I’m Really Just an Ordinary Person


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Shen Si was an ordinary person, living an ordinary life, until one day, the unlimited flow world collapses and all the Survivors returned to reality, setting off a ripple.

His gentle neighbor, Bai JunYi, was the God of Light in the other world, with the strength of faith that could shake the world’s rules.

His childhood friend, Jian Nian, was the God of Killing that even ghosts and gods fear, and the rumors are more frightening than each other.

His distant cousin, Xi Luo, whom he has never met, was the unlimited flow world dark boss, leading countless ghosts and monsters.

Ordinary person Shen Si: ????

Onlooker crowd: So many big brothers have relations with him, he must be the hidden most powerful person!

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New raindroptree rated it
April 19, 2021
Status: --
Original concept, but the story seems like a wanna-be story. Everyone in the story is always interested in the MC, but his actual character is nothing remarkable, to the point where he is really boring... there is no reason for them to be so interested in him, it just seems like poor writing. It's as if the author didn't know how to write a good MC... so they instead made everyone else in the world suck.. (not really, but it feels similar). Meanwhile the MC is still boring... but everyone... more>> flaunts over him for no reason. The things are are suppose to be interesting in the story aren't very interesting and end in an uninteresting way, to the point of not even making any sense just to end the situation...

for ex. the

MC decides to use a deadly herbicide on the whole city to solve one of the instances, but that makes no sense since it would just kill or make everyone sick, but the author just writes it as if humans are naturally immune to poison and the people are all saved. lol. Then the MC is seen as a God somehow.. It's just a bunch of random plot written on top of each other..


I feel like the ML is the most interesting character. The MC kills any potential for romance in this story. <<less
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New P2wo rated it
April 19, 2021
Status: Completed
Is the novel worth reading? Yes. It's different from other novels in various aspects:

1. MC doesn't transmigrate to the other world or game fields, rather transmigrators and game fields come to him.

2. MC and MC both are not feminized, thank god.

... more>> 3. Although the romance is barely there, their chemistry is unique. It's different from any other story I've ever read. Their relationship is definitely one of a kind.

4. There are no cheesy dialogues, cringy moments, kinky moments and 'love saves the world' plot. The story follows a 'no-nonsense' plot.


If you are here for romance then look elsewhere. It's not like in 'The Earth in Online' where romance starts late but there IS romance. In 'I'm Really Just an Ordinary Person', romance could be said to be non-existent. There were probably two hugs, alright. Even the spiritual connection between MC and ML isn't highlighted much. In the whole story, ML strongly chases MC, he loves MC way too much and in his eyes, nothing is more important than MC but MC ignores ML. MC has his reasons to ignore ML. It will be brought later in the story.

In most of the stories, we see couples helping each other save the world or whatever and in the process, romance blooms, right? But in this novel, MC chooses to be alone. He has people who hold immense trust in him but MC is not willing to share his burden with anyone, not even ML. He is a loner through and through, since the beginning of the story until the end. He carries everything by himself, but still smiles and pacifies other people. He is strong, physically and mentally. He is the only hope of mankind, may be even the world. Anyways, the point is there is no romance. MC finally accepts ML but even after that, the story doesn't show any sweet moments between them.


Too much emphasis is given to MC. The romance or the ML aren't really important. Even if ML didn't exist, the story would basically remain the same. Talking about ML, he is a yandere. There is no denying that yanderes are creepy and somewhat pitiful. ML is exactly like that. However, he is different from yanderes in other stories, thank god.

This is because MC broke up with ML when he learned how yandere-ish ML was. So ML tries hard to restrain himself and his thoughts turn somewhat normal by the end of the story.


In the synopsis, you can see that apart from MC, three people are mentioned: the neighbor Bai JunYi, the childhood friend Jian Nian, and the distant cousin Xi Luo. I thought these three would be very important to the storyline but no, that was not the case. There is some part about the neighbor and childhood friend but the cousin doesn't have much role in the story. As I said before, the focus is mainly on MC.

Actually, the staff working on the special unit and the inspection unit (units set after unlimited flow world collapsed to help survivors and ordinary people live in harmony) have much presence in the story and their role in extremely high even compared to ML.

