My Artist Is Reborn


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Shen Huai was abandoned by his artists, and took over one who no one was optimistic about net black newcomer Ye Cang.

Ye Cang caught fire all over the country. Everyone else thinks it’s Shen Huai tune. Only Shen Huai knows. His artist is a superstar reborn. Later, Shen Huai gathered again-“the legendary film queen of the period of the Republic of China,” the unsurpassed “Golden supporting role” in the history of China, “the Queen of Love songs popular all over the country in the Last Century,” and “the greatest superstar in a hundred years.” he breathed a sigh of relief: I don’t have to go back and inherit tens of billions of dollars

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New nevelvir rated it
June 3, 2020
Status: c130

I've skipped this novel for several times without giving it a chance, but now I regret not coming here faster.

Surprisingly the development of the story or the characters are really good. The fluff is on, yet the other side story is also interesting.

... more>> This is not a story only about our main pairing, but (maybe) more on how the ghost artists under Shen Huai lived their new lives and hiw they would develop from there on.

For now (ch130) there are still many mysteries to be unfold. Mainly 'why can Shen Huai saw ghost and every ghost he found could be brought back to live?' And 'will Shen Huai end up seeing other supranatural entities (the evil black ones) and what would happen to him?'

For now, i'll give it a solid 5 for the story and translations. And I'll comeback to review it after I finish reading. <<less
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New Fma86 rated it
May 21, 2020
Status: --
So good, this story is not just about romance, but friendship, loyalty, family, and entertainment industry. The plot is great and I love how each character shine on their own.
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December 3, 2019
Status: Completed

The reviews are divided into 2, the one who loves it and the one who were not satisfied. Fortunately im one of the former.

It was already stated in the description how the story would flow. If the story focused on the couple then this would've ended before reaching 80 chapters.

This one also shows many personalities from different characters. Other might have get used to the fact that side characters are inserted in the middle of cp drama like other novels, while this one has its own progression... more>> of character story. For me Shen and Cang isnt the only main characters, all the pther ghosts and artist under shen has their own spotlight and thus in my opinion are also main characters.

I am deeply satisifed with this novel that has a wide plot. To all thos who are unwilling to read this one because of the other reviews, I must say that you are skipping on a gem.

I highly recommend this to everyone

Its fluffy

It taught love, friendship, happiness, harsship etc


Ps. Believe me you'll love it <<less
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Sphinxdroid rated it
October 26, 2019
Status: Completed
This is one of the best light novels I have read in my entire time of reading this genre. And it is definitely the best in the novels dealing with this theme, that is, entertainment circle novels.

Most novels of this type tend to focus on the romane aspect, and everything else becomes only supporting elements, and so the story of the growth of the character is hardly ever prioritised. This is where this novel forced me to care for it enough to give it a review at all - it... more>> focusses on the character, on plot movement, and above all - stays true to the theme. It is an entertainment circle novel - so it details the characters' career in this circle, and looks at their feelings regarding it. This work is about the artists' feelings and passions about their arts - and the narrative stays true to that. Certainly, romance is there, but it remains a subplot and makes the narrative that much more realistic by doing so, since both involved parties are mature adults with lives that are multifaceted. Love enriches them, supplements their happiness - but it is not the centre of their world. They love each other because of they are, not because loves make them the people that they are.

All characters are fleshed out, and this was another reason why I loved this novel so much - all characters were equally focussed on. Since the story is that of an agent - it focusses on the persona, journey and growth of all the artists he takes on. The agent, being the protagonist is naturally more focussed upon - but only because the story is primarily from his view point. It is not only the artist that later becomes his romantic partner who is focussed on, rather each of his friends (because he ends up with a close relationship with all his artist) have equally well defined narratives and each of them are unique.

Not a single place felt like a filler for an OP characrter - even though characters are OP at the time of the story, the background to that OPness is logically and clearly shown. Infact what comes though throughout the novel is the ardent passion and tireless hard work that each artist has while reaching for their dream. The narrative is about the artist's love of their art, their hunger for new creations through their artistry, the principles and professional ethics that is formed from their respect towards the art they love and a kind of sublimity between faith, hope and love - that as long as one keeps on reaching towards their dream, even if there seems to be only a long night streaching in front of them, eventually there will always be light. <<less
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teagsho rated it
May 14, 2020
Status: c122

I don't know what to say but I can guarantee that this novel is really good! All the artist under Shen Huai is ghost! I mean legendary ghost just like the synopsis said! (Except for Xue and Song) . It's great! Can't wait for more chapter!

