I’m Really Just an Ordinary Person


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Shen Si was an ordinary person, living an ordinary life, until one day, the unlimited flow world collapses and all the Survivors returned to reality, setting off a ripple.

His gentle neighbor, Bai JunYi, was the God of Light in the other world, with the strength of faith that could shake the world’s rules.

His affectionate ex-boyfriend, Jian Nian, was the God of Killing that even ghosts and gods fear, and the rumors are more frightening than each other.

His distant cousin, Xi Luo, whom he has never met, was the unlimited flow world dark boss, leading countless ghosts and monsters.

Ordinary person Shen Si: ????

Onlooker crowd: So many big brothers have relations with him, he must be the hidden most powerful person!

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Tôi Thực Sự Chỉ Là một Người Bình Thường
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New SayMrrp rated it
March 21, 2024
Status: Completed
The premise and plot was interesting, but I felt like the characters weren't the most interesting... and the interesting ones weren't given much attention.

It was heavily focused on the MC. The MC is the cold/ambitionless type at first, which isn't very interesting to read. Although there was a reason for the MC's personality being like this, the reveal didn't hit very hard. The ML and other S-ranks mentioned in the summary also weren't exciting enough to carry the story since the MC was a bit bland (on purpose by the... more>> author, but still not super fun to read about). I think Bai Junyi (God of Light S-rank) was the most interesting and fleshed out despite the author trying to focus on the MC and ML. I think the part I liked best was his extra chapters at the end. I actually had more interest in some of the side characters, but most of them weren't focused on RIP.

It was also a bit confusing to read at times (not talking about the mystery, but overall flow) and felt kinda chunky occasionally. The descriptions of abilities were also a bit shallow, and their usage a bit uncreative. It just kinda felt like the abilities were there to explain how OP the S-ranks are and why they deserve so much fanfare.

The plot twist was good, but I just couldn't get excited by the novel. Great idea/premise/worldbuilding, but awkward execution. Pretty decent to read, but I didn't enjoy it very much. The romance was also a bit... last-minute although there was plenty of buildup. I wasn't invested in it, but I appreciate how the MC remained friends with Bai Junyi and no harem route / people falling in love in the MC randomly happened. <<less
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Efu-sama rated it
March 20, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel has an interesting plot in general. It has a good ending for the story plot as well for the romance plot. I have to admit that the MC and ML here are the most relatable in characters, giving me the sense of real MalexMale relationship out of BL novels I usually read. The balance between their relationship is very good!

When this novel give the tags of "Manly Gay Couple", it's really true. Because until the last chapter I still couldn't figure it out who was the... more>> gong who was the shou, LOL.

    • The MC and ML here are the same age, so there is no usual trope with Older Gong.
    • MC and ML have the same body-built, and even the same height, so there is no such thing with of delicate and smaller Shou trope, and masculine Gong.
    • According to the general idea, the gong usually is the ML. However, our MC here is very independent, OP, and is also very cool himself.
    • When we see from health however, the ML was said to be a frail sickly beauty, the patient of Heart disease, however he himself is the strongest S-rank Returnee (survivor), and his characters is really suitable to be a Gong due to his possessive and indifferent nature, only devoting to the MC.
    • There's no s*x scene, so it can't be determined by the position, LOL. That's why I really love the MC and ML here. It's because both of them give me the true feelings of GuyxGuy relationship. They both are independent, capable, stubborn, and manly in their own way, because in the end they both are Male. Their aura as a male is really balanced!
Overall, it's satisfying.

The way the author deal with the genre of infinite flow into a story is also interesting. What's interesting and the main point about this novel is not about how to clear every game like any other survival novel. The game in this novel is not the main attraction, but only there to promote and facilitating the growth of the main plot.

For me, this novel gave me the same vibes with The Earth Is Online and I'm Not Shouldering This Blame. The vibes came from the same premise about the game world merging into the reality. The concept of Returnee (those who got transported into the Infinite flow World) coming back into the reality and the conflicts happen afterwards is what gave me the same vibes. However, aside from those 2 points, everything else are different and the execution of the plot later is different from those two novel.


Ooops, one thing I kind of regret is, the romance is quite lacking QAQ. The extra chapters are not enough, I want moreeee. I want to see more of the life and romance between our MC and ML! Heck, I want a Kiss, kiss, kiss!! I don't care if they have s*x or not, but at least, give me a kiss QAQ.

