Stealing The Heavens


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An unexpected discovery in Machu Picchu has transported a young professional thief from Earth to a world filled with mystical powers and evil plots. With his beloved teacher and best friend killed during the calamity, his only goal is to become stronger, so that he can take revenge for them.This is a novel filled with politics, the struggle for power, evil beauties, and of course, Divine Immortals.

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Thâu Thiên
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Andeetected rated it
March 16, 2018
Status: c267
This novel had too much potential. It started really good too.

Which makes me wanna hate the author even more because word count messes it all up.

The twist and turns of events gets you hook at first, then suddenly, a random person or event, pulled out from the authors ass messes what could have been a good climax.

... more>> No major enemies die. And there's a LOT of them. None whatsoever.

What happens when you're so indulged in the story line only to get disappointed every time? You stop hoping. Because these predicaments keep on happening to the point where every time a good action and plot twist comes, you know there's no point because the enemy will still survive in the end.

Author does it repeatedly. There's no thrill anymore. It got boring too quickly. MC has become a joke.

I still hope it gets better. <<less
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silverkage rated it
May 28, 2016
Status: c10
I was waiting for someone to review this before I started, yet alas, nobody did so. So this is my review to people like me wondering whether to add this to their reading list.

Starts of in the real world, then MC is transferred to a new world via a dimensional portal. So far seems pretty standard, MC cultivates a Dao of stealing allowing him to steal qi and blood essence of those he defeats. Pretty standard MC wants power to gain revenge, ends up in a new world with an... more>> OP cultivation technique and constitution. So long as no ridiculous harem turns up, this could be pretty decent.

tl;dr Might as well read it <<less
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mrttao rated it
June 8, 2018
Status: c381
A bunch of Chinese historical & "historical" figures (romance of the 3 kingdoms) reincarnated into xianxia world when they died on earth and became cultivators.

... more>>

Earth is a tr*sh tier realm, some very high level higher realm cultivator noted their exceptional cunning and drive (earth had cultivators, but those historical figures were not cultivators), placed a seal on their souls after their death, and arranged for them to reincarnate an isolated top tier cultivation planet after giving them each an inheritance suited to them. He has plans for them. He is also been gone for a very long time and had nothing to do with the MC travelling over


MC is a cultivator from earth (a tr*sh world with very low qi levels and sucky cultivation heritage, so nobody bothers with it) that gets dimensionally displaced with his real body into said xianxia world. MC gets heaven defying inheritance that lets him steal anything, including things like lifespan (to fuel forbidden techniques), talent, special physiques. In addition MC's inheritance gives him ridiculously OP stealth techniques, ridiculously OP formation breaking arts, information on valuable and rare materials, etc etc etc. The only thing not included in his immortal inheritance (on purpose) are combat arts and resources. MC is expected to steal them himself.

Author often worfs the MC to show how awesome those historical figures are. He can't stop wanking over them, and they all have plot armor up the wazoo because the author can't bear to see any of them die; even though they are all trying to kill each other and the MC gets involved in their fighting, none of them have died so far, only nameless redshirts get killed by the millions. On several occasions an enemy gets captured by MC, and for some contrived reason he has to let them go.

Make no mistakes though, MC is ridiculous OP with ridiculous cheat powers. It is only the chinese "historical" figures that are resistant against it (in that sense that he can't kill them, he can still give them some defeats).

MC is also a huge hypocrite. He flips out when his teacher kills a nameless waitress for spilling a drink (to maintain his ruthless reputation and reduce assassinations attempts against him due to politics). MC swears to avenge her and gives his teacher a bunch of grief for it...

But at that point MC himself already has the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians on his hands when he did things like bribing a barbarian tribe to sack a city and helping them breach its defenses because he has some enemies in the city he wants to die without implicating him. <<less
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makenai89 rated it
August 9, 2016
Status: c53
Reviewed at c53, rated 5+

Stealing the Heavens is a really, really cool novel. The beginning shot off with a BIG BANG and continued with a lot of heart-pumping, mind-enthralling action scenes and battle of wits.

It started off from a sect of thieves in Indonesia and a large explosion in Macchu Picchu which sent our MC to an ancient world where barbarian lived and cultivators reigned. With quick wit and his knowledge of both worlds, he slowly gained foothold in order to be stronger so he could go back to... more>> modern day and take revenge for his teacher and friend.

