard but his approach was wrong up until he could finally accept that there was a loss and he was not entitled to getting it back. His delusions at the beginning of snatching the MC back was rather annoying, so it was satisfying to see the MC turn him down. However, after he finally gets it and attempted to change to get back together with the MC, I really felt for them both. I feel for the MC for the pain and suffering he went through, but also for the ML. It took the MC's death for him to appreciate the MC's presence in his life - as he was still plotting to separate amiably up until his white moonlight (FYQ) returned. But even after meeting with FYQ prior to learning of the MC's death, he was resolute that his feelings for FYQ were only platonic. It's like, you can really feel the gears turning in that noggin' of his, it's just unfortunate that it came too little too late.


Other pros: lots of side characters with a side couple, the MC gains a family and good friend in his rebirth, the MC also gains independence and is less reliant on others. <<less
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Zombiiecat rated it
March 19, 2022
Status: c27
Augh!!!!! If you wanna cry, just read this! My tears always come out when reading about the MC and what he went through. ML is the biggest d!ck ever!

This is my thoughts.... and it might be a spoiler.... or I might be wrong... my thoughts...I don't know how to do the spoiler thingy...... don't hurt me! Lol

... more>>

I think that MC is the original white moonlight to the ML because they met when they were younger but the ML probably didn't know or didnt register him as it is. So he became attracted to the "fake" white moonlight.

I think so because ML mentions that they both look alike but they are different from eachother. But good thing he knows his feelings for the MC and starts his chasing.

Love love love MC brother and his sis-n-law. I just wished that they did punch ML though. He deserve it!!!! <<less
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DaeJangGeum rated it
June 11, 2023
Status: Completed
While reading this there were moments I felt, they are not meant for each other. Had this been real life, the meeting before his death would have been the last they would have knowingly crossed paths with each other.

The authors had done an excellent job of writing such a beautiful story, the writing style so soothing yet sorrowful. My first impression while reading the book was that Yi Hui was smart, Zhou Jinheng was a fool. Throughout his previous life, Yi Hui dedicated his life, passion, love and intelligence to... more>> Zhou Jinheng alone, even up till the last moment. I almost wanted to cry the moment he sent that message his to brother as a last ditch attempt to protect the one he loved before he left. I could only imagine how scary, lonely, hopeless and cold he must have been in his last moments. Zhou Jinheng took all his love in the meantime slowly falling and caring for Yi Hui in his own arrogant and obstinate way. Maybe, the only fault he has was that he had taken Yi Hui for granted, assuming he would be always around and he could go to him at any time, making him miss out on the chance to make up for his mistakes.

The whole story embodies, wrong place, wrong person, wrong time. If Zhou Jinheng had not been so hung up on the illusion of his ex, had met his ex again earlier and realised his lack of feelings sooner, he would have made up with Yi Hui. Had Yi Hui not gone to buy that mountain house for Zhou Jinheng, or trusted him as much he might have lived. The part that hurt me the most was he kept looking forward to someone saving him and hesitated to call the police which could have saved his life. The cruel ones were their families from the beginning, forcing them together so unnaturally, making one feel bad and giving another false hopes. If they had not taught Yi Hui that calling the police was only for adults, the tragedy could have been avoided. It was not only neglect from Zhou Jinheng but also his loved that had pushed him to is demise.

As I reflected upon all this, I think Yi Hui himself knew everyone had a part to play. His own brother and supposed sister-in-law had also in some way abandoned him by leaving him in the care of an unreliable person. I understood why after all the conflict and confusion he chose to live Jiang Yihui instead.

This was a beautiful story. While I do have some conflicting thoughts on how this story could have ended better, I have to admit it was an enjoyable read. <<less
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laexdream rated it
September 13, 2022
Status: Completed
The story is built very well, and the redemption of the ML was very believable. In the end, the author had me rooting for him even though I was on the mc's side for most of the first part of the story. It was just the right amount of angst I was looking for, and unexpectedly made me cry in a chapter. It's not going to be award-winning work, but if you were just looking for a story with a trope like this, basically something angsty read, it's perfect. A... more>> little dragged on in the middle, but that's probably the only critique. <<less
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glitteryjoon rated it
May 30, 2022
Status: --
I suddenly remembered why I hate reading such depressing stories where it's just knife after knife.

I get attached to easily as is and while I did initially hate the ML I also found myself empathizing with him and getting annoyed with the MC. This doesn't mean that I blame the MC for the pain he went through.

In fact, I am of the mind the ML shouldn't be forgiven if he truly hated the Ml, however I'm not a fan of passivity for the sake of ignorance.