People said that the romance is kind of sub plot and sometimes you even forgot about it in recent arc but in my opinion, their relationship is as great as in earlier chapter, even better in the latter chapter since there aren't... more>> ambiguous and something like push-pull atmosphere, Shen Huai and Ye Chang relationship is really steady and mature, they didn't sticking like a glue coz they have their own career and priority, but that doesn't mean they pushed out each other.

Work is work, love is love. Even though their romance isn't got the highlight like before, but it feels so damn natural, like "i am here no matter what happen" Shen Huai and Ye Chang always cared for each other even though they're super busy. Imo, it's not like sub-plot at all, it's just...... how should I put it.... like the BL romance is just naturally like that?

Have you ever read Assistant Architect? Yes it's just like that, but in AA the relationship between MC and ML sometimes still like boss and subordinate, teacher-student since it's their work and they have the same career path, but in here MC and ML can flirt a looott and throwing all the dog food huehue (even though not in front the stranger) since one is the agent, and one is an experienced legendary rock-superstar.

Since some of the review have doubt about who is the MC and who is the ML, let me tell that the Main Character is Shen Huai, and the Main Lead is Ye Cang (Lu Yang).

Shou = Shen Huai, Gong = Ye Cang

I know that SH is more manly and mature, even SH has more muscles and abs since he's doing boxing. In contrary Ye Cang's body just recently has abs and he's more slender, taller and fairer. Doesn't it makes your heart thumped with this kind of couple troupe?

slender, fairer, weaker Gong x manlier, richer, stronger Shou.

And the entertainment world building is sooo damnn gooodd! There are a lot of face slapping scene and it's really satisfying since the ML and the reborn artist under Shen Huai is the legendary figure in entertainment circle, so the schemes and tricks in front of them is like a child play, you could say that it gives you a feeling like "what the f*ck you doing you damn mortals"

The character is OP especially MC Shen Huai! He's really the best agent! Everything good is for his artist! He can solve any problem easily but that's doesn't mean that he's calm and indifferent, he always concerned about his artist and angry when people blacken his artist.

What are you waiting for? Read this and you'll fall in love with entertainment circle troupe!

100/10 <<less
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DameSkyler rated it
November 6, 2019
Status: c42
I felt this work was unfairly poorly rated, so I have to give my two cents. If you're expecting a full blown yaoi detailing every single development between a shou and gong, this is not it. Instead, what we are treated to is the gradual rise of stardom, people who stood at the stage once upon a time in their lives but whose lives were cut short. Here, they get a second chance. Face slapping and OP-ness incoming, this was everything I wanted in a novel about entertainment and face... more>> slapping, and more. You end up cheering for these characters, even side ones.

Yes, there is a BL pairing there. Yes, they do eventually fall in love. But it's only one of the many themes in the novel; if you come in expecting smut and explicit danmei tropes, you'll be sorely disappointed. Take the novel for what it is, a slightly above average entertainment novel about showbiz kings and queens putting malicious fodders in their places, and embracing the limelight as they're meant to do. The BL is a delicious sidedish but by no means the main focus. <<less
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Nanya rated it
December 27, 2019
Status: c64
This story is sooo amazing!

It satisfies all of my entertainment novel needs and also it has great character relationships. I recommend this!!
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enklaires rated it
April 25, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel exceed my expectation. Even though the relationship between MC and ML progress slowly, the ending is really worth it. But what I like the most is the relationship between MC and the other side characters. They are not written only to be a background character, but they have their own story as well. Maybe some people doesn't really like the 'face-slapping' moments, but I like it very much. I think it's the appeal of entertainment novel.
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tak rated it
September 13, 2019
Status: c7
I wanted to stockpile it but I got really curious about what kind of reborn is it so I went ahead and read it.


