Sweet Nothings


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Late at night, Yan Qing drove across the cross-river bridge, who would have anchored halfway.

At a glance, she saw a handsome man standing not far away, so she stepped forward for help, but she never thought of—

The man actually grabbed the railing, raised his long legs, and was about to jump off the bridge.

Yan Qing felt like a dream.

However, she pulls it out and saves Huo Yunshen, who is ruthless in the outside world.

However, this Huo family boss is seriously inconsistent with imagination.

Not only was he inexplicably haunting his wife, she was treated like a treasure, he even fell on her knees, his eyes were scarlet, he stubbornly begged her:

“Qingqing, don’t leave me anymore.”

Rumors have it that the President Huo wife is dead and loved, so he will be cold and unsympathetic, and do not even look at women.

Didn’t expect a little star who made her debut soon to embrace his thigh? !

Insiders proclaimed everywhere: “It’s just a stand-in that looks like old love, what’s to be proud of!”

Before long, “Little Star” Yan Qing held the grand prize and smiled sweetly in front of the camera: “Formally clarify, Mr. Huo’s old love is me.”

That night, Huo Yunshen came to the scene personally, took off his coat and wrapped her in his arms. Facing countless reporters, he only said:

“There is no new love and old love, she is the only one in my life.”

Yan Qing did not know that she had lost her memory.

She don’t know …

There is a man in this world who, in the three years since she lost her life, is as insane as it is dead.

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Qing Qing Wo Wo
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secret165 rated it
May 25, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is a gem. It makes me tear-jerk and smile at the same time. Happy for their loves stories and happy ending. How deep is both Yunshen (ML) and Qingqing (MC) loves for each other. As the synopsis said: Yunshen lost his lover 3years ago and meet Yan Qing whom was very similar to his lost lover. Yan Qing always thought she was only substitute for Yunshen lost lover, while she didnt realize she was 'Yunshen's Qingqing'. Yunshen recognize her the moment they reunited again and tried very hard... more>> to gain her back without scaring her. Yan Qing didnt realize the moment their finally met, her feelings carve deep in the soul burst out.

Both their love was to deep that they each were fighting to protect their feelings.


I really feel sad for both of them past and glad that they have each other.

During childhood, Yunshen originally was engaged with Qingqing from the moment she was born. But due to false rumors that Yunshen has violent tendency as child (it was actually manipulated by his cousin who wants to eliminated Yunshen), he was exiled from Huo family. ML never gain warmth or affection from child until teenage. When MC age 13, MC appears as light in ML darkest hell. ML was afraid that this warmth was false and reject her without knowing MC has loves him from their first meet when MC 5years old. While world accuse ML as lunatic, only MC belives in him and stood by his side. ML always paranoid that MC will leaves him as MC has many suitor. ML was only a poor boy who cant test for college entrance exam due to Huo family prevention. MC always appease his paranoid and stay by his side. Until one day she was taken away.

ML search everywhere for MC and even willing to gain Huo in order to gain power to find MC. When they meet again, MC has other identity due to her transplant memory. MC nerves was torture so much due to her strong will to loves ML.

Due to MC nerve was torture so much, her memory starts to collapse. There comes time when she forget ML whom she finally loves so much. Every day she woke up and forget ML and even hurt ML due to rejection. When MC realised she will lost memory every day and hurts ML, MC cried so much and willingly craves a letter for herself on arm using knife. MC wants to remind herself to not be afraid to falls in love with ML and hurts him.

Finally, both of them gain their happiness. Usually, Yandere ML have tendency to hate their son for robbing their wife. But in this story, little bun convince ML that with his appearance, ML will not lost MC loves but there are 2people in his life that will loves him unconditionally.


This story is really a gem. The time when MC memory collapse every day, ML will retold their story every day and MC will brace herself to loves her husband.

While ML was extremely possessive towards MC, it was all due to his lack of warmth and paranoid that he will lost his only warmth in life. ML always respect MC wish, follows her quietly and guard her silently.


ML always thought that his childhood was traumatic and bad due to his mom death and being accuse as madman. He lost his memory from childhood due to traumatic experience. But when he realised he has once met MC in his childhood and MC has loves him since then, he brace himself to find the lost memory and overcome his trauma.

