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Xiao Rou, a girl growing up in a poor countryside family, finds that she’s actually the daughter of a wealthy couple. Her mother had mistaken another girl for her back at the hospital. Thinking she would change from an ugly duckling to a noble swan and live happily ever after with her real family, reality strikes her in the face.

The other girl, Xiao Jinning, who had taken her family, her fiancé and everything else from her, uses every mean possible to frame her up, so when she returns to her biological parents, she finds her parents despising her while still doting on Xiao Jinning. Framed as a thief, she is expelled from the family and as soon as she walks out the door, she gets hit by a car and her spirit dies a miserable death thanks to Xiao Jinning.

Meanwhile, Tang Xi, a real princess, the heiress of the powerful Empire Group, is murdered by her greedy relatives. When she opens her eyes again, she finds herself in another girl’s body. She has become Xiao Rou and has a magic system—008 in her body! With the help of 008, she begins her journey for revenge. She would avenge poor Xiao Rou, punish her murderers, become the most famous star, and… make up with her true love—Qiao Liang.

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ResidentialPsycho rated it
May 31, 2019
Status: c37
This is one of the best series to be voted onto Web Novel in a few months, but it still has a few glaring weaknesses.

The plot is the same old overly-done rebirth plot, but it's written well for the most part. The big romantic breakup the MC experienced in the past happened because she and her boyfriend made their choices. I can't sympathize with them for the misunderstanding, and I hope they don't get back together. A relationship is based on communication, and they clearly had none.

I love the family... more>> in here. The MC’s biological parents and adopted sister are trash, but the family who adopts her is amazing. I love their dynamics, and it's my favorite part about this series so far. Although the MC likes the grandfather, he does not have unconditional love and completely loses interest in his adopted granddaughter once he finds out she's not related to him. I can't consider him a good family member, even if the person he's scorning is the villain. Whether they're related or not, she's still his granddaughter.

The greatest weakness of this novel is the BLATANT RACISM. I was enjoying the chapter and just reading along, and, out of nowhere, it’s like “BLACK PEOPLE AND AFRICANS ARE ABSOLUTELY HIDEOUS.” Like, what the hell? It really kicked me out of the being immersed in the story. Dark skin is beautiful—frankly, if these characters are pure Asian, their skin isn’t going to be white unless they’re albino anyway—and people in Africa have multiple races and skin variants, too. If you look at the comments and suddenly seen hoards of people announcing they're dropping the series, this is why. The comments made by the MC and other characters are just that nasty and atrocious. Everyone in the plot thus far appears to be Asian, so this prominent racism isn’t part of the story... It just jumps out of the blue and slams into the reader without warning.

Even as the MC’s greatest character flaw, racism is only acceptable if it is something she overcomes later as she learns more about acceptance. Unfortunately, as the cast is entirely Chinese thus far, I don’t see her facing this flaw anytime soon. I'm having a hard time liking her because of her OVERT RACISM.

The MC is a Mary Sue who is super-pretty and super-intelligent and knows martial arts, so she’s pretty bland as a character. She's describing as being so obscenely beautiful, I can't help but wonder if everyone around her is disfigured in order to make her look so good. Her most interesting trait is being a loli. Fortunately, the family is loving enough to balance out the blatant Mary Sue-ness. Otherwise, this novel could get boring real fast.

Flat-chested women are the best women. What’s the problem with the MC having a loli figure? Racism is a bigger issue, but deriding women for their body shape is another problem this story faces.

If you can tolerate the racism and the Mary Sue-style MC, then this series is worth checking out. If the MC had a more natural personality and there weren't any racism involved, I would have rated this story more highly. It'd also be nice if the MC took action into her own hands instead of just using other people all the time. If it turns into a sappy romance full of misunderstandings with her ex, though, there's a good chance I'll drop it before it goes premium.

The editing is fine for the most part. The translation and editing team don't seem to understand the difference between fiance and fiancee, though, which is very distracting and causes plenty of gender confusion for me as a reader. <<less
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silent hobby
silent hobby rated it
December 2, 2019
Status: Completed
I could say that this story is average for overall. The first half was good, where the MC was trying to rebuild her power in every aspect. The second half was too much filler that make the plot boring, I just skipped some chapters because it was boring.

Well, if the reader want to read this story, there are a few things to ignore.


If you want to enjoy this novel, just close one eye and ignore a few unscientific detail such as :

  • MC has universal skill
  • She goes to hospital more often than she goes home
  • All the villains are stupid, basically they paved the way for th MC grabs their "tail"
  • The MC so called bestfriend since childhood couldn't notice that the girl Xiao Rou which is Tang Xi (MC) character are identical, because MC doesn't hide her character when her soul occupies Xiao Rou's body, well that's prove that the villain is stupid
  • Although the main couple has a very deep love and they would die if they separated but they are also childish because when they were arguing, MC blurted out to breakup
  • The second half of story was really mostly filler because the last 2 chapters will conclude the story just like that.
This is just typical one of webnovel' s story. Not a surprise at all.
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CoryLeia09 rated it
May 26, 2019
Status: Completed
I really like this novel especially of how the FL's brothers are very pampering towards her. Also I like the plot of how the FL's past and present life, and relationships with her relatives are woven perfectly. I like how some of the characters after they've found out that they are wrong, they try to change for the better.

On the downside, I felt that the last chapters are a bit rushed and it's a pity that the author didn't write about some of the characters that has a potential for... more>> their own side stories.

Still, this novel is very good. There's many funny moments and dog food for the reader. Also, its quite short compared to other novels of the same genre. So I recommend that readers may give it a try. <<less
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