The side characters are well written and more human but MC feels less like human; he is too indifferent, somewhat mechanical and always calm. Even the characters in the story tell from time to time that MC doesn't feel like a normal person. But when you read the whole story, you will know how he came to become like that but it's still unsettling because he really doesn't feel like a human being. But he also changes by the end of the story, more like he reverts back to his kind and friendly original self.


The individual arcs themselves are interesting. Bit by bit, all the individual arcs are then assimilated to the whole story. I mean, although at first individual arcs seem to have no connection to each other, by the end of the story, we will see that all of them are connected. The story can be compared to 'The Earth is Online'. However, I'm Really Just an Ordinary Person' is mostly related to

time: time control, time regression, time manipulation, and so on. In 'The Earth is Online', as far as my memory serves, I think only one arc is completely dedicated to time related plot. But in this story, the latter half of the story is focused on time.


The ending makes sense. I was wondering the whole time how the whole situation will be solved.


All the things MC does is basically a lie to cover up his true intentions. In that way, he fools the main 'rule' or consciousness of the game fields and finally saves the world.


Anyways, the ending was believable and practical.


If you like a plot-heavy story that is not hindered by romance, then you'll like it. If you want some steaming scenes then, ahem, you will probably feel a bit empty. I was also hoping for at least one kiss but it didn't happen. So, I feel kinda empty. Lol. <<less
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Efu-sama rated it
March 20, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel has an interesting plot in general, has quite an exciting conflicts, and has a good ending for the story plot and for the romance plot. I have to admit that the MC and ML here is the most relatable in characters, giving me the sense of real MalexMale relationship out of BL novels I usually read. The balance between their relationship is very good!

When this novel give the tags of "Manly Gay Couple", it's really true. Because until the last chapter I still couldn't figure it... more>> out who was the gong who was the shou, LOL.

    • The MC and ML here are the same age, so there is no usual trope with Older Gong.
    • MC and ML have the same body-built, and even the same height, so there is no such thing with of delicate and smaller Shou trope, and masculine Gong.
    • According to the general idea, the gong usually is the ML. However, our MC here is very independent, OP, and also very cool himself.
    • When we see from health however, the ML was said to be a frail sickly beauty, the patient of Heart disease, however he himself is the strongest S-rank Returnee (survivor), and his characters is really suitable to be a Gong due to his possessive and indifferent nature, only devoting to the MC.
    • There's no s*x scene, so it can't be determined by the position, LOL. That's why I really love the MC and ML here. It's because both of them give me the true feelings of GuyxGuy relationship. They both are independent, capable, stubborn, and manly in their own way, because in the end they both are Male. Their aura as a male is really balanced!
Overall, it's satisfying.

The way the author deal with the genre of infinite flow into a story is also interesting. For me, this novel gave me the same vibes with The Earth Is Online and I'm Not Shouldering This Blame.

It's because the idea of game world merging into the reality. The concept of Returnee (those who got transported into the Infinite flow World) coming back into the reality and the conflicts happen afterwards is what gave me the same vibes. Though the execution later is different from those two novel.


Ooops, one thing I kind of regret is, the romance is quite lacking QAQ. The extra chapters are not enough, I want moreeee. I want to see more of the life and romance between our MC and ML! Heck, I want a Kiss, kiss, kiss!! I don't care if they have s*x or not, but at least, give me a kiss QAQ. Sadly, the author only give 4 extras, with only 2 chapters of it to be dedicated for the MC and ML to mend their relationship (still with no kiss!!) , while the rest 2 chapters for other characters, sigh.... This is the first time I felt I'm such an impure person, when other's romance are so pure only doing hugging and holding hands, but the old lady here is so impatient and wanting more Perverted scene to be added, LOL

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LiangCiAi rated it
February 8, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is pretty good, in my opinion. It's different from the usual unlimited flow survival-horror genre. It takes place after the world collapse and the missing people suddenly returned. The MC is ordinary but OP at the same time (you would understand if you read it haha). It can be quite dramatic tho, I mean the way the MC can know 3 S-rank people, and his ability is Idk, too OP?

The way he had turned back time 7 times is very illogical to me, tbh because there are like no consequences besides having more deaths.

