A Blessed Daughter


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Wei Ruo, a highly skilled doctor, was transmigrated as a female supporting role in a novel. She was left neglected in the countryside for ten years and returned back when she was thirteen years old.

Seeing that she only knew how to grow flowers, grass and vegetables all day long, everyone thought that she was a peasant woman.

As the female supporting role, Wei Ruo did not want to fall in love with the male lead, nor did she want to compete with the female lead. All she was thinking about was to make money, make money, and make money!

When the fake daughter was still worried that Wei Ruo’s return would affect her status, Wei Ruo had quietly saved up a private fund.

When the fake daughter was still trying to attract the male lead’s attention, Wei Ruo had already made a big fortune.

If you want money, you have money, if you want food, you have food, The shop was opened one after another.

Later, her brother became the first minister, her father became the general, and the one sitting on the emperor’s chair was her husband.

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13 Reviews

Oct 14, 2023
Status: c112
I think @readercomin’s review is too much biased to the og fl. I’ll put my opinion against her review to our MC.

Firstly, she talked about why she doesn’t believe her family? Why should she? They never believed her, given her the real love what she deserves. Whenever something bad happens; her mother, brother blames her first. Like they gives everything to the fake and blames their bio child. In what basis should she believe them?

Secondly, Comin said why she doesn’t treat her younger brother rightly? Are you crazy? That... more>> child is disrespectful towards her all the time, still she doesn’t reprimand him. He’s so wrapped up with og FL, that she continues to hurt her with fake accusations and insult. Still I could forgive him as a child. But when he got kidnapped because of his own s*upidity, he implicated our MC even after knowing she could be gang r*ped, tortured and mu*dered brutally. This from nowhere makes him a child to be worth forgiven. Still our MC saved him but he still insulted her. This child is the most disgusting annoying brat I've ever read about.

Thirdly, that reviewer said MC was too biased by the og story. Her father and brother was different. Why she not believe them? Why will she? Her other family members were exactly like the novel. And if she really behaved like og MC then wouldn't they do the same things as they did to og MC.

Finally, comin said "Why would you accuse people of faults that they never make? I'll throw that question to mc‘s family. Yes, why would they do that to MC Everytime? When she never made any mistake. And why they not believe her, when she never did anything that hurt their reputations.

The whole family is hypocrite and the review is totally biased. I'm currently in c112, I thought I'll review after finishing but can't as the review is full of missinfos. <<less
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Dec 12, 2023
Status: c610
I have so many thoughts. The most prominent being my irritation; I endured 607 chapters before they confessed their feelings and consummated.

Plot: MC can't catch a break. If it's not natural disasters, it's epidemics, it's war, it's famine, it's imperial disputes.


    • I appreciate her OP_ness because she worked hard for all her skills. She didn't inexplicably gain them from her space/system.
    • MC can hold a grudge that it has you feeling sorry for the perpetrators; but the author doesn't let you feel that for too long because, 1. They are repeat offenders, 2. Their offence is egregious, 3. MC is justified to hold the grudge.
    • I can't stand her low EQ. I'm trying to place her mental age because her insensitivity to ML is ridiculous. But I guess both her life experiences never prepared her for romance.
Birth Mum

    • The list of her offences is way too long, the greatest being she consistently tolerated Wei Qingwan despite knowing her bad character. Wei Qingwan endangered all three of her birth children yet Mum still dared to posture as a mother and order the other kids to swallow their grievances.
    • She was a great submissive wife. It made me understand that she was a product of her environment, though it really wasn't an excuse for her shortsightedness and low IQ
Birth dad

    • Everyone under the sun can accuse the mum except this man. He was a HORRIBLE husband. He never treated her as a partner, he introduced an illegitimate son and still didn't explain anything when ML restored his identity, he was unavailable and allowed his family to ill-treat her. His disappointment really irritated me because he never explicitly advised or corrected her attitude towards the two girls
It felt like author was wrapping things up but more political turmoil ahead. I guess MC & ML will be forced to take the throne after all.
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Aug 27, 2023
Status: c60
Long, drawn out story focused on interpersonal relationships connected to farming and making money.

Don’t expect revenge or face slapping early on or frequently. MC is smart and sly mouthed but isn’t vengeful. She mostly thinks about farming, making money and eating yummy food. She doesn’t think about anything else much.

A lot of the story that does not include MC is based on politics or something along that line. I really expected happy go lucky farming and face slapping but instead got Japanese pirates and colonels, counts, nobility, etc. I feel... more>> like I’m reading a war novel instead.