Sadly, the author only made 4 extras, with only 2 chapters of it to be dedicated for the MC and ML to mend their relationship (still with no kiss!!) , while the rest 2 chapters for other characters.... right, I know that those 2 characters are quite important and their story need a clear end, however because their story actually take the space of MC and ML's ending, I can only sigh and guiltily think that I don't care about Vice CP aside from MC and ML at all! I want all extra chapters to be about MC and ML, and couldn't care less about any other couple QAQ

sigh.... This is the first time I felt I'm such an impure person, when other's romance are so pure only doing hugging and holding hands, but the old lady here is so impatient and wanting more Pe*verted scene to be added, LOL



p.s I just realized that from the description of MC and ML, their characters reminded me of Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul and Akutagawa from Bungou Stray Dogs... (MC: A good looking young man around 23 y.o, polite, and has a mild expression, neither cold neither cheerful, has a silver/white colored hair, at some point in the story the MC's bleach came off and makes the area around the roots of the hair went black again ---- conclusion: Truly the depiction of Kaneki Ken) (ML : a sickly beauty, quite thin, tall, always wear a long black coat or windbreaker with thin shirt inside, has a bloody reputation, someone who is coughing like a sick person while walking leisurely... only to kill a dozen people in the next second, his ability "the devourer" is also like Akutagawa's Rashomon ability ----- conclusion: truly the depiction of Akutagawa)

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P2wo rated it
April 19, 2021
Status: Completed
Is the novel worth reading? Yes. It's different from other novels in various aspects:

1. MC doesn't transmigrate to the other world or game fields, rather transmigrators and game fields come to him.

2. MC and ML both are not feminized, thank god.

... more>> 3. Although the romance is barely there, their chemistry is unique. It's different from any other story I've ever read. Their relationship is definitely one of a kind.

4. There are no cheesy dialogues, cringy moments, kinky moments and 'love saves the world' plot. The story follows a 'no-nonsense' plot.


If you are here for romance then look elsewhere. It's not like in 'The Earth in Online' where romance starts late but there IS romance. In 'I'm Really Just an Ordinary Person', romance could be said to be non-existent. There were probably two hugs, alright. Even the spiritual connection between MC and ML isn't highlighted much. In the whole story, ML strongly chases MC, he loves MC way too much and in his eyes, nothing is more important than MC but MC ignores ML. MC has his reasons to ignore ML. It will be brought later in the story.

In most of the stories, we see couples helping each other save the world or whatever and in the process, romance blooms, right? But in this novel, MC chooses to be alone. He has people who hold immense trust in him but MC is not willing to share his burden with anyone, not even ML. He is a loner through and through, since the beginning of the story until the end. He carries everything by himself, but still smiles and pacifies other people. He is strong, physically and mentally. He is the only hope of mankind, may be even the world. Anyways, the point is there is no romance. MC finally accepts ML but even after that, the story doesn't show any sweet moments between them.


Too much emphasis is given to MC. The romance and even the ML aren't really important. Even if ML didn't exist, the story would basically remain the same. Talking about ML, he is a yandere. There is no denying that yanderes are creepy and somewhat pitiful. ML is exactly like that. However, he is different from yanderes in other stories, thank god.

This is because MC broke up with ML when he learned how yandere-ish ML was. So ML tries hard to restrain himself and his thoughts turn somewhat normal by the end of the story.


In the synopsis, you can see that apart from MC, three people are mentioned: the neighbor Bai JunYi, the childhood friend Jian Nian, and the distant cousin Xi Luo. I thought these three would be very important to the storyline but no, that was not the case. There is some part about the neighbor and childhood friend but the cousin doesn't have much role in the story. As I said before, the focus is mainly on MC.

Actually, the staff working on the special unit and the inspection unit (units set after unlimited flow world collapsed to help survivors and ordinary people live in harmony) have much presence in the story and their role in extremely high even compared to ML.

The side characters are well written and are more human but MC feels less like human; he is too indifferent, somewhat mechanical and always calm. Even the characters in the story tell from time to time that MC doesn't feel like a normal person. But when you read the whole story, you will know how he came to become like that but it's still unsettling because he really doesn't feel like a human being. But he also changes by the end of the story, more like he reverts back to his kind and friendly original self.


The individual arcs themselves are interesting. Bit by bit, all the individual arcs are then assimilated to the whole story. I mean, although at first individual arcs seem to have no connection to each other, by the end of the story, we will see that all of them are connected. The story can be compared to 'The Earth is Online'. However, I'm Really Just an Ordinary Person' is mostly related to

time: time control, time regression, time manipulation, and so on. In 'The Earth is Online', as far as my memory serves, I think only one arc is completely dedicated to time related plot. But in this story, the latter half of the story is focused on time.


