The Attack of the Wastrel


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Her rebirth gave her a second chance at life. She was back with a vengeance and wanted to make those that had harmed her pay. But to those that helped her, she wanted to repay them. Her evil stepmother? She would slowly pull out her claws, one by one. Her evil stepsister? She would crush her pride. She thought that by getting her revenge for her past life, she would be happy in this life. However, she never would have thought that danger would chance upon her time and time again. The hatred from her clan and whether their bloodline would continue to exist, lay solely on her shoulders. Luckily, on this thorny path, someone had always been protecting her. “Third Prince, have you ever regretted being with me?” That person laughed lightly and peered at her with a loving yet weary look, “As long as I am together with you, I have no regrets.”

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New JeoFlora rated it
June 21, 2020
Status: c265
Oh boy.

I have to say who the villain seems to be is always changing to a higher power, in which I think the author is only doing this is to drag the plot on. Conquer one villain, oh no someone else who is stronger suddenly appears.

Agree with everyone else that the ML is just one big creepy stalker who half of the time thinks with his second head over his actual.

... more>>

At one point MC is trying to communicate secretly with the ML by writing characters on his hand and all he does is take it as her wanting to hold hands and flirting. They describe him as really perceptive, but he can't even tell when MC is being serious.


Also it doesn't seem like he really cares about MC to me.


At one point he starts "chasing" after another girl at this tournament in another country they're in and doesn't tell her anything at all until she's beyond angry with him and then tries to turn it on her, like dude you were pretending to be in love with another girl and didn't even plan to tell MC about what you were doing, she has every right to be upset. Ye Fei was right he is absolute scum.


Additional plot I got frustrated at.


I hate how they randomly forced Ye Fei into a relationship with Pan Yue while MC was out of the country. She is such a strong character on her own, she should be able to choose her own husband who was advantageous to her, not be drugged with an aphrodisiac and "saved" by Pan Yue.

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hawlol rated it
March 9, 2020
Status: c50
Like eating pure bread with a glass of water. If you have enough you might feel full, but deep down you know you're not satisfied and would rather be eating and drinking anything else with a little more flavor.

This is the pure form of Chinese 'Rage Plot': Author presents a suffering MC, then introduces a random character that will hate, be unfair and agressive towards this MC. The reader rages against this character and a few moments later the MC faceslaps him/her by being the Mary Sue that she... more>> is, rewarding the reader with instant gratification and triggering some brain chemicals that appeases him. The character and situation change, but the circle of random hate, petty schemes and faceslapping is eternal.

I can't help but comparing this with 'Skinner box' tactics in games (abundant in mobile) : A cheap tactic to trick the brain instead of producing actual engaging stories/experiences.

Of course some novels are better than others in this genre, mostly because they try to deviate from this vicious cycle of 'Rage Plot'. For these 40+ chapters in this novel, though, the author hasn't tried to deviate from it a single damn time. Add that to the MC being even more Mary Sue than usual, and I couldn't even finish the released chapters. I'd rather go on a diet.

Guess the only positive it's that this has less than 500 chapters instead of the usual 4k+. Hope it ends quickly and the translators can pick something else. <<less
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gryffinpuff rated it
April 1, 2020
Status: c95
Mary Sue MC + stalker ML + s*upid antagonists + plot armor galore = typical female protagonists in a cultivation world setting...

Lots of small inconsistencies in the story, which can be ignored but bugs all the same. Usual rebirth story with a slag father, b1tch step-mom and half-sister. Our MC has a very tragic past, but she was reborn with plot armor! She went from a fearful pushover to someone who can scheme against and bravely fight her antagonists!

MC is a super Mary Sue character, who very conveniently finds everything,... more>> one way or another, when she needs! She can cultivate, can make pills (and grow rare herbs etc), and even make weapons - oh, let's not forget she can fight like a champion against people and beasts above her levels...

