The Maid In The Reverse Harem Game Wants To Quit


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I reincarnated as a side character maid in a reverse harem game. Even after going through all six endings of the game, I still couldn’t return back to reality.

So then I made up my mind on the seventh round—

“Here is my letter of resignation. I’m leaving this mansion.”

—to quit the game and live my own life.

* * *

No matter how hard I tried, I was just an extra. I no longer wanted to dwell on the tragedy of the characters in the game.

Since I don’t hold much importance here anyway, I thought everyone would forget about me if I left quietly.


“Who’s leaving the mansion? Didn’t you say you were mine, Irene?”
“Irene, I have no intention of becoming involved with anyone but you. Just you.”
“Don’t go, Rea. Stay by my side. Please?”

The men in the game, who should be obsessed with the female lead, suddenly began to cling to me, but…

I don’t want to love anyone anymore.

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역하렘 게임 속 메이드는 퇴사하고 싶습니다
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June 29, 2021
Status: c4
I'll do the "work" and find out if she's going to fall for one of the "female lead's" men. Bc I don't want to deal with romance. Better be a polygamy, best friend codependency with the female lead or something, or no one at all. If it looks like something else, I'll let u know ;)


Other than that, I'm looking forward to reading this bc on that cover, she looks totally done with sh*t lmao 😂 gl, beautiful FL ❤️

Ugh. So it's under the Fantasy Romance genre when u... more>> go to the site. I can already c where this is going. There's a hint the protagonist is bi, but the hint could've been made way stronger when it had it's chance, so I highly doubt it. I think she's going to be with the "hidden, real male lead" that's somewhere out there. He hasn't been introduced yet.

Also, it seems like later chapters will have to be paid for, so idk if u even want to start it 💔

Last note: it's confusing af with the brothers. There's like 10 names, but only 3 brothers, so like ??? 😵‍💫 Anyway yeah that's it <<less
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Dreamyryme rated it
September 21, 2021
Status: c16
So far so good. The story give off a dead pan funny vibe. Ahh don't know how to describe it. The MC is DGAF for life, she is pretty cool. The story is doing a good job in telling the story. It gives off a consistent DGAF vibe from female lead without shoving that idea to the reader through her narrative at all.
The 'game' storyline processes in good pace. No frustration and not overwhelming.

Yep so far so good.
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