The ending makes sense. I was wondering the whole time how the whole situation will be solved.


All the things MC does is basically a lie to cover up his true intentions. In that way, he fools the main 'rule' or consciousness of the game fields and finally saves the world.


Anyways, the ending was believable and practical.


If you like a plot-heavy story that is not hindered by romance, then you'll like it. If you want some steamy scenes then, ahem, you will probably feel a bit empty. I was also hoping for at least one kiss but it didn't happen. So, I feel kinda empty. Lol. <<less
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jtrichard rated it
March 6, 2021
Status: Completed
The MC is really just an ordinary person... Yeah no.

I quite like how this one is going. The way the story unfold one by one is interesting to see.

The premise goes like this: ... more>>

Shen Si is someone who hates the mountain (because he once fell from it), hates plants, loves and accommodate his boyfriend (ex now). Yet now he worked as a mountain tour guide, he loves plant, and he become cold, indifferent to everyone else including his (ex) boyfriend. It turns out that he's someone who has turn back the whole world time for seven times, and each time he tried again and again because the world's gonna disappear if he didn't succeed in defeating the game.

Anyway, Shen si ability is time. In the first (original) timeline, he enter Unlimited Flow world with his boyfriend, and accordingly if they reach the tenth floor they can go back to real world, which is just a scam because it's the real world that come to the tenth floor and become another game world, in short it disappear. So for this, he turned back the time... Of the world, much to the dismay of the Game Rule.

For Shen Si, he's equivalent to time master, and for him his time is always going forward, from zero straight line to whatever his destination later could be, even if he turned back the whole world time. And for him, the past is something he doesn't care about and the future is an unknown he need to look forward to.

After seventh time of doing this, Shen Si did a 180 degree of his personality, wipe out his memory, and so managed to change the past a little bit (which is something he can't really change (and he doesn't really care)) so that in this timeline he didn't enter the Unlimited Flow world and become an ordinary person. Of course even if it's deviated from the original timeline, it still doesn't change much because instead of real world coming to the game world, it's the other way around and the game world broken and assimilated itself slowly to the real world. And thus its still doesn't change the future (or the present for Shen Si since the future is the past for him until the point he turned back the time).

And so, at the seventh timeline he decided to not turned bacj the time anymore. And lo behold, it turned out that the reason he turned back the time for seven times is not to changed the past, not to do little butterfly effect that changed the present, but to preserve his power until it is enough to wipe the Game Rule/Conciousness forever and after. Remember that time for Shen Si is always moving forward, no matter if the world time is turned back again and again. Shen Si's time doesn't repeat every twenty years, but accumulated, so after seven times it become a power accumulated for hundreds year instead. To hide this from game rule, he tried to change things so it won't realize it since it's quite predictive in seeing time (of course after seven times it got bored of seeing Shen Si effort but hey Shen Si managed to fool it). Until the end, it showed itself to Shen Si because it tried to assimilate Shen Si itself (since the game place can't affect Shen Si) and fall to Shen Si plot. It's time got turned back until the time it doesn't exist, while the rest of the world time is going forward thus its never exist in the past, present and future.

While going through the story, you can see tiny bits of clues scattered around, from how Shen Si destroyed a small game field, to him hating fate, to some other things.


Overall, I love this. Cheer. <<less
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miumiumiu rated it
May 11, 2021
Status: --
MC... is a psychopath.

I have read through three instances, and his fourth one, he literally does nothing, he thinks its "hopeless" that only he sees the truth, so what does he do? He keeps quiet, leans on the side of the wall, watching other people try to figure out the situation, and then just does absolutely Nothing. f*ck bit*h cant u talk? I know you dont give a sh*t about anyone, "ooooooh I'm a Rational person" basically means "I'm an as*hole psychopath".

God I read other people spoiler and he's is... more>> certainly the Main Character for sure because

he be the reason why people die I swear in another book, there would be a cannon fodder who will try to go against this villain just to survive.


Ok the ending of fourth instance,

since it was a team game the dead people revived

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dee_ism rated it
June 20, 2021
Status: --
A quite interesting story but feel bland, I think mainly because of the MC.

He's an MC, the story heavily progressed around him, everyone interested in him for no solid reason, but he's so indifferent. To the point, I'm as a reader feel detached from the story. He's way too unfeeling and everyone loves that on him. Sure enough, the MC main halo.

