My Youth Began With Him


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Seven years ago, after she broke up with him, he disappeared without a trace.

Now, he reappeared on the eve of her wedding, sparing no means in obtaining her hand in marriage…

With a certificate of marriage, he bound her to him, to win her heart again

But around the genius more and more flies start showing up…

Mrs Huo – composed, sharp-tongued, out of this world and freakishly smart.

Mr Qin – wife-spoiler to no end and a complete “slave” to his wife and daughter

Quality love story, one on one. You are welcome to get hooked on this story with us.

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New aconite rated it
April 7, 2020
Status: Completed
DO NOT READ THIS BOOK I repeat DO NOT read this book

That is unless u r intrested in these things

A dual personality psychopath who loves the FL. Married a woman after that and killed her to frame the ML. Here's how :- cut off her limbs skinned her then tore her chest and then cut off her head and threw it here and there and packed the head in plastic

... more>> A maniac terrorist who drinks human blood after dissecting them (alive)

The good second lead who never got justice :- a rich famous kid from a good and loving family who fell for the FL (who was married) . Tried wooing her but never NEVER crossed the line. Stayed with her for 4 yrs when she was pregnant to the birth of the babies to being there father only to loose it when the ML comes back 4 yrs later like seriously. Then skip 2000 chs (I didn't read them) to the end where he sacrificed his life twice for her. The author kept him alive (in coma) only to be killed in the last chapter. That too by his own grandfather so that he could rest in peace. And still never got love from the FL. And never mentioned by her cause she feels guilty.

Oh and the author doesnt kill him till the last chapter...

The author introduces fantasy in this... the ML and the second ML and some other people get stuck in a dream 🙃 and will die in real life if they die in the freaking DREAM. The second male lead goes into the dream a second time knowing that he ll be there alone in despair a nightmare forever just to save the FL (to be noted there were other ways)

Oh and how could I forget the FLs body gets possed by the MLs lover... who hits her children and etc.

All the deaths were depicted verrry clearly though out the series.

Sooo if u r a extreme sad*st or a masochist then feel free to read it. <<less
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xchronicles rated it
September 16, 2018
Status: c26

  • All characters are made stupid and only the MCs are ‘smart’
  • FL is so smart to other people but then turns idiot/bashful/weak/pitiful when talking to ML
  • ML portrayed as sweet, doting, in love with FL when in fact he is just overbearing with the FL with all plot armors and ML Halo. Acts portrayed as righteous and sweet but it’s actually idiotic
  • Cliches face slapping, cannon fodders, powerful villain family hindering the relationship of the MCs
  • FL is said to have IQ of 130 and genius but... where????
  • Bestfriend of the FL blindly shipping the MCs relationship when it’s obviously toxic because author said so
  • All tragedies happened to FL to make her pitiful
  • 20s something but acted and thinkslike a teen.
On the bright side, thedescriptions... more>> and way of writing is ok. And the book cover is beautiful.

Those novel with douchebag and trash ML and idiot FL are better than this novel. At least the former, there is no need to hide those facts and everyone is stupid than this novel with pretentious MCs.

so much dislike. <<less
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yuki_hime rated it
December 23, 2018
Status: c624
Don't listen to people who only read 23 chapters; there is 4000+ chapters in this novel for a reason, and everything gets much better after 30 chapters (please persevere!) (no spoiler review)

At first, like in real life, the novel throws us directly into a drama without the complete information, like a detective novel, and we are not sure who to believe and who is right/wrong. However, we learn more about each character as they learn about themselves and others, and the story unravels slowly as the chapter... more>> count goes up.

To be honest, even I was angry at the first 30 chapters, but it gets really good right after that, give it some time; you will learn to love the characters after you know their motivations and personalities better.

I read the whole 500 chapters in one shot after seeing an advertisement on Instagram and will never regret spending 2 days reading that, it's SOOO good. Also I recommend stopping after 624 and wait for official translations, I was left on a cliffhanger so I google translated a dozen chapters.

Overall: 9.7/10, 0.3 removed because the first 30 chapters could have been better. DEFINITELY worth reading for the rest though.
Read this for character evolution, a sweet story of pure love and mystery; there is a big detective theme in this novel, as well as hospital drama. <<less
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littlewolfpup rated it
September 3, 2018
Status: c25
To be honest im just dropping this here because qidian novels get a lot of justifiable crap ratings, but those are mostly because the company are dicks and not the fault of the story.

As for the book, what can I say? Seems like a fairly generic and long winded (my god that is a lot of chapters) classic story of an overbearing rich dude picking up his old flame. The twist is that his family did something to her while he was away and now she no longer has any... more>> good feelings for him. He comes across as a pretty contemptable dude in the first couple of chapters but from his POV there seems to be more to it than has been revealed.

This will probably be a pretty good story with lots of angst and green tea bitches and white lotus flowers. Honestly the premise of a long seperation and old wounds reopening has been better done with books like Heyi Shengxiao Mo. However unlike in that book it looks like the female lead might be a bit of a badass.

Tentatively giving it four stars so it doesnt get bombed with negative reviews by people who dont read it.

Might update this review in like 2000 chapters when the story is halfway through. That is a ridiculous amount of chapters but they are fairly short.

If you like overbearing CEOs this will probably be a decent time killer. <<less
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Bakayaroo rated it
April 7, 2019
Status: c66
This is the worst novel I have ever read

... more>>

Due to FL not using her mind with 130 of iq. A person leaves you for seven years your father dies due to you being in a relationship with him and then he comes back you have a stable life with soon to be married and he tells your soon to be husband you are not a virgin and your body already belongs to him he destroys your cuurent life and then forces you to marry him with the condition of saving your brothers life this kind of ML should be kicked in the balls and this kind of Female lead with little to no personality and say in her life should just smash her head on tofu to get some sense in her this is the novel in which FL is just plain and this story is really horible because she has no say so in her own life she made all the wrong decision.

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mielru rated it
August 18, 2019
Status: c820
I found the story is quite interesting at first, and after 820 chapters, well, I found it's not so interesting anymore. And I couldn't make myself read the rest chaptersssssss (4541 ch!) Holy.
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Wintry Sylph
Wintry Sylph rated it
September 16, 2018
Status: --
This novel is good if u like the ceo-spoiling his lady type light novels. So far I really it, the ML is kinda douchey in the beginning (not his fault he's obsessed with his future missus). He's kinda cute sometimes. As for the female lead I love how sharp her tongued she is.I would definitely recommend it.
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Yehoshua rated it
August 15, 2019
Status: Completed
Worst love story or novel I ever read... What is with this su yu and I am so dissapointed by how the story ends. it spoil my love life. So much trash how at last Huo mian wants to live together in the dreamworld with su yu and becomes crazy.I would prefer he wakes up and the story ends with su yu finding his partner in life and Qin chu families repaying every favour they owe without estranging in their relationships.
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