The Last Creator


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Human beings had almost unlimited resources for all kinds of enjoyment in life because of the highly developed technology that they made,

After they developed everything that they had always wanted, this once greedy race begins to feel the boringness of life and finally got tired of living.

In SGD 7128, the last human chose to end his life. From then on, this race ended their existence and the robots that were made by humans took over the earth.

In 3746 of the new calendar, the robot race discovered a wormhole hidden in the depths of the universe, realizing that it was a space jump, they discovered a bright boundless sky full of life.

Since then, a powerful race has emerged. They had a perfect appearance and were known to be the most ruthless being ever known. No one knew where they came from. They are considered the most mysterious existence in the universe.

Everyone knows that this race has no heart and has never seen them moved by anything.

Until one day, this race found a human body frozen in the ancient earth site.

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11 Reviews

May 12, 2021
Status: Completed
Y'all this was pure fluff and diabetes.

Being the last human in existence the MC is spoiled to the heavens by the robot race that took over when the last human left. Anything he wants, the robots whom look like humans on the outside give him simply because it's in their program code to adore and treasure humans. In some ways the MC is a big Gary Stu because all the robots love him just for being humans lol but it's cute.

The ML is ... more>>

the master robot that's considered the king of the robot race. The MC pretty much imprinted on him because he was the first being he saw when he opened his eyes after 10000 years of being frozen in a tube to preserve his life. He's infinitely tolerant of the MC and the couple gets together officially with ease.


There are pretty much zero conflicts that happen in this story besides for like the three chapters in the end

where the MC is space warped. Randomly

. In that sense the story's kind of dull at times because it just shows the MC living this incredibly pampered life that he hasn't really earned but I sort of needed a story like that after reading so many chapters of dog blood from other stories. TDLR: It's not the most interesting story you'll ever read but it's a cute time killer. <<less
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Mar 19, 2022
Status: Completed
I don't hate it but I I don't like it either.


I don't hate that Chen Xi was spoiled by an entire race. I just don't like that it feels that he's entitled to it. Even if he was the last creator/human.

... more>> The plot has a lot of holes too. If your planning on reading this for entertainment then you'll be fine.

I actually didn't mind the beginning of the novel, only that as it progressed things started getting on my nerves a bit.

(Examples) :

1. The ear fox prince was treated as a pet. I dislike that a lot. I don't think Chen Xi should have used the method of food as a "distraction" to touch his ears and tails. Even if the prince is "used" to this kind of treatment of his race I feel that it wasn't okay.

2. I feel as if Jin Yi kind of manipulated Chen Xi into loving/liking him. When Jin Yi was talking about how when humans still existed he would have been destroyed as a defective product because he was seducing a human. Jin Yi even said it himself, that people didn't know if the humans choose to be with robots out of their own will. So saying things like "I'll be with you forever", isn't that exactly what Chen Xi wanted to hear.

3. Chen Xi is spoiled to the point of oblivion. I actually don't mind pampering novels, in fact I absolutely enjoy them. But this is taking it just a bit too much. Chen Xi doesn't even try to learn about other races, worlds, or even anything outside of a ship. Even if he learns for "1 hour a day" because he's "guilty", it doesn't seem like it.

4. When ever Jin Yi even gets a little bit jealous (it happens a lot) Chen Xi says "you're my favorite". It's like Chen Xi has to make sure Jin Yi is happy and not upset in order to do things. He doesn't actually need Jin Yi, the whole fricken race would give up their lives if they had too. Just because Jin Yi was the first "person" he saw when he woke up, Chen Xi likes him. It kinda makes no sense.

5. The whole plot has a bunch of holes. Honeslty the technology that they use in the novel could have been better utilized. The technology doesn't match up with how advanced it really was. Like they should have been able to make human DNA, well of only one person though. But they still could processed the DNA of Chen Xi to see the cell process and chromosomes. They should have been able to make a female with the female (I believe it's X) chromosome Chen Xi has.

6. I feel as if Chen Xi actually isn't really all that loyal to Jin Yi. If Jin Yi wasn't the master of all these robots I believe that Chen Xi probably wouldn't have as faithful. Whether that be with the ear fox prince, Bin Lan (something like that), the other princes, the other robots, Carlos, or even the female mermaid that was a gift. I believe he would have been with someone else.

7. After being spoiled so much by everyone Chen Xi has no sense of independence. I understand that not using your hands to eat if you don't have to is awesome. But that doesn't mean you can't even lift a spoon or fork? Chen Xi was born into a good family before he was frozen, was spoiled by his parents because of his illness. Now because he's the last human he's spoiled by 5 billion robots. I feel that Chen Xi doesn't actually have the right to demand so much stuff when he wasn't actually alive during the time the 3rd generation of artificial intelligence was made.

