Reincarnated Lord’s Unwanted S*xual Technique


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Suddenly, he remembered that he was transmigrated.

So he immediately decided to go crawl into the bed of his wife.

It seems that in this world, there is no such thing as eroticism or interc**rse between men and women or husband and wife, It’s only the act for reproduction purposes. As a lord, he uses his knowledge of his previous life to repeatedly fight his way to the top with the bed.

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Asmo-tan rated it
October 4, 2021
Status: c6
As a Smut story its quite well written (imo), Well if you ignore the abrupt additions of elements in this story then I guess its probably fine?, the problem is they lack of substance or any kind of explanation why they need to exist in the first place, like the author just decide to put smth and dont even bother to explain what and why..

... more>>

This a World/Isekai without any sexual love or sexual desire, But they do copulate in a kind of err Semen Insemination? Like use lube and lotions and stuffs, no s"x" just shoot and hopefully they get preggy lmao, but yeah you get the idea, And these where our MC enter the stages, as a transmigrated person he knows what is need to be done even though the person itself has no experience (virgin) , So in a pov of the locals there, He's a pioneer of a S*x/interc**rse/bdsm/an*l etc etc, So yeah all the woman the he encounter are easily captivated by his sexual technique *laughs*.


Oh yeah he's also telling his wife that she's cute evry goddamn chapter (latest raw).

Again its a smut kind of sweet sugary vanilla with a mix of Netori in it.

My first review in NU btw. <<less
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Fluffums rated it
September 30, 2021
Status: --
Ill-fitting harem, weak-willed MC, and a lot of abilities/setting points just abruptly added as the author decides he needs them with little foreshadowing. This could be fixed in a LN version. The only reason I didn't rate 1* was that the early part with the wife is cute. Basically, I went into it expecting a lord abusing his position and his knowledge of the former world to enjoy various women in various scenarios. What I got was sweet vanilla romance smut between husband and wife until the author went "oops,... more>> I forgot I was supposed to be writing a harem" and forced the protagonist to suddenly decide to leave his loving, beautiful wife at home with to go hunt for random beautiful women to play with. It was clear to me that just the one woman was enough for him.

I stopped reading


after the lord lets a young commoner girl in his territory mess around with him (sexually) while feeling helpless against her. If he had more of a feeling like "this is what I was hoping for because I'm masochist" I wouldn't have given it a low rating, though I still would have dropped it and left a similar review. There's really no excuse for an adult medieval lord to submit so easily to a virgin girl, and I lost all hope for the future of the novel.


Despite my pessimism, it's highly rated in Nocturne, so maybe the author gets much better along the way. I'd definitely give a light novel version a chance, at least. <<less
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Raubtier rated it
April 18, 2022
Status: c38
As a smut story, it's good. I don't know what problem people have with the TL. The plot devices introduction and world building could have been done better but I don't really have a problem with it.

I like how detailed the smut is, probably the only reason I'm rating this higher when the MC is disappointing. He is coward, even admitted to it.

... more>>

If you're here to read decent story, you won't find it here. One of the reason's I like the story is how everything is centered around the smut. Not half baked smut and some plot, just pure smutty goodness.

I don't know why people rate it so low, maybe they missed the tags before reading the story or they just saw the tags and went "Harem! 1 star! Netori!? 1 star!! MAIDS!?? 1 STAR!

Seriously though, the plot itself is being molded to make it more convenient for the author to create more 'erotic' situations. In my opinion it's better than being too rigid and limiting what he could write later on.

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AcceptingTanuki rated it
December 30, 2022
Status: c130
The story is set in a world of nobles and magic where lust does not exist. The MC is a viscount's son sent off to run a remote territory due to his radical ideas, especially on the treatment of commoners, and cowardice in battle. To prevent his ideas from spawning generations, he's married to a woman who has been cast aside by a greater noble for her inability to conceive. Some time after his 28th birthday, he suddenly regains his lust and knowledge of s*x and that's when everything starts... more>> moving.

IMO the first arc with the wife is the best (4/5 stars), but the story goes quickly downhill around chapter 100 (2/5 stars).