Then, we have a ML who pops up near the MC unannounced wherever whenever he feels like, and a convenient side kick next to the ML to inject some comedy here and there... Then there are brainless b1tches, who lost their self respect along with their brains, and are thirsty for MC's blood just because the ML talks to her...

Yep, that's it so far... <<less
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j.sambac rated it
May 19, 2020
Status: c165
The true star rating is 1.5/5.

For those of you who have read The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage or The Princess Wei Yang, this novel is most certainly not in the same light. Within the initial chapter, we learn that the main character, Gu Lingzhi, has died in her original life and travelled back 4 years to when she is 15 years old. Of course, Gu Lingzhi's first line of action is to get back at her stepmother and stepsister who have plotted against her.

After chapter 4,... more>> the novel deviates from your typical dog blood revenge novel and becomes a slice of life cultivation novel. Honestly, I believe the author either became very confused with how she wanted to move the story forward, or she wanted to mock other reincarnation/revenge novels. There's honestly a lot of things I don't understand about this novel, but for future readers who want to pick up this novel, here's a glimpse of my thoughts.

Overall Plotline (a more in-depth summary than whatever is listed above)

As mentioned previously, Gu Lingzhi died in her original life and travelled back 4 years to when she is 15 years old. In her original life, she was violated by her rapist cousin with the support of her stepmother and stepsister. Her father discovers the adultery and forces her to become her cousin's concubine. However, because she is not yet a legal adult, she has no status in her cousin's house. Her rapist cousin grows mutilates and tortures her over the four years. Meanwhile, her stepmother secures her position as a wife of the household. Right before her death, Gu Lingzhi finds out that her stepmother was responsible for her mother's death as well as responsible for her lack of powers.

Now that she has returned to the night she was violated; she promises to avenge her mother's death as well as make her stepmother and stepsister pay for their misdeeds. Gu Lingzhi successfully thwarts her cousin from raping her. Using the limited knowledge she has from her original life, she is also able to evade her stepmother's attempts at poisoning her, allowing her to unlock her powers. Instead of staying behind to mentally/physically torture those who hurt her, Gu Lingzhi decides to GTFO her house and decides to take revenge when she is older and powerful.

Now, if the summary above wasn't cliche enough, this is where the novel truly becomes all forms of cliche. Once Gu Lingzhi unlocks her powers, she realizes she can tap into knowledge from a powerful extinct tribe to help her become a godly cultivator. Not only that, she is one of the only cultivators

excluding the ML, Rong Yuan, to have all five spiritual roots

to have all five spiritual roots. Because of this, Gu Lingzhi advances levels at a record speed, causing her to form enemies, find friends, and get an annoying prince stick to her side.

Ugh.. now that that is done, let's move onto the characters.

A Few of the Characters (will focus on the main leads for now and update as I read)

Gu Lingzhi- This is our Mary Sue-esque main character. As mentioned before, she is all-powerful girl, hailing from an ancient, extinct tribe that has all five spiritual roots. She also advances levels at a dangerous speed. Of course, Miss Mary Sue tries to hide this by pretending to be weaker, but who is she truly fooling? If the characters in this novel weren't so dumb, they'd realize she was much stronger than she was letting on. I mean, this girl beat students who are several levels above her, killed beasts that were much stronger than her, and creates pills that are eons better than what the best alchemists can make. If we look past her Mary Sue-ness, we realize Gu Lingzhi has nothing to boast of. She is easily forgettable as everything falls into her hands easily.

Rong Yuan- This is our creepy, perverted stalker-ish prince who is also unfortunately the male lead. He is supposedly 30 years old but acts like a damn perverted 17 year old horny boy. He has wayy too much screen time and needs to go away. Read the spoilers below for a few examples of his shamelessness...

Chapters 93-94


Before she opened her eyes, she already felt something off. As she lifted her arm to touch the areas on her body that were injured, all she felt was her own bare skin.

Where were her clothes?

With this realisation, the fog in Gu Lingzhi's mind immediately cleared and she opened her eyes in alarmed. She stared at Rong Yuan's worried face.

