The Haunted


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Chi Yan had always had a weak constitution, and ghosts had always tried to kill him. He had tried many ways to change his situation, but it was all futile.

Coincidentally, Third Master Ye of Shiming City passed away, and a priest informed Chi Yan that Third Master Ye possessed the “look of demon,” Carrying a bit of this man’s ashes and installing an altar for him at home could help control the evil spirits around Chi Yan.

Left with no choice, Chi Yan took a gamble. Amazingly, it worked. However he didn’t expect that he’d be instead be haunted by the most persistent ghost of them all.

Obsessed with love, undying resentment, possessed by evil.

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New sanlang3003 rated it
July 26, 2020
Status: c31
I just finished reading the first arc and decided I won't continue to read. I totally agree with the other reviewer IndusEla who said the relationship between the MC & ML is very toxic.

The ML rapes MC, manipulates his memories & isolates him. Even after MC discovers the truth & regains clarity, they never mention the r*pe AT ALL. The author totally brushes it aside like this is normal behavior. Later, ML explains that he fell for MC after he became a ghost & is kind of living out the life he never got to live (including sexually). Ok, let's pause here. Even if I live a mundane life because I have an illness or whatever, I'm like, 100% sure that if I died and became a ghost, I wouldn't go around abusing someone I claim to love & raping them in their sleep. Why is ML such a d*ck in the afterlife?? There was no hint that he was like that when he was living.

By the end of the first arc I could honestly say I didn't care much for MC. His character isn't very developed so I didn't get attached to him at all. Just a guy that attracted ghosts.

*Side rant: I'm new-ish to the BL novel world. Why do so many stories have major consent issues (or downright r*pe between characters that are supposed to be lovers) ?
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cinnamimi rated it
March 12, 2018
Status: Completed
Okay! So, this is good. The translation is very clear and good. The story is also easy to read with MTL.

If I were to compare it to anything, it would be like an extremely horrific Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil. The two main characters go through multiple reincarnations, all of which the ML is:

... more>>

not human/evil!


That theme goes on throughout the novel. The first few reincarnations are ghost-y and scary, the ML can only be described as insane. I honestly felt quite bad for the MC because he is truly in love with the ML despite


being tricked multiple times, lied to, being terrified of the ML, etc.


In the worlds, the MC and ML both have different roles, such as:


Office worker/ghost, College student/Ghost (?), College student/Vampire, Onmyouji (?Something like a big family that exorcises ghosts.) /Family head, God/Sacrifice, Demon/Human, etc. The vampire one is my favorite.


And for the ending:


It's a happy ending! The ending is somewhere in the middle and the rest of the worlds are like honeymoon worlds. They live happily ever after forever.

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blues86 rated it
December 27, 2017
Status: Completed
I rarely read something with horror theme, but this one is worth it.

I highly recommend this novel.
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veihakase rated it
November 6, 2017
Status: c2
This is definitely interesting. Most specially for those who love the supernatural horror themes (and danmei). The translation is also very easy to understand and plus it's a modern-age story so we don't need to understand much harder terms which we often encounter in some genres like historical or xuanhuan, etc. I'm expecting a lot from this novel (not to pressure the translator). I hope this will give me the same feeling as reading shuisheng didi keke. Fighting author-san, translator-san! :)
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IndusEla rated it
April 10, 2020
Status: --
Everything is fine and all, but the relationship between the leads? Toxic.

The MC doesn't know he brought a powerful ghost home and that's the main point. This ghost (ML), isolates the MC gradually from everyone else, is this kind of possessiveness and control attractive? This is way beyond healthy. The ghost wants the MC to himself, gradually removes everyone living or dead from the MC's surroundings through fear and terrible misunderstandings. What a terrible situation this is, do you realise?

Another thing is that this ghost/demon/whatever assaults the MC in his... more>> sleep day after day. The MC doesn't know what's going on, he hasn't agreed to anything and yet the ghost takes it upon himself to r*pe the MC in his sleep. Is this cute? It's not, this behaviour is scary. The author has normalised this in the novel. What the f*ck.

I cannot fathom why this hasn't been pointed out yet. This sort of manipulation is terrible. <<less
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melongoh rated it
November 3, 2019
Status: Completed
This bl novel is really a hidden gem. I really hope the English translator may complete translating this novel so that the non-Chinese readers may get to enjoy this novel.