Even though MC is smart and sly mouthed, she’s kind of dumb too. Like we get that since she’s a woman, she can’t do certain things... However, she never tried to hide her identity or run away from the plot by simply changing her name. She already doesn’t use her real name to manage her shops/projects, so why exactly is she with her real family? She isn’t there for revenge. MC wants to actually stay away from the OG story line so why doesn’t she just live at her own compound under an alias? These are some plot holes I don’t really understand.

Another thing is:


Her spatial world doesn’t come into play at all for most of the story?? They barely explain it and just totally forgot about this ability. Like how many more sweet potatoes do she got to grow in order to level up? What is exactly driving her to even upgrade this ability?


There are so many better novels about farming and revenge that I think this one should be left alone. If you like politics, war terminology/ (fake) history, then you might enjoy this - though there are better novels in that genre as well. <<less
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Reader coming through
Reader comin
Oct 02, 2023
Status: c118
The story is not bad, the MC is OP but it's interesting. I like the relationship between MC and ML.

But, I don't understand why she reacts that way with her family. She's way too influenced by the original owner life.

... more>>

One. She asks the family to take her side and believe in her. They don't because the adopted daughter testified against her. And from then on it's like she doesn't consider them family (all of them! Some were not even here).

I mean... you came a month ago, the other one was here for 13 years, there are no other witnesses apart from Mama Li and you expect them to believe you without any doubt ?! If they did I would feel bad for the adopted daughter... and the family would be way too superficial.

Two. She's from Modern Times... when and where would you consider the 7 y-o brother like an enemy? I don't mean that she shouldn't fight back (he's insolent) but she doesn't try to change her baby brother, or treat him sincerly. Only for revenge (on a 7 y-o child) would she acts as a sister... (bcs she decides to ask for a martial art teacher and seperate him from the toxic sister).

Three. The eldest brother and father are the most innocent but she treats them coldly. Never helping volontary only for her own benefit.


And the reasons she treats them coldly is because of the original owner's tragic fate. But she acted in a way which sadly explain why this happen. Our MC never did that, so the chance for this future is nearly 5%. Why would you accuse people of faults they may never make?

Also the villainess (the adopted daughter) is a pitiful third-rate villain. Everytimes she reactes the same way and gets the same results but never never learn. She bores me. At first she was a bit interesting because she was slowly blackening in front of our eyes. I was expecting some interesting fights but it's like she never passed the tutorial level.

Because she's like that the mother and second brother who are partial to her look ret*rded too. Because when she uses the same tactics not once but nth times, shouldn't you reconsider her white lotus character? I miss a true villain.

It's the main reasons I don't feel like continuing. I expected some bondings between family members (not a feeling that she is and will forever be a guest in her own house) and some true conflits between the two sisters (not one sided beatings). <<less
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Jul 02, 2023
Status: c171
This story is actually pretty good read, better than I expected. It is mostly about MC making money and having a bit of family drama. If you are here for romance then go search somewhere else.
Nonetheless it is quite engaging story, I wasn't bored reading it and didn't skip any arks because I thought they were too tedious.

As far as historical novels go this one is just enough accurate for that time period. I have seen in some stories how madams from prestigious families curse like sailors. There is... more>> no such thing here.

Some things are a bit farfetched in the story, but not critically so, it is mostly about how much MC is allowed to get away with her actions as a woman.

The most mind boggling thing for me was the fact that everyone was cool with MC being a doctor. I mean 13 year old little girl wrote a prescription or gave some weird concoction and you didn't question it at all and drank with no hesitation. ??? I know that at 15 you are already good to marry as political tools, but it is different. It is about their own bodies, their health, their lives. You don't take someone on their word like that.


MC is such an interesting character. Mostly kept reading because of how much I like her. She has been abused in her previous life and in this life kinda 50/50 and she still remains kind. Not a pushover though. Her ability to stay calm in all situations is simply amazing. On her place I really would have snapped at those annoying guys ten times already. I enjoy her very polite and logical discussions (quarrels) with others, mostly her own mother and sister. Seriously MC is the gem of this novel.

Okay, now why not 5 stars?

First of all.

The amount of tropes that you really don't need.

a) MC has transmigrated into novel. Seriously the amount of info we get about the original novel is practically couple of sentences.

MC doesn't work with that information at all. There wouldn't be 'oh some new business will appear there I am gonna invest' or so so. It is only used as her reason to stay away from some people.