"You are awake? How do you feel? Are you still hurting? Don't be scared, I have applied the best medicinal oil on your injuries so that it will not leave a scar after it heals."

Who cares if there was going to be a scar? Gu Lingzhi grinded her teeth as she stared at him.

"Your Highness, where- are- my- clothes?"

"I threw it away, " Rong Yuan answered sincerely. He then took a pile of blankets that were folded neatly at the side and placed it over Gu Lingzhi. "You're too wounded to wear any clothes."

There was regret in his eyes. Now that Gu Lingzhi was awake, he could no longer take advantage of her.


Chapter 112


It was

the Third Prince?

Gu Lingzhi's eyes widened in surprise and she subconsciously shrank back into her seat. It couldn't be that the Third Prince had come to the classroom at this time to find her, right?

In the short time frame that she had disguised herself as the Black Thorn, he had insisted on marrying her regardless. Yet in the blink of an eye, he had chased her all the way back to the Royal School. It was just as Ye Fei had said, this Third Prince was just a scum!

For unknown reasons, Gu Lingzhi suddenly felt distressed when she thought of this. Was it because she felt that it was unfair to all the other girls who secretly loved him? Turns out that the Third Prince who was rumored to not be promiscuous was actually just like any other man.

Rong Yuan was angered when he saw Gu Lingzhi shrink back subconsciously but he had nowhere to vent it.

Without any hesitation at all, he had ignored the weird looks from his father and the upper management of the Royal School and lowered his status to come here and teach. It was all just to be able to spend more time with Gu Lingzhi. Yet, her first reaction when she saw him was to shrink back. Also, what did that momentary glimmer of disappointment in her eyes mean? Was she so unwilling to have him as her teacher?


Chapter 120


Although Gu Lingzhi's performance was not always very outstanding, she managed to outdo everyone by just a bit every time. This alone showed that she was above average. Being able to surpass one's peers while at a lower level, once or twice might be a coincidence, but to regularly do so meant that Gu Lingzhi's control of her spiritual energy was definitely superior to the rest.

Be that as it may, the Third Prince still enjoyed giving her more pointers

or it could be said that he was just taking advantage of the chance to do so.

"No, you're doing it wrong. In this case, you should slow down the release of your attack, like this, " the Third Prince guided. While he said this, his hands found their way around her arms. No matter how one looked at it, it seemed like he was embracing her rather than guiding her through the motions.

"Your Highness

" Gu Lingzhi complained, unable to hold herself back any longer. "It's fine if you just guide me verbally from over there, you don't have to do this."

"No!" Rong Yuan refused. Of course, given the chance to openly take advantage of her, how could he let such a good opportunity slip away?


Chapter 136


"Am I really that kind of person in your heart?" Rong Yuan clenched his teeth, seething with anger. He felt that he had already shown how genuine he was in wanting to win her heart, but he did not think that he was such an unreliable and fickle-minded person in her eyes. He had initially thought that she would give in after some time, but from the way it looks, it seemed that he would need a more effective method to win her heart.

Rong Yuan stepped forward, surprising Gu Lingzhi. He held her waist, not caring about the students who were still around them. He then lowered his head, and kissed her.

Since she had so little faith in him, he had to at least show everyone that she was his, so that no one else would dare steal her away from him.

He had originally kissed her as a form of punishment, but the moment his lips met with hers, it became almost desperate.

Gu Lingzhi was shocked at first. When she felt the forceful sensation on her lips, she immediately fought back and tried to push him away.

Scoundrel, let go of me!

Rong Yuan was so immersed that Gu Lingzhi's struggling was rather entertaining to him. He even used his tongue and teeth to tease her.


Tianfeng Jin- The first friend the main character gets after attending the Royal School. Tianfeng Jin, as well as the other girls the MC becomes friends with, is a breath of fresh air. She is a martial arts student who is dedicated and sincere. She thinks of nothing else than fighting, and to assess the MC, Tianfeng Jin proposes to duel. Out of the MC's friends, she has the least screen presence.

