My Artist Is Reborn


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Shen Huai was abandoned by all his artists and took over the one no one was optimistic about, the unpopular newcomer Ye Cang.

Ye Cang caught fire all over the country. Everyone thought it was due to Shen Huai’s influence. Only Shen Huai knew that his artist was a reborn rockstar.

Later, Shen Huai also signed the reborn “Legendary Film Queen,” the unsurpassed “Golden Supporting Role,” the “Queen of All Love Songs,” and the “Greatest Superstar in the Past Hundred Years.” Thus, he breathed a sigh of relief; he didn’t have to return to inherit billions of dollars.

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Sphinxdroid rated it
October 26, 2019
Status: Completed
This is one of the best light novels I have read in my entire time of reading this genre. And it is definitely the best in the novels dealing with this theme, that is, entertainment circle novels.

Most novels of this type tend to focus on the romane aspect, and everything else becomes only supporting elements, and so the story of the growth of the character is hardly ever prioritised. This is where this novel forced me to care for it enough to give it a review at all - it... more>> focusses on the character, on plot movement, and above all - stays true to the theme. It is an entertainment circle novel - so it details the characters' career in this circle, and looks at their feelings regarding it. This work is about the artists' feelings and passions about their arts - and the narrative stays true to that. Certainly, romance is there, but it remains a subplot and makes the narrative that much more realistic by doing so, since both involved parties are mature adults with lives that are multifaceted. Love enriches them, supplements their happiness - but it is not the centre of their world. They love each other because of they are, not because loves make them the people that they are.

All characters are fleshed out, and this was another reason why I loved this novel so much - all characters were equally focussed on. Since the story is that of an agent - it focusses on the persona, journey and growth of all the artists he takes on. The agent, being the protagonist is naturally more focussed upon - but only because the story is primarily from his view point. It is not only the artist that later becomes his romantic partner who is focussed on, rather each of his friends (because he ends up with a close relationship with all his artist) have equally well defined narratives and each of them are unique.

Not a single place felt like a filler for an OP characrter - even though characters are OP at the time of the story, the background to that OPness is logically and clearly shown. Infact what comes though throughout the novel is the ardent passion and tireless hard work that each artist has while reaching for their dream. The narrative is about the artist's love of their art, their hunger for new creations through their artistry, the principles and professional ethics that is formed from their respect towards the art they love and a kind of sublimity between faith, hope and love - that as long as one keeps on reaching towards their dream, even if there seems to be only a long night streaching in front of them, eventually there will always be light. <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
July 15, 2020
Status: Completed
I'll take the middle ground:

  • Some reviews say the story is scattered and the author doesn't really have a direction:
    • This is true, the pacing could use a lot of work
    • Spoiler

      The author kind of flips to focus in huge chunks about side characters, which are fine, but it greatly interrupts the main story progress. It's easy to like and get immersed in the side stories, but the author makes the progress so episodic that once you get immersed in a side character's story, you're immediately pushed back to the main story or a different side character. This disrupts the pacing and interest a lot -- if the author had been more skilled at making the transition less single-minded, the story would benefit a lot more.
      There can be a lot for this author to learn from QT/quick transmigration or how other writers balance stories with multiple overlapping storylines. Basically, more use of foreshadowing would pull a lot of these wildly randomly feeling plotlines together.


  • Some reviews say the story is really deep and it's not just about climbing to the top of the celeb world:
    • This is true, I wouldn't call it "really" deep, but the author does attempt to give the characters more direction than merely trying to become famous or making money
    • This should honestly not be surprising since the author spends 30-40 chapters on a side-character or plotline. But there are lot of very positive messages (but slightly in-your-face preaching about the evils of capitalism)
Ultimately, the author has a lot of really great ideas and it gives the story an episodic/arc-like feel, but it's definitely also pretty clear that the author didn't plan hugely ahead on a lot of major turning points.


For example, the MC's ability to see ghosts and his special eyes are not foreshadowed at all in the first 100 chapters, so there's barely any tension or build-up until the last ghost is introduced and the MC's life was in danger. It's all resolved within 1-2 chapters, so the author gave up a really good opportunity to add overarching tension to carry the reader through slow chapters.