He's really just an ordinary person? He's not. He's lucky and got amazing ability and everyone love him. He's not ordinary at all.

The only reason that keep me going... more>> is Jian Lian, the ML. The most interesting character with feelings.

The plot also a bit lacking, no memorable arc, no suspense, bland endings.

I could suggest better stories, such as:


Earth is Online

Global University Entrance Examination

Supernatural Movie Actor App

Kaleidoscope of Death

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raindroptree rated it
April 19, 2021
Status: --
Original concept, but the story seems like a wanna-be story. Everyone in the story is always interested in the MC, but his actual character is nothing remarkable, to the point where he is really boring... there is no reason for them to be so interested in him, it just seems like poor writing. It's as if the author didn't know how to write a good MC... so they instead made everyone else in the world suck.. (not really, but it feels similar). Meanwhile the MC is still boring... but everyone... more>> flaunts over him for no reason. The things are are suppose to be interesting in the story aren't very interesting and end in an uninteresting way, to the point of not even making any sense just to end the situation...

for ex. the

MC decides to use a deadly herbicide on the whole city to solve one of the instances, but that makes no sense since it would just kill or make everyone sick, but the author just writes it as if humans are naturally immune to poison and the people are all saved. lol. Then the MC is seen as a God somehow.. It's just a bunch of random plot written on top of each other..


I feel like the ML is the most interesting character. The MC kills any potential for romance in this story. <<less
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May 25, 2021
Status: Completed
Not bad! I'll start by disclaiming the commentators with false statements. As far as everyone being interested in the MC who seems uninteresting... that's 100% the opposite of the truth?... more>>

ONLY Jian Nian is the MC's love interest. The neighbor is only a neighbor (whose soulmate has already passed away at the start of the novel) and the cousin is only an estranged cousin who doesn't even know the MC that well, nor really gets to know him throughout the novel. The MC gains attention of the special force because it seems like too much of a coincidence for the only 3 S ranks to have him as their only common point. They assume that is just a coincidence until it becomes obvious that every playfield that he can enter, he happens to accidentally enter. What happens during the playfields are what really make them pay attention to him.


There was also the super nonsensical comment that the MC was a psychopath who was just standing by in the 4th instance? Lol, he was the only one doing anything, though?

In that instance, victims kept disappearing, but no one remembered them after they vanished except MC. He tells them, they don't believe him, so he sets out to find evidence. He finds it, comes up with a way to solve everything, and every person who vanished by the end of it is saved. All thanks to the MC.

So, basically, the commentator is speaking total nonsense. The MC has only ever saved people and cut casualties, to a ridiculous extent. I genuinely wish there was a dislike button, because it was an untruthful comment from beginning to end.

Anyway, the novel is very good, and while the MC seems a bit disassociated at first, there are reasons behind that, but he is kind and considerate in reality and does not leave people to their deaths, let alone LEADING them to it. It's a good read, with a satisfying ending, though some questions remain. You should give it a try, for sure. <<less
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LiangCiAi rated it
February 8, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is pretty good, in my opinion. It's different from the usual unlimited flow survival-horror genre. It takes place after the world collapse and the missing people suddenly returned. The MC is ordinary but OP at the same time (you would understand if you read it haha). It can be quite dramatic tho, I mean the way the MC can know 3 S-rank people, and his ability is Idk, too OP?

The way he had turned back time 7 times is very illogical to me, tbh because there are like no consequences besides having more deaths.

Have very little romance, I think it's focused on the plot. It's quite easy to MTL, I read it in one day. Thanks for picking this novel up, the 3 chapters made me interested so I read the raw :D
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rorowingaway rated it
November 2, 2022
Status: c113
Really enjoyed it a lot! At the starting there is this useless character called Jiang Yu, she really pissed me off a lot thank god she got flunked out. Eitherways I do not understand why people are critisizing the MC for no reason? Did you even read the story? His and the ML character development was top tier. The fact that he went through so much and was still so selfless, he really is an amazing character. SO I BETTER NOT CATCH ANYONE SLANDERING THE MC ISTG. Like read the... more>> goddamn story PROPERLY. Loved it. Ontop of that the author is really good at giving us random twist and turns making us drop our jaws non-stop. A real talent indeed. That's my review for this novel. TATAAAA. Hope you guys read and enjoy it as well! Such an underrated novel <3~ <<less
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ZeyFletcher rated it
September 24, 2021
Status: Completed
4.5 Stars. First of all, don't read reviews written by people who haven't completed it yet!! Most of the important details are near the end, like 100+ but it doesn't mean that the previous chapters were boring. Hmm, this novel is no way a comedy, if you felt that in the summary hahaha the ML is ... more>>

