Spare Tire is Gone


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When he was 21 years old, wealthy heir Qi Cong’s body was seized by a transmigrator of unknown origins, his consciousness sinking into a series of strange and grotesque dreams.

Three years later, Qi Cong woke up: his family was bankrupt, his studies were ruined, and even his loyal dog of a man (who had just been about to become his boyfriend) had left the country!

Even worse, his only remaining good friend told him, in these past three years, he willingly acted as a fallback guy for a phoenix man*, loving that person with crazy desperation. After all kinds of devotion and sacrifice for the other party, he had even emptied out his own family’s assets.

Now, the phoenix man was experiencing a meteoric rise in his career, enjoying the days adoring his True Love. Utterly heartbroken, Qi Cong-the-spare had just tried to commit suicide.

Qi Cong: Swearing.jpg

Repressing his anger, Qi Cong began to clean up the awful mess left by that transmigrator and eagerly searched for the whereabouts of his loyal dog boyfriend. Eventually, the boyfriend was found, but…

Qi Cong looked ahead at the person surrounded by a mass of reporters, the internationally acclaimed film star whose body exuded an air of untouchable iciness, “….???”

Who was this garish and flashy guy? Why did he look so similar to that dirt-poor, hard-working, down-to-earth, loyal dog of a boyfriend of his?

[*phoenix man – slang for someone who worked his way up from the poor countryside to the city]
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The Spare Tire Quit
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hy-d-ra rated it
May 16, 2020
Status: c84
I'm here because of this author :) Their novels include: There will always be a protagonist with delusions of starting a harem; Death progress bar; My husband is suffering from a terminal illness; To raise a soul etc. Most of their works I truly came to appreciate. They dipped their fingers in different genres, slowly developing their own style. Main themes: ridiculous plots that are escalated into impossible ways, with twists and turns and it somehow comes together.

But this story (so far) is much less positive, I'd say it's way-way darker, plot-wise and character-wise. It's my assumption, but it might be connected to author's health issues, so they were constanty on hiatus during publishing. Getting sick is never a positive thing. I'm well aware how this story may lead you... more>> not in a positive way as a reader, there are textual aspects, which if not recognized as weapons of storytelling will be thus considered bad (like load of online battles). Since knowing that this author takes absolutely different plots and characters I came reading with opened mind. I insist that still this novel should not be fully judged, since the ending is unknown. Now onto my re-visited in-depth review [dated 19/08/2020]:


  • The premise of the story is not as positive as synopsis. Here, I believe author decided to take a look on "what if a transmigrator left and made the 'original' deal with their mess". In QT very few novels take upon themselves to investigate this question. But this is exactly what MC of our novel is left with. No matter if transmigrator was truly psychologically burdened or was simply selfish or had other reasons, the mess he left behind is huge. 3 years of his life were robbed, his 'body' did absolutely everything to ruin his reputation, which will leave a stain on his life, all the things he cared about were cut off. Would you be mad or depressed? Would you be ashamed? I bet. In this MC shows outward stoicness and steadiness, but his emotional turmoil is obvious for all the things 'he' did wrong in smaller details. This emotional burden will follow him throughout the story.
  • The storyline doesn't make much progress within the scope of 50+ chapters. It's really more down to earth with no excessiveness, dimming its' tone and making it heavier in negative emotions. Mainly concentrating on brewing drama online before MC's debut. There are few good finds: MC actually has a nice voice, he can pick up writing once again.
  • I don't consider this a spoiler, but big twist happens around chapter 77. I realize that it's quite a number of chapters, but I think that the previous parts are important as well as consequent ones. I'll only say that it's the time when things behind the transmigrator start to uncover. If you haven't reached this stage, well, I'll say cliche phrase that 'you haven't reached the interesting part yet'.

  • Slow development with different approach. Unlike usual slow burn to finally be together, there is impossibility of being together, while they're mutually attrackted. ML never forgot MC, but for some reason distinguishes between past MC and changed MC, and was especially happy when realized that MC is back. But due to MC's soiled reputation that isn't on par with ML, MC steps back and promises to catch up to be worth standing next to him. This is basically the first novel from this author where ML's help quite backfires. Although he helped, but it doesn't stop people from speculations and MC doesn't want it to hinder them. It's obvious that ML's love is profound and a bit crazier (there's a part which hints ML wanted to harm amnesiac MC), although he's an open chaser, when he realized that he pushed too hard he stepped back, understanding his mistake and understands MC's reasons. A bit of a spoiler, but I think attentive people will feel it - ML knows more than he shows (in many ways).