I still quite like this story a lot and it's for these reasons:

  • Strong, OP very wealthy secret background MC x famous rockstar/reborn ML
  • Fluffy domestic relationship, wholesome confession scenes and chasing
  • Light angst, more positivity, and slightly-better-than-your-usual-cannon-fodder-villains
  • Less misogyny than your typical BL novel
    • Actually really cool strong female characters
    • Female characters who can be potential villains but end up being good ppl (very!! Rare!!)
  • Humor, characters not taking themselves seriously; some moments literally made me laugh out loud
Finally, the translation is OK, it's edited MTL, but the translator improves a lot starting around chp 100. So much thanks for the fast releases.
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December 3, 2019
Status: Completed

The reviews are divided into 2, the one who loves it and the one who were not satisfied. Fortunately im one of the former.

It was already stated in the description how the story would flow. If the story focused on the couple then this would've ended before reaching 80 chapters.

This one also shows many personalities from different characters. Other might have get used to the fact that side characters are inserted in the middle of cp drama like other novels, while this one has its own progression... more>> of character story. For me Shen and Cang isnt the only main characters, all the pther ghosts and artist under shen has their own spotlight and thus in my opinion are also main characters.

I am deeply satisifed with this novel that has a wide plot. To all thos who are unwilling to read this one because of the other reviews, I must say that you are skipping on a gem.

I highly recommend this to everyone

Its fluffy

It taught love, friendship, happiness, harsship etc


Ps. Believe me you'll love it <<less
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DameSkyler rated it
November 6, 2019
Status: c42
I felt this work was unfairly poorly rated, so I have to give my two cents. If you're expecting a full blown yaoi detailing every single development between a shou and gong, this is not it. Instead, what we are treated to is the gradual rise of stardom, people who stood at the stage once upon a time in their lives but whose lives were cut short. Here, they get a second chance. Face slapping and OP-ness incoming, this was everything I wanted in a novel about entertainment and face... more>> slapping, and more. You end up cheering for these characters, even side ones.

Yes, there is a BL pairing there. Yes, they do eventually fall in love. But it's only one of the many themes in the novel; if you come in expecting smut and explicit danmei tropes, you'll be sorely disappointed. Take the novel for what it is, a slightly above average entertainment novel about showbiz kings and queens putting malicious fodders in their places, and embracing the limelight as they're meant to do. The BL is a delicious sidedish but by no means the main focus. <<less
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teagsho rated it
May 14, 2020
Status: c122

I don't know what to say but I can guarantee that this novel is really good! All the artist under Shen Huai is ghost! I mean legendary ghost just like the synopsis said! (Except for Xue and Song) . It's great! Can't wait for more chapter!

People said that the romance is kind of sub plot and sometimes you even forgot about it in recent arc but in my opinion, their relationship is as great as in earlier chapter, even better in the latter chapter since there aren't... more>> ambiguous and something like push-pull atmosphere, Shen Huai and Ye Chang relationship is really steady and mature, they didn't sticking like a glue coz they have their own career and priority, but that doesn't mean they pushed out each other.

Work is work, love is love. Even though their romance isn't got the highlight like before, but it feels so damn natural, like "i am here no matter what happen" Shen Huai and Ye Chang always cared for each other even though they're super busy. Imo, it's not like sub-plot at all, it's just...... how should I put it.... like the BL romance is just naturally like that?

Have you ever read Assistant Architect? Yes it's just like that, but in AA the relationship between MC and ML sometimes still like boss and subordinate, teacher-student since it's their work and they have the same career path, but in here MC and ML can flirt a looott and throwing all the dog food huehue (even though not in front the stranger) since one is the agent, and one is an experienced legendary rock-superstar.

Since some of the review have doubt about who is the MC and who is the ML, let me tell that the Main Character is Shen Huai, and the Main Lead is Ye Cang (Lu Yang).

Shou = Shen Huai, Gong = Ye Cang

I know that SH is more manly and mature, even SH has more muscles and abs since he's doing boxing. In contrary Ye Cang's body just recently has abs and he's more slender, taller and fairer. Doesn't it makes your heart thumped with this kind of couple troupe?

slender, fairer, weaker Gong x manlier, richer, stronger Shou.

And the entertainment world building is sooo damnn gooodd! There are a lot of face slapping scene and it's really satisfying since the ML and the reborn artist under Shen Huai is the legendary figure in entertainment circle, so the schemes and tricks in front of them is like a child play, you could say that it gives you a feeling like "what the f*ck you doing you damn mortals"

The character is OP especially MC Shen Huai! He's really the best agent! Everything good is for his artist! He can solve any problem easily but that's doesn't mean that he's calm and indifferent, he always concerned about his artist and angry when people blacken his artist.

