The Maid In The Reverse Harem Game Wants To Quit


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I reincarnated as a side character maid in a reverse harem game. Even after going through all six endings of the game, I still couldn’t return back to reality.

So then I made up my mind on the seventh round—

“Here is my letter of resignation. I’m leaving this mansion.”

—to quit the game and live my own life.

* * *

No matter how hard I tried, I was just an extra. I no longer wanted to dwell on the tragedy of the characters in the game.

Since I don’t hold much importance here anyway, I thought everyone would forget about me if I left quietly.


“Who’s leaving the mansion? Didn’t you say you were mine, Irene?”
“Irene, I have no intention of becoming involved with anyone but you. Just you.”
“Don’t go, Rea. Stay by my side. Please?”

The men in the game, who should be obsessed with the female lead, suddenly began to cling to me, but…

I don’t want to love anyone anymore.

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역하렘 게임 속 메이드는 퇴사하고 싶습니다
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June 29, 2021
Status: c4
I'll do the "work" and find out if she's going to fall for one of the "female lead's" men. Bc I don't want to deal with romance. Better be a polygamy, best friend codependency with the female lead or something, or no one at all. If it looks like something else, I'll let u know ;)


Other than that, I'm looking forward to reading this bc on that cover, she looks totally done with sh*t lmao 😂 gl, beautiful FL ❤️

Ugh. So it's under the Fantasy Romance genre when u... more>> go to the site. I can already c where this is going. There's a hint the protagonist is bi, but the hint could've been made way stronger when it had it's chance, so I highly doubt it. I think she's going to be with the "hidden, real male lead" that's somewhere out there. He hasn't been introduced yet.

Also, it seems like later chapters will have to be paid for, so idk if u even want to start it 💔

Last note: it's confusing af with the brothers. There's like 10 names, but only 3 brothers, so like ??? 😵‍💫 Anyway yeah that's it <<less
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JoAnna rated it
December 12, 2021
Status: --
Stuff that bothers me and refuses to leave my mind all the while reading this book:

-In the end, we all know that MC will end up with one of the brothers. I only want to know how she will accept them? I mean, after watching for SIX lifetimes of them chasing, obsessing and entangling with that other woman, now they finally want to accept her? Girl's not even the second or third or not even close to the fourth choice, but seventh?? Is it because she's easy, will never leave... more>> and most importantly— always readily available? Man, I really pity her, truly.

-Okay, after six times, MC decided she finally have had enough. That's good. BUT, why the heck would the first thing/excuse that crosses her mind is to open a freaking Café? She could've thought of that cliché and simple excuse of wanting to travel far/freedom. Even if it wasn't feasible and almost impossible to achieve— the word freedom and getting away far from these people didn't even cross her mind. After six lifetimes of being a servant, she still unconsciously desiring to serve MORE people? She's successfully been indoctrinated and brainwashed. Could she have been a mean and evil domineering CEO in her previous real life and the one who put her in this game world might want to punish and put her in her place? Now she has become such a submissive. Such a lost, pitiful soul. <<less
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HealthtPatchuri rated it
October 28, 2021
Status: c32
The story is average, at best.
It has all the best features of your secret fetishes naming from 'reverse harem' to 'protagonist dull to love'. Yet the author fails to describe the story into a.... well, fun.

First, well, you have three male leads that are somehow very interested in the female lead, which is based on very, unsolid reasons.

Please, be my guest and take your time to swallow this plot.

... more>>

The male leads were trying to kill the MC for about 5 or 6 cycles, due to the obsessive love for the 'other' female lead
when suddenly, on the seventh cycle the male leads all drastically changed their attitudes toward the MC, the main female proragonist.

They expressed their love and passion towards the MC, with sudden reminiscence of beautiful memories of the MC,
(which is quite absurd if you think about how she was brutally killed six times in the previous cycles.)

I mean, male leads? What's your problem? What's with that drastic change of attitude? Why are they so suddenly obsessed with the MC?


Then, you happen to find the 'other' female lead of the otome game, playing a 'very insignificant role' in the story (and trolling from time to time),
The 'other' female lead doesn't have a clue what she's doing. Hell, I suspect that even the author doesn't know what the other female lead is doing.
She just exists.... ! like as if she was thrown off the story itself, outcasted to stand aside from the plot.
(which is quite strange if you think about that the world of harem evolved around the 'other' female lead till the previous six cycles.)

Reading the story, and seeing her act so dumb, makes me wonder what made the male leads fall in love with her in the previous six cycles?

Now you have the female protagonist going "oh, I've found an imposter among us!" (but she's keeping the details to herself for unsolid reasons).
You even have the author herself borrowing the female protagonist's monologue. She actively participates in explaining the details to why the female protagonist has done such s*upid actions (such as keeping important details to herself) ;

What caused the author to write this jumbled plot?
My suspicion? Well, the author obviously wanted to write three things. Number one, a sad and terrible past of the MC.
Number two, a joyful seventh cycle where the MC gets her place. Number three, a hilarious comedy to smoothen the atmosphere.

All in all, the author just needed to kill the MC 6 times to reset the story, reset all the relationships, and on the present in the seventh cycle, the world suddenly bends itself to make way for the plot to emerge to the surface.
The comedy inserted to smoothen things up then suddenly looks idiotic, and overall makes the male lead look nonhuman, their personality is all messed up during the jumbled plot.

Now you know what I'm saying if I were to say this is just a tag bait for #timeloop and #secondchance.