The ML in The Haunted is not human. ... more>>

He's Eternity. And what type of being is he ? A God?Human ? Nope.. he's Evil (邪). You call him a Devil.. but a devil is probably too low class for him... he's the most powerful being... the father of demonic existence.. I would say. He met the MC, Chi Yan when he accidentally entered his eternal world hundreds and thousands of years ago when Chi Yan was being kidnapped by grave robbers. CY was given everything he wanted except living things in this eternal world. And as ML was the only existence he talked to, he gradually grew to love him. But it was too lonely living in this eternal world, so Chi Yan requested to return to his world. ML agreed, But after CY left, ML learnt what loneliness was and started to miss CY. He learnt possessiveness and dictated that in whichever worlds that CY reincarnated to, he can only love him. Afterall, that was what CY told ML, that he love him to eternity. So ML quickly chased CY to the worlds that he got reincarnated to.


There are 5 worlds altogether. The 3rd world of blood sucking vampires being my favourite and most hilarious. It is also the longest story, the sweetest romance, the saddest and the most touching. The 4th world was the scariest with a sad ending. I had goosebumps reading it. The 5th world is also a supernatural one, except this in this last world, the ML has all memories of the past lives and revealed to MC and all readers about the beginning, how he and CY met and what he is. It wraps up the sweet romance neatly. You can read more via Facebook, search for "Chinese BL Novels".

I’m bringing you back to my eternal world where we love each other to eternity.

You are mine and my true love forever.

It doesn’t matter if you are not human. I will still love you anyway. <<less
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Rinth rated it
December 3, 2017
Status: --
From a person who seldom reads something related to ghosts.. I never expected to get hooked and yearn for more chapters.

I highly recommend this story. It is very well written with excellent translation.
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Emmitouflee rated it
May 28, 2019
Status: Completed
This is absolutely amazing, a new favorite. It was wonderful to read a world hopping novel but not in the traditional QWFOD-style (another favorite of mine), instead ML and MC reincarnate and live out multiple lives together so we get to see them be in love and live out their days in happiness. One of the best parts is just how in love the MC is with the ML and vice versa; in many danmei novels I've read, it always feels like there's an imbalance between the depth of the... more>> ML's feelings with the MC's, and the ML always has to wait for the MC for ages or live out their days alone after the MC has gone to another world.

The ML is scary possessive and in the first story goes too far and might scare you off, but while he never loses his possessiveness he does not ever go as far as he did in the first story, and while he is technically "evil, " he generally doesn't do bad things except for enjoying the way MC gets scared of him (but also can't bear seeing the MC cry) and tries to bind the MC to him. And you find out why he is the way he is by the end and the reason is

kind of all the MC's fault, the ML did not know what feelings even were and of course had no concept of love and the MC told him love is wanting to stay by your side forever haha.


I know it sounds like I'm trying to justify the ML's behavior, but I'm not, I'm just trying to convey that 1) the first story is the only one I felt kind of yikes about the ML but only for a little while, 2) I hate any dominant abusive bullsh*t but this one did not trigger those feelings in me and 3) this story is amazing and I want everyone to give it a go so please at least finish the first story arc (ch30) before deciding if you want to continue it or not. Their love is so strong and amazing. <<less
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PyonYan rated it
February 4, 2020
Status: c16
Do give this a chance, it has an interesting premise and I like the ML.

That said, why it's 2 stars and why I stopped reading here is mainly because the MC got too annoying for me.

He's a normal person that is extremely scared of ghosts especially because they're all trying to kill him. Which is fine. Except that it gets way too repetitive. Every chapter has him screaming and cowering in fear of ghosts multiple times, it gets really annoying reading this again and again. Hopefully it gets better in... more>> future chapters but as of now I really couldn't read on.

Also, the MC is said to be good at seeing fake priests etc because of his ghost attracting. But right in the next chapter he meets a new priest who just handwaves his concern away and HE BELIEVES HIM IMMEDIATELY. MC, who has experienced ghostly encounters and events for his entire life and been brought to and went to countless priests for help should know very well that the problems he encountered are due to ghosts and not human error or anything else. But when the priest that he's only meeting for the first time and was also sceptical about before meeting him, tells him those problems he faces are not due to ghosts and even tells him to be more scientific and less religious, HE BELIEVES THE PRIEST IMMEDIATELY.

I really want to like this story but the above were just... Too much for me, sadly. <<less
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Maja rated it
November 11, 2017
Status: c3
en its true thi novel is quite nice.

the story is well written and very nicely translated furthermore there are no hard words and endless methaphors (and other stylistic devises) so its very easy to read.

to be honest I was firstly hesitant to begin this novel bbecause I was afraid to get disappointed in the future... because you know if a human falls in love with a ghost the ending well is always sh*t, but since the genre doesnt say tragedy or drama and even has the genre Romance listed, im... more>> having hope for the progress

i absolutely love storys that involve MCs with supernatural abilitys in a modernday setting <<less
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TripleBaka rated it
April 17, 2020
Status: --
I normally don’t write reviews but this is response to the bottom two reviews (especially DarkAngel) that didn’t bother to read past one, if not two parts of the story.

