The Jiang Family’s Little Girl Has Magic Powers


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Big news! Big news!

The people of Qingzhou spread the word to each other.

After 200 years of not having any daughters, the Jiang family of Xijin Ferry has finally given birth to a baby girl.

Legend has it that this baby girl was born with great good fortune.

On the day she was born, the long drought-stricken land was blessed with sweet rain.

A few days after she was born, when her elders went up the mountain to hunt, they found a huge spiritual mushroom, resolving the family’s urgent need.

Half a year after she was born, her father topped the imperial exam and was appointed as the top scholar, bringing glory to their ancestors. After becoming an official, under the blessings of little darling, he successively grew new high-yield grain varieties that yielded thousands of catties per mu, shocking the world. It was smooth sailing all the way as he rose through the ranks.

The noble lords looked at Jiang Yuqing subtly gaining favor from the Emperor on behalf of his father, and then at their own daughters who only knew how to fight for attention and be jealous. Tears of envy flowed from the corners of their mouths.

Jiang’s father weakly raised his hand: I swear I didn’t teach her that, do you believe me?

The lords: Tsk…

Seeing the little girl become more and more outstanding, drawing a frenzied swarm of admirers, a certain prince was finally enraged, his sword sweeping across and leaving blood flowing like a river: A flower raised by me, how dare you!

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New User.948761
February 15, 2024
Status: c210
So I ended up not finishing.

The beginning of the story was exactly what I expected from the summary and I enjoyed it in all its cliche cuteness. But it sort of went downhill after MC became old enough to marry. All the combat situations was a bit too xenophobic and hateful towards other countries. I understand why (it maintains the us versus them, MC is the winner on top) but it was just a bit too much for me. Especially since this is supposed to be a fantasy world. But... more>> even that’s not quite right since MC uses her original world’s past history as basis to act against others and she’s totally biased from that.

MC’s golden finger is not just her magical space but also cultivation. Then the ML joins in too. 🤷‍♀️ It’s not a bad story. But I honestly think this story could have ended rig it after she gave birth and the story would have felt complete. Because after that seems to be some second arc. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
datterama32 rated it
December 21, 2023
Status: c182
I stopped reading after chapter 182 and came here to write this review.

The interactions between the characters are fun and enjoyment can be had if you aren't looking for anything thought provoking. The protagonist is OP and succeeds at everything. Her loving family gives the novel a relaxing feel that can be an oasis if you are more used to reading more dramatic offerings.

The problem comes when she encounters anyone not from Da Xia (alternate China analogue). They are all barbarians, cheats, s*upid, or savages as written in the story.... more>> The disdain was very apparent. I read on because it wasn't too bad in the various chapters that featured foreigners.

This most recent chapter though is just far beyond everything that has come before. The xenophobia was masked a little by previous conflicts, but this chapter just laid it out bare. This wasn't the protagonist's character setting anymore. This was the author's blatant self insert world view and his hatred for Japan.

China and Japan have a long history of conflict so I not going to touch on that can of worms, but the inclusion of such vitriolic writing destroyed the easy going vibe of the novel as a whole. If the previous examples were red flags, this chapter 182 was a red flag doused in gasoline and then lit on fire.

The author is entitled to his world view. I'm just not going to continue this mangled novel. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
dramamonster rated it
December 28, 2023
Status: c192
Relaxing, slice of life, fluffy read about an OP baby girl in ancient China. The villains are swiftly punished, and the good people are saved/rewarded. The ML is more appropriate. The family is great. The seniors and workers at Tai An Farm are wonderful. It's like an improved version of Fields of Gold.

Downside: There are xenophobic views - to make the FL's country appear more righteous/good, foreign countries are described as ... more>>

morally inferior, barbarians, super short, ugly, dumb, committing atrocities, etc., there's even one country that's described as rapists ingrained into their genes, and at one point the ML considers killing everyone in Japan...I don't know if these are the author's personal views (severe xenophobia), or if these story arcs are added in to satisfy domestic readers' nationalistic pride. The cute storyline didn't really need the foreign visitors/conquests. I'd deduct a star from the rating for this unnecessary xenophobia.


While chapters are released quickly, there are some inconsistencies, like wrong pronouns, alternate spellings (for example, Wo country/Wa country/Japanese, Sky Thunder/Thunder/Lei Dan) used, similar to what you'd see in MTL. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Tashio89 rated it
November 20, 2023
Status: c70
FL might be OP, but what I love about this story is that FL family is living together harmoniously. There is no freaking bloody drama or scheming between family member. FL love her family, and help her family to advance and develop into one of the noble family. This is a slice of life story and good for light read.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Honeycomb rated it
November 15, 2023
Status: Completed
It's very slice of life and because MC is too OP, it can get boring. Lots of farming and managing a country. I love the MC she's so cute at first. But, she's OP throughout the whole novel. Unless you're into it, it might seem excessive. The ML is great too he's happy to just follow along and support MC in whatever she does. I love the family though so supportive and loving.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Yamatohime rated it
December 16, 2023
Status: c162
While I would give 5 stars if author would stick with initial premise, I can only rate it as 3 stars for now. Technically, it is basically "Average Abilities" but with Mary Sue instead of more-or-less in depth characters. It became glaring with fighting arcs where it became obvious that even main character has no personality but just a function. Still, it is not as bad as Star Wars 7-9 episodes so you can enjoy reading this novel.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Medea_p13 rated it
December 12, 2023
Status: c86
I like most of it so far, it's just slow in a lot of boring areas and fast in parts that would probably be more interesting as well as the leads reactions to certain thing just aren't realistic and it puts me off, for example, I understand that during the ancient period women didn't have much status and were usually seen as objects, luckily this isn't the case for our lead but! Giving all her accomplishments to other people or being almost completely indulging and selfless just irritates me, it's... more>> fantasy so a lot of things aren't realistic but certain aspects should be so. I like the concept of this novel and it has really great potential but I don't know why there's just so much that could be better or changed. Overall, I'll keep reading it for now but I don't know how long it'll keep my focus. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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