  • Very underrated part I see some people didn't like or skipped. The social media presence plays a very significant role in this part, so let's dissect why I think it's good: WATER ARMY, if you're acquainted with Chinese social media, you are familiar with this term. It's very real. You can compare it with news, which operate to create opinions and directions in which you should think. I personally appreciate that author took liberty drawing attention how devastating sometimes it can be. Don't think it's an overstatement. If you ever listened or cared about K-pop you know at least one idol who committed suicide due to psychological burdens (Goo Hara, who was sexually assaulted, but was still maliciously accused online months after the incident). Look at YT and the west, the beauty community last year blew up due to allegations against JC, which led him to being accused by media before he debunked those. These come without a notice, often without evidence, but people still believe that. Until the tide is reversed. Now you tell me if those ever-changing flows back and forth are real or not. Because whenever a certain narrative appears, less involved people are prone to believe it and not research the question in detail. BUT what they don't understand and don't care - are CONSEQUENCES.

  • Another issue that this novel brings up. I appreciate that it goes in more of details than most authors (that literally come across as ignorant) do. The mental health issue discussed in this novel is: the dependance on the only person he remembered after waking up and becoming a victim of emotional abuse. This situation is viewd from perspective 'person who lost memories' and it has its' own value as an example. The real story from the perspective of 'transmigrator' sure will be different.
  • Ironically, mental health isn't discussed so much in Asian countries, I heard many treat it with scorn. What it draws attention to is the importance of recognizing how bad the situation described during those 3 years was. It's not just a gossip in the end, but someone's reality.
  • Lastly I'd like to mention previous point - social media. I sometimes was burdened myself by how irreversible the situation could have been, if it wasn't a novel. The malice, the indifference to someone's life, the speculations that can destroy someone are very real things.
Yes, I write long reviews, but when novels make me think about stuff I like to express them in full galore~ I'll be happy if you try this, but be sure I warned you about the approach and the slow beginning. You'll need to wait for the progress and the base before it might be considered space-consuming.

And to all the precious, I know many might end up disappointed, because author disappeared for.. Forever. They kept postponing return and the promised full text and basically after such a long time this novel is very likely to have a flushed ending, which is unfortunate. This author's reason for absence are health issues, so I can't bring myself to lower the rate for such a reason. I want to show and express my respect and understanding and support, because no one liked to be sick for a long time. <<less
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holachica rated it
August 11, 2020
Status: c75
Well. A generous 3.5 stars rounded down, I guess.

The reason I bothered reading it was because this author has other good works. Unfortunately, this one is not one of them. To the person who said, "If you like these so-and-so works, then you'll like this one!" Sorry, gotta say no to that. This and "Death Progress Bar", and "Protagonists with Harem Delusions" are totally different genres. It's tr*sh. Albeit unrealistic, GILDED tr*sh. Not BAD tr*sh, not simply GOOD tr*sh, but GILDED tr*sh, i.e. tr*sh that's written better than most. Wherein... more>> the characters and the plot on a whole are more developed, and the villains are 2.5D rather than just 2D, but is still tr*sh nevertheless because of it's repetitive, cliche and tropey content. This isn't like tr*sh elevated to a new, higher form like Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil--where that author had managed to make face-slapping readable and interesting and unique.

I, however, am not going to give it a one-star just because it's a raging dumpster fire. In fact, I recognize that there ARE people who give a sh*t about these kinds of novels, and it's not the author's fault that she makes money off writing tr*sh, hence why she writes it.

Simply put: it's your standard entertainment face-slapping novel, with all the cliches of the genre. Nothing new, and nothing innovative. Most of the book is just repeated sequences of 'Person A slanders MC'-->'Netizens are braindead and hop on the hate wagon'-->'Everybody tells MC to die'-->'MC produces evidence and face-slaps'. Rinse and repeat, basically. The only difference from other novels is that the first 'face-slap' situation is a rather original one. I don't think I need to elaborate much more. This work doesn't deserve one of my plot-analysis reviews. I'm pretty sure what I've already said is all you need to know.

I thought the novel was going to be more like Death Progress Bar, in and of it would be focused largely on the MC and ML, where in this case the MC would try to regain the ML's trust after everything that happened, and we'd get a dramatic, emotional, angsty but NOT dog-blood story; as well as the mystery behind the MC's body-takeover. Who did it? Why did it happen to the MC of all people? Was there a plot behind it all? The 'transmigrator' too, the author could've re-introduced them and given the MC a chance to physically slap that f*cker silly. I mean whoever the transmigrator was, they decided to act out a cheap-shou dog-blood plot and ruin the life of a body that was NOT his own. It'd have been one thing if the MC 'died' or 'killed himself' giving a transmigrator reasonable grounds to take over... but that was not the case. Either way NONE of the above happened. Instead, we got hit with a run-of-the mill entertainment circle face-slap novel wherein the MC suddenly has top-tier acting skills after only a few classes, and a brilliant singing voice out of nowhere.

