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“Sanctuary” was the first holographic online game of the Blue Star system.

Qiao Nan unified the devil race, pacified the human world, and almost killed the gods when the “Sacred Realm” was deleted.

Qiao Nan, who should have been ejected from the game, was trapped in the game, experiencing one censored internal test after another.

During this period, Qiao Nan changed countless camps, magic, elves, sea, human, and even the divine realm, relying on the deletion of the file, but also recklessly increasing the goodwill of the NPCs and races.

Then on a day when Qiao Nan was quietly unaware, “Sanctuary” was publicly tested.

Thinking the file had been again, Qiao Nan once again chose the Demon camp.

The man who was appointed by him as the Archduke of the Demon Clan knelt down on one knee and kissed his hand.

Welcome back, my king

Qiao Nan: ????

However, the situation was still much more than that, and when he went to the other races, he found that things seemed to be a bit big. The high priest of the elves, the prince of the sea race who had been imprisoned for a hundred years, the great hero of the human race a hundred years ago, and the god of light …… who was forced to sleep in the divine realm all cast a respectful yet frenzied gaze at him.

Qiao Nan: Wait, what’s going on?!

The worlds seemed to have…… fused.

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August 7, 2021
Status: c50
OK just writing a review so that anyone interested can know a bit more. Even though I haven't finished the book yet it's sooo good like don't expect romance and the CP to be obvious from the beginning because I had to wait until like ch45 to guess who the ML probably is.

Not to say that this is a harem novel because I HATE harem novels and this doesn't give off that vibe and is very 1v1. My guess from the context clues is that

... more>>

The ML is the mc's boss in real life, and he's also an investor for the game. He left parts of himself in the game to protect anyone who gets stuck and those parts fell in love with him. He might also be the mc's childhood friend who he can't remember


The novel is really well written and doesn't have unnecessary plot points and the MTL is understandable. Anyway might edit this after I finish the novel but it's really good so far and would definitely recommend it <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ylial rated it
March 25, 2022
Status: Completed
Good Novel but has some plot holes. It is also lengthy and not much exciting part. Good plot but mediocre. Probably got disappointed by the love development between MC and ML. MC didn't fall in love in his own world and fame world despite several confessions and he kept turning a blind eye to the suggestive actions and feelings of others. Then all of the sudden, he blushes when the ML confessed yet he didn't even love him before in human world 😅

The MC is really the darling of the... more>> worlds (protagonist). He's like a walking plug in. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
J.A.M. rated it
August 3, 2022
Status: Completed
It's good but definitely not suitable for impatient reader.

The novel have many loopholes but it quite acceptable because the story is broad. And being fully detailed is actually not necessary for me. The story is long. It's not long because the chapters are many but because the details of the story are thick. You will find yourself thinking many things and wonder if the story is about to end. While reading this I always wonder when will the novel ends lol.

The characters is good. MC wasn't swayed to stay buy... more>> the people inside the game which is actually a small world and stick to his goal which is to return and take revenge to his family. ML is not featured much at first. You won't expect it and will think that this novel is a harem but it's not! Those people who fell in love with MC are ML's avatar.

All in all, it's interesting and fulfilling~ Thanks for translating. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ariens rated it
September 2, 2021
Status: Completed
Easy to understand if you want to MTL. There is little romance in this story, it is mostly focused on the issues and problems within the race as well as the 7 fragment ML trying to compete with each other for MC. Overall this is a very engaging novel.

This story is about MC who got trapped in the game world for thousand of years trying to look for a way out back to reality for revenge. To do that, he have to accomplish all the achievements in the game for... more>> each race (Demon, Celestial, Elves, Orc, Dragon, Human, Mermaid) and ultimately become the God.
The ML in reality is also trying to get the MC out from the game, but the world is trapping the MC for some reason. The ML had left 7 fragments of himself in the world. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kall_ rated it
November 19, 2021
Status: Completed
I like the story and it's easy to understand.

The romance seems nonexistent, since the MC is so so soo sooo damn freaking dense. Or maybe he just think that it's not worth to fall for such a character? Well.

... more>>

Since he stuck is in 'game'. He just thought that they were just npc. Lol.


There's no harem vibe. Though, many characters fall for him. It's just a pity that he's just too dense. But there's no harem here okay. It's 1v1 HE


The ML just left his 7 fragments in the game, they fall for him. Just like I said MC is too dense.


Wait till the ch 145 something could you see the romance and the chapter end at 155 😑 like the heck?

You could even ignore the romance and just engage in his adventures. It's quite interesting if you read it yourself, you'll know.

Well story spoiler:


The MC was trap in a game but it's not really a game, it was actually a small world.

He needs to complete the system mission to go out.

ML fall in love first.

There's nothing to be said about MC family in outside (? /Big?) world, since they'll get clean up once MC got out.

MC also has family in the small world. His father the dragon king, I like him so much.

It's a pity you can't bring him to the outside world.

Maybe you can. But the story must continue after 155.

Well they just leave to our imagination.

1 day outside equal to 100 years in game. If I don't read it wrong.

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