Demoness’s Art of Vengeance


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Jun Xiaomo, notoriously known as “Lady Demoness”, finds herself chained and bound in a dungeon. Her hard-earned cultivation has been completely crippled, and she has no means of escape. Qin Shanshan, a lady she used to called her “close friend”, mocks Jun Xiaomo, revealing that Jun Xiaomo had been used by the people around her. Even her lover, Qin Lingyu was one of the masterminds scheming against her. Jun Xiaomo watches her life flash before her eyes and realizes that she had indeed blindly placed her trust in people. Her naivety had led to her current predicament.

Jun Xiaomo wanted to end it all. However, she is determined to deliver a swan song. Over the hundreds of days tormented in that very dungeon, Jun Xiaomo had painstakingly painted a complicated formation array with her own blood. With a determined look, Jun Xiaomo burns her life force to activate the array. Her sole intent? To bring with her as many schemers to the gates of hell as she could. The bright red light from thearray intensified, and the end was nigh.

…or was it? Jun Xiaomo opens her eyes and finds herself alive again; time had rewound right back to when she was sixteen years of age, albeit only at the eighth level of Qi Cultivation. Armed with the knowledge and memories of her previous lifetime, Jun Xiaomo is determined to learn from her mistakes and bring retribution to those who so deserve…

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New Chinibs rated it
July 10, 2020
Status: --
Dislike. Dislike. Dislike. I dislike this so much that I HAD to review it, just to warn any other un-suspecting readers.

The start of the story was so full of promise, which is probably why its derailment frustrated me to this degree. The MC was super bad-ass at the beginning. But then, she just flops. I had to wonder why the author likes to torutre this MC so much! If the hours I've wasted on binging chinese novels has taught me anything, it's that it's exactly authors like this who end... more>> up transmigrating into their own books to suffer!

I went into this not expecting the harem aspect of it. I'm generally a fan of reverse harem but...I simply hated that aspect of this novel. Throughout the novel, the author directs a lot of ridicule towards MC's archnemesis, Yu Wanrou who is fickle and establishes a harem as her means of solidifying her power, so it was a rather unpleasant shock to realise the author was directing the plot in a reverse harem direction for the MC as well. And I really hate what the author puts the first ML through, just to justify the addition of another love interest for the MC; poor, poor Ye Xiuwen, the author's other victim. And okay, let's say she owes the first ML and the second ML, and is deeply emotionally entangled with them both, and just can't say no to either. *rolls eyes*. Then where does the third ML come from! Now that there's already two, it doesn't make a difference to add one more? Again, I should emphasize I really like reverse harem but man, the harem logic in this novel is just too annoying and hypocritical.

Once there was a Lady Demoness who gave not a single f*ck. After losing everyone she loved, she lived by her own terms until deceived by scum but then died on her own terms, taking down the said scum with her. Then she was reborn and somehow she needed to be romantically entangled with three men just so she could stay safe. Then end.

One star for the potential with which the story started. The extra star is for the super quality of the translation <<less
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New AbsAreHot rated it
July 2, 2020
Status: c230
A tinge of Mary Sue, but MC still has a distinct (which is amazing) and fun personality. Fun, especially at the beginning - there's character development. She doesn't have this cloud of maturity about her despite her age, but that's common in cultivation novels, and her age isn't neglected at all. There are some discrepancies surrounding her age, however.

The author in general doesn't have a good memory. For example, she used whatever weapon was convince the, laying around, or available in the beginning, with no deep understanding of any weapon.... more>> Then later, she apparently was super proficient in the whip, her weapon of choice. The plot has armor, sometimes things are "very convenient", but it doesn't take away from the novel much. Only if you're paying attention.

Also, I found it annoying how there's supposed to be huge differences in "levels" (?) in cultivation, but the protagonists seem to overcome that pretty easily and unrealistically. It's one thing if it's beginner Foundation vs. adv. Foundation, but it's like

full throttle Gold Core Fire Fox (which is naturally extremely good at combat) fire ball at it's most hated person being dispersed by MC lv. 6 Qi Cultivation because she has fire roots...

... like wut? There's a poor understanding of ancient Chinese cultivation in general, especially regarding demonic energy and cultivation if that matters to you. It's not obvious or anything, though, it's just like, "Ok, I guess we're going with that."