Without spoilers, the stories are all connected. The ‘being’ in each one is obsessed with the MC. They are dark and creepy. The relationships in each tale are not good or fluffy. It’s suppose to give you a sense of fear, forbidding and trepidation. It’s a horror series not a sweet romance.

What makes this so good is how it’s connected and... more>> how the story builds up. You know something bad is going to happen/happening but it’s not until the climax that you see the true horror and hopeless situation of the characters (especially the MC.) Each tale can be enjoyed as a stand alone (mostly) but it’s better to read the whole thing to truly get a feel for it. <<less
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Ichigoeater rated it
September 13, 2019
Status: c30
I actually really like this story. It's just too bad the translation's not still coming out. At chapter 30, I'm still not at the end of the first arc, and, in fact, did not realize there were tags such as 'world hopping' and 'reincarnation' until another review stated that this delved into multiple lives of the MC and ML. I was so foolish as to think the story was almost concluded, but was essentially still in the midst of the prologue, how lame of me!

Anyway, here's hoping the novel's picked... more>> up again, because I'd at the very least like to know how the first life is resolved. <<less
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White Sky Translations
White Sky Translations rated it
April 9, 2019
Status: --
This is an excellent novel and also an excellent translation (from both translators).

The early chapters really had my skin crawling... really was a legitimate horror novel, but at the same time so addicting/fascinating that I could stop reading.

I'm not sure if the rest of the arcs will also have a horror-theme, but the first arc is super good so far. I am not a horror fan but it is so good I almost hope they will all be like this.

Romance between MC and ML starts off extremely atypically but then... more>> becomes extremely sweet. Really kudos to the author for writing such atmospheric scenes and the translator for translating it so faithfully and skillfully. <<less
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
July 15, 2020
Status: c65
This is a horror/BL series where the MC lives through each incarnation living through the nightmare and trauma at least partially caused by the ML. The ML is an evil being. I would not consider their relationships to be a romance until the later stages of each arc thus far because the ML tends to r*pe the MC, manipulate the MC, use mind control on the MC, alter memories of the MC and even using this to trick the MC into having s*x with him, and terrify the MC until... more>> becomes dependent on the ML. Their relationship in each arc thus far starts off in an extremely unhealthy manner.

The "romance" doesn't make a whole lot of sense, so I suppose they're just destined soul mates where it doesn't matter how much your lover raped you, took over your mind, or manipulated you in the past, you can still have a happy relationship together. It's definitely not healthy or realistic.

If you came for romance, retreat!

All that said, this is much more a horror series than a romance one, which is the reason I am reading it. The MC lives under strange circumstances each arc, and these circumstances develop in terrifying ways in which the MC struggles for his life and the lives of his friends and loved ones. With monsters and spirits abound, will he survive the nightmares surrounding him or be killed by them?

I really enjoy this as a series of scary stories. It would be nice if the romance genre were dropped altogether, and the MC didn't have anyone to depend on each arc. The fact the ML wants to help him at all (even after torturing or scaring him half to death) cuts the suspense. <<less
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PTAHO rated it
December 15, 2019
Status: c100
So happy that this was picked up by another translator! I MTL this til the 4th arc and gave up with the MTL bc it was to0 hard to comprehend. The horror element makes this novel unique. I was so creeped out with the first arc. I got goosebumps while reading. Can't wait till the translations catches up to where I left off in MTL. I've re-read 1st and 2nd arc. I sure won't be re-reading if this wasn't good. Highly recommend!
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rosie94hrpr rated it
December 7, 2019
Status: c56
Finished the first 2 arcs and the best way I can describe it is fluffy BL horror, if that makes any sense. Basically, if you're a fan of fluffy BL and ok with mild horror, then read it.
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June 6, 2019
Status: c30
Stopping at C30 but it's not like I disliked the novel. Just that this is a bit too much of 'horror' I can take lol.
I was trying to see how much I can take but this one is not the one *sigh*

Story-wise, it's nice to read (if you don't count the horror part). I like to read about possessive ML yo.
And as a ghost, ML surprisingly retained human logic despite people say ghost cannot think like human anymore.

So, a friendly warning for those who are timid (like me),... more>> you might wanna check the first few chapters and see if you can take it. If you can, then good. If you can't, you probably need to stop lol because the horror level doesn't drop at this current chapter.

[edit] After reading other reviews, this novel sounds like it worth it yo (provided you can brave through the first few worlds it seems. <<less
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