Farmer’s Blessed Girl


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Zhou’s fourth son incurred debts whilst gambling, his mother was seriously ill, and the casino thugs wanted Man Bao to sell herself to them to offset the gambling debts.

The villagers claimed the Zhou family’s darling’s (Man Bao) good days has come to an end, and Mrs Zhou was crying while holding Man Bao’s hand.

Man Bao used her “system” and led her family to open up the wasteland, grow vegetables, plant medicinal materials, and open shops…

As the days got better, her sisters-in-law began to worry about Man Bao’s marriage.

“Man Bao, Mr Zhuang’s grandson looks good. He is gentle and educated. He is a good match for you.”

“Man Bao, it’s better to choose the Qian family’s son. He is handsome and obedient. He will definitely not talk back to you.”

Man Bao pursed her mouth and smiled, “I’ve already thought about it. I’ll choose Bai Shan Bao, whom I have beaten up since childhood!”

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Farmer’s Little Girl
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EnterandRejoice rated it
September 22, 2021
Status: c3000
Hi Man Bao's fans, apologies. Life and work caught on and translations would be discontinued. However, you can still enjoy the novel via MTL. Take care and stay safe!


Hi! I'm the translator of the novel!

I have been stalking Novel Updates for more than 5 years! Every new added chapter to the novels I was reading enthralled me and made my day. I have read many, many novels and I must say this book, with a couple of volumes, with over 3, 000 chapters (novel is still in progress) is ONE... more>> of my all-time favourite books.

In this novel, we meet Man Bao, our female protagonist. At four years old when the adventures kick off, she is the cutest, most adorable, kind-hearted, generous, and clever little girl. I love her interactions with her family members and her "system", a plant and animal collector, a branch of an intelligent encyclopaedia which is pervasive in a more advanced and sophisticated world.

The novel chronicled Man Bao's growth, her friendships, and fights with her two fellow disciples, how she transformed her family's situation of extreme poverty into one of the wealthiest in the country, and how she became the empire's leading medical professional amidst dangers and many a twist. The step-by-step progression of the characters' growth and major elements came across as totally natural, and enjoyable to read.

I have laughed out loud at many a times (aiyoh, she bites when fighting), cried along with her and others, and felt deeply for many of the characters who were wonderfully fleshed out. I also enjoyed the fact that she is loved and doted upon by her parents, siblings, and later, by her friends, husband and many who came to know her.

Amazingly, even after 3, 000 chapters, none of them had ever gone out of character. This novel, and Man Bao, especially is a gem, and inspired me to invest time and energy to translate and share this novel.

I hope you will enjoy this novel as much as I am...

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Ziavory rated it
March 26, 2022
Status: c300
It a really good book! But after reading hundreds of chapters, I keep getting bothered by one single point.

Despite stating at the beginning that the MC was the smartest, causing her to get picked by system at the beginning, after the ML comes into the picture... now she’s the second smartest.

This makes no sense because the system chose the MC due to her Iq which was supposedly super high for her time period. [Time period!] not village or town, or country. So it makes no sense for he ML to... more>> be smarter than the MC other than the author subconsciously wanting the ML to be better than the MC.

This would have been fine had the author not kept repeating that the ML is smarter than the MC, thus making the one point at which the MC was better than the ML at, invalid.

I know it seems like a dumb thing to be annoyed about, but the feeing of uncomfortableness I kept getting as the story progresses due to the authors subtly misogynistic views portrayed in other parts of the story just made me quit. <<less
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pimni rated it
October 1, 2021
Status: c622
Thank you translator for picking up this novel. I am currently MTL ing it and in love with it. All my free time is being spent on reading it (which is saying great because Kdrama are my first love and there are so many series to need to binge-watch).

So pls keep on translating and I highly highly recommend this novel for anyone who loves a slice of life/farming/rags to riches story.

Now why I love it. First, the MC is very real; and by that I mean, she is real as... more>> a smart child of her age. Unlike other novels, she is not a transmigrated or reborn soul, but just a smart girl who by chance got an interstellar system. She doesn't depend totally on the system; she is very intelligent and some of her conclusions and observations are her own. In fact, the system chose her because she has a high IQ.

Next, society is very real. The parents are believable, there is no annoying relative to create drama and the family lives in harmony. The brothers are just so lovable with each their own strength. The upper class is also very rooted; no one behaves in a very OP manner (at least till where I am right now).