If you like extreme+unrealistic face slap novels... uh... go ahead. Just know your tastes need to be improved. Don't worry, I used to be like that too--I'd read these face-slap type novels by the dozen. Then I grew out of it and realized that this content only served to diminish what little brain-cells I had.

That aside though, there are some small plus points. Doesn't redeem the novel much, but still positive. 1. Shen Jian is the purest, sweetest bean, MUST PROTECC such a good friend. 2. MC and ML's situation is interesting. I like possessive, manipulative-but-knows boundaries type of ML.

NOTE: The beginning of the novel HAS potential. The beginning of the novel is GOOD. Then the author screwed it, lol. <<less
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June 7, 2020
Status: c42
I'm very interested in how the relationship with the MC and ML develops. If anything, the author is very good at romantic tension.

My main complaint is how the author uses hot searches to create drama and then it's solved the next day. If I was their fan, I would get whiplash from how quick new evidence and counter evidence is presented and how easily public opinion is swayed.
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aas9999 rated it
January 29, 2021
Status: c94
I love the psychological aspect of this story. How MC really struggles to close the gap of the 3 years his body being taken by the transmigrator. And I love how his friend defends him so sweetly (Jiajia, I'm talking about you). I love to see his mentality shift from bewilderment of knowing he "lost his memory for 3 years" to "I'm willing to work hard for my family" to "I need to save my beloved ones from the damned foreign transmigrator". It was a journey I enjoys.

ML is a... more>> bastard, in a good way to MC lol.

I like how he said "How young. That's why he cried", when he knows MC cried because he couldn't recognise him as the loyal boyfriend and his memory stays at 19 years old. Brazenly approach MC's agent to get close to MC, and declares his love affair discreetly and indirectly on his own Weibo lol.

MC said he'll never enter the entertainment circle, ML posted that his significant other would never be someone from the circle. And when MC decided to become and artist, ML posted again, "I take that back. My significant other can be from the circle LMAO.

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calledout rated it
August 10, 2020
Status: c77
ahhh its really good. the writing and characterization... the way the author addresses everything and leaves no stone unturned. I especially love the entertainment industry parts with the MC and ML and I felt like I was holding my breath reading the chapters because the pacing of their relationship growth is so impeccable. the ML seems to have hidden depths and we dont know the real backstory behind why MC was taken over by a transmigrator yet.

something that I really appreciate about this novel is how everything is done... more>> logically and without a sense of disbelief. like its not braindead faceslapping idiots. (to elaborate, ok its pretty braindead and there certainly is the undeniable rhythm of "MC is slighted and netizens hate him and then the truth comes out and MC is supported again" but at least the author has logic behind the faceslapping. there is some foreshadowing done and everyone has a motive; the author treats their characters with respect and doesnt reduce them to two-scene appearances. if youre like me and this kind of novel is a guilty pleasure but youve read so much of the same genre that you cant suspend your disbelief towards the REALLY braindead ones (like some quick transmigration stories with 10 chapter arcs), the way the author writes this genre is perfect for you. if youre sick of the entirety of the faceslapping netizen/media rollercoaster, this novel probably isnt your cup of tea)

unfortunately I didnt realize its still ongoing so ive read myself into a cliffhanger but it was worth it. ive read some of the authors other works and I do think theyre pretty dissimilar. like another reviewer pointed out, this novel is not another "death progress bar" in the slightest. I think the authors strong characterizations and skillful writing style shine through in this novel, and I wouldnt let other reviews deter you from giving this one a try. its well written guilty pleasure at its finest ^_^ <<less
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mameko rated it
October 23, 2020
Status: c93
I thought the premises were pretty interesting. The characters and writing though are pretty boring. Bonus star for creative set up.

I kept in mind that the MC is 17 yo mentally, but like 20/21 physically, so I didn't judge them so hard on their choices. It's okay for him to rely on the adults around him.

But the MC personality is bland and boring. The manager, Zhao? Is way more interesting. He also has more action. He also has more personality. His friend, Shen, is also pretty lovable and sweet.

MC barely... more>> solved his problems. He is passive. Enemies deliver evidence to his door, basically shooting themselves in their feet. ML shows respect to MC and respects his capabilities to solve his own problems, but uses various excuses to intervene. I guess it can be interpreted as sweet.

If you have read rebirth of a super model, or the one with Xi Ze, it feels like it, because of the descriptions of the MC beauty and voice, but it's descriptions are not as well said. I remember the fashion descriptions in that one were really good.