Honestly I am a bit confused about the setting as a whole. Maybe I zoned out a bit? Or accidentally skipped?
It is stated that MC transmigrated into novel but then they will say that she has lingering feelings from original owner about people whom she will meet only in the future. So how does it work?

b) MC has a space. This thing is really f*cking useless. I think she could really do without it.

c) MC is from modern times. We know nothing about what she did back then. I just feel like it could have been a bit more explained.
d) switched at birth. It is important to the story and isn't redundant. But with all of above it feels too much.

Second of all.

MC is OP. Extremely so. She can farm even on the most barren lands. Medical Herbs, rare spices and crops.

She is medic who somehow knows how to make those old medicine with the herbs you pick yourself from f*cking mountains. And her prescriptions are of course better than all others physicians.

She can cook, brew wine, make conserved food. Literally anything.

She is also successful businesswoman somehow.

I seriously dunno how can she do all of that. It would have been annoying if she wasn't such levelheaded low-key character.

The third issue is boring ML. If that guy existed in real life he would have been the most greenest flag ever, But it is novel. So he is just not interesting, not as male lead not as a character himself, I am just that much not curious about him and his development.

I racked my brains how to describe him.

Bland as f*ck. That's it.

Sometimes can get a tiny bit jealous but not show it in any way? That is seriously the most notable thing about him...

I really hoped someone else would be ML lead. Because this story actually has some pretty interesting side male characters.
There were so many options and author chose the most boring.

Her sister

To be honest I have mixed feelings about her. I feel like author wanted readers to have negative feelings towards her. She is never displayed in a good light and portrayed as annoying white lotus.
Honestly I like antihero characters, if she straight up admitted to herself not even to others, that she indeed wanted to get rid of MC then I would have probably liked her. But her hypocrisy is disgusting.

From another side she is just 13 year old little girl who was spoiled by her parents and lived in a 'well' her whole life. Probably for the first time? she is experiencing jealousy, fear of abandonment and so on. She was taught to depend on her her family and then on her husband in the future. Obviously now that the possibility of being unable to depend on her parents came to be, wouldn't it be completely out of her wits? Yes, her actions are less than pleasant, but kinda understandable?


It is just feels comical that the biggest rival of MC is a little girl. Her counterattack to keep her position doesn't feel like some ingenious evil scheme but desperate fumbling of a drowning child. <<less
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Aug 06, 2023
Status: c480
A great novel read!

One of the hidden gems on NU, I dare say.

My fellow reader-mates @PurplexStar and @busilak have pretty much already expressed what I wanna say about this awesome storyline, so I won't repeat same.

... more>> Furthermore, I agree with @busilak. The MTL is indeed as great as the ongoing Translation. Makes not much difference at all.

However, my gratuitous Thank You goes to Moonlight Teatime / Virichime for their wonderful hard work for taking up this translation and, to MTLNovel for sharing the MTL in such a godly timing that it satiates my hunger for more chapters.

Thinking back on it, when Moonlight Teatime started translating the first few chapters, I was so aggrieved to have been unable to find a MTL no matter however much I searched. Now two days ago, a random check at the translation status, I re-started reading the novel and read for free till Ch 37 at Moonlight Teatime. What is more mind-blowing is my half-hearted search which brought me to MTLNovel, where I was grateful to be able to read till Ch 480.

I personally have a deep reading hunger for amazing storylines, falling under tags like Transmigration/Rebirth/Reincarnation, business/money-making and ancient times/ancient China etc, so I can't say enough to express how much this novel is a yummilicious delight to devour!

I wish everyone a Happy Reading 💕 <<less
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Jul 19, 2023
Status: Completed
One of the better books I've read in a while. Still ongoing, but the slow updates are k¡ll¡ng me!

The characters well fleshed out and story are well-written.

Our MC is powerful, spunky and charasmatic. A not-so-typical 'swapped at birth' story where the MC is the real daughter. She has walls erected high and on opening a door to let her family in, all but 2 people broke her trust, so she stopped caring for them. While some of the family understand that they need to earn back the trust, others think... more>> it's their right. Our MC has multiple identities that lead to a few fun situations.

Our ML... he's there, just... he shows up later as the ML. So romance is still on, but later in the story. He still shows a lot of caring for our MC though and is a silent support by her side letting her do whatever she wants.


He gives up on the throne for our MC.


There's so much more to the ML's back story, I would have loved to read more about his past and his family.

There were other reviews about the mom and 'sister' (the one our MC was swapped with).