What are you waiting for? Read this and you'll fall in love with entertainment circle troupe!

100/10 <<less
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ri_n rated it
September 21, 2019
Status: c126
Entertaining to read but there is no plot direction.
The story doesn't have any goal, the MC just picks up one ghost after the other making it seem that that's the only way the author can keep the story fresh, to add new dead characters. The author themselves doesn't know where the story is going.

There isn't much focus on the development of the feelings between the MC and ML.
It isn't uninteresting but the lack of a goal to a story makes it seem bland and redundant.

Plus they're all OP... more>> from the start (cause they were already one of the best in their fields when they were previously alive) so the only ever going conflict is them fighting on Weibo for reputation.

A lot of times where important plot points that could've made it interesting were forgotten like the MC's struggle to find purpose in life, or even that whole reason why he could suddenly see ghosts. I haven't read to the end so I cant say for sure if it was indeed refocused on but as of now there aren't any hints that the author actually remembers those.

It got too monotonous for me to read to the end so I stopped here. I'll just wait for the full translation to read it all and maybe change some of my opinions on it.

As for the translation, the translator did a very good job on this. It may not be the best but the quality is already above average. The MTL is also quite easy to read if anyone wants to read in advance. <<less
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Melange rated it
August 28, 2020
Status: Completed
It was a little all over the place. If you're looking for fluff or a compelling story, move along cause you won't find it in this novel.

This kinda starts off like a slapstick rom-com trying to hit all the bingo squares in the name of s*xual tension. We had all the tropes including: accidentally falling down on each other and ambiguously hurting someone in a suspicious location, bumping into each other and then they kissed, oops there goes the glasses and oh no, he's hot, just to name a few.

Later... more>> on, MC and ML get together and the novel diverges, turning into a game of collecting artists. For simplicity's sake, let's call them by their role and gender, because MC's gotta catch 'em all. There's singer 1M (ML), actress 1F, actor 2M, singer 2F, actor 3M, and let's not forget actor 2.5M who isn't signed to MC but he might as well be. Since there's so many side characters, the later 2/3 of the novel just details their daily accounts and their careers. ML all but disappears at that point while MC proceeds to bulldoze through any obstacles as he's essentially omnipotent.

Somehow, the author managed to make a straightforward yet meandering plot. It goes everywhere yet nowhere at the same time.

The first 80 or so chapters are very poorly edited MTL, although this improves in later chapters after they got changed editors. Read at your own risk. <<less
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Nanya rated it
December 27, 2019
Status: c64
This story is sooo amazing!

It satisfies all of my entertainment novel needs and also it has great character relationships. I recommend this!!
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Ainslee rated it
January 18, 2021
Status: c188
The first time I've enjoyed reading a BL novel where the main couple share most of the plot with side characters.

It's a warmhearted novel about love, life, family, friendship and career.
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Staringatastar rated it
November 24, 2020
Status: Completed
I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. There's no spectacular plot for the most part, or big conflict. It felt more like a slice of life, with a heavy focus on the entertainment industry. The novel also wasn't purely focused on the romance - a lot of time was spent describing the various projects the artists worked on.

I loved the ideas explored in the book. It exalts the beauty of old traditions and talents of experts who've perfected their craft over years. It takes a dig at... more>> the mass-market music and movies that seem to be made more for profit than for the enjoyment of the audience. These music and movie producers treat the audience like sheep to shear rather than intelligent beings that are able to understand complex plots, lyrics, or melodies. Deficiencies in the product are taped over with hype marketing and paid reviews. I'm not sure I believe the author's solution to this problem, but it is nice to read a story that focuses on attempting to fix the purely capitalistic model.

I also liked how the book explored the idea of passion and what it means to live. Someone who has a passion for something will find their life meaningful. Even just seeing someone who has a great passion, and helping them succeed can make life feel worthwhile. On the other hand, life with only passion and no friendship or love can also be bleak. I liked reading how the people who devoted their life to a passion were able to find friendship and love in their next life. I hope the moral of the story is not that us peons with only one life to live can only have great passion or great love.

I also liked how this book touched on the importance of not lose yourself in the process of making money. The artist that did wasn't really able to be passionate about her work. She'd lost her identity, and even though her life was comfortable, she had no reason to come back. It wasn't until she realized she could both be a singer and show her authentic side that she was able to come back to life.

