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Nowadays, a lot of the games you can log in to are based on your sexual preference.

Currently, I am the guildmaster of a guild consisting of mostly casual players in a VRMMORPG that is played exclusively by men. In this game, there’s a big gap between the casual players and the hardcore players. Normally, there are hardly any chances of crossing paths with one another, with the exception of when you happen to join up in a party.

However—all of that suddenly changes when logging out of the game becomes impossible.

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Kore Dakara Gachizei wa!
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Sadie Woods
New Sadie Woods rated it
July 22, 2021
Status: c12
If you're just looking for a smut novel and don't really care about the plot or characters except as a means to get to more smut, it's alright. As someone who likes reading love stories that actually include, you know, love, this is just full of lost potential. The ML is a f*ckboy POS who manipulates the MC into intimacy as payment for being protected and ridicules the MC during said intimacy for having no experience and being a dead fish in bed. Poor Neji! The beginning chapters led me... more>> to believe the ML is just a quiet socially awkward man, but underneath that exterior is pure garbage who thinks it's fine to dub con his way into bed with the MC, make fun of the MC, view intimacy as transactional in nature when it's supposed to be a romance, and just be pure scum as a character. He also somehow has his skill in bed leveled all the way up so you know how casual he is about relationships. I hate him. I wish Neji had ended up with his friend. Or anyone else really. Read if you only care about smut, avoid if you care about romance or love. <<less
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judeiiro rated it
June 23, 2021
Status: Completed
So, I went in not really expecting much but it turns out this novel has smut! (There wasn't an R-18 or Smut tag when I first read, which might've been a misclick on Sports) This is not a spoiler since it's mentioned from the get go that the VRMMO has adult features which of course include s*x lol and it's also on syosetu's R-18 site so you can definitely expect it

This is a really short, light and easy read. The main storyline is 25 chapters long with the rest being... more>> extras about the main pair and the second pair

Main: Neji (MC) x Heath (ML, seme)
Second: Nachi (MC's friend) x Mao (ML's friend, seme)

It doesn't really feature much about the game aspect of the VRMMO with the author choosing to focus more on the whirlwind romance. This is really more like slice of life with some spice sprinkled in, so if you're not into games and remembering a ton of skill names, this is definitely readable!

The romance is fast and straight to the point. They went from 0 to a 100 at lightspeed!

Anyway, it's a short cute and spicy story. I think it could've been expanded on more but it's also okay as is <<less
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