Another annoying thing is that there aren't any gray areas. It's really impressive how this plays in. I'm not really sure how much I can explain here, but most of the "great giants" suck, MC is always right... Not a good explanation or summary but maybe u can get a jist. Edit: Ch. 295ish: found a person who has one solid foot in the gray area.

Ok, also, I fell in love with the first ML. Like, I'm not totally sure if it will end up monogamous or not (like feel like saying that makes you drive away cause I've read more than half, but I don't want to explain the whole thing to u, just read it), but I want the first ML to have a truly fulfilling love life. He deserves so much. Despite saying this, I still don't know if he'll get it, looking at the circumstances... !!! Which I don't want to tell u even as a spoiler because u shouldn't know!😡😡😡😡 so frustrating. All of it. This feeling was stronger at the beginning, and the


(one adj) ML is just as worthy, although I still like the first ML more. GuEss hE's MoRe mY tAsTe... 🤔???🥴 *crying*

Sooo, I know I criticized a lot, but if you noticed, the good points aren't it's salivation, they are the backbone, or else I wouldn't have rated it 4 stars... Not explaining them though. Don't hate, but don't run away. I'm sure the other reviews have the things that are good about it posted somewhere. I also didn't include every single thing that could've been done better, just the ones I think are important or bother me. <<less
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Vintearis rated it
March 1, 2020
Status: c40
  1. Face slapping party. MC never stops slapping people left and right
  2. Author repeats same emotional talk over and over again. Like I get it author! MC elder martial brother is handsome and dragon among men. Really, many chaps to be skipped
  3. Story progression is veery sloow. Chapters are filled with repeated sentences about feelings and romance or face slapping.
  4. MC is 100y old hag that acts like teen. Like as if her whole experience evaporated till author remember that she is reincarnator and pull plot armor out of nowhere for MC to progress in power
  5. Enemies are super hateful and her family and friends are without stain. It's so f*cking black and white. There is no room for grey. Author is an idiot who created typical hateful villain so that readers will have no guilt when MC murders enemy and his family. And later ppl say xanxia MCs are arrogant and murder hobos. Nah. MCs are heroes of justice who clear flat antagonists. Amen.
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mio rated it
February 29, 2020
Status: c45
Starts off with an interesting premise, that promises a truly independent female lead; something that never happens in CN's. She's even a little bad-ass in the first few chapters!

Sadly, as I just said, this never happens in CN, and this one is no exception. for a lady tortured by love, of course the first thing she does is attach herself to another guy. Makes perfect sense... not.

then later on our highly experienced MC who lived a life on the run and survived in the wild jumps into a river to... more>> wash herself and almost drowns because, and this is the kicker, "the water was too cold to think", while the author explicitly says that if she just stood up, she'd be fine. *add sarcastic slow clap for trainwreck of a story*

Never before seen such idiocy in a story, making the MC dimwitted for the sake of the romantic interest is never interesting, nevermind the fact that it's already a cliché in these kind of stories, but for a reincarnator? you'd have to be brainless to write something like that.

It saddens me to see such a bad plot for what promised to be interesting. I will continue my search for a cultivation story with a female MC that is an actual MC.

This one? she's just a female love-interest that is talked about a lot. A decoration. No independence whatsoever. Completely dependent on those around her. <<less
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March 1, 2020
Status: c26
The novel was very interesting and exciting... at first. But it gets more and more frustrating as I delve into the next chapters. The MC is not as intelligent as she think she is. The plot is slow with lots of miscommunication and lies that the MC randomly thinks of. They get so entangled together that I can’t see where things are heading. I mean it should be enjoyable and exciting but I just can’t get my hopes up since as I’ve mentioned, the MC is not as bright as... more>> she was portrayed to be.

Although I have to say, the translation was very good. Very understandable and supported the wrecked plot so far.

I really love transmigration, rebirth, and revenge novels but I think I’ll put this novel on the shelf for now. I was expecting a strong-willed, independent, badass, and empowered woman. All I’m seeing is a disillusioned, dramatic, and dependent woman. 😭 <<less
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Miss Ruby
Miss Ruby rated it
April 13, 2020
Status: c133
Honestly, this novel is quite meh. I guess I expected a bit more? The author keeps talking about her past life but her personality doesn't even reflect the fact that she has lived 2 lifetimes. She is way too naive for someone who got betrayed and killed.