Ye Fei- This is the MC's other flat mate. Ye Fei is the charming daughter of businessmen, causing her to be extremely money-minded and profit oriented. After recognizing the MC's talents, she encourages the MC to sell her medicinal pills at her shop. Apart from that, Ye Fei has a fiery personality and is quite opinionated. She, on multiple attempts, openly criticized the ML prince, despite his royal status.

Qin Xinran- No doubt, my personal favorite in this novel. Xinran is a deceivingly cute girl who has a hidden evil streak. She uses brute force to make her opposition submit to her. During her character introduction, Xinran knowingly places the MC in a tricky and dangerous situation. However, after realizing the MC's benevolent heart, Xinran pledges her support and unilaterally sticks to the MC's side. Whenever the MC is bullied or in a tricky situation, Xinran shuts the offenders with her brutal attacks.

The Gu Family- The father, stepmother, and stepsister are all cannon fodders. They are useless scums who have no redeeming characteristics. Apart from that, the MC's cousin, Gu Chengze is quite the sweetheart. His infatuation with Qin Xinran is the only redeeming factor for this novel.

Some of the Problems I Have With This Novel

  1. Despite this novel falling under the rebirth/revenge genre, this novel is far from that. The MC has absolutely zero advantages for reincarnating. What she learned in the four years she suffered as an abused concubine in her first life (who is evil, how her mother died, how her stepmother suppressed her powers), she could've learned on her own without a rebirth. Honestly, all she needed to do was spy on her stepmother. After ten or so chapters, the MC's life completely diverges from her original life. She begins practicing her spiritual roots, which she hadn't done so before, so everything she learns in her second lifetime, she learns for the first Knowing all this, it makes me wonder why the author started the story in the way she did. Did the author have a sudden epiphany after chapter 10 and realize she didn't want another clich rebirth story?
  2. From the chapters I've read, I suppose the main villain is the stepmother. And I make that claim very lightly. After the MC goes to the Royal School, stepmother becomes a non-existent character. Coming to the stepmother's villainous ways, I do not for the life of me understand why the MC believes the stepmother is strong. On multiple occasions, the MC bided her time, claiming she wasn't "strong" enough to take down the stepmother. That claim is just absolute hogwash! Seriously. This stepmother is just an insipid woman trying to win her husband's heart. As far as I know, she doesn't know martial arts or alchemy (or at least the author hasn't shown us she knows). In fact, the stepmother uses the typical wishy-washy schemes that other brainless idiots of this time use (aphrodisiacs, hiring hitmen, spreading 'vicious' rumors, etc.) Honestly, if the stepmother really was so scary and omnipotent, make her be someone who controls 4-5 spiritual roots with demi-god type of martial arts skills. The author shouldn't insult the readers by making this woman be the main villain.
  3. Going off my last point, the MC is just too overpowered. Time and time again, the author reminds us of how difficult it was to pass the spiritual levels. The idiotic stepsister made it to Level 6 in three to four years which was apparently an amazing feat. The MC? Even though her previous life taught her no cultivation methods, she was able to break through to Level 9 within her first year of awakening her powers. This super growth is insulting, especially when the MC considers her stepmother to be a main villain.
  4. Now, my biggest qualm is the male lead. Normally, I'm fine with the overbearing, possessive, yandere, etc. male leads as a lot of Chinese novels have such leads. Unfortunately, this novel's male lead is just too insufferable for me to continue. All the problems the MC faces is because of the ML. ML talks to the MC? Oh, cue in 5-10 chapters of how every girl in the school hates her for capturing the ML's interest. MC want to improve her martial arts skills? Cue the ML stalking her until she becomes the center of everyone's attention. At one point, the ML acknowledges that her problems are because of him. What does he do? Nothing. He continues to follow her around like a horny stalker and interferes with everything she does. The author truly doesn't know how to write romance. There is nothing romantic about a 30-year-old teacher preying on his 16-year-old student. In Historical Chinese novels, the age of adulthood is usually 15 (after the hairpin ceremony), in this novel, the age of adulthood is 18, as stated by the author!
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SrPyro rated it
April 15, 2020
Status: c137
Started out good but as of chapter 137, the plot consists of MC trying to stay lowkey and improve her skills but the annoying Prince keeps chasing her and forcing his way into her life. Basically rape. As of chapter 137, he forces himself on her by kissing her against her will.

