The Monstrous Grand Duke’s Fake Lady


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“No! Please don’t!”

He moved his hand smoothly over Vivian’s arm and swiftly swept her lips against his.

Charmed by her tiny defiance, he slid his hand and stopped precisely under her curvy waist.

“Ah… … !”

“What’s wrong? You knew it would come to this as well.”

Though his words were intimidating, his touch was full of warmth.

As if his temporary blindness was just a lie, his hands were vigorously seeking out her weaknesses and began his ruthless attack on them one after another.

Vivian was unable to stop her moans under the hands of his lascivious and stimulating touches.

On the very same bed that she had first climbed up to nurse his health, now it was herself that had been laid flatly to be enjoyed by him.

Even though she knew that the quiver she felt in her lower abdomen was wrong, she couldn’t help but to crave for his touch even more.

“We are going to marry later, anyway.”

He smiled sweetly as he kissed Vivian. Alas, Vivian was silently crying inside.

The Grand Duke wasn’t aware that despite in a dream, she was never the fiancée whom he will be married to. She was merely a stranger.

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괴물 대공의 가짜 영애
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2 Reviews

Yuki Asuna
New Yuki Asuna
Apr 28, 2021
Status: --
Um... The story itself is ok but she is creating all the unnecessary problems herself I don't know if they want to portray her as a inocent young girl who got caught or something but it's a bit no no for me he didn't really know that she was not the countess he was engaged to I mean really they just want to show that the countess is bad by showing how ruthless and bad she is to her workers but I still don't agree to her not telling things... more>> that happened with the Duke to the countess I mean once you r kissed won't you be vigilant against such a person I just don't have any hope for the fl <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 24, 2021
Status: c16
The story goes from the MC is the maid of the bethroned fiancee of the ML, the rumored Monstrous Grand Duke. Due to the slightly same hair and appearance with her Lady, she has to act as the strong character and pampered only child Alexia Britton, the young Countess.

The weird thing about their engagement, both families has mutual understanding of the engagement without seeing each other. So the real Alexia sent Vivian, the MC to the Grand Duke mansion to see him since there rumor about him sick.

... more>>

The ML is temporarily blind which rumored about him eating too much human flesh, Like seriously :-



The ML started to take interest in the MC because of her worried emotion for him has become apparent to him. He has strong instinct on perception of emotions due to his blindness.



Vivian is really scared of him at first but still cared about him. Everytime she come to the Duke Mansion she heard his breathing heavily, the butler has to sent her away because his illness said to be contagious. She still decided to stay and nursing the Duke

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