There are balanced amount of blood and humor here, plus between brawls and brain, so I really like it so far. There's also some amount of domestic affairs (kingdom building? I hope so). I wish the translation goes forward soon... or else I'll probably have to MTL the raws, because the cliff (hangers) were so high.

If you are a fan of xianxia/xuanhuan but want something fresh with plot and characters that are not cliche, this novel is for you. There are minor plot holes and armors, but nothing significantly disturbing. Overall, it is still above-par for its genre. <<less
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Nitpicking Reader
Nitpicking Reader rated it
October 16, 2018
Status: c10
I got tricked by the synopsis and the tags.

this story is too shallow, from the start it's ruined by the author.

you get no feeling about it


... more>>

1. first the author try being ambiguous letting us guess who may the MC be which is no problem, but when you give it a second thought it's just bullsh*t.

the MC and his master +another guy (who the MC claims to be his best friend) are spies in a sect, then they plotted against the sect's grandmaster's (who is the benefactor of the mc's master, he even paid a huge price to save the mc's master's life, and he doesn't deny it) son, who is the legitimate heir for the sect's leader's position, by accusing him of breaking rules (which is not proven to be even the case), then they crippled his cultivation and body +humiliating him in the worst case possible. All this cr*p so they take the sect's leader's token which will help the mc's later...

2. then by some miracle the sect's heir whom they plotted against and crippled and took his position came to them for revenge (in which he succeeded) with the help of a daoist. till here it's okay but guess what? they feel indignant about it (hahahah laughable). and this is where the tag of revenge come from and description in the synopsis... because the MC wants to exact revenge on the sect's heir and the daoist that put the MC and his team in their predicament (which will lead to death) but he doesn't stop here, and swears to enact revenge even on the sect of the daoist, which they don't even know about him or all this cr*p happening to him....

3. the MC by plot armor avoid his predicament and death by the "sacrifice" of his master, and he even get the bonus of the death of the sect's heir and the daoist that helped him +his team, but the MC persists in wanting the doom of the daoist's sect which know nothing about all this (he doesn't understand they just got what they deserve, maybe even less), then get transported to another world, and with the help of the token they stole from the sect they were plotting against, he absorbs the soul fragments of his matser and his best friend, in short their memories/experiences/good qualities, of course with no side-effects; the token even helped him in the planar travel by preserving his body and soul unlike his master and best friend, he also got a cultivation cheat technique + op knowledge.

4. he got in the new world, agaib plot armor, he got saved from a beast intending to kill him by some villagers they even gave him the blood of the beast which is considered very precious with no reason (there's no free meal in this world, universe too), well let's say it's about saving a life so it's okay... but when he woke up they even wanted to give him something like a potion made by their ancestors so it helps him have double height and a great boost in strength and power with no da*n f**king apparent reason! ah also by "the vast knowledge of his best friend" he seems to understand the language of these people HAHHAHAH... and can speak with them


for me these reasons are more than enough and I was in no mood to read a story full of cr*p.

I know most authors will make mistakes when the story progress too much and they can't handle every detail, but in this story, only in the beginning and there're too many faults, I don't dare imagine what will happen when things progress in the future, maybe things will get good but from my experience I'm not optimistic that will happen.

so the choice is yours. <<less
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DeathStroke96 rated it
December 25, 2016
Status: c53
At the end everything is condensed into bullet points if you dont want to read the review;

Absolutely worth a read, for now there has not been much seen, but the protagonist is clear headed and doesnt go against his personality/characteristics as it is always seen in other novels for example (not related to this one) the character knows he/she should not cause trouble on the outside but still does it. in this one the MC knows that if he causes trouble and everyone know he did it would cause major... more>> trouble to himself and his... so what he does is sneak around and handles matters in the dark like his character was explained in the early chapters...

Cultivation hasnt been explained that well yet but all we know is that there is Houtian and Xiantian unknown what is beyond but probability is that it is likely something along the lines of foundation establishment... (so the only thing that I could say isnt very original is probably the cultivation levels) the breakthrough in each realms are properly explained why they happened instead of saying that he gained enlightenment and finally brokethrough. The MC also has a unique cultivation technique that can only be used by him (another cliche part I guess) but there is also a reason why only himself can use it... (so I guess that is a plus).

Nobles... well lets say that at the very least they are not handled the same way as usually.