In addition, her entire life was ruined because she entrusted her entire self to one man and after her rebirth, what does she do? She entrusts her entire self to another man. I'm speechless, quite frankly. Even if you want to say she's basing... more>> it off his behavior in her past life, he died before he could accomplish anything noteworthy, how does she know what he really thinks?

I saw a comment which said: Is this "demoness art of vengence, " or "airheaded teenager of nonsense?" and I found that I really agree with the latter statement.

Either ways, I'm disappointed with this novel. <<less
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Blisfulloblivion rated it
March 1, 2020
Status: c47
Love this story so far. Some might find the progress slow but I find it more realistic.

After her death, she's no longer the badass demoness but a 16year old weak 'princess'. Her original self was a nieve and shallow fool. Due to her foolishness everyone who cared about her died and she was forced into becoming a demonic outlaw. She now has a 2nd chance to change things but she's starting from a bad place since her original teen self had already soured her relationships and developed a bad reputation.... more>> She's having to redeam herself before she can really progress.

Going to disagree with Mio's 1-star. I find that MC is a strong female lead and is not dependent on others or a love interest to succeed. While she is smoozing up to her senior brother its not romantic. He considers her parents as his own and takes care of her for them (he's one of the people she foolishly pushed away cuz he ugly). He litterally died helping her in original life. She feels immense guilt and appreciation towards him due to this. In this new timeline she is treating him like family. (He is already honorary family since he's her father's direct diciple). She still does everything she can herself (limited at the moment since shes super weak).

I like that she is smart. To make up for her poor cultivation level she has to get crafty. She utilities her past knowledge and skills to finangle her way to her objectives since no one will help her (protected weak teenager that no one takes seriously). It's great to see a rebirth where the MC actually has to deal with the challenges of being a child and not just do whatever they want and all the adults magicly listen to them.

Because of the focus on character development and relationships story progress starts slow. Suspect most of the poor reviews are due to this. May want to wait for 100+ chapters before reading if you want more action. <<less
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leva rated it
May 26, 2020
Status: --
It starts off decently enough; your amusing reincarnated F!MC wuxia, ft. actual parents and a whole slew of villains. I actually rather liked the the balance between seriousness and humor in between MC meeting people from her past, figuring out her cultivation, and trying to outwit her sect elders. It also has the chronic theatrical 1D villains, so don't expect anything too heavy on that front. There are some bits of side characters redemption and stuff, but nothing too major.

Now as to why I rated it a miserable 1.0:

... more>>

The quality spiraled downwards rather quickly after MC was accepted to a higher sect. It timeskipped 12 years, wherein MC then found out her father's peak was criminalized, her parents missing, and her peak brothers likely tortured somewhere by sect master, while the man who supported her after dashixiong went MIA also went MIA after trying to avenge her supposed death at the hands of an empire.

Now, I don't really mind the timeskip. But this "everything went (nearly) as before" when before she went to secluded trials her master promised to keep an eye on her family, later on thought missing on that sect's power struggles but revealed to actually be on a journey visiting his friend. It's a lot of asspull when author promised MC a support system in the new sect in the form of actually likable, reasonable if a lot quirky master.

My second beef is in the last arc involving dashixiong's past life killer's sect. I will try to list out the... destruction of established characters... and asspulling....... that author put in, for what amounts to unnecessarily dramatic plot twists.

