A Guide to a Perfect Death


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“You won’t regret it?”

“Captain, do not regret it.”

The first SS-class knight, Christa Palmaril.

A slayer with monstrous healing powers that cannot be killed by any torture.

She eventually died by cutting off her throat with a holy sword. No, she should have died.

When she finally thought she’d got a complete death

Christa went back in time five years ago.

‘I’ll have to go through that terrible pain again. Going rampant, killing people, and becoming a monster… … .’

A perfect death before she starts to lose her mind.

That was truly what Christa wanted.

“Captain. Do you have time tonight?”

Christa tries to get her hands on the only holy sword that can kill her

Approaching its owner, the master of the sword, Ragnar Argonod.

After spending one night with him, she steals his sword to meet her death.

She is stopped by Ragnar who follows her… … .

“Is it that bad? To the extent that you want to die right after you do it with me?”


“Why the hell? Damn, this is the first time I’ve seen a woman like this in my life.”

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A Guide to a Perfect Death (Revised Edition)
완벽한 죽음을 위한 가이드
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2 Reviews

Book Lover Slytherine
Book Lover S
Nov 18, 2022
Status: c33
Came for the fabulous plot plus amazing smut worked as a cherry on top! I basically hate smut genre. I don't like to read it. But this novel has amazing smut scenes. Everything was described so beautifully, the plot, story everything was marvelous! Kudos to the translator for doing an amazing job! Want to read more! So, I'll shamelessly ask for more, please update!
22 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 28, 2024
Status: c96
The premise and first part of the story are nothing like the 80 or so following chapters (I gave up at 96).

Basic intro, the start of our journey: FL is an OP self-healing esper knight, an independent and powerful war machine. She tries to live a normal life after the war, but ab*se triggers her powers to go insane sucking the life from anyone nearby, rendering her essentially immortal no matter how much torture she was put through. Only 1 sword managed to take her down... so when time rewinds... more>> at her death, she wants to get that sword before suffering her previous fate. Trying to use her body to sneak in and steal the sword, the ML is offended when she literally tries to unalive herself the next morning. Contract romance ensues somehow.

The story after that: your most basic, boring, default 'I think I have feelings when I promised I wouldn't... oh gee, am I enough of a dainty little lady to earn his love? Boo hoo, I don't think he loves me back enough..." and GIRL YOU MADE THE CONTRACT LIKE 5 CHAPTERS AGO. YOU WERE MARRIED LESS THAN A WEEK AGO. So many chapters are spent just talking about her learning to help grow roses in the greenhouse. Because she's the lady now and the lady is supposed to make sure there are flowers there. Nonstop hints that she enjoys 'creating and nurturing life'. She gets all shy about not knowing finances, embroidery, sewing, etc. I wanted to throw my phone. Where is my OP esper knight on a mission to die before they become a mu*derous demigod?! She was so cool!! The story was gonna be so rad! Yes, I mean that unironically.

This seemed pro-women and unique at the start. Then it literally just turns into her worrying about getting enough affection, being a proper wife, whether or not she can make babies and


even the ML's major trauma is about HIS SISTER being tortured for years and that he was forced to mercy kill her while she was pregnant. So he's super traumatized about pregnancy. It's literally all about pregnancy. That's what women exist for in this story. The major tragedies are the inability to successfully carry and deliver a baby and live happily as a mom.


Sorry, this kept bothering me about that spoiler so I came back for an edit to add:


the ML's sister was trying to unalive herself for years. This became way worse when she was pregnant because she felt she was carrying the devil's spawn. NOT ONCE IS ABORTION CONSIDERED AN OPTION. She wanted to die to get away from the man, yes, then later wanted to die because she didn't want to birth his child. She could have had an abortion, but they considered it dangerous because it would be the equivalent of killing royal blood... but they did that anyway in the end! ML mercy killed her before she gave birth. Why did it take to the point of her actually dying to accept the possibility of the baby's death? Why was she forced to live as an incubator, living her own version of hell, until the last moment when the ML decided not to let the prince have his offspring? Why did her suffering never become a factor in the equation?! They let her die to avoid the actual birth, so why couldn't they choose to eliminate the pregnancy?? So she had a chance?? She never mattered. The results of her pregnancy mattered to everyone. The ML carries guilt for supposedly killing his nephew and can't trust himself to have a baby... BUT WHAT ABOUT THE SISTER? HER TORMENT? HER LIFE? Wtf is wrong with this story so that her years upon years of impossible hell mattered so little to the ML compared to the survival of her r*p*st's offspring?! Ugh, why do I have to point this out?? So mad at this story.

It literally says she was physically tortured... and r*p*d... next to taxidermied versions of her guards and personal maids. Stuffed corpses of people she cared about. Those people were all she had. She was tortured and imp**gnated with their stuffed corpses watching. And the ML is upset that he was the cause of the baby dying??? Dude, the prince made Dahmer look like a puppy, and your trauma isn't for your sister, just the offspring?! Sorry, I'll stop. Just WOW GUYS.


I have zero idea why they even brought up the ML as a guide in the beginning. It has not been relevant, or even mentioned for more than a single line, in over 70 chapters.

Look, maybe there's like 80 chapters of weird filler enforcing gender roles, and then at ch.105 or something the story finally relates back to the original plot. Personally? I thought I was reading the wrong book like 3 different times. I'd recheck the info page to make sure this was the right story.

Obviously I'm bitter I wasted so much time. Accepting that I'm not going to get anything for the hours already invested, this is the point when I quit. I hope others can bring themselves to enjoy the work.

Oh, and the smut is rare and not even really hot.

UGH. Such a waste. <<less
18 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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