Jian Nian, who I spoiled myself to know, cause I didn't like him at the beginning cause I was used to overbearing, cool, strong MLs, but in the end got to love him cause Shen Si obv loves him and obv only has feelings for him lol (who u fooling)


It wasn't 100% interesting but it's interesting enough to have me finish it in just a few nights without being tempted by other novels HAHAHA. Are you worried about the comments that MC is a psychopath? =) HE ISN'T!!! MC is so good, not really antisocial, just indifferent, doesn't make him a psychopath!! Wth hmp.

I felt so sad for him when he said that he made himself be the butterfly =' (, doing things he hated, loving things he hated, and even changing his own personality from being a cute, smiley, loveable cinnamon roll to an indifferent, loveable cinnamon roll hehehe, I'm also happy that he doesn't feel pity or sad for himself and that he says to Jian Nian that he does get lonely sometimes =' (I really wanted more from them sighh.


The story was really intriguing. I honestly think the games/playfields aren't as good as in other novels, people died yes but the MC and team just feels like they survived cause of luck or smthng, not cause of their ability, also, I didn't really get to see their powers much, felt like things were really going their way lol. Not much suspense on those parts which was sad but! The whole story was well done, there were good and when I say good I mean REALLY good foreshadowing.

I even remembered the translator commenting on the fact that why would shen si have many herbicide when he loves plants, and I think that she thought it was just a whatever that the author used to make the MC shine or smthng but then 👀 bch hated those flowers HAHAHAHA


There are many complaining about the Shen si and ML's,

Jian Nian's


The ending was, hmm, I ain't someone who cares too much about the flow of the story like, if it was abrupt, but the ending was a tiny bit shorter than I would have wanted it to be. There was closure, yes, but wanted just a bit more scenes in the end before the

unlimited flow world gone timeline where they remember everything aw. It was also surprising to know that Shen si really was a survivor, kinda wanted to read how he was lol,


Overall, not a waste of time, not 100% interesting but enough to keep you interested, really depends on the reader, most important explanations are near the end. Not really romance, though there are cute scenes. Reread? Not really, I liked it but too short and mostly only liked the end part heheh <<less
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Lunica rated it
October 7, 2021
Status: c66
I'm just not a fan of the "unemotional" MC trope. You can replace him with a block of cardboard. They just have 0 feelings on whatever is happening yet get dragged into whatever the MLs is doing to push the plot. Why have a survival game if your MC isn't even in danger or feel any emotions from it?
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Rereadm rated it
January 21, 2023
Status: Completed
Definitely a plot-driven narrative rather than a character-driven one. I would say this is a story you would read if you want to watch the unfolding of a mystery (what's up with the MC? What's up with the unlimited world flow?) set against a horror backdrop.

I don't plan to put this one in my reread pile, but I'll be thinking about that ending and the overall themes for a while.

Things I noticed in other reviews that I agree with:

The main cast is smaller - which also makes it easier to... more>> follow because characters are pretty distinct (I managed to pick up this series again 60% of the way through after not reading it for months.)

Your romantic subplot is made up of two fully realized adult men where neither is assigned a "feminine" role in their relationship.

The tone of the story description above is very different from the actual story, but that doesn't seem uncommon for CN so double-check the tags. <<less
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sapphireader.weeb rated it
December 30, 2021
Status: Completed
Rating: 4.5/5, rounded up to 5 stars


Wow, this novel was a lot better than I initially anticipated tbh. I thought it was gonna be mostly comedy paired with romance and maybe sprinkled with some horror/thriller, but the plot is much more heavy and complicated than I thought. I'm kinda laughing at all of those reviews rating the story 2-3 stars and criticizing the MC's bland personality or some plot holes when they've only read the first 20-30 chapters tbh, and not because of the usual "u haven't finished it, how... more>> can u alr judge it so quickly, " but because the author really pops off on the latter half of the story. Like, for this story, u rly do need to get up to the 80s or 90s bc that's when everything adds up and there's a few plot twists that combine to create a really well-written overall storyline.

