Falling in Love Inside an Urban Legend


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Question: What is it like to be romantically pursued by the main subject of a very conventional scary urban legend?

Yao Ye, the only normal person inside a bizarre horror story: I am going crazy.

When you go about your day as usual and suddenly find out that the guy who had a crush on you that you ignored has become a ghost lingering behind you late at night…

When you suddenly find out that your patron is a monster in human skin…

When you hear about a netizen committing suicide because of an online relationship breakup and suddenly find out that it was you who dumped him…

When you get stranded on a deserted island and suddenly find out that your dead childhood friend has become a bandage-wearing weirdo hunting down intruders on the island…

When you suddenly find out that your lover is not human.

—It loves you to the bone, and you can’t escape it.

In the end, their karma is inextricably tangled together.

This is a story that turns an eerie urban legend into a romantic drama.

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QuiSi rated it
February 2, 2021
Status: Completed
Yo, this is so sick that I've read it for like 4 times. I've kept coming back for my favorite arcs: ... more>>

There's a lover who died in the attic

My wife became a man

A baby who grows up to look exactly like her husband


Warning: MC is unlikeable, selfish, coward and list goes on. Not much plot. Just gore and blood. Possessive and obsessive thoughts.

What I like about this book is that:


MC also becomes quite possessive towards the ML (only at the end of every (some) arcs).

Sudden chills like I was in a horror movie because I didn't expect it, since this is not much of a scary plot.

Exactly what I want, it is short, doesn't require to use too much of my big brain power (because all my braincells are drained from school work), gore, obsessive thoughts and a sprinkle of horror.

A book to past time


This is a good read IF you want bloody love story. <<less
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Rida rated it
January 30, 2021
Status: c35
The MC is so unlikeable and so far, the ML fell in love at first sight for no logical reason.


In the first arc, the ML died because the MC took his talisman.

In the second arc, the MC was the ML's wife's lover.

In the third arc so far, the MC is a sugar baby who's bullying the sugar daddy's brother who is wheelchair-bound.


No matter what happens next, I can't tolerate the MC's disgusting and selfish behaviour.
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Yuen rated it
February 9, 2021
Status: Completed
Like Quisi have said before, this novel is pretty sick with unlikeable MC and possessive ML. You may not like the MC but I kinda like him lmao. Go for it if you like short novel with bloody love story.

... more>>

I said bloody 'cause some of it is just ML killing other people 'cause he thinks that the other makes MC's afraid, angry, or etc. ML is always dying and become ghost and then sticks around MC, well.. It's urban legend afterall. Throughout reading this, I keep thinking whether or not MC's action is because of stockholm syndrome, but lol I just don't know anymore. I like that MC's becoming more and more possessive toward ML. I enjoyed reading this (。>﹏<。) /

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January 30, 2021
Status: c16
I only read ahead to the end of the first arc but I'm liking it so far. A very strong start. There's gore, but it's the psychological aspects that are really creepy

the MC breaks down in the first arc and spends a good deal of the time not knowing if he's losing his mind and questioning everything.

I hope the rest of the arcs are just as well written.
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Rissuettessa rated it
February 9, 2021
Status: --
I've just finished second arc and I have to say that I LOVE main characters!

... more>>


MC is realistic - greedy, selfish, caring only about his own safety. And yet, he is mentally strong enough to be able to exist in such a nightmare around him (created by ml). He is not a good guy, he will not sacrifice himself in sake of others, he can also have pretty cruel thoughs sometimes. He is bad, but not in romanticized way - and that is something important and unique. You are free to dislike this character, but he is one of my favourites - I feel like I read a story about an actual person, not a flawless godlike creature. Important note : he is not a mad genius too - don't expect him to play mindgames and schemes. But I like it, honestly :)


He is actually worse than MC. Due to him, a lot of people lost their minds, and some were killed. He will not hesitate to murder someone, too. I don't really see how his deaths were related to MC - in first world, it was just an inconvenience (I believe, mtl'ed this stuff). In second world it was his ex wife who did all the job. So please, don't try to portray ML as an innocent lamb with pure evil MC. They are both unlikable, but at the same time very unusual and interesting. Can't wait to read more about them

Their relationship

As someone stated in reviews, it sometimes looks like a Stockholm Syndrome, but at the same time it doesn't. Let's just say, that would be hard to find them a better partner, and they may be happy in their special way. I like that too


So I am giving this novel 6/5 for such a good MC and interesting relationship. Can't wait to read more! <<less
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Yukkirin rated it
March 11, 2021
Status: c37
This is the most disgusting MC ever. Just like the other comments said, MC is unlikeable, selfish, extremely, coward and so on. Yes, MC might be realistic but I hate people like that specially a gold digger with those personalities. I can tolerate the 1st arc as he was a little selfish. The second one? It's still ok, I guess?. But the third one! So disgusting! Does the author hate rich people? The MC is getting scummier as the story progressed. The author didn't give reasons as to how ML... more>> fell in love with the MC but I'm guessing it's because of their past lives or something. The horror is just ok, characters are pretty s*upid too. <<less
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Jahnavi62 rated it
February 5, 2021
Status: Completed
It’s a good novel to pass time. There is supposed to be horror and gore but I don’t find it much bothersome or heavy to read compared to other horror novels out there. It’s a light read. I might re read it again because I find MC and ML to be humorous in a dark way. MC is perfect gold digger in many arcs and ML willingly obliged. You can get a perfect selfish MC in here. It’s pitiful to watch ML in these selfish moments of MC. The love... more>> and possessiveness of ML is top notch. He kills everyone around him and acts as a loyal puppy dog infront of MC. I hated MC at the beginning but later he showed the same amount of possessiveness towards ML. There is character progression of MC. It’s a HE and the ending is a bit abrupt, would have loved to see more of their lovey dovey moments. <<less
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24nblackfox rated it
April 1, 2021
Status: Completed
I like the arc: When you get stranded on a deserted island and suddenly find out that your dead childhood friend has become a bandage-wearing weirdo hunting down intruders on the island...

So hard to read of every arc, because aura or atmosphere very gripping make me down and out my negative emotions, but I can read so end because I curious about the ending of the story

If you want know about MC and ML 👇

... more>>

MC is God of light, and ML is God of darkness.

MC bears and absorbs all negatives humans. MC is so good and protects humans from extinction made him miss from the world and sleep in the earth's core, spreading MC's fragments. ML help and save fragments MC to make him wake up.

In the last, MC falling in love with ML, but every MC also helps collect fragments of ML (because ML sacrifice with many make the pseudo-world), MC stay keeping the negatives character's (absorbing from humans) when MC go to pseudo-world.

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