Another entertainment novel rebirth BL had lots of scenes where there were acting plot points in movies. Many of them do. However, in this novel, the movies and dramas are pretty long and uninteresting. I wish there were more action, than just info dumps. Hell, even a flat face slapping scene from a cannon fodder would help.

About the ML:


A lot is unknown about ML until around ch 80-90 I think. Not exact #s, but close. This is bc ML became actor "for MC". He acted innocent and harmless bc that's what MC was comfortable with (too powerful and aggressive reminds him of his horrible father, harmless and warm reminds him of mother).

Reason why nothing was said of ML's amazing career as actor the whole time until the chapter was released was to build up for dramatic info dump of the award winning films he participated in, which is a tribute to their past together.

ML and MC met several times in the past. At a camp, where MC was going thru tuff times with his dad. MC was upright and just character, so he stood up for a girl who was getting harassed? Bully? Idrr. MC like "got justice" when ML was "doing smth bad" (he wasn't, a misunderstanding). MC mistakes ML as class president and hugs him good bye. Then MC and ML meet at 17.

ML wanted to know how MC can show so many different sides (hated him for like encounter 2 but felt MC was dumb and silly encounter 3) and wanted to know how MC can smile at everyone like that so warmly and likeable. ML wanted MC to smile only for him.

Huh. I guess that's romance that can foster an unhealthy obsession, but idk. I doubt it.


The transmigrator and the mystery isn't mentioned for a while, near ch 80 ish again. I would think that would be the main focal point, but the focus of the novel seems to be on the MC's achieving his dreams which


is a happy life for his mother (so he needs $$ thru acting) and becoming a writer for his book. NGL the drama with his book was the best part of the entire webnovel. Most amusing.


Good for him, but that makes the romance take a back seat, the transmigrator mystery on the back burner, and the excessive focus on his



It just feels like there's a confusing goal from the MC and the story meanders too much.

Mystery of transmigrator:


it's a story of love across dimensions and realms and world's for the transmigrator and scum. Transmigrator needs to posess someone in the world and win the scums heart so they can go to their world



MC lost control of the body because transmigrator has a broken controller. Transmigrator regains body later because MC loses control of emotions and was near-death (drowning). MC regains control of body because of his strong will power.



MC knew he was gay, was okay with being with ML, but because transmigrator might hurt ML, decides to push ML away, hurting ML. This is dumb because MC was afraid of hurting the people around him through the transmigrator, knows that the transmigrator will take advantage of excessive moods, knows ML loves him, and still does it. Again, he's 17 so it can be forgiven.



Misleading summary. Thought it would be romantic comedy, actually a coming of age entertainment industry novel with slowburn romance. <<less
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HectorPX rated it
July 11, 2020
Status: --
Do you want to know what is the feeling when you learned that 2 years worth of your life is stolen? I will be enraged also curious how the MC will rebuild his destroyed future. As a fan of retribution themed novel, this is very interesting for me.
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May 18, 2020
Status: c21
I'm wavering back and forth on this one ... more>>

either he really was the victim of a transmigrator wearing his body like a suit of clothes for three years and destroying his life before hopping out again, or he's suffering from a severe personality disorder and a secondary personality took over for a long period of time and was incredibly s*upid and self-destructive while in charge. Either option would make for an interesting read if done right.


I can't tell that much about the MC's personality yet, sometimes he seems decisive and logical and at other times he acts like a nieve teenager, so sometimes I like him and sometimes I get irritated. We'll see which way I end up leaning as the story moves along. Waiting to rate. <<less
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May 4, 2020
Status: c23
Waiting for this novel's completion!

The novel is interesting and the format is like "She Become Sweet and Cuddly" base in the missing memories of the MC... Actually in the beginning of the story I thought that there is a swap bodies happened because of the changes of personalities and habits (especially when he saw the s. note/letter-changes of font style) and why MC looking for someone. I also thought that maybe its a planned murder hahaha... but anyway Im waiting for this novel to complete and read it again :)... more>>

rate: unknown <<less
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Sonata123 rated it
March 31, 2021
Status: c94
It looks like the story is abandoned by the author. It is also... not very good, imho. I'm quite a fan of the author but this book just didn't sit right with me. The summary was so fascinating but the story has very little with the description., it's basically a story of a young man achieving fame in creative circles. Not bad in itself but oh, the idea of a transmigrator leaving the MC's life in shambles was dazzling - and it fizzled out, like, in first three chapters. I'm... more>> afraid I didn't particularly liked the MC, I didn't have a clear feeling of his personality. And he got too much help from everyone. <<less
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