Another wonderful surprise was how neutral the nationalism in this book was. There's definitely pro-China themes, but not in a way that tries to put down other countries. The author even has a US segment of the story that felt like it was written by someone who had actually visited, and possibly even lived, in the US. For a Chinese web novel, this is refreshing. I loved how the Chinese and American characters used their mutual love of music to communicate; such a unifying idea feels rare in this increasingly xenophobic world.

The one thing I don't really agree with the author on is how talent can guarantee success. There are so many talented musicians and actors that won't ever be famous, merely due to bad luck or bad management or bad marketing. A famous superstar from the past is not necessarily going to succeed given another life. Their road to success was probably mostly paved with nuggets of luck, whether it's the connections they happened to make or their background they were born into. But I guess this book does acknowledge this slightly; all the stars thank their agent because they know without such an all-powerful agent, they might not have had such a remarkable impact despite their glorious past lives. <<less
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Keisotsuna rated it
June 9, 2020
Status: Completed
This isn't a plot-oriented novel. It's a bit more like a slice of life. It's a light-hearted story with a lot of interesting, amusing and inspirational characters.

Unlike most novels, this novel doesn't revolve around the protagonist, Shen Huai, or towards the main character's romantic development. As I mentioned earlier, it's more like a slice of life. Readers get to see the stories of many of the reborn characters after their rebirth. We see how they develop in their respective careers, address their regrets in the past life, and continue to... more>> pursue their dreams.

I really enjoy reading this novel. I love all the characters here and how they interact with each other. Rather than agent and artists, it's more befitting to day that Shen Huai and his artists have a familial relationship.

Overall, this is a very warm novel centered in the entertainment circle, whether it is in the music, acting, or filming field. For people who are looking for more drama, heavy face-slapping (although they do exist in the story, though not the dramatic kinds of face-slapping) and plot-building, this may not be for you. However, I do recommend this for people who loves to read entertainment circle stories and is tired of reading heavy and overbearing revenge plots.



I just wished they had some extras. I was really disappointed that there were no side stories about the side characters' romantic development. I was shipping a few side pairing here and there but I didn't see any stamp on any of them (╥﹏╥) Oh, the sad life of a CP fan...

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enklaires rated it
April 25, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel exceed my expectation. Even though the relationship between MC and ML progress slowly, the ending is really worth it. But what I like the most is the relationship between MC and the other side characters. They are not written only to be a background character, but they have their own story as well. Maybe some people doesn't really like the 'face-slapping' moments, but I like it very much. I think it's the appeal of entertainment novel.
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Moraxella rated it
September 16, 2019
Status: Completed
It had potential but the it ended up focusing more on his other artists that I absolutely don't care about, with only cameos dedicated to the two leads. It's very formulaic: dead ghost encounter > someone dies nearby > new artist for the MC to manage. There is no overarching plot.
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tak rated it
September 13, 2019
Status: c7
I wanted to stockpile it but I got really curious about what kind of reborn is it so I went ahead and read it.


Ye Cang died & superstar soul enter his body, not the back-in-time reborn. Haven't seen the other artists


It's only been 7 chapter so I can't comment much without spoiling it...
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HaiRyuuKi rated it
November 7, 2019
Status: c7
C7-my favorite meal in Jollibee ????

I only understood the first half of the synopsis, until I reached this chapter! Gosh! This is so exciting!!!! ???????

i want to believe Shen Huai is the MC and Ye Cang is the ML. If so, then this novel is really refreshing. First time that the ML is the one transmigrated and not MC

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Tokka rated it
March 16, 2023
Status: --
Why? WHY? WHYYYYYY? This is tagged as yaoi please change it to shonen-ai for the Love of God!!

it's not a bad novel by any means, don't get me wrong it's very interesting and the concept is fun to read.

The showbiz plots are very detailed and it has a supernatural element throughout which gives a edge.

The only thing I'll say it YOU SHOULD KNOW that the romance part of the novel is very sub-plot kinda. I wish there was more interaction emotional or physical between the MC and ml. They fall... more>> in love but I wish I could read about it a little more. At some points I was just waiting WAITING for them to just have a chat with each other: (.

BUT the plot was so interesting that I read the whole thing even if I just wanted to read a brain-dead romance. I read a modern supernatural showbiz familial story. Very wholesome! I can't even complain lol. <<less
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Tafyunn rated it
March 31, 2022
Status: Completed
I wrote a whole ass detailed review but accidentally deleted it. I spent an hour and a half on making it and I'm really mad that it got deleted but I still want to leave a review so I'm just going to get straight to the point.