8. The complete lack of communication between Chen Xi and Jin Yi. If Jin Yi would have told Chen Xi that his "side body" had thousands of copies, I believe Chen Xi would have understood that the person he actually likes is the "main body". Chen Xi actually started touching Jin Yi while Jin Yi "didn't know". Like your giving Jin Yi hickeys on his abs when Jin Yi "didn't know", and when you were found out you were surprised? Like what the heck, you shouldn't have done it in the first place if you weren't ready for the consequences. Also the fact Chen Xi did it when Jin Yi was unresponsive was not okay to me.

9. The demands Chen Xi gets more ridiculous as time goes on. Want a flying car, want a steel fortress.

10. I just don't like that even when Chen Xi kind of found out the princes were not there by choice, Chen Xi still didn't send his playmates home. Chen Xi was like " I must be thinking too much". Chen Xi was a bit smart, but became dumb or oblivious because he was too spoiled.

3/19/2022 <<less
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Oct 27, 2021
Status: Completed

This story is a lot like I'm not human. Whilst in I'm not human the transmigrated MC became the Zerg King, extremely worshipped, doted and pampered by the super powerful Zerg, the MC here is a 18y old boy who woke up after a 8.000 year long sleep.

MC was put to sleep because he had a terminal illness and was hoping that when he woke up there was a solution to his heart disease. However, mankind no longer exist. They chose to destroy themselves as they felt bored. Thanks to technology they all became immortal and were bored. Mankind was the ancestor of very advanced AI, who even have self consciousness and emotions. Before the last human disappeared most humans were even married to AI.

... more>> So, when MC was found, he was the only human. Every AI has this innate unconditional love for humans and MC is pampered and doted on TO THE EXTREME.

The robots/AI have long become the most powerful and advanced race in all the vast universes. They can crush any other race in the blink of an eye. Their only weakness is their extreme love for this last human boy. They totally go berserk when something happens to him.

MC: simple teenager. Happy, somewhat lazy and after coming back alive he just enjoys his 2nd chance to life. Not much character development nor much depth, but it does the trick. He is kind and loveable. MC doesn't have any powers. So if you are looking for an OP MC you will be disappointed.

ML: cold robot and lacked of emotions, but gradually changes. He is the masterbrain, i.e. Basically the AI king. Uber powerful and OP, as that is his role as the masterbrain. He knows and controls everything and anything at all times.

Relationship: unexpectedly it was good!!! I'm already used to the fact that romance is totally secondary in most of these interstellar stories. Also, hearing that ML is the masterbrain AI I didn't have much hope here. But the romance was actually pretty good! Especially after they became official 'companions' (married). There was real chemistry!! So, pleasant surprise here!

Side characters: no one that really stood out but a few had sufficient screen time and were likeable. No annoying, dumb villains. Every character was in love with MC or totally flabbergasted how he was so spoiled by the AI race. The AI race has so many resources and wealth. They will build a whole underground sea palace in a short period of time if MC only casually mentions he likes the sea.

Readers that love I'm not human will likely love this story too. I'm not human is a longer story though and more fleshed out. I also wish this story was longer!!

My rating is not because this story was super well written, but because I enjoyed it so much. I'm such a sucker for these extreme pampering stories! <<less
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Oct 29, 2021
Status: Completed
Very fluffy story, if you like yanderes.

I personally found it boring but it's a good break novel to read inbetween psychological horror/thriller type novels.

... more>>

My personal issue with this novel is that every other creature in the universe were basically threatened/extremely afraid/under coercion the entire time in all the interactions.

That doesn't feel fluffy to me.


ML is yandere, and especially with his absolute power, basically


imagine a god or totalitarian ruler who's yandere. Can destroy anyone or anything who disagrees with him or makes him jealous, has total control over all surroundings and manipulates all sources of information that the MC has access to.


So overall, not as fluffy as [I'm Not Human] which I'd recommend more.

Another weird thing I found immersion breaking is


the author defaults to very standard forms of futuristic concepts - VR cabins, spaceships, etc. but still makes the MC study traditionally to learn things... considering that neuro-chips are already under development from major startups and companies, it seems very unlikely that "traditional book learning/memorization" is going to be exactly the same 10, 000+ years from now.

Very odd.


Finally, the translation was ok, readable. It's edited MTL, not very accurate with editing and some of the names/places/actions wer very mixed up. <<less
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Aug 19, 2021
Status: c16
It's a cute story, but very boring...
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Nov 03, 2021
Status: Completed
I gave this a 4/5. Some people may give it lesser, but I think 4/5 is a good score. This novel has literally less to no plot at all. It jsut depicts the journey of MC after he enters this new era. The robots all obey him and love him, and he gets pampered so much, which is understandable. He just lives a life of excess and fun, goes around touring places with other alien races. Other than your invicible ML and robots being the most powerful race in like,... more>> 2 universes, there really isn't any bad guy trying to disrupt the peace, so there isn't any heinous plot or any action. The only action probably is when MC

went missing but it gets resolved quickly and there's no trouble at all

but, on the bright side, the ML and MC has cute interactions.

