The NPC Was Once Again Frightened By Me


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Lin Huai personally thinks that he is just an ordinary college school student. He likes science, he likes life, he likes people, and he is also really stubborn about using novels and TV series to make up for his common sense.

Apart from being a ghost in a dry well, who has devoured all the other ghosts in the city, and possessed the cold body of a college student, there’s nothing special about him.

Now, he just wants to live a peaceful life with some occasional small events.

Until he found out that the doors of the apartment he was supposed to rent were locked. On the long table in the lobby, there was a note that said: “There is a ghost among you, if you want to survive, you must find out who it is.”

Lin Huai: ? I really just wanted to rent a house.

“Little newbie, don’t be afraid.” A hand was placed on his weak and helpless shoulder, “I will protect you.”

Then, the guy called Chu Tianshu gave him a hearty smile.

“I’ll help you hammer that ghost.”

Lin Huai: (Softly smiles) ……Can I hammer you first?

Later, Lin Huai tried hard to prevent the ghost who was screaming and struggling to escape from him and used his shoulders to knock on the door with difficulty.

“Help! It’s escapi- ……No I mean it’s chasing after meee!”

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ylial rated it
May 3, 2022
Status: c180

The MC is a ghost that got a recently dead body and entered the game again. While the sand sculpture ML is his friend before he died. ML fell in love with MC first, way back their teenage years. Now they met again, ML calculated everything, boiling the frog in water since he was afraid to be rejected. ML is not really annoying even though I want to put a packing tape to close his lips due to his s*upid jokes.

The story is also well written and the characters are 3D.

They got together (if I remember correctly) in the fifth instance and did the deed on c179.

Not sure if I'm gonna continue since I felt bored when they got together.

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Uhei rated it
November 11, 2022
Status: Completed
There's something about this IF that is completely unlike any other IF novel out there. It focuses mainly on the carefree protagonist, who "remembers" being a ghost and this overly familiar, sassy self-proclaimed 'materialist' ("Ghosts can also be matter. As long as you can kill it, it's matter."). Together, they harass NPCs and unwitting teammates alike with early 2000's internet gags. Oh and the MC twists his head off from time to time.

Because he is possessing someone's dead body, he is continuously careless with himself. ML tries as much as... more>> possible to protect his current identity as a human in this borrowed body, but tension builds in their dynamic because the ML obviously knows more about the MC's past than he confesses. I really like their sweet relationship,

(What's a more romantic than playing EDM tracks to the beat of your man literally killing it?)

and that's what kept me reading because the individual horror game elements are kind of lacking compared to the overworld plot. The reveal of the truth was very unexpected, and given such a unique twist I was kind of disappointed by the way they resolved it, but it isn't a bad ending overall.

If you prefer serious plots and detailed 'fuben' (game plot), this is not the IF for you. But if you're tired of the usual stoic OP MC/ML tropes then you should read this. <<less
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June 1, 2022
Status: --
This novel is so unserious but not in a bad way at all, the humor is very modern and leaves you kind of speechless. It may not be apparent in the first instance, but once you get into the groove of things you start to enjoy the fresh light-heartedness of this novel a little bit more!

Uhh I'd say not to come in with expectations because I felt I was mislead a little by the synopsis. The couple likes to bite each other but not in a sadistic way, still, they... more>> do be biting each other. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Morfzine rated it
June 27, 2023
Status: Completed
I LOVE THIS. The whole story was basically just MC and ML go on a wreck havoc throughout the scene while both players and ghosts/monsters/npc could only sit there and watch (with MC being the more active party doing the whole destroying shebang while ML mostly does the support). And man, the wrecking can be rough and pretty brutal, especially for CN standard (thus it was to be expected there were a lot of unexplained revisions when the novel was still ongoing, to the point the author had to change... more>> a whole f*cking arc for god knows why).

MC is a powerful ghost, possessing a new body he had just acquired, though his existence seems to be not as simple as it seems... This guy is out for blood and prefers fun in any type of situation. But being paired with the ML, he somehow becomes the 'straight man' of the two. Oh, and he has a mysterious past with the ML (that he also doesn't know about).

