Sky of the Wolf


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On a rainy day where Rio was coming back from a supply delivery, he picked up a tattered child. The child had an obvious impairment and was a Beastman, who were persecuted in this country. From their first meeting in summer when they were 9 and 17, how will their relationship change that winter, after a passage of seven years?

The romance of a black wolf beastman and a golden hair and blue-eyed human.

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Ōkami no Sora
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Date Group Release
04/06/19 Ainushi Translations c5
04/06/19 Ainushi Translations c4
03/30/19 Ainushi Translations c3
03/22/19 Ainushi Translations c2
03/17/19 Ainushi Translations c1
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March 17, 2019
Status: c1
Another BL novel!! \ (^.^) / hurray~~

cant really give a rating with just chapter 1. I read it and found the story is soo sweet~ so I'll rate after I read more chapters...

Thanks for Ainushi bringing this sweet story here
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