The quality of the translation is subpar, most likely mtl without much edits, but it's still bearable, just very hard to understand at the start. <<less
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Jun 11, 2021
Status: c45
Pros :

Fluff read. This kinda reminds me of I'm not human, but with human!MC x robot!ML. There's not much drama and MC got pampered a lot. MC and ML relationship is so-so.

Cons :

... more>> In the first 20 chaps, we only know the name of MC and ML, remember that MC is adored by the machine race?? Well, author didn't bother giving the side characters names lol. After author introduced the side characters, I realized they are like beastmen in the interstellar era. For example fox race, mermaid race, elf race etc.

It's a light read, just read this if you have nothing else. <<less
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R. XiaoLin24
R. XiaoLin24
Dec 18, 2022
Status: Completed
Honestly, this could've been done better. Without going into much details, I'll just say that this story was full of fluff, but the lack of good plot execution kind of made the fluff hard to swallow.

The world building had so much potential, but it just got reduced to someone's playground. I really thought learning about the other species would've been what that whole species gathering arc was for, but they ended up being background characters while MC played a dandy.

Which is sad, because a few of them seemed like they... more>> would've had interesting stories. Like the prince from the Ultra rich species and the prince from the Strong Beastmen species. And the only princess (who ended being forgotten).

The Caanans and the Fox species, although mentioned, definitely did not get the attention I expected. Gae's story ended up taking the back seat for the "romance". And it happened just when I thought there'd be a fight for the throne too! I wanted to cry.

Most characters didn't get their personalities fleshed out. Barely even got a name. You'd think that the fox prince who'd been by MC's side would get a name. The whole time he was just MC's accessory.




Ah. Forgot about the fish prince. Anyway.

The story really was a bit mindless. Filled with plot holes too. Such as when after MC was found, the robots didn't try to use his cells to create humans. (They gave a bs excuse for that)

Or that after all of humanity offed itself because they got bored why the robots wouldn't change how they pampered MC. They just gave the MC whatever he wanted and hoped he wouldn't get bored. No structure at all!

So many missed opportunities to make a more stellar story. I'm a bit sad. The premise was great. The execution could've been done better. It ended up just being 'meh'.

Read without any expectations. Despite my disappointment, it was good enough to help pass the time. <<less
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May 10, 2022
Status: Completed
This is a Simple, Sweet and Lovable story!

Our MC is just a normal simple person, but with a nice heart and good personality! When he woke up from his Frozen state, he immediately pampered by all the Robot race. He finally can enjoying his healthy life with so much excitement now. But he was never greedy nor softy.

All the Robot Race people are Sentient! If you think that was unrealistic; remember than this is Fictional AND in many Modern Fantasy novel that has 'System', the AI System also has all... more>> those Human-like characteristics. So it's not unusual thing!

ML is Possessive and Clingy, but his action is always sweet and never cross the line. He always consider MC's feelings! And MC always know how to coax the Vinegar jar ML ! 🤭 I admit I ALMOST stop from reading this novel because I think I wasn't in the mood to just simple Slice of Life Fluff. But right after chapter 20, we get to see more than just simple life of MC around the Robot people. There's more Race introduced and play Supporting Characters and it's GREAT!!!

Sure this Novel is not Perfect.

There's no conclusion or no mention of anything related to what-if the last human finally die, etc etc. We just know MC's body is already close to perfect where he can live very long life, and because the Robot Race people are Super Strong and Protective!


I'll give it 8/10. And I do truly Loving this novel! <<less
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Oct 23, 2021
Status: Completed
Not much plot, but alot of fluff. Its a very short read. It’s can be science fiction so don’t dwell on the details too much. Thank you
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Jul 13, 2021
Status: Completed
this is just pure fluff. The last human MC was being spoiled and pampered by the fearsome robot race, giving him whatever he wants. Which kinda reminded me of 'I'm not human'. Anw, the robots spoiled the MC a lot they

... more>>

even went as far as kidnapping, well, forcing the princes, and princess, noble children, to leave their homes to accompany the MC as his playmates, and tour guides XD


this novel also have little drama/conflict, when


the MC got separated from the robot race, and came to a planet by himself accidentally, and just in time when there was a disaster happening on the planet. Lucky tho, the MC was inside a bubble something so he wouldn't even get tired from running cause he would just float. The only issue would be his food problem, but he met a group of people, and the leader had a crush on the MC, naturally wouldn't let him starve by giving him sweet potatoes. The MC was almost hurt but the robots came in time to kill those bugs/insects.


anw, if u'r looking for pure fluff, then this is it ah~ <<less
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