The mom is on a power trip. She likes to control things and our MC doesn't give up control. Mom has her own ideas about how a 'perfect woman' should be, which is nothing like our MC, but rather the daughter who she brought up (the sister). She believes the daughter that grew up in front of her eyes is the good one and the MC a 'wild village woman', never even giving her a chance. For her, towards the MC she only needs to find a good husband and her responsibilities are over.

For every incident that happenes where it's MC's word against her sister's most of the family automatically believe the sister without even giving the MC a chance to explain (literally only the sister speaks). It goes straight to punishment for the MC.

The sister is selfish. Her needs always come above others, even if it's a close family member. She goes around breaking her relationships with the people who trust her like it's the latest trend. All her actions are because she's 'scared of being sent back' or 'having the truth revealed'.


She gets her close eldest brother kidnapped to hide her affair. Keeps indulging the younger brother to be lead astray. Keeps throwing her mother under the bus when it comes to matters of reputation because 'mom's married with kids and old so she doesn't need to care as much as me, an unmarried girl'


The other close family members also have their own stories. The older brother who wants to forge a way out for his sister, the second brother who has a deep secret and the deepest relationship with our MC, a younger brother who is his sister's ardent supporter (later in the story) and a father who believes in giving all his kids an equal chance, even if it's the newly found daughter. Honestly, I wish we had more of the dad in the story. He is such an interesting character.

The more distant relatives like grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins are all selfish. The dad is an anomaly in the family. He's actually selfless and caring.


The family sold MC to an old man with kids older than her!

Her cousins tricked her into a brothel because she caused 'trouble' to their 'real' cousin.


Even characters like the MC's maid, her wet nurse and her family, other close and distant friends are well described and show character growth.

For MC, her maid, wet nurse and her family are more like real family. They give her familial love, are always behind her back and love her for who she is.

It's a really good book and well worth a read. The only frustrating thing being it's still being updated with slow updates.

Book is over and honestly, it was really good. But! The romance was sooooo lacking!


In 3 chapters, we rush through MC and ML confessing to each other, getting together and having a baby.


The ending was so rushed! The whole book was concluded in less than 5 chapters.

It's felt like the story had more to say, but the author ran out of pages and decided to write one sentence for every chapter she wanted to write.

Really good books can destroyed by bad endings, because it leaves us readers unfulfilled. <<less
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Jun 29, 2023
Status: c446
  1. Light hearted novel and nothing problematic so far for me aside from the mother and the white lotus sister but it's tolerable because the father of MC is impartial. I am really enjoying reading this novel rn! The MC is smart and very talented and she's also straightforward when dealing with those who has no good intention. This is not a Mary Sue story and the MC does not need the help of any males to do what she wants. There are not much romance going on but for me it does not make the story less interesting because all the endeavors of the MC is very entertaining. Although a woman in ancient times, it does not limit her to showcase some of her abilities and she gets the recognition due for her abilities. Tho on the other hand, I don't like her mother and sister they makes my blood boil lol. Anywayyy, you guys can search it's og name ig on the internet and read from there cos it currently has 446 chapter and you can just google translate it and I promise you it's not less than the english translations posted.
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Jan 14, 2024
Status: Completed
It is a story about a transmigrated girl which have a chinese doctor skill and wide knowledge of many things.

The story actually quite repetitive, where bad farming problem appear, farm space giving new corps, getting rich, buy more land for farming. While the original story goes astray, the annoying original female lead and the mother does the drama of bad daughter MC and good daughter original female lead.

The bad things is ... more>>

There is Wei Yichen which personality goes dark. I have a feeling that he somehow got the memory of himself of the original plot but it was never mentioned.

The space experience is very bad, it was mentioned that MC only reach level 3 in the beginning. But it was also mentioned that the farm inside space mature easily. It can matured rice only in 5 days to give MC rice seeds to help the farmer outside. So why only reach level 3 when MC even try to farm outside herself just to speed up space farm exp. So the system is faulty here.

The up and down of life was destroyed by the overwhelming of Male Lead. Male lead solved all the bad things and MC support by helping influential people and gain their support. The final battle even can't be called a battle but a farce of enemies. The final boss lose too easily.

The wide knowledge of MC is also weird, OK with the medicine cause she has master in modern world. But dyeing and bomb is a little too much. If it is in modern world maybe there will be an additional of hacking for her abilities.

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Jan 01, 2024
Status: Completed
I have mixed feelings about this novel. After ending it I can't say I like the ending very much. The writing is allright, but the novel felt somewhat boring and superficial. The antagonist does some superficial things to harm MC, but it doesn't amount to much.