The situation is him chasing her so bad he forced himself to become the teacher of her class. As his teacher, he shows blatant favoritism and despite her rejections, he kissed her against her will. The MC can't do... more>> anything because the Prince knows her alternate identity and blackmails her and the school can't remove him as a teacher because he's also a War God and super powerful in the kingdom.

So yeah, if you like overall shitty situations where MC's peaceful life is ruined by rapey characters who ignore their rejections and spiral their life out of control, this is for you. Otherwise, if r*pe ain't your thing, avoid wasting your time. <<less
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February 25, 2020
Status: c37
EDIT: unable to recommend this to anyone. Plot holes gather, forced plot and braindead misunderstandings everywhere and a disgusting 'romance' with a prince who refused to take no for an answer, and pretty much molested the FL into liking him... somehow. Absolutely disgusting. MC should just cut her losses and leave this abominable country behind, especially her shitty family. Not the worst novel I've read, but definitely leaves a sour taste in your soul.

Fairly typical for the 'reincarnate/portal/whatever into tr*sh young mistress body but she's not tr*sh but has been secretly maligned by awful people' genre. Bit more of a slow burn, so not much in the way of instant-release happy brain chemicals for face-slapping the shitty step-family and surrounding smoothbrains. It's also not as pointlessly aggravating as this genre... more>> usually is with the mindless cruelty. Sure, it exists, but it's not cartoon tier villainy for the sake of hurting people, and while the protagonist full of malice for those who wronged her, she isn't a psychopath towards everyone who looks at her sideways like they usually are in this genre.

Thus far it doesn't appear to be anything too mold-breaking, but is thankfully bereft of most (not all) of the low-effort antagonistic drama tropes that typically come with this type of story. I actually read all 37 chapters in one go without being emotionally drained? Yay! <<less
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lonelyjesse rated it
May 2, 2020
Status: c172
The only reason I didn't rate it 1 star is because I love the MC and her friends.

As others have mentioned the 'relationship' part of the novel is problematic with the 30-year-old ML forcing himself on the MC (15). That's great isn't it? We love a story about a 30 year old taking advantage of a teenager... (sarcasm).

I plan on continuing reading just because of the MC but if the plot becomes even more centered on her 'relationship' with the ML I will drop it.
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Anonymousse rated it
March 5, 2020
Status: c30
Rebirth novel with the usual cliche plot of servants betrayal, evil stepmom n stepsis, and not to forget the opportunist biased father.

As usual almost all the females potrayed as brainless jealous chicks with no logic.

With all that cheap soap opera dramalike plot, I rate this as 2/5. Not bad, but no unique features to be remembered that made this just as forgetable as other rebirth shoujo novels that I read so far. (That I usually forgot either the MCs name or the title after some times).
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kikiyo15 rated it
February 24, 2020
Status: c35
This typical rebirth revenge story doesn't go into detail of her past life. She wakes up and plots her revenge against her step-mother and sister. She gains power fairly quickly but not too much that she over powers people. Right now she doesn't have enough power to get her revenge against her step-mother but she has great alchemy skills to shut people up.

I love the pacing of this story more than the Demoness's Art of Vengeance. In the art of vengeance the MC's growth is really slow in gaining martial... more>> arts power.

Both stories are really interesting and are both centered on a girl trying to take revenge upon her enemies. I highly recommend both stories! <<less
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