Ye Cang died & superstar soul enter his body, not the back-in-time reborn. Haven't seen the other artists


It's only been 7 chapter so I can't comment much without spoiling it...
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HaiRyuuKi rated it
November 7, 2019
Status: c7
C7-my favorite meal in Jollibee 😂😂😂😂

I only understood the first half of the synopsis, until I reached this chapter! Gosh! This is so exciting!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

i want to believe Shen Huai is the MC and Ye Cang is the ML. If so, then this novel is really refreshing. First time that the ML is the one transmigrated and not MC

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ri_n rated it
September 21, 2019
Status: c126
Entertaining to read but there is no plot direction.
The story doesn't have any goal, the MC just picks up one ghost after the other making it seem that that's the only way the author can keep the story fresh, to add new dead characters. The author themselves doesn't know where the story is going.

There isn't much focus on the development of the feelings between the MC and ML.
It isn't uninteresting but the lack of a goal to a story makes it seem bland and redundant.

Plus they're all OP... more>> from the start (cause they were already one of the best in their fields when they were previously alive) so the only ever going conflict is them fighting on Weibo for reputation.

A lot of times where important plot points that could've made it interesting were forgotten like the MC's struggle to find purpose in life, or even that whole reason why he could suddenly see ghosts. I haven't read to the end so I cant say for sure if it was indeed refocused on but as of now there aren't any hints that the author actually remembers those.

It got too monotonous for me to read to the end so I stopped here. I'll just wait for the full translation to read it all and maybe change some of my opinions on it.

As for the translation, the translator did a very good job on this. It may not be the best but the quality is already above average. The MTL is also quite easy to read if anyone wants to read in advance. <<less
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Moraxella rated it
September 16, 2019
Status: Completed
It had potential but the it ended up focusing more on his other artists that I absolutely don't care about, with only occasional scenes dedicated to the two leads.

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Nostalgia21 rated it
April 24, 2020
Status: c105
Im surprised that this novel only has 4.2 rating. It’s a very good story with a good character and story build up.

the plot is focused more on the growth of the characters and not on the romance. I could barely call this a romance novel to be frank. It’s there but the story doesn’t revolve around them. It gives it a little extra spice to the story. The MC has a very powerful background and while he obviously has the means to settle the antagonists in the story, he’s actually... more>> quite tolerant, however if they push his bottomline, he finishes them off quickly, neatly and with no chance to retaliate. He’s not overly cruel either. I find that he’s one of the most human and realistic MC I've read in a while.

while the first quarter of the story focuses on the ML’s path to stardom, the story doesn’t linger there since MC has a few other reborn artists he has stumbled upon and collected along the way.

Over all, I would give this story a 4.5, the rest of the point is for further growth of the story since I’ve yet to finish it.

PS: I would say that the story would be even more appealing if it would be edited. While the translation isn’t bad, it’s not exactly top notch either. I’m not dissing the translator because I’m sure he/she does the best he can, it’s just something to note.

one thing I hope the translator would change is the webpage though. The webpage doesnt have a next or previous button so you would have to open and close every chapter. Honestly, this could potentially harm the website because I can see a lot of readers going to other pirate websites just to read the story.

again, i’m grateful the translator translates this and would hope to continue translating this, theses are just constructive criticisms I've found along the way reading the story. <<less
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gallicka rated it
April 24, 2020
Status: Completed
I want to cry - 😭. I read all the translated chapters in one go, then went on to read the rest of it on mtlr. It was so good! One of the best webnovel I've read. It has lots of nuances and a smooth flow. I can't believe I ready finish it. I want more. 😭
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gryffinpuff rated it
February 26, 2020
Status: c167
A really light hearted and humorous take on Showbiz... MC (who's pretty OP himself) signed a reborn artist (ML), who was an OP singer in his previous life, there's not much sense of suspense/urgency as readers know the reborn guy is gonna make it again. The romance is sweet and slow. They both take into account their circumstances and forge ahead... Though the author could have treated the love story a bit better.

MC may be a cool beauty but is a real sweet-heart to all the people around him,... more>> he may not show it, but he's fiercely protective and thoughtful to those he considers his people...

