The Main Family Is About to Die Out, so I, from a Branch Family, Am a Seed Provider


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“You’re going to have s*x with my daughter.”

The Fregrance family, one of the kingdom’s five great noble families, had no sons, so as a desperate measure, they chose a young man from a branch family, had him have s*x with a woman from the main family, and the resulting child would be the successor.
And the chosen one was me from a branch of a branch family and further branch from that branch family.
Thus, Lady Ritia, the eldest daughter of the head of the Fregrance family, and I would have s*x in order to produce an heir.

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New YoshTheSlayer rated it
May 8, 2022
Status: c60

I was honestly sucker punched by this story, more or less it start off full of s*x and happy good times basically, the comedy was well done and the flow the story seemed all good with transition of it soon starting to get heavy, don't worry I meant heavy emotionally not like goblin slayer episode one. By the end of the first arc, which is chapter 60, I feel so pissed off being left on such a great cliff hanger. The MC is not like your typical light novel hero where he everything's gonna be okay because plot but it's more realistic, he's trying his best where he sometimes shoots and misses to bite him. I honestly give it five stars, the smut scenes are well written, to lure you in (let's be honest they are reason at least half of us are here) and help sooth the story out so you end up eventually falling in the hole.

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New Monlight
May 3, 2022
Status: c46
Aside from the smut scenes,

The aspect of war in this novel is pretty consistent with the flow. You can definitely see the struggle of the MC, at first it was subtle but as it goes on MC now involves with more struggles related to higher nobles and their politics, as they blame him for the predicament. Even though, it the first place, this war was brought upon them (you reap what you sow). And I see they're looking for a scapegoat in the current situation.

Politics aside, MC really struggling... more>> here due to inexperience in bigger wars than his usual skirmishes. But he learns and listen to someone more experiences. Well with against all odds, especially with having to rely on the head of the family's reputation for atleast getting a voice for a plan, MC doing pretty well and improving with less allies. Which is pretty exciting to see the struggles... unlike the usual troupes of having modern knowledge.

Take my review with a grain of salt. <<less
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Kenkyo rated it
April 13, 2022
Status: c25
The premise by itself seems like your typical r*pey protag with a big d*ck and gets all the girls he wants by force, but let me tell you that that is not the case. The MC is a pretty caring dude and was forced to procreate with the main family's daughter. You might say this is another fantasy of the author right? Wrong, this is the medieval times where class hierarchies are enforced and as such even the nobles know their place. (In which the MC is a noble but... more>> a lower one). In the first 26 chapters, I do not see any kind of OP protagonist who forces himself on others but instead is a kind and caring guy with common trope harem members such as

The maid (childhood friend), the knight (saved from the enemy empire) and of course the FEMC (The daughter of the family head)

As of the 25'th chapter I would rate this a 5 for the potential it has but as of now, there is truly not enough content to judge the novel yet. I rated it 5 so that more people read it and not be turned off by the bad rating. <<less
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Temp950 rated it
April 30, 2022
Status: c34
This is surprisingly good. MC is well written as are the characters, and the setting is also much more grounded than I expected. Definitely one of the best R18 stories I have read on this website, at least so far. Most of them are over the top smut without a good story or vice versa, but both seem well done here and the story is really well thought out. The MC doesn't fall into the usual r18 protagonist role of being a lucky horndog who just sleeps around with every... more>> woman, but instead actually cares for the women involved with him. It's actually kind of strange to see a non scummy MC in this genre, but in a good way. Given his really low social position at the start (relative to other nobles) it will be interesting to see how that changes since the setting seems to be pretty gritty and realistic. <<less
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