Yes, this includes why the MC's personality is so dead at first


There's a lot of heavy emotions and symbolism involved that I really enjoyed as well "w"


For example: when the story reveals that he time travelled back 7 times and on the most recent attempt, he made everything abt himself the complete opposite while explaining why he liked butterflies sm in the dream instance, which was because he wanted to be that butterfly that changed everything, a.k.a. Managed to save the world through his actions



MC: His beginning personality, I quite enjoyed it actually, it's interesting to see through the perspective of someone who is truly rational and quite emotionless. It was also interesting in the way that I actually found him more mysterious than the ML at first LMAO, like u get the ML with yandere desires and the other world and all that, but the MC is so hard to read. Some might not like MCs like this because his lack of emotion is a lot more severe than other calm MCs.


I also liked his new personality, he changes a few times, and yes, there are explanations for that, his first change was when he accepted the past, where his parents got into a car accident and he couldn't save them, even by reverting time (after ch. 50, before ch. 80)


ML: Okay, yandere ML, as stated in the tags, but he's a good yandere xD in the sense where he does have yandere tendencies, like how he's protective over the MC and one instance of being possessive, and he has all that "obsessed with MC" stuff going on (which is why MC broke up with him in the first place, we stan), but there's no imbalance in their relationship and ML nvr acts upon those desires since he knows that the MC will cut ties with him if he does anyway. And his personality is pretty deep, it gets developed later on. Altho I will mention how it's kinda funny on how frequent the author likes to emphasize his paleness and external fragility xD it's bc he has a heart disease and stuff, but still lol, the same description whenever describing him cracks me up


Okay this, I understand why some commenters criticized it for this. The story mainly focuses on action, mystery, thriller, etc. And has a romantic subplot, so the romance is extremely minimal. As in, if the MC and ML weren't exes and ML wasn't a yandere (so the reader knows abt his yandere side), we probably wouldn't even be able to tell it was a bl novel for the first 50-70 chapters LOL there are interactions between the MC and ML, but it's less often than Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil, but more often than I Wasn't Born Lucky, if u read both of those. And their interactions aren't romantic much either, the ML is ofc affectionate in his thoughts and words in a calm way, but their relationship is rly put on the back burner for quite some time :')

I typically enjoy a side of fluff and dog food (or power couple vibes ✨w✨), but I wasn't suffering from lack of romance in this novel since the action rly shone through, altho this depends on the individual reader ofc.

I won't be discussing the plot since the overview briefly explains the structure and buildup of the plot. Overall, I do recommend this story, it's honestly not that gory or scary, the last instance will hurt u a bit tho, its rules and whatnot is sad TwT If ur still scrolling through reviews and debating whether u should read this novel or not, I'd recommend reading the reviews that are either marked completed after after ch. 60 since those will be more accurate in the overall quality of the novel, unless u cannot stand the beginning parts of the novel either (i.e. The MC's lack of emotion in the first half of the story). Happy reading!^^ <<less
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nitan rated it
August 16, 2021
Status: --
It's good, I just didn't find it particularly fun to read at the beginning. Love the concept, love the premise, but the execution is... a little off to me. Some of logic a little dumb, slapped together a little too crudely. The casts are small, it's hard not to feel limited when reading.

I really wasn't feeling it until I got to the time instance, and then I was ok. It's definitely not predictable/typical, which makes you want to keep reading it -- but I feel like, the pace and the... more>> intensity of everything feels a little off/surreal. It feels almost like I'm watching a sit-com episode. Not so deeply immersed in the novel, but being carried through the progress at the same time?


One of the things that drives me mad was when the government immediately being alerted/knowing that the MC is related to all 3 S-ranked survivors. Is he the emergency contact or something? Some parts of the novel is really ridiculous that I can't wrap my head around it. And the need to have the MC stand out so much but purposefully to emphasize how 'ordinary' he is, instead of just showing how ordinary he is with what was already given just seems so weak, writing wise.


This part makes me feel some type of way, because I do think it could be great- it's just done and executed in ways that sabotages itself, b/c the initial set-up really wasn't it at all. It does get better - like the progression of the story and how the little hints/clues about the MC left in each chapters eventually comes together. But it doesn't take away from how the whole thing flows and tumbles together to create an immersive world-- it's lacking. Maybe because the premise reminds me of Earth is Online, and by comparison, this one is definitely a little more lacking in terms of details and thus, being its direct competition it's just a little. off.

