The Count and the Maid


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“I’ll hug you, kiss you, touch you – as much as I want, whenever I want. Even if Miss Shada protests. You’ll get used to it if you keep sleeping with me. Won’t you?”


“Yes, Shada.”

Huey looked at her with a gentle and mild enough gaze to make Shada doubt whether this same man just declared he said he would ravish her at will.

An erot*c scandal between a sweet, somewhat suspicious master and a timid maid.

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백작과 하녀
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Dragon_Reader rated it
December 3, 2020
Status: c13
I know it's too early to rate the novel but smut is good. No non-con/ dub-con either in this book (atleast not till where I have read). MC is as lusty for ML as he is for her except she is very 'innocent' and does not know what to do about it making her a passive recipient until ML seduces her. Then all bets are off and she is as into it as ML.
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Rosalind rated it
November 12, 2020
Status: --
So far it's really good. It's not too fast, like the ehem smut ehem immediately takes action, but the tension is there, it makes it more interesting to me. The duke is hard to read, I wonder his real feelings.
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bluce_cluce rated it
November 29, 2020
Status: c12
It’s pretty entertaining tbh HAHA and the translation is really good.
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recent chapters are interesting (ch 10-12) cause it finally confirms/sheds light on the count’s intentions and his perception of the princess. The princess is so immature and graceless, and calling her childish is an insult to children everywhere. So far Shada has been pleasant to read about cause she’s just a normal shy and hardworking person, who just tends to look unnecessarily (and unintentionally) provocative 24/7 HAHA

at this point, don’t expect anything deep from the story HAHA fun read overall <<less
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Asphyxia778 rated it
August 10, 2021
Status: --
The smut is good. No dub-con/non-con as far as I've read. The tension between the MC and ML is off the charts so I was just anticipating when ML would take action lol. MC feels the tension too but she's shy and innocent so she feels like a cute rabbit ready to be devoured by ML.

Story isn't that serious so just enjoy the smut lol
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