I’m the Only One Who Can Guide the Tyrant to Sleep


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It had been a year since I possessed this body, and I finally discovered the identity of the original character.
But… I was revealed to be Evelyn, a handmaid who would help the runaway of the future imperial princess, Caesar.
My only way to survive was to control Prince Caesar’s rampage and raise him to the throne.

“I have to find Your Highness’s guide. Contacting a guide will allow you to awaken your abilities without going into a rampage.”

In an attempt to survive a little longer, I set out to find his guide… only to discover that I was the one and only guide?

“I have no reason to dislike Your Majesty.”
“Then that’s good, isn’t it?”
“If you don’t dislike it, then it’s good.”

As I was gradually preparing to leave the palace, the newly crowned Emperor looked at me with sparkling eyes.
He held both of my hands tightly, as if he had no intention of letting go.

I had only awakened him, so why was he following me around like a drenched puppy?
And why wasn’t the rampage stopping?


“It’s about time for me to vomit blood, isn’t it?”
“Why would you say I’m going to vomit blood in front of me? Why?”

Unbeknownst to him, I was eavesdropping when Caesar gazed lazily and whispered.

“I need to go on a rampage… so that Evelyn won’t leave me.”

At that moment, the door I had been waiting for opened, and our eyes met.
His sky-blue irises were stained with bewilderment.

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I’m the One Guiding the Tyrant to Sleep
폭군을 잠재울 수 있는 게 나뿐이다
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TiredButStillAwake rated it
December 27, 2023
Status: c30
FL: she is the kind type who feels sympathy for the ML and tries to help him as much as she can with also finding ways to protect him.

ML: He is cursed and is tired of life as he isn’t treated good in the palace but when meeting the FL, he feels reassured she will help him with his curse and so on. He also find her pretty.
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