No sugar coating. No spoilers.

The main character's relationship is a slow burn. Scratch it not even slow burn they barely had any intimate moments because they kept getting interrupted or the MC says that they 'sTilL HaD sOmEthiNg tO Do tOmMorRow oR LatEr'. I... more>> understand this novel doesn't revolve around their romance but there's a way to pull it off without making the reader want to drag everybody else out of the room and cancel every single event in the world just so they can get a single damn line of intimacy between the two

The first half of the novel was fine, past 120+ chapters (estimated) everything was so unplanned and abrupt. The author threw random new characters and concepts in, I had to suppress my urge to drop it out of spite and force feed the novel to myself because I did not just spend 5 days of my life reading this just for two characters I couldn't care less about whom I just wanted to stfu & disappear and an explanation of the MC's pOwERs that came out of nowhere to ruin it.

The novel is pretty good overall especially the first half. But it isn't something I'd rate 5 stars. At most maybe 3.5-4 stars. The only reason I'm giving this 5 stars is because of my lovely son Song Yimian I love him with all my heart. I'm so happy he's the one who closed the novel off. I'd gladly leave 5 stars for him alone, my boy deserves it.

Speaking of which I loved the extras. It's my favorite part out of the whole novel excluding the chapters where my lovely Yimian appeared. 9.5/10.

Also, tribute to the poor cannon fodders and side characters that ultimately got suppressed or forgotten. Especially the first one, Zhou or whatever his name is I hope he gets back up on his feet again I felt that what happened to him was a little bit too much.

OF COURSE with the exception of Yimian's old agent and the og Guo. They can rot in hell for making may son traumatized and miserable.

That's it. If you want a more detailed explanation look at the other reviews they've covered it pretty well.

Will I recommend? Eh, yeah.

Will I reread? Maybe someday but not any time soon. <<less
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Erudite.Cielo rated it
April 21, 2021
Status: Completed
It's a long and enjoyable journey that is full of twists and turns. ヾ (@^▽^@) ノ Great story. Great author. And last but not the least.. Great translator-san! (★^O^★)
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
asampe_tae rated it
December 29, 2020
Status: c188
This book was meh. I didn't hate it - I mean I read it from beginning to end in 3 days. It wasn't anything new and I would definitely not re-read again.

The characters were too OP. The plot was really boring. The romance wasn't romantic. I sure as hell didn't eat any dog food. The reason behind the MC seeing ghosts was bland. There was no conflict. Everything just fell in the right place and while I can read those types of books without much complaints, this one didn't have... more>> any suspense.

But despite all the complaints, I still liked it. Maybe because some of the netizens insults in the book was epic. I especially liked "... is not without its advantages. I slept very well and cured my years of insomnia". Will definitely be using that one.

Should you read it? Well, if you like books with OP cast (the good characters), dumb villains, super handsome/pretty characters, bland plot, zero conflict; then read this book. If not, it's not worth the time. <<less
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TheLovelyRose rated it
November 9, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel really surprised me. I hadn't expected to actually like or enjoy it because the reviews are totally all over the place. But this novel was better than I expected. Was there flaws, yes, but for me it didn't detract from the overall feel of the novel.

Timeline was all over the place. There's so many side stories/characters that sometimes takes us away from the main plot and doesn't add anything to story at all.

... more>>

The Yin Yang Eyes that allows you to see and communicate with ghosts. That could have been a huge focus point in this novel but the author only bought it up in chapter 139 and it was resolved in chapter 145. It wasn't foreshadowed or mentioned before. The author dropped the ball on this.


Those three factors didn't take away from the overall feel of this novel though. But it had more things I liked though.

The MC, Shen Huai is the silent but strong type of man. He quietly does his work and if you don't bother him or his artist he cool. But when you mess with them he will handle you swiftly. ML, Ye Cang, is a reborn famous rocker. Their relationship was good. They didn't step on each others toes, respected one another and there was no pressure from the ML to start a relationship. This is one of the good BL novels that had non toxic relationships. Another plus, for me at least, was the switch up of roles. Ye Cang as the weaker and more fragile character is the gong and Shen Huai, the manlier and richer is the shou.

Another thing I liked was the character Wang Can. I loved the fact that I expected to hate her and that she would be the typical villain. But the author switched it up on us once again. I ended up liking her.

There's more things that I liked about this novel but I'll leave some mystery for the future readers. <<less
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