The wife suddenly becomes hellbent on making the MC a harem and starts going down on every woman in sight. It's a very forced and jarring shift, and it introduces many new characters that add nothing to the story. Worse, the one thing that really made the MC unique, the ability to sexually awaken women's desire, becomes no longer unique after the shift as the wife can do that for other women just fine without him. At that point, the MC loses the little agency he has and starts to get pushed around helplessly, which for me, was enough of a disappointment to throw in the towel.

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Temp950 rated it
April 3, 2022
Status: c23
Pretty interesting for a novel of this type. Its nice having an MC who isn't a total scumbag to his partner. The world is also rather intriguing so far, and hopefully the story delves into that more in the future.

The premise is also rather interesting- A world where sexual desire is unknown, and s*x is done strictly for reproduction in a mechanical way. The reason for this is that they use a lotion to facilitate s*x that deadens the pleasure felt by both parties, and knowledge seems to be either... more>> absent or has regressed to the point that they are unaware that s*x is possible without this lotion. In this situation you have the protagonist who suddenly regains his memories of a past life and decides to woo his indifferent wife after being distant from each other for years. The relationship between the two of them and his wife's curious maid is pretty funny, since jealousy doesn't seem to be present in the MC's wife yet, to the point that she pushes the embarrassed MC into experimenting with her maid. <<less
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Ixcez rated it
November 25, 2022
Status: c300
Checking out the smut scene and I have to say that so far this is probably the best one so far basically as many have pointed out here through their reviews this story has a lot of s*x scenes, compared to many other smuts out there that I've read that are something like 70-90 % or more on the plot/story side this story on the other hand is more like 40-50% at most on the story/plot side and focues more on the s*x scenes.

This also shows through out the story... more>> as I have to say that what I've read so far of smut the scenes are compared to many other smut stories on here top tier, while there are better one's it clearly shows that the author is more focused around the hanky panky compared to the actual story.

The premise of the story is that in the world s*x knowledge is pretty much unknown and most people just uses some kind of lube on the women that makes the men instantly c*m inside of the women once they insert. The MC on the other hand is someone from our world with s*x knowledge who reincarnated in this world with his memories but it took him close to 20+ years to accept his past life memories fully. Which led him to be shunned for his weird anticts but at the same time seen as useful since he brought a lot of inovative things to this world.

The story at first focuses around Charlotte (his wife) and the MC, Charlotte is to some degree seen as to high of a class for the MC being a much higher tiered noble then him but also used as a shackle to prevent him or rather his family line from growing since while she is a high tiered noble she is tought to be barren. So she is a "reward" for his ideas but at the same time since she is barren this will prevent the continuation of his family line.

Another reason why the MC is looked down upon is that in this world a large reason why a noble is a noble is that only a few people can use mana and mostly this is centered around the nobles who all wield mana, which on a side note means seeding commoners is seen as a gesture of good will since it spreads mana to the commoners so it's seen as a gift from the nobles to the commoners, which allows them to use magic though the MC is an expert of physical enhancement magic which is seen as the basics of the basics and don't know much battle magic since he's a chicken heart so he's afraid of battle. Which is another reason why the MC is look down upon since all nobles are expected to fight in battles a lot to grow their powers, the MC is however very OP just not aware of it himself since he's such a coward. Though in the story he's of course able to use the mana to increase his sexual prowess like making his D much bigger, having endless stamina or being able to c*m absurdly large amounts or endlessly since c*m can be created with mana since he's an expert in the physical enhancement area.

So it kinda makes sense why most are willing to have the MC seed their wives since a nobles seed is seen as "magical" while welcoming the MC to seed them and compared to many other smut stories there is actually a reason outside of the wife being s*x crazed or the hubby being a cuck since here being able to use mana makes a big difference both in their everyday life but also when it comes to their survival. All in all yes it's a fantasy setting but compared to many other smut stories there is an actual story and thought out world setting though again it's smut so of course it's skewed towards s*x in some way.

There is also some character development and an actual story here to be read though to be fair it is again as mentioned not the main focus of the story. The main focus of the story instead is breeding and in copious amounts since the whole setting is that the MC is the messiah of Eros the goddess of s*x and procreation who wishes to spread her belief and sexual knowledge all across the land.