Now why people may not like it; the first thing is it is huge. Plus, it is a bit slow and the chapters where the MC and her friends are studying and discussing books with their teacher can be a bit drag. However, it is not super slow, they skip months and also the situation and conflicts change from time to time. Romance is still now not there as the MC is still 12 at 600 chapters. <<less
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Runamukluk rated it
March 4, 2022
Status: c1400
Agree with the translator. This is a great and epic length story. Its a mix of interstellar world- building, ancient China type setting, a helpful and benevolent system, protagonist with mystery background, imperial intrigue, cast of interesting characters besides the main characters (Bai Er Lang, I get you dude! and Idol Magistrate Yang, you iceblock!) medical skill training, business how to, foodie-ism, flora and fauna show and tell, perspectives into Chinese worldview, familial culture and literary allusions... there's comedy, intrigue, some angst, high drama, nobility and low behaviour, but somehow... more>> the mix is not distracting. I really love this book and am powering through at almost 1400 chapters now... The only down side is the low number of translated chapters. Translator jiayou! You're benefitting humanity! <<less
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Avrohom rated it
November 1, 2022
Status: c160
Man Bao is the cutest, the most endearing girl in all Chinese literature. Reading this novel is very relaxing and calming. I even shed a puddle of tears when her father allowed her, a four years old child from a remote mountain village, to actually have a master (to be privately schooled by the village school teacher). Not just because she was a girl but because they were so poor and still satisfied her desire for learning and went on with providing the gifts for her master during the student... more>> acceptance ceremony.

Other reviewers provided good descriptions and plenty of detail about what this enormous novel is about. It is not a very exciting slice of life, but it is not boring either. It is mostly soothing, a "feel good" piece of work about good people bringing up their kids properly and slowly beginning to live a better life and then, eventually, the best life that the fruits of their labor can give people at that time and that place.


The ML is introduced in ch 35 when the FL is just 4 years old and he is a young kid as well. He fought with her little nephew, she interfered. They fight and she bites him! Next, they become deskmates and good friends.


Responding to Ziavory about the FL being the smartest in her time period and in her world...


No, she was not the smartest in the universe in that time period, nor in her world. Keke, the system, chose the smartest soul in 100miles radius to be his host when he landed in the FL's world by accident. The system was not even aware that it was a 2-3years old poor village girl at the time, a sickly toddler with a very poor future ahead of her, which was not beneficial to the system at all. He just bonded with her and then decided that if anything, after her death years later, he will find a better host that would help the system to return to its world.

The ML (and his widowed mom) was nowhere near that area at the time. The system did not know about his existence. They came to live in the FL's village nearly two years later to escape their cruel relatives.

Then the system accessed his IQ and told the FL a few things. One, that that boy was smarter than her, but also 1-2 years older. Two, that being smart is not a static thing, one's IQ improves both with age and with learning. Three, that even if the boy is born smart and studies hard it does not mean he will pass the imperial level exams in the future. Because there are many people are as smart as him but much more diligent than him. A lot hinges on the skill of passing tests successfully.

This novel truly does not discriminate, because it has Keke, the system from the distant interstellar future. It knows that biologically people are born equally intelligent across all sexes or genders. An average girl is as smart as an average boy. And there are as many smart girls as there are smart boys.

Keke the system teaches the FL that being born with a certain level of IQ, equal, higher or lower than someone else's IQ is not the end, but just the beginning, and in itself it does not guarantee anything in life. There are many kinds of intelligence after all, no two geniuses are alike even in the same field of expertise. That actually helps the FL to strive for something, to compete with her deskmate (the ML), to work harder.


It's beautiful. May God bless the author, it's about true farming, deliciously well written and well translated. It is so good, I would give it a thousand stars, not just five, if I could. An amazing find! 💖 <<less
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Kkadae rated it
January 20, 2022
Status: c860
I didnt realize that this novel has 3300 chapters at first. When I started mtl-ing, I hesitated because I don't read something with more than 500 chapters!

But I really love this novel. It's so fascinating! Author is good at keeping me interested. Currently mtl-ing chapter 860 and the fascination is still going strong.

The characters are varied with quirky personalities, which I found quite realistic. So far, most plot is happening in her village and the neighbouring county where the MC and ML studying.

As mentioned by previous review, it's... more>> recommended for anyone who loves farming/slice-of-life. Anyone who likes to read child story must read this novel, because I got many good laugh from reading the MC and ML's adventure, especially when they do it with their junior brother or MC's family.

Romance is not yet sighted but signs of blooming romance already appeared

ML is finally enlightened only in chapter 860


I really enjoyed reading the novel. I have no regret cutting my sleeping time to binge-read! <<less
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benjibabe rated it
January 15, 2022
Status: c40
The Translator's (EnterandRejoice's) review convinced me to try this out and I am glad I did. It is a charming narrative so far. The usual cliche's have enough unique twist to not be draggy. The characters appear to have some dimension even this early on. I am greatly looking forward to the continuation of this story and will patiently wait for the translator's high quality offerings. Thank you, Translator!
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 18, 2023
Status: --
This novel is really worth the read. I'm glad I gave this a chance even though it was really long. The MC is really a likeable child and although she's said to be smart, she still has her innocence and childishness that fits her age. She learns fast but she's not all knowing. There are many things that she doesn't understand and it's completely understandable as the story started with her being just a child.
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