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ricachuu rated it
October 28, 2021
Status: Completed
I felt like a masochist reading this. I keep on hurting on behalf of the ML (and the FL) but I couldn't stop reading it until the very end. Their love was so deep and beautiful. I swear their love story during their high school days was already enough to make such a soft, silly-sweet novel with a bit of angst. ML's overbearing love towards FL and FL's extremely strong and persistent love for him that she was willing to be imprisoned with him in hell was so beautiful in... more>> itself. I can't help but wanna cuss against that f*cking scum who tore them apart and forced FL to forget ML. I wanted to k-word that bastard slowly and make him wish as if he was dead. Damn, his ending wasn't enough to vent my grievances.

FL, as the summary says, had her memories tampered with, making her forget her past about ML and thinking that she was a different person.

She was an excellent singer and musician so she signed up to an idol draft to help her broker friend. She meets ML and saves him from committing su*cide. She initially was very scared of his sudden possessiveness and intimacy so she avoided him like the plague. Later on, because ML kept on protecting her and getting hurt in the process, she softened her heart and got into a contract marriage with ML in the hopes to heal his psychological pain. With ML's continuous pursuit and gentleness, she fell for him and tried to avoid him again since she didn't want to be a substitute anymore. However, her unconscious affection and worry towards ML made her start to doubt her true identity. After ML


went to bed with her, she realized that her body was so used to doing it with ML even though she remembers not having a physical relationship with anyone.


After that, she stayed by ML's side all the time, soothing him, and constantly showing him that she'll only love him and will never ever leave him again. Her bottom line has always been the ML and she has loved him since she was 5. She didn't mind if the ML was a lunatic and wanted to entrap her in his cage because she was willing to be trapped by him. For her, ML was her freedom and her world.


ML was a wounded beast, a wolf who lost his only mate.

He was crazy, a lunatic in the eyes of others, and he never gave up on FL despite people telling him that she has died for years. He couldn't sleep and couldn't eat because when she got kidnapped, he was sleeping and she was gonna go out to buy him breakfast so he thought that if he didn't eat and sleep that wouldn't have happened.


It was honestly heartbreaking watching him suffer so much and reading so much about his past and how FL was literally the only one who loved him and stayed with him no matter what the circumstances. Thankfully, after the villains were gotten rid of, I was finally able to get the sweet, sweet romance I was looking for. I liked watching them happy, intimate, and sticky together. They deserve all the happiness in the world and I constantly hoped that the author wouldn't add another obstacle to separate them or else I would've gone and hunted an author down lol.

P.s. They also had a son in the end! ML wasn't so sure about having a child since a child would only disrupt their two-person world and he didn't know how to be a good father because he didn't have one. He just thought that FL wanted children so he decided to back down and worked hard to give themselves a child. FL was so mad at him because she didn't want him to force himself and she only wanted a child, his child. FL kept on assuring him that he will always be the most important person in her heart. She did get pregnant though and it was a cute son that loves his mom and dad. The son was so similar to ML in the way that he only showed affection to ML and FL and was so cold and indifferent to others. The son made sure that ML understood that he's not gonna compete for FL's affection, but is just another person who would love ML genuinely. It was such a cute, lovely family. Great ending~ <<less
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grayskies rated it
February 7, 2021
Status: c12
Right off the bat I knew that this novel was right up my alley! Both the ML and MC suffered and my heart hurts for the ML as he is just madly, loyally and truly in love with the MC.

... more>>

He is overly possessive towards the MC but it's understandable as she suddenly disappeared from him. MC appeared right before him as he was going to jump over a bridge and end his life. Also false memories were implanted into MC brain so she was forced to believe in a false reality about her life. Both characters are pitiful.


I'm hoping a translator will continue and pick this up! Because readers like me who are obsessed with MC being the ML's saving grace from destruction trope needs more stories to read!

Or at least that applies to me _ (:з」∠) _ <<less
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usag1 rated it
November 9, 2021
Status: Completed
Bloody hell! When I finished Mtled this novel. I thought, I was lucky that I did not believe some of ppl review said that MC is idiot bla bla.. But have you finish read the novel yet. Don't make a judgement based on few chapter.