I hate that the MC... more>> is just constantly repeating "I'm not him. It's not me. I don't know you" over and over again instead of putting his foot down and straight up saying no.

the way he threw the ML out the final time is how I feel should have been done from the start because it bars any and all loop holes that can be created through persistence. even if you want to keep your identity a secret, even if you don't want to relive your past and use this second chance to live quietly, things could have been done to get out of the entanglement and push the ML away all at once without breaking character.

"I'm not the one you're looking for, however, if it were me, I wouldn't want your apologies or to forgive you. I wouldn't want to think of you or see your face. If I was so hurt as to run away once because of your lack of love, then please just let me be. If it were me, I would rather never see you again and wash our hands of the experience and go our separate ways." That's a much more definite way to end things while not admitting who you are.. The MC left too many loop holes and to many easily exploitable defenses along his walls..

On the other hand, I do agree with another commenter, saying the ML was just a bad guy doesn't really work because ultimately, he was forced to marry at like 17/18.

He was forced to end one relationship only to be saddled with someone older than him that he didn't know or like. Aside from the scalding water bit, he honestly didn't actually do a lot to hurt the MC.

In reality, it's more accurate to say he just didn't care, him coming home at all was already something he didn't have to do in a relationship he was forced in. It does suck because an innocent naive person was forced into it too, but had he been of sound mind, the MC would have known and understood more accurately that it was a marriage of interest and not one of love.

Also, speaking to here, in many situations, being forced to marry somewhat deemed by others as a "fool, " it could have been so much worse, but he wasn't physically abused or anything. So I feel like forcing "bad man" or "a**hole" isn't actually doing him justice. He may not have been a good man but he wasn't as terrible as most ML's usually are. after understanding that, it's hard to put all the blame on the ML alone, however I do think that rather than being manipulative after MC came back, he pretty much lost his mind and no one took that seriously enough for me.

Someone should have helped him seek help and I feel like at some point the MC maybe should have stopped denying it when he didn't exactly try to hide his habits and mannerisms.

This sounds like victim blaming, and I am aware of that, however I just want to state a different side of things that I feel like aren't being taken into consideration.

It's easy to blame and hate the ML but in all actuality, aside from the water thing, he really didn't do anything as outrageous as it's made out to be. It just feels that way because from the MC's pov, he was innocently in love and believed that it was mutual while the ML knew it to be a marriage of interest and was only there because he had to be.

All that aside, I really wished that they brought his two halves together. Brough his brother and brother in law to meet his sister and mother. I would have loved to see how that went. I feel like it would have been nice to see, but I guess I also understand not doing it. This novel had me in tears from the very beginning, I can see why someone wouldn't like it, but I don't think the low rating it currently has is deserved. <<less
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Lea168 rated it
May 19, 2022
Status: Completed

This was a decent wife chasing crematorium story.

MC was really pitiful. Because he was foolish, his love is the most pure hearted and passionate form. You can't help but want to protect this poor boy and dote on him as a son. He is too precious. The flashbacks made me cry for him. It was so sad to read how was neglected, ridiculed and bullied. The scene when he died made me feel soooo sorry for MC. I needed so many tissues. After his rebirth he does feel like a... more>> whole different person. Still kind, but no longer the childish boldness and happiness and naivety of expressing his love. I guess it made sense, however I do miss the MC from before the rebirth.

ML was not a likeable person. The only excuse that might apply to him is that he was indeed young, rebellious and ignorant. He was only 17 when he was forced to marry MC by his dad. ML's dad needed the support from MC's family to help their business. Nevertheless, I don't like to whitewash scums. 17 is already old enough to not accept such selfish and cruel behavior like venting his anger on the foolish MC who adores the ML.

The wife chasing was OK. Not too dramatic, but decent. What could be better is that the author didn't finish certain scenes that should be elaborate and fleshed out. But these scenes were just cut off and moved to the next scene. Often I wondered if the translator missed out a chunk, but after a while I realized this is just this author's writing style, which is really a pity. Side characters had a minor role. The side couple's story was too short for me to feel emotional about their sad ending. <<less
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rokiroki rated it
May 31, 2022
Status: Completed
As a crematorium, this novel really did hurt the heart, which is why I'm rating it so highly.

I hated ML for the first ~50 chapters because he was physically and emotionally abusive, and I personally thought that the things he did were pretty unforgivable. It's shown that he has anger issues and a hard time controlling himself when he loses his temper, but that isn't a justification for his behavior.

What made me keep reading was waiting for his redemption arc, which was slightly satisfying, although he did at one point... more>> basically blackmail MC.

I was happy when MC


actually told the original body's mother and sister about how he wasn't actually the original and reconciled with his sister-in-law and brother from his previous life.


It's not something you see in many novels.