    • Despite knowledge of talismans and herbs that they have, ML and MC ended up doing the do under influence of, yes, you have it, some randomly all powerful aphrodisiac. This is approximately a couple days after they've established that they like each other.
    • In trying to save MC and 2nd ML trapped in a spirit artifact while fighting the cultivator coalition, ML gets influenced by the resentment in the artifact and nearly killed them both.
    • Later he changed his mind and let them out, only to go full yan on MC, bondage and all. At this point I despaired of everyone in this novel because clearly nobody, not even protagonists, is safe from author's rampaging theatricals.
    • MC thought 2nd ML to be dead and lost her memories from shock. Yes. It's a thing now. Cue ML's yan skyrocketing.
    • ML ran out on everyone with MC. ML's master enlightened them to the fact that, ding dong you've hit jackpot, MC is pregnant. I kid you not.
    • So we have MC, amnesiac, pregnant with a violent stranger who kept her prisoner's kid. OF COURSE SHE WOULD WANT TO KEEP IT. If we follow the dramatic CN manor inner courtyard plotlines, she would've lost the as of yet only puddle of blood by the 2nd day after she woke up amnesiac out of sheer stress and shock, but no.
    • ML after realizing the artifact is influencing his decisions decided to sever their connection, about a couple hundred years too late at this point. (I'm joking its only been at most a couple weeks? maybe?) YOU DONT SAY??? yes, ML is the one shafted by author the most in this last arc.
    • After regaining her memories when she thought ML drowned in the pond, instead of talking of their issues MC and ML chickened out. This is so disappointing when their dynamics pre-amnesia was one of my favorite things; that they could confide in and would protect each other. Now it's just like when you had an unprotected s*x with your highschool boyfriend, got pregnant, and your parents kicked you out to marry him; their relationship is all suffering and nobody is happy (least of all me). They weren't ready for this level of commitment.
    • Despite the family themes on the first half of the novel, YOU PRACTICALLY DONT SEE THE FAM AGAIN. MC with ML is on the run with peak brothers, she's stressed 150% of the time, one brother proving to be a mixed bag despite her practically carrying their arses the whole game, her parents nowhere in sight. It's just--why is author even doing this?
    • The existence of 2nd ML's master (and 3rd ML's family in general) is the biggest asspull. They're basically this insanely powerful hidden sect. The sect grandfather is fond of MC and grants her wishes on account of his disciple (2nd ML) and grandson (3rd ML) SO OF COURSE they're author's last plot armor for MC, nevermind them stopping the escalation before, idk, 2nd ML's imminent doom??
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ronishamay rated it
February 18, 2020
Status: c26
Well, its intresting to read a female mc's percpective for a change and its not too emotional and cutsie so far,
the cultivation and combat so far are not amazing but most of the chapters have been focused on charachter building.
i think its worth reading for now and hopefully the pace will pick up...
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Empress M
Empress M rated it
February 19, 2020
Status: c25
So far, so good.

MC isn’t OP, but she isn’t a weak white lotus either.

As of right now, she’s trying to regain her cultivation and find a way to cancel the engagement with the scum Qin guy.


Her journey to becoming powerful isn’t smooth as a sheet of ice, it’s rocky and filled with setbacks.

A couple chapters in, and already faceslapped the scum man’s sister and fake white lotus.

I’d give this a 5 star, but my rating seems to have.. Malfunctioned?
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toadwytch rated it
June 12, 2020
Status: c140
I actually really enjoyed this at first since it was one of the few female-led webnovels I had seen, and Jun Xiaomo’s character at the beginning was confident and clever when dealing with her enemies. I also found the backstory of Yu Wanrou and her position opposite the villainess a great contrast. However, as I kept reading the sense of moral absolutionism and overdramatic punishment/triumph without proper build up really ruined what could’ve a much more interesting portrayal of her “vengeance”. Once the male lead (who’s actually pretty cool) was... more>> introduced she predictably became a lot weaker and more whiny, and once the love triangle was introduced I was completely done. Glossing over the genre-typical awful depictions of sexual assault, her lowkey useless family, and her mood shifts depending on how much she wants to show off to the ML, there really aren’t a lot of positives to this story. <<less
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AlcoholSwap rated it
May 11, 2020
Status: c355
I actually enjoyed how the story started and progressed. The progression is a little slow compared to other novels.


Around chapter 300 is when sh*t hits the fan, the whole story got so twisted I can't continue anymore. It just felt like a different writer has picked it up, the characters that was built up from the start just went out of whack.

I just couldn't get myself of finish this novel at the latter parts, it is just a horrible mess.