1. Cultivation Levels (however unsure about it too much as I only read the tl chapters and guessed)
2. Unique Cultivation Technique (special reason not going to explain as it is a spoiler)
3. Nobles but they are handled properly... mentioned in the plus...

1. The MC does not go against his character... doesnt do things on the outside for the most part but in the shadows
2. Clearly expanded on cultivation and why breakthrough happened
3. Scheming... including on how to handle different kinds of nobles... sort of using a borrowed knife to handle enemies
4. The MC is staying away from s*xual interactions because it would destroy his cultivation ability... so likely only a single love interest cant be sure but from one of the reviews above it is somewhat stated that there is no harem!! <<less
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longshot3990 rated it
July 18, 2016
Status: c43
Very nice and interesting story with a bunch of action, mystery, and an adventure type feel. The main character is not overpowered like most novels and he has his own unique field that he excels at. This story has a more mature feel to it with the relationships in this story, its not like typical stories with the main character being friends with all the powerful people and having over 9000 friends that would die for him.

*Non-biased Review*
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blackhawkrider rated it
June 26, 2016
Status: c7
It was confusing at the beginning and I couldn't figure out who was the MC for the first few chapters

MC is Wu Qi

While I am only still at the 7th chapter, I found the story to be quite interesting. People who are turned off by Modern World mixed with Xianxia should give it a chance. It is not that bad.
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June 20, 2016
Status: c201
I've read it in mtl by systranet.
... more>>

What I want to tell you, IT'S GOOD! NO OP MC, NO HAREM, LITTLE UNDEVELOPED CHARACTER (e.g. That dies earlier and minor figures)

A good point of this story is the politics and how the MC use borrowed knife to kill and a mix of thieves and assassins, some kind like a hiding expert that shows off yet did not show his strongest side

Overall, it's good, there's action, politics, and a delicate romance (some adult content but not related to MC, only to the villains and mc's allies)

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run_chicken_run rated it
June 30, 2016
Status: --
This is an awesome novel! The plot and storyline was nothing like what I had read before, the MC was pretty awesome and I like his personality! If you read the first few chapters and thought this is just another Modern World mixed Xianxia, just continue reading, you'll be surprised!
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Queen of Sheba
Queen of Sheba rated it
November 1, 2018
Status: c633
This story is gem. An absolute gem!

For those whom are hesitant to read after being blasted by all the negativity! Here's what I think...

This is a novel about a rather unique protagonist, Wu Qi. A product of three absolutely eccentric souls combining together. Each with their own personality traits, skills, and talents. And yes, unlike in 99% of other stories, the soul melding means that the protagonist CHANGES. He's not the same person anymore! Wooohooo! This makes the protagonist, Wu Qi, one of the most pragmatic, calculative, political and prone... more>> to army-building of ANY xianxia protagonists.

As for the world-building? All I could say without spoiling anything is that this author went for the long-game. Since the very first chapter our protagonist was transmigrated, there's a huge web of conspiracy unfolding. As Wu Qi develops, he'll began uncovering more, and more of it. Unlike with many other protagonists, our glorious hero isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. So what if a planet or two must be deprived of all life! It's all for the greater good!


The power structure is common, but the way that power structure is explored is completely unique. Furthermore, I have to say the hero's love interest in this novel is adorable! She's a little princess alright. Cruel. Cunning. Vicious. And all too willing to share. No really, not a typo!


Don't judge this book by its cover. Around chapter 50 - 75 may seem like a huge chaotic hurdle, but it's well worth leaping over! Afterwards it gets better, and better! <<less
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hehek rated it
July 10, 2018
Status: --
This story could've been something really great but the author screwed it up with his boner for chinese historical figures.


The story starts off GREAT until the loop of conspiracies becomes ridiculous and then all these Chinese figure with immense plot armor that can do whatever they want and the protagonist won't go after come out, the power levels remain unstablished because of the main characters misinformation aswell. TLDR: author ruined it with plot armor for every major villain

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Kman rated it
March 4, 2019
Status: c273
Not my cup of tea. (MY subjective thoughts about the book)

The story is not about the main character (Wu Qi), but about a bunch of Chinese historical figures which I don't know or care about. Now if that was the only thing I could probably give it the rating of 3 instead of 2.

But the thing I can't ignore, is that all these historical characters have the same freaking plot armour as the supposed MC. None of them can die. And the power is in constant status quo. Too... more>> me this is not interesting at all.