I'm a little disappointed that the side couple's story wasn't continued, because there was a lot of angsty drama going on between them at the end. <<less
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MagBlueRoses rated it
May 30, 2022
Status: Completed
What is regret?... This book is probably one of the sweetest examples that could dissect the word to give it a wonderful meaning. As a book filled with loss, regret, guilt, redemption, and despair, I found it an equally lovable read, though quite emotionally taxing.

As much as I initially despised the Male Lead, one cannot bear to read a heart in torment for too long, and I gave in, changing my morals and making this character an exception. I think the redemption arc (which is basically most of the book)... more>> was enough to have the Male Lead atone for everything he's put the Protagonist through, but again, there is no right amount of redemption to balance what's already happened, and this book leaves it at that.

The plot had its minor but necessary, sweet moments and served its purpose in collecting tears, and I recommend this book just for the feeling it will put the reader through. <<less
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guge rated it
February 1, 2023
Status: extra 2
I had heard a lot about this novel by readers of yunyun's translations, and I'm pleased to say my expectations were met!

My favorite thing here is that the novel actually starts with ML after a trip realizing he's over his white moonlight, and is looking forward to seeing the wife he missed. It wasn't one of those stories where the ML only figures out he got used to having MC after six months of silence or whatever. His feelings already rising definitely predisposed me in his favor, because he was... more>> able to recognize he had fallen in love on his own. The further punishment was just icing on the cake, he had already begun to feel humbled.

And, MC hadn't decided to kill himself out of misery as others did, he died due to the actions of others and wanted to live his own life.

So, it wasn't as disappointing that they got back together in the end.

I do wish we got more closure about classmate Tang, I liked him, and I also wish we got to see Zhou actually rip into Fang after realizing what he organized. However, both of these were side characters, so it's not so jarring.

I definitely felt a lot of emotion from this one, and it is very much one of the better wife chasing danmei I've read. The emotional roller coaster was similar to Professional Substitute, but I think ML Zhou here put more effort into changing his behaviors and being considerate of MC's previous emotions and current needs. I was very graptified and proud of him. His level of suffering and dedication also reminded me of the ML in Buddha-Like Rebirth.

I also really love the MC here, he did so good and grew so much and became a truer version of himself. Yay baby! I wish he could introduce his brother and sister to each other, he really does deserve a happy family. <<less
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Fuchou rated it
June 7, 2022
Status: Completed
I cried a sh*t ton. Their love was built by literal death, pain and self-sacrifice; they know each other's filthiest side and I can foresee even without a spin off to the far future that they will stay with each other until the day they die. Maybe they'll have ups and downs (I'd want them both in therapy for all the sh*t they had to go through) but it won't be impactful enough to tear them apart since the worst already happened to them.

Things I learned from this: Even scum... more>> can change for the better if they really tried hard to, and that mentally ill people are never s*upid.

The turning point for MC forgiving ML wasn't because

he harmed himself due to desperation


I love this so much. The emotions were very vivid. It was realistic except for the last incident but that's a staple to the romance genre and the overall reborn thing.

Lmao I just finished reading a novel about grim reapers before this. I bet there's a grim reaper out there losing their mind because the soul they're supposed to collect vanished on them. <<less
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caresca17 rated it
May 28, 2022
Status: Completed
I can't describe how much I love this novel! I cried my eyes out over first twenty chapters because of how pitiful the MC was. He's so precious I wanted to give him all the hugs in the world. The only thing that made me feel better was the knowledge that the MC had already freed himself from the horrible ML, even though at the expense of his life, and got a new life and a good, caring family.

I hated the ML at first so much that I would gladly... more>> stick needles into him. Yeah yeah, he was young and forced into marriage... I don't care. Like at all. He was scum and that's it.

So I totally enjoyed the whole long torturous process of him going through crematorium. Actually, much later there were moments when the ML was so pitiful that I dropped a few tears for him, too. But it was an instinctive reaction. I totally felt he deserved everything he'd gone through.

Did he deserve forgiveness in the end? To my mind, yes. He'd suffered enough. He learned patience. He actively helped the MC in every possible way. His heart and soul belonged to the MC. And he nearly died for the MC.

While dying itself isn't a merit or something in my eyes, think about it: the ML ignored and abused the MC even though in his heart he was in love with the MC until the MC died and it was too late. His regret was enormous.

If the ML died and the MC, who still loves him, didn't forgive him, wouldn't the MC suffer the same regrets? Death is irreparable; the MC's second chance is a miracle. So, you should cherish the ones you love and show them your love while you can, not hiding behind some imaginary excuses. <<less
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Floating cloud
Floating cloud rated it
May 14, 2022
Status: Completed
Beautiful~! Never seen someone so enthusiastic about Doraemon (≧▽≦)

It's not too draggy and ML's road to redemption was pretty much okay.. I just wish MC wouldn't have suffered so much. My heart ached for him and his friend Tang (・ั﹏・ั)

ML and his childhood friend is a scum!