Have very little romance, I think it's focused on the plot. It's quite easy to MTL, I read it in one day. Thanks for picking this novel up, the 3 chapters made me interested so I read the raw :D
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jtrichard rated it
March 6, 2021
Status: Completed
The MC is really just an ordinary person... Yeah no.

I quite like how this one is going. The way the story unfold one by one is interesting to see.

The premise goes like this: ... more>>

Shen Si is someone who hates the mountain (because he once fell from it), hates plants, loves and accommodate his boyfriend (ex now). Yet now he worked as a mountain tour guide, he loves plant, and he become cold, indifferent to everyone else including his (ex) boyfriend. It turns out that he's someone who has turn back the whole world time for seven times, and each time he tried again and again because the world's gonna disappear if he didn't succeed in defeating the game.

Anyway, Shen si ability is time. In the first (original) timeline, he enter Unlimited Flow world with his boyfriend, and accordingly if they reach the tenth floor they can go back to real world, which is just a scam because it's the real world that come to the tenth floor and become another game world, in short it disappear. So for this, he turned back the time... Of the world, much to the dismay of the Game Rule.

For Shen Si, he's equivalent to time master, and for him his time is always going forward, from zero straight line to whatever his destination later could be, even if he turned back the whole world time. And for him, the past is something he doesn't care about and the future is an unknown he need to look forward to.

After seventh time of doing this, Shen Si did a 180 degree of his personality, wipe out his memory, and so managed to change the past a little bit (which is something he can't really change (and he doesn't really care)) so that in this timeline he didn't enter the Unlimited Flow world and become an ordinary person. Of course even if it's deviated from the original timeline, it still doesn't change much because instead of real world coming to the game world, it's the other way around and the game world broken and assimilated itself slowly to the real world. And thus its still doesn't change the future (or the present for Shen Si since the future is the past for him until the point he turned back the time).

And so, at the seventh timeline he decided to not turned bacj the time anymore. And lo behold, it turned out that the reason he turned back the time for seven times is not to changed the past, not to do little butterfly effect that changed the present, but to preserve his power until it is enough to wipe the Game Rule/Conciousness forever and after. Remember that time for Shen Si is always moving forward, no matter if the world time is turned back again and again. Shen Si's time doesn't repeat every twenty years, but accumulated, so after seven times it become a power accumulated for hundreds year instead. To hide this from game rule, he tried to change things so it won't realize it since it's quite predictive in seeing time (of course after seven times it got bored of seeing Shen Si effort but hey Shen Si managed to fool it). Until the end, it showed itself to Shen Si because it tried to assimilate Shen Si itself (since the game place can't affect Shen Si) and fall to Shen Si plot. It's time got turned back until the time it doesn't exist, while the rest of the world time is going forward thus its never exist in the past, present and future.

While going through the story, you can see tiny bits of clues scattered around, from how Shen Si destroyed a small game field, to him hating fate, to some other things.


Overall, I love this. Cheer. <<less
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Ouryane00 rated it
April 11, 2021
Status: c58
Pretty good, doesn’t focus much on the romance between the MC and ML but the setting of the world is very very interesting
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Nao Otosaka
Nao Otosaka rated it
March 7, 2021
Status: Completed
It's really unique. It doesn't follow the usual trope of MC crossing through various world's/levels (as one would expect in a 'typical' unlimited flow novel) but rather the 'players/Survivors' of the said game return to the real world, bringing along those 'games/playfields' with them. At first I thought it would be 'harem' based (well- we get to see 3 S-Rank survivors all linked to the MC, who could be considered the strongest of all players). Albeit the lines not being drawn that clearly, there is only 1 ML who is

... more>>

The childhood friend-yup, the second guy mentioned in the NU synopsis.


Initially the MC doesn't seem anything out of the ordinary (well, going by the plot he is the most ordinary) and gradually gains abilities through those playfields he experiences. He later on goes on to become OP, even way more than our MLs. The concept of each playfield could be considered unique but I did find similarities to that of other unlimited flow novels. I, wasn't really satisfied with the ending of the main story but


The extras made my day.


So overall, it was a good read and worth the 5 stars. <<less
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