Nothing ever changes even though millions of people die.

This book may suit others. But too me this book is absolute crap. <<less
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ljin75651 rated it
January 22, 2018
Status: c237
I have a lot of mixed feelings, but I generally liked reading it.

What I probably disliked the most is that some chapters felt pretty tedious to read. There were some info-dumps and long-winded kingdom building/politics that could be annoying to read through, but my main issue was with the pacing. There was consistent switching between 15+ chapters of high-paced combat and then to intense political scheming. I know that basically all light novels have a similar pattern, but somehow the changes felt more obvious and abrupt in this novel.

I definitely... more>> liked the character though, especially as a thief, because the author definitely found ways to make him strong in a less general sense. It's always nice to see a character that can fight upfront, but it's even better to find those MCs willing and able to take their opponents down with intelligence and scheming. I love it when he just robs his opponents blind and goes back for even more afterwards!

Definitely would recommend people who give up after the first 15-20 chapters to keep reading. I wasn't very impressed when I read the first few chapters, but I'm happy I decided to keep reading, since I definitely found some parts worth reading. <<less
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Eriht rated it
August 22, 2019
Status: c162
Interesting story, destroyed by bunch of reincarnated chinise historical figures. They are perfect when author say so, super evil when author say so. Yet somehow none of them ever die, even when they should.

All this reincarnated rulers, generals, strategists, exist only to throw millions of millions on the other side of conflict. Battles are nothing more than human wave vs human wave.

Our thief protagonist have not stolen anything after first robbery at c19. Instead he walk in bright daylight as moving target for everyone.

To sum it up, the whole motivation... more>> of protagonist, all his reason to live, is only to m*sturbate to said historical figures, as he neither have other have ambitions not talent. <<less
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abdirah rated it
May 21, 2018
Status: c463
I have read a lot of wuxi but this one stands out the most. You have the main character put into a world where legends are reborn and he is able to take part in that. You have a great cultivation system which is not complex or sooo long. NO HAREM the protagonist is loyal to his ONE LOVE INTEREST. You also have great side character and villains and the cultivation is interesting in my view with it being focused on treasures.
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June 9, 2016
Status: c12
I binged read.

The synopsis is quite bland. Not interesting enough, the story when talking about time-swept is a bit slow. Taking 5 chapters altogether before MC transferred to another world. Remember, this is not reincarnation, this is about MC being sent to another world, with his own body, his master's and fellow disciple's souls and awaken veins.

As the story goes on, things get interesting in a way. Hopefully it wont be harem. Especially when he got Meng Hao's knack of stealing everything under heavens... with his new Stealing the Heavens... more>> Cultivation. <<less
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Rath rated it
August 17, 2019
Status: c900
This novel is best when it gets past the parts where the historical characters are the main antagonists. It is easy to notice that the author loves them waaaaay too much and refuses to kill them off. The rest of the bad can just be over-exaggeration (size and distance) and luck (Chance encounters in a massive world, mostly).

What I liked best about this novel are the politics and the protagonists' style. Wu Qi is way different from other protagonists from other xianxia novels, I actually believe this guy can live... more>> as long as he has, unlike others who rush headfirst like ret*rds into everything. The politics itself is simple but believable for the world and culture they live in.

The universe itself is more chaotic than other xianxia's, you can run into an overpowered being anywhere you are at. This gives more variety to the possibilities in which there are quite a bit of surprise throughout.

Overall, this is a greatly underrated novel that really doesn't get the attention it deserves. It seems people get turned off from some minor faults which are not nearly as bad as most CN web novels. <<less
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June 18, 2019
Status: c286
The most hateful thing about this novel is that MC is always a spectator and no matter how many times he is planned by everyone he just let them plan them again so basically he is a chess piece

other things are that there are so many historical figures appearing and MC is always in awe of them and not a single one dies no matter what happens and MC has become a side plot member and it seems this novel is more about those historical figures than MC and it... more>> just f*cking irritating <<less
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SinsI rated it
August 27, 2018
Status: c23
The story is choke full of plotholes and inconsistences - MC knows things he shouldn't know (How can he know what is valued in a different, cultivation world?), acts without doing proper preparation and investigation, suddenly has any knowledge author wants him to know (where did he get his military strategist training?), does many rush and s*upid things (why steal things on arrival, why not wait till you leave?) - and nobody else suspects him in the slightest.
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