I don't expect novels to follow the logic of real-life inch by inch, yet as all Korean stories are, this one is emotion-based.
Well, you 'could' enjoy the story if you turned your brains off if you were to see the story as 'oh no they had such past incidents' and therefore justifying the male leads being so obsessed with the female lead, but once you get hold of the errors in the story, story goes downhill.
The author thinks of writing a particular scene that is supposed to be dramatic, yet fails to connect the scenes with logic. She expresses the story in such a s*upid manner that I have to give a 2-star. <<less
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Dreamyryme rated it
September 21, 2021
Status: c16
So far so good. The story give off a dead pan funny vibe. Ahh don't know how to describe it. The MC is DGAF for life, she is pretty cool. The story is doing a good job in telling the story. It gives off a consistent DGAF vibe from female lead without shoving that idea to the reader through her narrative at all.
The 'game' storyline processes in good pace. No frustration and not overwhelming.

Yep so far so good.
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hyslee69 rated it
July 6, 2022
Status: c56
I enjoyed reading it thus far. The MC isn't as thoughtless or spontaneous like most I-ended-up-in-a-reverse-harem-game MCs. She doesn't coincidentally know how to reinvent everything from scratch. She sticks to her role for the most part, but it didn't bring her back out of the game/loops. So she decides to leave and live her life.

As for some concerns/complaints that were brought up in a couple other reviews:

    • Children can't do much out in the world alone. The story mentions that even her current age is just barely old enough to consider going independent - which is fair.
    • Running away would be a form of betrayal. And the young masters would not react well to that even in the past cycles. The MC would likely be chased and killed/captured.
    • There is a sizable monetary reward upon retirement. She was banking on getting that to fund her post-retirement life.
    • She never expected her resignation letter to be rejected.

As for the points that HealthtPatch pointed out,


Firstly, the male leads never tried to kill the MC in the past cycles.

I think some readers are misunderstanding how the cycle works. The MC is sent back to 10 years before the start of the game every cycle. The first six cycles, nothing big really changed in those 10 years compared to canon. On the seventh, she was appointed as the male leads' nanny/playmate. She thinks this wouldn't change anything, but the fact that she is closer to them in this cycle makes them like her.

TL;DR, all the flashback memories from the male leads are from the seventh cycle only and are the key turning points that diverge the seventh cycle from the rest. They didn't "suddenly drastically change their attitude towards the MC for no reason."


I don't think this novel is perfect. There are some ups and downs, and people can have their own preferences. I was just a tad bothered by people misunderstanding the hows and whys.
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I love Good Plots
I love Good Plots rated it
December 4, 2021
Status: --
In my opinion, it's really good... but it will be better if it was not predictable sorry-

But I'm sure it's just me but some plots are really predictable to know the ending

like for example :


I already know who is the ML- and I still haven't finished reading it... In my opinion, it's probably gonna be the blonde dude? the older brother.. it's really easy to guess...

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Tequila Sunrise
Tequila Sunrise rated it
May 5, 2022
Status: c47
When this novel was first picked up, I liked it a lot, was very curious and even mtl to read ahead. I really want to like this story, it has 'reverse harem', 'stoic/deadpan MC' (which is less common) and a non-evil og!FL (which is appreciated cause while I like dramarama, I much prefer friendliness and women supporting women).

Unfortunately, this is really average at best, and I struggle to keep reading from the way the story is written/narrated. Absolutely not the fault of the translator/editor, they're great. Not blaming the author... more>> either, her writing style might not be my cup of tea. Would have rated this a 2, but an extra star for the team and efforts.

But even more unfortunately, some parts of the plot just absolutely stunned me. The review by the account "HealthtPatchuri" below described what I thought and felt really well, so I shall not repeat what he/she wrote with my own version since the points will still be the same.

I still want to find an answer to my questions, not sure if I'll get them in the form of spoilers or I'll just keep up with this just to know. <<less
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Perry_08 rated it
October 30, 2022
Status: --
Quite illogical and full of plot holes. Furthermore, everyone describes the MC as smart, clever, cool and stoic but in the next second she's trembling and having a panic attack because of some blood? She also says she's quite experienced because of her 6 lives but then gets attacked by paralysing poison which she has so much trouble identifying?? Ugh 🙄🙄🙄
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July 17, 2022
Status: --
If I could get this a zero I would..... it's impossible to finish reading this because the English translation has a paywall and I can't find the raws anywhere that doesn't also have a paywall so that's disappointing.

My biggest complaint is that there is no consecutive information on her supposed last six replays of the otome game...... why do I have to read the supposed 7th replay and just be confused by all of this new information that keeps on coming up in every chapter. I'd rather read through all... more>> of her past lives than spend 50+ chapters confused on only the most recent one. At least I won't be so confused.... <<less
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anpanbun rated it
October 24, 2022
Status: c71
there's so many 1 stars but honestly I kinda like it, the story kinda lacks reasoning and just does this and that, making the 3 young masters love her and only her, and making her go through some stuff which just makes you go like 'what?' but its still kinda cute overall and I really enjoy the lack of backstabbers <3
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Devil Heart
Devil Heart rated it
November 25, 2021
Status: c25
THIS IS SO EFFING GOOD!!! SERIOUSLY GOOD!! There are only 24 chapters now but I swear this is such an exhilarating novel. It was filled with tension but with a light hearted comedy. I don't even know how to describe it. It feels foreboding but it was not heavy. There's joke to laugh, there's scene to be sad, sometimes you will be speechless. IT WAS SO GOOD.


And I like that the MLs "like" /"love" the MC with reasonsssss. You can... more>> see their POV, it just soooooooo sweet. Effing sweet.

Totally recommend it! <<less
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