And the weakness is propped up by weak characters, so it feels a little plastic to me. Like it could've been great, we could've had a complete round up, but instead it feels -- lacking. Like the pace maybe moved too fast and too shallow that we only got to see a glimpse of what could be, everything else is secondary. I don't know how to explain it, but I think you might get what I mean... <<less
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Lovemarsh rated it
December 23, 2022
Status: Completed
The unlimited world threw the survivors back to earth. People who went missing came back with abilities making people happy, amazed and scared. Shen Si even had a relation with the three S-tier survivors in their country. But the survivors wasn't the only thing coming to earth. Some playfields (death games) also came to earth, and Shen Si seem to be a magnet for them, constantly being thrown into them. But Shen Si is only an ordinary person... right?

I really liked the plot and would recommend the story.

Some people seem... more>> to complain about the almost extreme indifference the MC Shen Si tends to show, especially in the playfeilds. I also found it a little abnormal at the start of the story, but there is a reason for it which is related to the turning point of the story. For me, it's like a foreshadowing: (super spoiler alert)

It is related to the MC's abilitythe whole time paradox and the MC's plan all along. Obsessions and dreams are for the future, and everything will be alright if the plan works. Then all of the deaths will be invalid


I would have loved more extra chapters for the side characters.

All in all a great read.

May time be with you. <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
May 26, 2021
Status: Completed
I thought this story would be more comedic, but instead, it's quite a bit more on the serious, drama side.

Nevertheless, it's a very enjoyable read. As other reviewers have mentioned, it's like the aftermath of the escape room/unlimited flow type games.

If all the survivors or powerful people in those games were ejected back to the real world and had to assimilate with the laws and social norms of regular people, what would happen?

The story sets the MC up as the a regular person who was coincidentally caught in the fire,... more>> but as other characters also became aware, some coincidences became a bit too "coincidental." MC is a hidden master and everyone else around him are very strong as well.

What I liked the most was the storyline. The supporting characters were vividly portrayed and the overall plot was well written and encompassed a very epic tale of tragedy, endurance, sacrifice, and heroism.


On the other hand, the weakest link in the story was the romance. Unfortunately, we the reader are shown over and over again how indifferent the MC is to everything around him. This is very realistic to what the MC went through, but unfortunately very much hid MC's real feelings for the ML.

Throughout the whole story, we only had ML one-sidedly chasing the MC. There were a few subtle exchanges, but ML was left hanging almost the whole time. It didn't make the relationship feel very "real" and there were no fireworks or romantic tension between the two.

ML also wasn't as developed as a character compared to the MC. At times, I almost wish the story was told from the ML's perspective. On the surface, he was just a very one-note almost-yandere type character who only existed to obsess over and love the MC. We never get a chance to see his other sides; some of the side characters became much more interesting and developed than the ML.


Overall, translation (edited MTL) flowed very well and it was an enjoyable read. <<less
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StarPhia rated it
March 31, 2022
Status: Completed
Honestly amazing. Very entertaining. I really liked the concept and the abilities present in this book compared to other stories. The main character was very interesting and I did really enjoy exploring his story. I also do like how the author explained the ending and how stuff and why stuff happened.

... more>>

The MC's power was also really cool. I obviously wished there could have been a bit more, which is one of the biggest difficulties with this novel. It really could have been longer and taken more time to explore various parts of this world.


The other character's abilities could have also been explored more, but I do really appreciate the different types of abilities which were very different from other abilities in other stories. Honestly this story should have just been a little bit longer and more parts of this story should have been explored but it was still very interesting.

I would actually disagree that there was no foreshadowing for the ending. Well it was insufficient and there should have been some small changes to the earlier part of this story in order to better foreshadow, but I actually did guess the ending to an extent. There really only needs to be a few more seeds for what the ending was because otherwise it was great.


The biggest thing I wish the author explored was that one time where the ML and the light dude were very scared of the MC forwarding time, that could have been a very interesting thing to explore, and although it is explained, I do think the explanation and exploration could have been done a bit better.


Anyways, I love the MC and his struggles are very unique and absolutely fascinating and saddening. I really love this story! <<less
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June 16, 2021
Status: c113
Hey, a very honest review here.

This might be one of the best novels I've read and I'm very picky with my novel selection. This book truly triggered my biggest fear in life.

The story is very unpredictable, deep, warm but heart-breaking. I cried so many times, especially towards the end, but still... IT WAS TOO GOOD.

... more>> It focuses on plot and everything will ONLY make sense if you read the book until the end by focusing and paying attention to the story details.

The characters are very well-written. I found no OOC. Every one of them stood out well.

For the romance, THERE IS ROMANCE and it was very deep and subtle.