Then we got our ML, at first impression he seems to be like any other cold ML out there, but nope, that's just a facade, he's actually a sand sculpture type of gong lol. This guy has a lowkey pathetic feeling around him. I laugh my ass out when we find out he's a home-brewed self-proclaimed 'mad scientist' who decorates his house with homemade 'safety precautions and system'. And he's actually a distinguished exorcist family (ex) heir??!! Oh and he also has a big sister who he had indirectly pushed as the family head (cuz he ran away from home lol, both of them didn't want to be the family head) who sometimes, along with his mother, raids/does inspection on his house and (half-jokingly) berates him for not having a proper job and wasting a ton of electrical money (yep, it the 'safety system' he made alright)

Anyway, read this, it's fun, entertaining, and refreshing, doesn't need a lot of brains to read, but still has more than plenty of mysteries that will push you into sleep deprivation once again. <<less
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greenHills rated it
December 26, 2023
Status: --
I'm on ch3 and I've noticed that some of the humour is the form of CN puns, which aren't really clarified by the TL and make less sense in the MTL, so I think this is probably going to be funnier to you if you have a working knowledge of CN phrases or expressions.

For example, ch2, the old TV ghost dude says,

"a market run by ghosts surely sells --
Ghost things! Hahaha!"

Sounds kind of lame in English, because "ghost things" doesn't really mean anything, and the MTL translates "ghost things" as "damn it!", which is also kind of confusing, right?

But "ghost things" is "gui dongxi", so you have common phrases in CN with the literal TL of "what kind of ghost things are you selling", with the meaning of "what the hell are you selling" and feeling of "ah, what kind of bullshit/junk/nonsense is this?".

When you combo that with what the old dude says, the meaning is more like:
"a market run by ghosts surely sells all -- of that bullshit! Hahaha!"

So if you were to TL it with the play on words, I guess you could do it like:

"a market run by the damned surely sells all -- the damn shit! Hahaha!"

Ofc, a ghost isn't the same as "the damned", but point being, the novel is looking to be pretty punny and some of that doesn't come across the same/sensibly in English so far.

This joke gets pulled out again in ch3, where the TL goes "tsk, these actually are all supernatural things... the old man really didn't lie to me", but the MTL goes "Tsk, it's really all ghosts... The old man is honestly not deceiving me". The items available are all really... kinda bad and sand-sculpture in feeling.

So instead of just "they're actually selling ghostly/supernatural things", it's more doubled, with metaphorical ghost items with the meaning of "wow, this stuff really does suck" getting applied to literal ghost items. This sort of joke is probably less funny if you have to think about it too much.

I accidentally hit the star ratings so I just put in 4 as a placeholder. I'll update it when I'm further in.
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Saikick rated it
September 11, 2022
Status: Completed
This is one of my favourite novels here, and is actually fairly readable even in MTL with some occasional confusion with names and minor terminology.

The story is full of twists and turns and never gets boring, even with the story length of 471 chapters. There are some minor plot holes and unaddressed factors, but overall the story does a good job tying all the threads and closing all storylines by the end of things.

The MC is quite OP from the start, being a very high class evil spirit, while ML... more>> is likewise OP though he doesn't show it off as much. Both of them have hidden identities that slowly come to light as the story progresses, as well, which gives more insight into their powers and existence.

The game instances are entertaining and the novel itself is surprisingly light hearted despite some deaths and danger along the way, maybe because the OP levels of both MC and ML mean even if they sometimes struggle some, there isn't much that truly poses a threat to them. Either way the mysteries and side characters are entertaining, though perhaps not as established as in some stories. There is plenty of humour and a lot of references to popular entertainment like Frozen, CCS, Naruto, other anime and western movies and games, often in hilarious ways.

The relationship between the MC and ML is pretty speedy because of their shared past, and the ML is very devoted from the start after figuring out MC's identity. MC himself falls slowly but surely, and once they're established, both are completely devoted to each other and trust and love the other implicitly. The romantic aspect of the story is very sweet and carries on through the whole story without fail.

Tldr: a very good and entertaining infinite flow horror BL novel with good length and OP main characters - definitely worth a read. <<less
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Deerlight98 rated it
September 10, 2022
Status: c473
I htink e story is pretty interesting and quiet emotional in some parts. Fun and sad. Oveall I think it is a good read. At the center of the story may look a bit boring and long but I think it was necessary for the future protagonist. I actually think that it is pretty natural fr quickwears to have a long story. Anyway. Ending it quite emotional and also a bit funny. Sinc MC doesn’t follow common sense. Hee hee

what you might see? Definitely MC and ML starting from strangers... more>> and getting together slowly? Not reallthat slow but yeah. And yu will see how MC scare npc along the way. And add some weird ways to talk to others, plus ml. Their both an odd balls.

it is quite good. <<less
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