After Being Mistakenly Taken for a Fellow Traveler by Emperor Long Aotian


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Zhou Xun had resigned himself to a life of perpetual suffering. His brother was the Emperor’s beloved, the beauty mark on a tyrant’s face. And he? He was a poor imitation, living in the shadow of his brother, a cheap gift sent by his brother to the Emperor as a substitute. Even his chance at the imperial examination had been ruined, and he felt abandoned by the entire world. He was the cannon fodder of a melodramatic love story, whose tragic death served to fulfill others’ romances. Enough was enough.

At the palace banquet, determined to seek revenge and willing to be executed to bring down the tyrant, Zhou Xun was arrested and thrown into a dungeon. He closed his eyes, awaiting his fate. However, he didn’t expect… that when the tyrant awoke from his coma, not only had he switched bodies with a man named Long Aotian but also, due to a few coincidental questions and answers, he mistook Zhou Xun for… his “fellow traveler”???

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1 Review

dead water
dead water
Oct 07, 2023
Status: Completed
This was the most healthiest relationship novel I have ever read. ML crossed over as the emperor, he's from the modern world while MC is from ancient times.

He is respectful towards MC, he cares for MC, strives to highlight MCs positive qualities to all, he is neither a rapist nor forceful, he wholeheartedly respects him and wants everything good for MC. What's intriguing is that, despite believing he's straight, he has always been attracted to MC, initially categorizing it as a deep friendship.

The book in question is "HE" for those... more>> of you who might be wondering. I can't quite explain why, but I found myself drawing parallels between the main characters in 2HA and the characters in this story. It's like 2HA but without the intense misunderstandings, unrequited love, dramatic twists, full on dog blood, and so on.

However, the knife was really sharpened and I didn't even know:


ML "dies" leaving MC behind in his ancient era, ML returns back to his original world. MC once made two wish one for ML to be well and another that ML will always stay with him.


Even if they are old and lose their memories, they will eventually recall each other's names every morning.

He leaned quietly against the emperor and fell asleep.

Finally, one morning, he woke up from a dream. On that day, there was a morning, but he only heard the emperor lying beside him, breathing evenly.

On that day, he waited from day to night, but the emperor never woke up again.


ML wholeheartedly immersed himself to study time physics, all in pursuit to return back.

"I want to go back, there's someone waiting for me. I made a promise to him that I will stay with him."


I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel, and I feel a little bit sad now that I've reached the end. It was a unique experience for me, as it was the first time I encountered a cheerful gong character who, at times, showed a bit of naivety. No wonder MC fell for him.

I wish there was more to the extras though, it ended up briefly with the ducks <<less
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