All in all so far this is probably among the better smut stories I've read and if your looking for a story that focuses around the smut scenes and you want the MC to pretty much impregnate every woman he meets then this is a read for you. In conclusion I'd say story/plot is 3.5/5 for a normal story more like 4-5/5 for a smut story and the smut scenes are 4.5-5/5 of the one'es I've read so far.

I'll give it a 5 star simply cause it's a smut and the smut scenes are the focus and among the best I've read so far. On a side note from my understanding the author on the site the story is posted on was given the masterpiece award so it should be seen as a decent smut by many. <<less
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g09 rated it
September 8, 2022
Status: c22
"In this world, there is no such thing as eroticism or interc**rse between men and women or husband and wife"

There's no actual details about how that works and the nature of sexuality in this world. And because the novel about s*x the world and characters motivations are opaque/basically don't exist. The writing (as translated) is awful (MTL?) it's half impossible to tell what's going on, and everything is just incoherent and random. Honestly there is definitely a problem with the original work as well as the translation, there's a random... more>> chapter rambling meaninglessly about a few lines of dialogue between two side characters, and what the hell is this?


"please don't suppress your own desires like that." She began to lecture me. "Desmond-sama is a nobleman and a lord. You should be able to do whatever you want. It is true that Katherine is my maid, but if Desmond-sama wants to do something to her, I will order her to let herself be touched."


I barely suppressed the strange sound that was about to come out of my mouth. It was true that she was right but that's mean...

(some part of this was written in English (kidda))


I'm a noble, you're a maid, I gonna touch your tits, YOー!

Your master agrees, your master my wife, the wife of a nobleman, and as a maid, you can't say NOー!

Otherworld aristocratic ideology JYOーTOー I'm a chicken, but I'll use it. YOU KNOWー?


You YUーSYUー, excellent maid, offer up your tits, JYOーKOー!』

That's what I thought.

I tried to decrease the tension by rapping, which I was not used to and had never done it before (And they might think I'm making fun of them and punch me in the face.), but I was still a scared little coward and felt as if I was being shown a surreal, dark, dark side of aristocratic society. I could not help but be puzzled.

Aha, the sky is so blue......, the spring breeze is gentle and soft......, then why human society is like this......

"............. cough" At the very least, I need to set the dignity of being a nobleman and a lord straight.


here's your smut bro, enjoy! <<less
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Dragneel152 rated it
May 22, 2022
Status: c41
If you are here for the research purposes 😏😏 then you would love this novel. Right from the start to the chap 41 all its got is smut. For people who are here for the plot well not much for now, there isn't much of a world building... All we know is that MC is reincarnated but there is a twist... It looks like the MC's consciousness was asleep.. you would understand once you read the novel.... Or go ahead and read the spoiler below it's all bout the topic... more>> I mentioned above..


well as you see I have mentioned that MC's consciousness was asleep... Well that's cause before his consciousness woke up, the body which the MC is hosting had all the knowledge of the MC world's and used it to improve the farmlands and stuff...... But here is the true spoiler in this world most likely MC (only after awakening) is the only male with sexual desire, this my speculation as well as few hints are given to us in the story upto now.. like you see before awaken the MC's host had all the knowledge but he was never able to have sexual desire... This is most likely related to the fundamental personality or you can say nature of every individual of this world...

Well don't worry though it only a problem for males cause for the ladies we got MC who will awaken the hidden nature!!😈😈


Well coming to the world he is in as I have mentioned there is not much written yet, all we know is that this is a world with magic and only nobles have the magic Power.. and also this is a world with 0% eroticism.. all the people in this world appreciate beauty but there is not a hint of sexual desire present while the do it.. and in such world comes our MC.. <<less
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byunisperv rated it
November 5, 2021
Status: c11
Just based on the first 11 chapters, it can be said that the story is weak, the narration or the story telling is all over the place. There is nothing special about this WN, it is your typical Japanese ero novel with poor execution and the poor translation doesn't help.
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pogood20 rated it
January 24, 2022
Status: c24
this novel have decent smut story, the thing that turns me off is the fulffyball TL is like MTL, and MC personality.
... more>>

He thinking that he got a cheat because he has sexual knowledge, but his 'CHICKEN' attitude really annoying.

the other thing, he treat his wife as a slut! You can know author fetish based from MC personality. He said he loves her, but he call her a slut! Really amazing. I mean if you call her naughty or pervert its still acceptable but a SLUT??

and the fact that MC can't forgive his wive just because she want to throw magic to him makes MC hateable.


