The Evil God Is Going Back To Work


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Four days ago, the evil god left the 《Unlimited Ghost Game》 and became the first player to ever leave the system.

Four days later, Su Li woke up in the real world, from an evil god feared by all ghosts, to a miserable social animal with a crippling debt.

Su Li, whose goal in life is to be a rich salted fish who can eat and sleep like a fool: “…”


Su Li began working at the Supernatural Section of the Bureau of Investigations as a delicate, weak, and timid intern.

A colleague of the Supernatural Team: “Damn, you’re so weak. Rest assured, the task of catching ghosts will never fall on you.”

Su Li: “Thank you; I’ll be relying on you then.”

Su Li quickly slipped away from the scene, but when he turned around, all of his teammates were eaten up by ghosts.

The malicious spirit proudly said, “Don’t worry, you’re next.”

Su Li: “…”

There was no choice; he could only roll up his sleeves and fight back.

While fighting, Su Li noticed something wrong. Why were all these powerful ghosts his old acquaintances from the game?

Those ghostly acquaintances were angry. “That dogsh*t system! Is this what you mean by an ordinary person deprived of power? Look at him beating me up, my head has been ripped off wuwuwu!!!”

Su Li slowly tidied up his sleeves and raised the corners of his lips, revealing an extremely gentle smile: “Going back on one’s words, system, you’re really… looking for death.”


He Duo, the new head of the He family.

It’s said that this person was neither a human nor a ghost. Not only does he have a venomous personality, but he also acts extremely crazily. In front of him, people would respectfully refer to him as He-shao, but behind his back, they would refer to him as the mad dog.

Then one day, he found out that he had a fiancé named Su Li.

He Duo’s lips raised slightly as he smiled as lightly ordered his subordinates: “Then just peel off his skin.”



Su Li sat on a soft sofa, stepping on He Duo’s knee as he spoke, “If you want to stay by my side, that’s fine. But, are you obedient enough?”


“I love you.”

“I love you too, little puppy.”

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October 4, 2023
Status: --
My opinion is that the concept is new and refreshing (I was fully excited for an op but fun mc), the author is trying their best, but perhaps... the writing is slightly inexperienced. The author lacks a good editor for pacing and unnecessarily long descriptions of appearances and less stereotypical character lines. It's not quite am exciting read, but it's a comfortable read in the sense that you can expect nothing amazing yet also know that everything is going to be fine to continue along.

The writing feels vaguely juvenile only... more>> bc I think the author lacks experience on how to truly make the readers feel like the MC / ML are badasses without explicitly being like "yes check us out we're so badddd" vibe (it's better than that but that's just the vibe I feel) / plot points where the progression is not super logical but quite obviously produced, but still in acceptable range for a degree of enjoyment. The author is trying their best... and you can feel it. A decent mid read imo. <<less
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