I Fell for the Temptation of the Evil Crown Prince


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Rowena has lived as if she died of violence and disregard by her family.

Her one and only friend, Lyria, will be engaged to the crown prince, while she has another man in her heart.

So Rowena visits the Crown Prince, Cecil Isfacia for her best friend’s happiness.

“Your Majesty, please reconsider your engagement with my friend, Lyria!”

“Then you can be my fiancee.”

Rowena, unlike those who are always afraid of him, began to attract his attention by looking into his eyes and speaking out loud.

“If you’re cheating on me, I’ll lock you up in a room where only I can enter and exit. I’ll make it so your body can’t live without the lustful pleasures that only I give you.”

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사악한 황태자 의 꾐 에 넘어 갔다
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