I really wished they would've suffered more. Also, I wanted to know what happened between baby Tang and his scum gong. Wish there were some extra chapters for the two.


MC's brother and sister-in-law is so adorable (◜‿◝) ♡ His mother and sister is also very cute (灬º‿º灬) ♡ I love how they didn't push him and left him to reflect and decide the way he wanted to handle his personal issues. Supportive, protective yet respectful.

Though the ending was not satisfactory, I guess too much of words will lose the essence of what the author wanted to portray.

Anyway, do give this a try. Who knows this might earn a spot in your collection list.
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sbob rated it
May 3, 2023
Status: Completed
A great crematorium wife chasing novel. Binge read in one night couldn't put it down. So many heart twinges while reading and a few tears. Guess I'm just a sucker for wife-chasing/ML falls first novels, heh.

Other than the beautifully delicious emotional engtanglements, back & forth persuasions, slow revelations of past pains & sweetness, and eventual warming up and forgiveness that were so great & fundamental to a good wife-chasing novel... I really liked the relationship dynamic with MC's new reincarnated family and how it grew and matured along with the... more>> MC.

I would say it's nice to see both MC & ML showing character growth in their own ways and thinking more beyond themselves. Although it was convenient, but also quite interesting for MC's character setting:


how he was established to have physical mental illness in his original body that made him think simpler and better suited his naive character set, which changed to an outright genius with a 'normal' brain after reincarnation which facilitated his subsequent character growth & mindset change. Convenient, unique for me, and it kind of works in this story setting


More than enough groveling, tension before the final gap was closed and HE. Sufficient sweetness & hehe-ness after the relationship confirmation too. Only wish there was smut (hahaha there were hints of it early on in a flashback lol).

Definite favourite. <<less
17 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
HooliganReader rated it
December 20, 2022
Status: Completed


✅ White silly sweet who slowly matured MC

The MC was originally mentally challenged with a mental comprehension of a 9 year old but he deeply loved the ML. His cause of death was a side effect of the way the ML treated him. The ML was indifferent and hated him and everyone knew it that was why outsiders were willing to "help" the ML out and playing the "prank" on the MC thinking that there was no consequences. After his death, the MC was reborn into a person with the same name and with similar looks. Because this new body had a normal brain, the MC slowly adapted to life as a normal person and slowly learnt to think for himself and realized how awful and wrong the ML treated him. Throughout ghosting learning process, he slowly matured and learned how to stand his ground. But he's still silly and sweet most of the time expect when it comes to the ML.

✅ Scum ML who became a grovelling wife con

I loved loved loved how this is a ML who realised that the one person who he treated with disdain and hate was the person he loved the most. He had the MC so deeply engraved inside of him and did not even realise that he loved him until he actually died. Only taking out his anger (because of the situation he was forced into) on the MC and treating the MC oh so cruely to the point that the MC became so traumatised. But at the same time, as you read you'd related that the ML knew the MC's various quirks and habits which was also how he confirmed the MC's identity. Never once did he doubt that the MC wasn't the MC

✅ Perfect amount of angst

We get to see how awfully the ML treated the MC and how inferior and distressed the MC felt when they were together. There was also those moments where the ML felt those waves of regrets and hate that he didn't treat the MC better.

✅ Good ML redemption plot and not some immediate I-forgive-you-because-you're-trying-hard-and-have-changed

the MC definitely did not forgive when they first met. He wanted to deny his identity and he held on until the very end until the life and death situation. The ML did a very decent job chasing his wife back. He used another identify to approach him and talk to him online when he realized that the MC did not want to even tak to him by he even roped in the MC's orgianl body's sister to give him gifts. The ML was persistent and even when he was found out, he continued on and even used drastically measures which were kinda toxic but I loved it hahaha. But it was also what forced the MC to see his sincerity in a way? Life and death situation was the ultimate turning point

There's a low-key self-harm to make the MC feel bad and a weeee hint of yandere moments but ultimately it's a good healthy-ish wife cashing novel. Low-key wanted it to be more toxic but oh wells! Great flow and perfect length!

A total recommendation for people who enjoy angst and wife chasing crematorium!
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wasthequeen rated it
December 16, 2022
Status: Completed
It was quite good. I feel the ML truly retributed for his past and the MC matured. It was an emotional read and would recommend to anyone who needs a lot of angst with a HE.
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yunxjae rated it
April 27, 2022
Status: --
I read this in a day...

This is the 'You realized that you love him, that you get used to having him beside you when he is gone" kind of story.

I'm so satisfied with the plot. The way ML chasing the MC enough to makes me cry.
This is a beautiful story of "Second Chance".

The angst portion is so delish. I like it so much <3
To the translator, thank you for picking up this story. <3
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