The ML was Jian Nian. Yes, the ex. The two broke up for a reason, but they have always loved each other for the entire time. DON'T GIVE UP ON THEM. THEY WILL BE TOGETHER.


It was a very strange but beautiful kind of romance. The truth will be uncovered at the end of the book.

As long as you can understand the details and the value this novel has, you will absolutely love it. Look forward to their crazy character developments and plot-twists.

For the ending, it's




I am so done. Happy reading 😩🤚 <<less
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Ashfire rated it
May 28, 2021
Status: Completed
Has this ever happened taht you expect something and it turns out that a book gives you a story far beyond your expectation?

This story is just like that... It was an amazing story delivering much more than I expected it to.

I have already read it teice and it's my third time. If you have not yet started please do cause it's worth it.
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August 28, 2023
Status: c13
Just some notes to remind myself why I've dropped this:

... more>>

It's boring.

The story introduces many characters early on but doesn't give any reason to care about them. I want more time to get to know them enough to care, but at the same time I don't, because their interactions are so mundane that I want them to end. Already a lot of time spent on side characters such as the officials in charge of controlling the situation, but it's wasted text that the story doesn't need and more characters I don't care about. Perhaps if they had some agenda with the MC it would be one thing... and personality... but they're just benign, well-meaning admin who drag the story down. I suspect it's so the author can info dump or have characters know things without haven't to figure them out themselves, but that just makes it all more bland.

The writing is straightforward and simple, and that's not a terrible thing necessarily, but in this case it's basically listing events, listing reactions... so far I think the only actual POV has been from a inconsistently-realised minor character. As in, she was scared, she was relieved when the MC showed up etc. I never understood what her personality was nor her motivation for doing anything.

And it's already got really really dodgy reasoning. There's a super-popular post made speculating that ordinary people who do instances will get abilities like the survivors and the officials find this suspicious - as if nobody could possibly come with this theory unless they have inside information, and isn't instead something everybody who's read an infinite flow or Solo-Levelling-type or apocalypse story etc. couldn't think of. And it's popularity seemed suspicious, as if this many people couldn't believe something like this without some sinister water army help... like, this would a be massively popular speculative idea on its own, but they've just had hundreds/thousands of infinite flow returnees, many of whom have abilities, and now officials inform everyone that instances are popping up in certain places; Why would the idea ordinary people also having abilities be in any way unrealistic and hard to believe??

So many things in this story have already been poorly, illogically or not really explained.

And then there's the MC. I don't dislike this MC, but in making him someone who tends not to react much to things or show much interest in much, we end up having no reason to care about him. We're barely let into his thoughts at all so we don't have a reason to worry about him more than any other character, nor is there anything to especially enjoy about his character to keep us wanting to read more of him. Crucially, he doesn't appear to have any goal and if he has no goal, then there's no reason to be invested in anything that happens to him because, as far as we can tell, he's perfectly fine and unaffected whatever occurs. Maybe this is a self-insert by the author and the writing is just as emotionless as the MC because it's how the author really is... haha...

Additionally, we're already getting this "he's an ordinary guy but actually he's totally special, " idea being waved at us with bright red flags. Sure, he's an ordinary guy who HAPPENS to be unfazed by everything to an unusual degree. He just happens to be next door neighbours, step-cousins and ex-boyfriends with the only 3 known S-rank survivors in China (and not only does this flag him as cringeworthily special for the story, it also makes anyone who knows notice him as special). And these s-ranks... the neighbour seems to be set up as the love interest (may already love him), the cousin is probably going to become a devoted tsundere teen bulldog, and the ex... well..f- he's already tediously yandere. I'm bored in advance by the idea of having to put up with his obsessive whatever.


The story may pick up. Maybe later instances become more intriguing than these ones. Maybe later interactions actually become mildly interesting. Maybe there's a growth/redemption arc for the ex (and if there's instead a villain arc that'd be the most boring development). I don't dislike the MC and the little cousin has potential.

It's just becoming obvious that this story's writing style will not interest me, its logic and even basic character motivation and reasoning will continue to dissatisfy me and I'm not going to enjoy the bland harem and I'm going hate the yandere.

I know that it can be possible to overlook some of these things if you are invested in the overall plot and find enough of the story engaging, especially if the story really does improve. Clearly there are lots of people who enjoy different things to me and were able to do so. But even if others do, I personally just don't find enough in this particular story for me.


... Ok, that turned into a long complain. Sorry if you actually read it. <<less
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