Anyways, this novel is really good while made me cry as well. Face slapped was very nice and hard enough. Sweet fluffy moments... Plenty that can make you toothache.

ML is the best yandere and possessive ML.. He loved her and He gave her a... more>> freedom despite it hurt him. He became like this because of his past. You have to read till the end to understand his agony. Betrayed and abandoned by family led him not to easily trust people while MC was his medicine, his drug.

MC loved him unconditionally and she changed not because she wanted it but her father sold her while her memory being tampered and suffered as well. so don't say her being ret*rd or idiot if you have not read till end to know her suffers as She had never been in the plane too. Her will power was so strong because she loved him too deep.

This novel is hidden Gem and read it so you will find a novel that show you different point of view. Everything has cause and effect. The best thing is Happy ending. like I said, they had a kid and he did not have his kid like other yandere ML. He prefer hurt himself rather than her. She is his world and like but he did not lock or restricted her freedom. She could do anything she wanted as ML's respect her decision. I am not sure if another yandere or possessive ML will do the same things as him.

I am sorry that I spill some spoiler.

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kisuskan rated it
October 17, 2021
Status: c16
I'm so grateful that this was picked up again! Thank you to the new translators ^^

i admittedly love it when the MLs are a bit crazy, and this novel fits that niche very well; I'm excited to see where it goes!
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nasdhadg rated it
August 20, 2022
Status: Completed
This one..... i.... really........ cried bucket of tears while reading this one

though this one is really good, shows how deep both the ML and FL loves each other as both really cater with each other yet it is indeed tragedy due to some reasons. dont worry it is happy ending!

... more>>

the FL will remember him around 70chps. and please prepare your heart for ML's hard journey to make FL remember him and FL's effort to keep remember him. really, the author didnt do any justice for both MC, I feel like I was really on pin and needles waiting for the FL for finally and totally remembering him because of the foreshadowing. really I cant bear to read it when the FL tried to remember yet at the end bcs of the memory restrictions, her new memory of ML is removed:":":"


anyway, if you want to see a really heartwrenching yet fully devoted story, this might be the one! really really really devoted I might say <<less
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Angryant2021 rated it
May 26, 2023
Status: c30
Okay it's not terrible but I couldn't continue reading it. The writing is very dialogue heavy and most of the descriptions are about his body being hot. Or having a perfect face. I skipped a few chapters, got to some "sad" parts--which were, again, filled with dialogue and I guess that kind of writing does not draw me in. I was initially interested in the premise of the story, it touches upon deeply psychological topics but execution is poor. Reads like a 20 year old girls dream to find a... more>> rich man but also get a pity party out of it. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Eeria rated it
April 17, 2022
Status: Completed
Loved the story! It got me so emotional, I can’t help but empathize with both female and male lead sufferings. This book is a love letter from the male lead to his female lead. It’s all about his devotion and his passionate neverending and everlasting love. The male lead is a perfect yandere. Obsessive but know how to control himself in order not to hurt his love. The female lead is nothing extraordinary: she is neither very smart or ditzy or dumb. She is just normal? I feel like the... more>> female lead is just an accessory to demonstrate the intense love the male lead has. I’m a sucker for this kind passionate love so I can’t help but adore the story. The plot is intriguing and is developing well.

even though mtl is doable I feel it’s more worth it to wait for translations. I will keep reading and rereading this book. <<less
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Bookworm_Sueweetie rated it
November 7, 2021
Status: Completed
This is a good melodrama novel. A great pick for non-transmigration MCs.

The love of leads for each other was deep and their bond was strong despite what they experienced.

FL's confusion and misunderstandings were understandable... while ML's mental unstableness, yandereness and paranoia were result of his sufferings for years that I can't help but pity him. I'm also glad that he was fighting his instinct to imprison the FL... instead he chose to be a fanboy in the side & star-chased her lol.

The FL (Yun Qing) and ML (Huo Yu... more>> Shen) suffered so much that they deserved their happy ending with their Grapefruit/Pomelo. <<less
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