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wndzzz rated it
April 28, 2020
Status: Completed
Great novel! MC has been striving hard to live a better life. One of the best reverse harem novels I’ve read so far. Try to read it first and don’t be swayed by other ratings. Judge it yourself.
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gryffinpuff rated it
March 31, 2020
Status: c97
Pretty bad story! Too many repetitions, bad guys are without any redeeming factor, while MC's loved ones are without a single flaw... The sect-disciples are as brainless as can possibly be (even little kids won't get so easily swayed by a few words!!), bad people aren't smart either, indulging in petty schemes is the extent so far... MC is a teenaged love-struck girl, and the plot is romance with 'cultivation' as an afterthought!

Considering that the MC had lived for 100+years and was betrayed and wisened up reborn, I hoped for... more>> a 'Shen-Miao' like character (from TRot-Malicious-Empress-oML), someone who can scheme circles around her opponents and brilliantly foil their plans... But what we get is an immature, extremely s*upid MC, who has not learnt any lessons, still goes around making brainlessly juvenile choices! The only difference her rebirth has made is to change her target of infatuation from a slag man to a decent man... From her actions, no one can judge that she was a ruthless demonic cultivator, who was on a run and lived a bitter life for more than 100 years, prior to her rebirth!!

Instead of actually showing that the MC is a reborn-'demoness', the author just keeps repeating how she was betrayed by so-n-so, and how she won't let anyone walk over her, and how she's smart, and then the MC turns around and gets drunk in front of her arch-nemesis (three of them!), and providing an easy target to them, if not for the presence of the ML! <<less
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Dutchess411 rated it
March 26, 2020
Status: c98
So far this novel is quite different and refreshing to read (though I skipped some paragraphs as they’re just not important for me). Like some commenters have said, there’s no big cheat for the FL though I wish that she would obtain the female antagonist: her spirit spring, space and dual cultivation. Hehehe.... I am itching for the FL to uncover her nemesis’ secrets and unmasked the mysteriousness the FL (Jun Xiaomo) (attributed to Yu Wanrou (enemy). She couldn’t figure out how did Wanrou subjugated her men and made... more>> them live harmoniously with each other sharing her. I can’t wait for Xiaomo to build her own male harem too which is, hehehe.... being started. I’m adding her Brother Ye Xiuwen, the First Prince of Inferno Kingdom and the Little Packrat to her harem. Hehehe....

Mature content is present but s*x scenes are not descriptive so it’s still okay for general public, though I initially thought otherwise. The translations pretty well done with minor errors here and there but not glaring nor annoying.

This review is pertinent with the reader’s reading up to Chapter 98. <<less
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haruhi91 rated it
March 28, 2020
Status: c160
My rating is closer to 2 than 3 stars, but I want to balance the too much harsh 1 star rating. The plot is nothing new, a woman gets reincarnated after being betrayed and dying painfully so she vows to get revenge on everyone who wronged her. The story is entertaining, there are funny moments and sweet scenes if you like romance but the focus is on the cultivation aspect. It's a decent read, though hampered by too many defects.

The main problems are undoubtedly the too much "telling not showing",... more>> the repetitions and the MC herself. Many times there is too much over exposition of concepts and repetitions of things said and re-said dozens of times. Like we are told so many times that the MC was an expert who lived on the run for hundreds of years relying on her skills but that expertise seems to be evaporated as she often acts naively and makes silly mistakes. There is nothing wrong with a weak or clumsy protagonist, but then the author should stop saying how cool and great she was in the past.

The side characters are forgettable as we have the usual cast of black and white villains like the evil ex boyfriend, the white lotus female and a bunch of other cultivation sect's members who are just there to act as the flock of sheep who can't distinguish between good and evil and so blindly follow the evil sect leader. <<less
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rosesakura95 rated it
May 26, 2020
Status: Completed
I want to give this novel a rating of 4 but since I quite liked the relationship between the MC and brother Ye I'll just leave it at 5.

Interesting plot, but several parts of the story were rushed, especially the ending.

I can barely tolerate that several characters completely disappeared but that the author didn't even explain to us how the harem was completely accepted by the main characters, that is something that I can't.

Come on instead of making the last arc only 8 or 9 chapters, it should have obviously... more>> been longer and more eventful.

All in all, this story could have been better if some things were clarified and if the last chapter had more depth to it instead of summarizing to us what happened to several people in 1 chapter! <<less
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