This is a switched at birth story where Wei Qingruo (MC) is the real daughter of a captain in the military and was switched right after she was born and brought into a not too wealthy merchant family. A fortune teller told this merchant family... more>> that original body would kill her parents so MC was brought to the country at 3 years old with a maid and a nanny and raised there in poverty. The nanny was very good to MC and she survived because the nanny fed her from with own money.

Like many switched at birth stories, when MC returns to her real family, everyone in the family preferred the daughter they raised above MC.

In the novel MC's father died shortly after she returned to her family in a fight against the Japanese who are constantly trying to invade the country and rob them. The fight against the Japanese plays a large part in the novel. The family fell on hard times after that. The fake daughter Wei Qingwan in the novel became the concubine of the 7th prince Chu Lan and the 7th prince became the emperor. The 7th prince had Wei Qingruo executed. In the novel Wei Qingwan never acted against Wei Qingruo herself.

The novel starts when Wei Qingruo is 13 and is found by her family. It stays unclear how the family found out about the switch for a long time.

We find out much later in the novel that a servant told them she was switched.


In the novel MC craved the love of parents and did everything to get her families' love, quarreling a lot about them preferring the daughter they raised and loses their "love" even more. MC however does not
fight them or quarrel with them to get their attention and even shows good manners which the original did not, but they still always prefer the daughter they raised and believe in her.

While in the original novel Wei Qingwan never acted against MC because the family always preferred her, she does act against MC in this life, after MC gets a good name because of her deeds. We slowly see her blackening and hating MC more and more when MC becomes more well known. She starts to feel the family prefers MC, though as reader it is clear the family always favors the fake daughter. The ways she tries to act against MC are very amateurish. The novel mainly shows her annoying MC, but there is no really extreme action against MC from her side, though she really starts to hate MC like already mentioned.

I can understand the family favoring the fake daughter up to a certain point. They loved her and took care of her for 13 years and think they know her. I would find it very weird myself if a family suddenly stopped loving a daughter they raised when they find out the daughter was switched. And if the daughter they raised tells them MC pushed them or she accidentally fell against her I can understand them believing her. But when it is clear MC can't get along with the fake daughter, they (mostly mother) should stop trying to get MC to give her possessions to the fake, bring her along to certain events, etc. They disappoint her again and again by trying to force the fake daughter on her and showing they prefer her.

I also understand MC. MC had an abusive father in her previous life. She knows from the novel acting angry when the family shows they favor the fake will only work against her. I think the author succeeds in showing that MC is disappointed again and again when they believe the fake above her and favor her. When she arrives at her parents home they show little attention to her. They have a nanny, who dislikes MC, teach her rules (which MC doesn't pay attention to) for a few days in a neglectful way, only give her some clothes of the fake daughter and don't really pay attention to her by asking her about her life, show interest in her etc.

In a way the author shows they try to like her, but I don't think they do their best. They try to be nice, but don't really do their best to welcome her or make her feel home. They are also rather prejudiced towards her. And in every clash they favor the fake daughter.

MC is a very nice and good person herself. She doesn't act much against the fake daughter. She likes earning money and starts different kinds of businesses dressed as a man (growing crops like rice, potatoes, making wine, spices, tea, few different kinds of shops that sell food, stationary, etc). She tries to help the people who are starving and homeless because of bad harvests by giving away free food, giving jobs on her land, enabling the cultivation of barren ground, healing people, etc. She becomes well known because of her knowledge of growing crops and cultivating barren ground and helping the people in her province.

MC is very OP. She is a genius doctor. As a doctor she can reattach an arm that has been cut of from its body, she has a scar removal cream that can remove all scars, which even we in modern times have not invented yet (as far as I know). She can make barren ground fertile, make wine, metal, bombs, paper, cotton clothes, dye for clothes, etc. She isn't physically strong though. Her maid who always accompanies her and is her best friend is a strong martial artist who protects her.

MC has a magical space, but it is hardly mentioned and stays rather vague. It is hardly used.

ML stays rather bland for me. He is nice, takes good care of MC and isn't the cold CEO type. He blushes easily, gets drunk very easily and is a very good martial artist. He lets MC do what she wants.

ML is the second brother in her family. He lives a rather secluded life in the Wei family. He is known as the illegitimate son of a concubine of father Wei. In reality he is the 9th son of the emperor who was hidden with the Wei family by his mother's family after his mother died. MC's father was grateful to ML's family because they helped him was and agreed to pretend ML was the son of his lover / concubine when he took him in as a baby.