And lastly, surprise surprise! MC is collecting other dead and famous artists, that he says he 'discovered' in hell!! XD While their little stories that combine into the main one add substance to the story (though don't like the last person added...), the story-line has shifted; and author seems to have forgotten the romance and more focused on how to 'revitalize' the sluggish Chinese Entertainment industry... making for a bit boring read, stopped reading mtl at c167, and docking a star for the latter part of the story... (initial rating was 4*) <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report rated it
January 25, 2020
Status: c73
I don't know why this novel isn't rated more highly - it's a decent entertainment novel. It doesn't concentrate on the MC and ML all the time, but if you're here for just romance, you should pick a different read.
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redfeathersgirl rated it
September 13, 2019
Status: --
Quick translation but pretty confusing to read. Still better than no translation though lol.

The novel is about an agent, Shen Huai (that just lost one of his artist) and his new artist, Ye Cang. A famous ghost followed Shen Huai when he wanted to visit Ye Cang. Sadly, Ye Cang attempted suicide. It succeeded and the ghost went inside the empty body. Now, Lu Yang; the music legend, resided in the body of Ye Cang.

He breezed through the show, he sang his old songs, and slapped everyone's face. Well, I... more>> only read 7 chapter so far but can't wait for more slaps lol <<less
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ike_00000 rated it
May 5, 2020
Status: 30
Tbh it's too simple... it's just a whole lot of faceslapping from a MC who is super OP (filthy filthy rich and powerful but where is his money coming from??? Haven't read far enough to know I think) and an ML who is super OP (used to be a super famous rock musician). So there's hardly any suspense. ML still works hard for what he gets, but on the basis of his sheer ability everything goes smoothly and a lot of cannon fodder get face-slapped. I was hoping it'd be... more>> more like MC is honest and tries hard, but suffers because of it, and then is rewarded with ML and the whole other gang. IMO the romantic relationship also felt kinda forced. Oh MC tilts his head a bit, wow ML is blinded by the looks. Oh on the basis of MC's power he can steer the waves whichever direction ML chooses, ML is touched by his support and kindness. And honestly it doesn't make sense why MC is doing such things for ML, he has so much money he can't hire an assistant to clean ML's rooms or get him a place to stay??

ALSO, (totally not important but v v important to me) WHO IS THE TOP??? There's no seme protagonist tag, but if Shen Huai is bottom imma RIOT I say, RIOT. He's in every sense the overbearing top!!! That said, at the moment he's not even really the protagonist? I'm a little confused who is MC and who is ML because synopsis suggests Shen is MC but story rn suggests Ye? EDIT: Alright! I don't care! My heart wants it to be Shen on top, and so Shen on top it is!

When I read the synopsis of the story, I had a lot of hopes that this would be a super funny and quite fluffy story. It's still fluffy, but it's just a lot more stuck in unimportant details than I would've liked. So far, comedy element is lacking too, even though I feel like the synopsis is potential comedy gold. The story is basically like every other musician rebirth working their way up story so far, and it seems like it'll stay this way indefinitely. In short, pretty monotonous. <<less
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haruka3011 rated it
May 2, 2020
Status: --
This novel deserve more than 4.2 rating.

It doesn't contain much revenge materials and you can the MC and ML are smooth sailing in the beginning.

But with the novel go deeper, you will started to see their pasts and realize there is more than the novel title.

I won't say the spoiler but you should read it fast before you decide what rating to give.

"You won't regret giving it a try"
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mmem rated it
March 12, 2020
Status: c95

I’ve really enjoyed reading this. The characters are interesting and really love their craft. They definitely come off as professionals, and even though most of the talents are OP, it makes sense why they are and it works. The plot can be slow at times, but it fits the mood of the story. Also, the author seems to have shifted from focusing on the music industry to the acting industry, so the ML actually disappears from the story a lot, it’s pretty funny. I started reading this because it’s BL,... more>> but that aspect of the story while nice feels almost tacked on at times. I definitely am enjoying the focus on the characters’ careers, I find I don’t even mind if the romance quietly disappears lol. And there’s a character introduced later who is so adorable, I love him. <<less
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