He is a horny old man that thinks with his lower body, but because he got 'CHICKEN' personality, basically this story will got a LOOOOOOOOOOT OF inner fighting between his horny part and chicken personality, and you will got bored fast. <<less
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TeddyWestside rated it
November 5, 2022
Status: c72
Has a good premise but has too much s*x in my opinion. Author had pretty good concepts for his world and I wish he explores more of it. I hope he tones down on the s*x cause it just becomes walls of texts that brings less value than it should. If all you want from this is to have a reference to jack off to, then this is for you. I prefer visual p*rn over this. I'll continue reading this once it gets more chapters which will show more about... more>> the world building. <<less
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readerx10 rated it
September 7, 2022
Status: c63
Great novel overall. Too many s*x scenes, this must be the reason why it's rated less as even a single scene can take a whole chapter slowing down the pace. Well, on the bright side you get carefully directed s*x scenes where each and every one of them could be used to direct adult video or at least make a full blown hentai chapter.

So, if you are in for story. Skip this. If you are in for OP MC, skip this. Read this if you want to see a realistic... more>> coward lord who is just a pervert uncle from Earth and want to corrupt the innocent women of another world in the name of "sexual arts". <<less
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BigimeReadz rated it
July 17, 2022
Status: c18
I think this is a little premature for me to write a review, but I'm doing it anyway—solid 3.873 stars. The plot is entertaining and the plot is... well, let's say it's good. I've grown fond of the few characters that have been introduced and I enjoy their interactions and thought processes.

My only problem, the singular problem that holds those last 1.127 stars, the sole problem that completely breaks the immersion of the novel is the usage of the word, "slut." Let me get straight to the point: Charlotte is... more>> not a slut; Considering this is harem, you could call Desmond one later on (more specifically, a man whore), but Charlotte herself is not a slut. A sl*t is a woman who has sexual relations with many men. Charlotte does not do that (at least as far as I've read). She has only one man. The more accurate term would be "b I tch." If Charlotte were Desmond's "b I tch", it would be accurate and stimulating to the immersive readers. If Charlotte were a slut, it makes the reader think she f*cks around a lot and isn't that faithful. It completely ruins the whole experience. Charlotte also wishes to make Desmond her slut. That just doesn't fit at all. She wants to make him her "b I tch." That fits very well. I don't know why, but the usage of the word "slut" throws me off so much when reading this. It makes the entire novel take a step down. I can see that the author's fetish is horny women that go crazy over one dude, but the word sl*t doesn't fit the scenario. "B I tch" is a far better option. Of course, I'm not sure if it's a translation error or "slut" being the direct translation. The translator might not have thought of a better word, or maybe they just translated it correctly. I don't know, I can't read Japanese. The translator's better than me at this.

Don't misunderstand me. The translation is great (at least where I'm at). There might be some missing punctuation marks, but that's way better than subjects being omitted, pronouns being flipped left and right, and names being inconsistent. 7/10 translation with the average being 5/10. That's why this is just a suggestion to change the word from "slut" to "b I tch." I still plan to follow this story (even if the word usage irks me a little) for the several years that it takes to catch up (definitely not thinking about a faster upload frequency (definitely am thinking about how slow the speed is for a novel this big)). I'm very grateful that you've decided to translate this (not being sarcastic, I really am even if it'd be better for you to upload faster).

tldr; sl*t isn't the right word

Do translators even read these? <<less
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ErikHarrison rated it
November 10, 2022
Status: c40
Author self insert MC: "I have never touched a women"

And that really shows.

Despite the loose premise and lack of background knowledge this series was perfectly OK. Some moments came across as cute or funny rather than sexy.

There are definitely better smut series but this one is decent.
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