A major point in the entire novel is that MC doesn't like being a woman in the backyard and wants to marry a farmer to be able to do what she wants. I don't understand why she doesn't run away at a certain point and start a life on her own pretending to be a widow. She has earned a lot of money and could live a comfortable life on her own and she doesn't like living with her family. She has a friend who could create a false identity for her.

Her father is willing to let her marry a farmer or poor man to let her live the life she wants, but his parents prevent a wedding with such a man. Her family (grandparents / elders) want her to marry a 60 year old man who has been widowed twice. After she manages to get her engagement cancelled the emperor orders her to marry the 9th prince. At that point she doesn't know yet that he is her second brother. She marries him without trying anything and without him telling her in advance about his real identity.

If she doesn't want to harm her family by running away I'm sure she could have come up with a way to pretend she had died.

In the end ML becomes the emperor and she becomes his empress. This would be the most restricting life I could imagine with the way the novel shows everything is restricted for women. ML had no problem letting her dress up as a man before, but I imagine that would become difficult when she became empress. However the novel ends when he becomes emperor so we don't know how her life is after that.


At a whole I found the end rather disappointing which lowered my rating a lot. <<less
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Dreamy Moon
Oct 29, 2023
Status: c125
I did not like the MC's character very much. If she could be a little better to her family, then the story would have been very pleasant to read. But all she cared abt was her second brother, even though her other siblings (except the little bro and fake sister) were good to her.

She's judging everyone based on the memories of the original Wei Rou, so her relationship with her family may look harmonious outside but it's cold inside.

If the MC does not like her family, then she could have... more>> left the family. As an op person who knows medical knowledge, military knowledge, farming knowledge and business knowledge she could have done it, but she did not.

MC knows the plot and she could have used it to her advantage but she's adamant on running away from it.

And I bet if she tried, she could have send out the fake sister away instead of arguing and making a drama with her everytime they meet.

The novel was good at start, but then it left an astringent taste later on. <<less
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Nov 16, 2023
Status: c582
11/20/2023 chapter 582

Pretty much everything I expected to happen happened. ... more>>

ML the "second brother" is actually the 9th prince. MC continues to be her amazing self. OG!ML is interested in MC. I'm satisfied by how MC doesn't forgive her bio mom. MC's adopted sis (Qingwan) is annoying as ever and gets what she deserves.


Court politics are a bit of the sidenote. Focus is still very much on farming and helping the people. This story is slow burn to the next level. At least MC and ML are married.

11/16/2023 chapter 87

I'm still enjoying it it's still very much a farming slice of life story.

I forget which chapter, but it's strongly hinted that 2nd brother is not an actual brother - he thinks to himself that MC might be angry once she knows he's not "... " (his sentence isn't finished).


11/16/2023 chapter 58

So far it's fun enough to read. Much of it is slice of life style since it follows MC's daily life. I'm actually glad I gave this a chance. The negative reviews almost deterred me. But honestly, I think MC's reaction to her family is normal. Yes, her memories from OG cannon fodder influence her decisions but why wouldn't it? Those same people continue to act in the same way. Also, she's around 13 I think? She's an adult in a child's body. There's a lot she cannot do as both a girl and a child. I saw a review say why doesn't she just leave - she can't because she a child and one of a prominent family. Also, she has businesses tied to the general area... what is she going to do if she leaves?? She can't survive with zero dollars. Additionally her goal to gather experience points to cultivate her space which means she needs access to farming land.

Also, much of the story is already predictable.

At around chapter 30ish, I already theorized that the ML is the "2nd brother" who probably is not a brother but a prince. There are so many hints about it. Firstly, the MC's father has no concubines but suddenly he brought home a son with an "unknown" mother? He's left to on his own with a kitchen and no one bothers him. The MC's father treats him super well. These are just a few of the hints.

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Aug 07, 2023
Status: --
The story is really good, with good writing and decent plot. The translation also amazing. It's just not having many chapters on the list makes me worry if I would be able to read the rest of the story.

I give 4 stars and took one simply for my preference on some plot matters that would definitely different for each person. I am personally don't like any story with book TS stuff. Because most of the case the author will need to lower the original main character favoribly by making them... more>> in some sort of villain type of character. Even of both are written by the same character, I just kinda feel this type of story distasteful. That's why I took one stars for the matter.

However the MC character are really nice and decent, she is the strong and logically maintained type of character. I hope there will be no romance for the time being, I want to read a much more quality time with the main character as the sole focus on the story. <<less
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