A Guide to a Perfect Death


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“You won’t regret it?”
“Captain, do not regret it.”

The first SS-class knight, Christa Palmaril.
A slayer with monstrous healing powers that cannot be killed by any torture.
She eventually died by cutting off her throat with a holy sword. No, she should have died.

When she finally thought she’d got a complete death
Christa went back in time five years ago.

‘I’ll have to go through that terrible pain again. Going rampant, killing people, and becoming a monster… … .’

A perfect death before she starts to lose her mind.
That was truly what Christa wanted.

“Captain. Do you have time tonight?”

Christa tries to get her hands on the only holy sword that can kill her
Approaching its owner, the master of the sword, Ragnar Argonod.

After spending one night with him, she steals his sword to meet her death.
She is stopped by Ragnar who follows her… … .

“Is it that bad? To the extent that you want to die right after you do it with me?”
“Why the hell? Damn, this is the first time I’ve seen a woman like this in my life.”

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A Guide to a Perfect Death (Revised Edition)
완벽한 죽음을 위한 가이드
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Book Lover Slytherine
New Book Lover Slytherine rated it
November 18, 2022
Status: c10
Came for plot but stayed for amazing smut! I hate smut genre. I don't like to read it. But this novel has amazing smut scenes. Everything was described so beautifully, kudos to the translator for doing an amazing job! Want to read more! So please update!
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