Song in the Clouds


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Boundless gold sea of sand, snow white Tian Shan camel, I am clothed in a green silk dress, eyes bright and with a faint smile. The prayers of a thousand mountains and a million waters, is not for this lifetime’s company, but for reunion in the next life…

She is the wolf girl’s daughter, she is also Huo Qu Bing’s precious treasure, she is the green silk dress in the desert, she is also the Ju Gong Zi of Chang An city.

He is the deep, far-sighted wise Han Zhao Emperor of Western Han Dynasty

He is the clever and mysterious Meng fox.

Each only unintentionally giving away a pearl embroidered shoe in youthful ignorance, what kind of love-hate-passion-vengeance “Song in the Clouds” will be stirred into existence?

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Yun Zhong Ge
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Katra1212 rated it
August 22, 2016
Status: Completed
This is a beautiful novel, hand down to Tong Hua for this sweet yet so painful story. "Every second in life counts." This phrase will bring you to every memorable encounter of Yun Ge. "All it takes is a but a moment to lose everything, but to gain everything back to how it was can be said to be in the realm of impossibilities." This novel will bring you to the peak of bliss to the depths of despair. Everything is calculated, connected, it simply brilliant. From the early chapters... more>> to the last- there's an invisible connection that will unfurl through out the whole story. Each chapter I hesitate to read because of the tragedy waiting before me, but what keeps me going was the fact that there in lies a glimmer of hope to everything the novel has given me. I had to brace myself for more hurt the further I got to the ending, but the happiness portrayed is beyond words that can be explained. It will make you feel giddy, amused, hilarious, scandalous, a euphoric of positive feelings accumulated. Like a tug-of-war with your heart being ripped into two opposite directions.

A memorable novel that would make all your senses tingle in pain and pleasure. An emotional storm that will leave mark to the readers. My words just isn't enough to express the goodness of this book, it may not be perfect, but for me the words "very good" pales beyond comparison to the value of this novel, so READ IT and experience the world Tong Hua had meticulously built, a world filled of intrigue, death, happiness, love and hate. You'll never regret it. <<less
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KKristen rated it
May 3, 2017
Status: Completed

A young girl saves two boys in the desert, and leaves each with an embroidered shoe and an unspoken child-like promise. Years later, she ventures into the capital of Chang An and unexpectedly meets the men they have become. Each holds his own secrets and tragic past... Can love really conquer all?


Song In The Clouds is the sequel to Ballad of the Dessert. You can read one without reading the other (the stories are mostly separate), but I recommend reading Ballad first just for some background about some... more>> of the characters briefly mentioned in this book.

Like its predecessor, it is beautifully written, exceptionally well-translated, and devastatingly tragic. The author has a real talent for building a vivid world that goes from simple youth, to young love, to heartbreak, betrayal, political intrigue, life and death.

Like Ballad of the Dessert, this story will leave you feeling extremely torn -- inspired and burned, satisfied but slighted, in pain but craving more. You will go from laughing in the beginning of one chapter, to crying in the middle, to heart-pounding romance in the end. "Bittersweet" is a very accurate term (though this story is more bitter than sweet)...

However, Song In The Clouds has a distinctive different feeling than its predecessor. This largely stems from the different personality of the main female lead, Yun Ge, who is younger and more naive than her mother, and the complicated twists and turns in the story. The characters all experience dramatic development, growth, and change over time, and their lives tangle in a wonderful and cruel way. Even the side characters are well-developed, the antagonists are human, and the line between right and wrong is blurred.

Lastly, I will warn that I cried the most reading Song In The Clouds than I've ever cried for any other light novel (or book, for that matter). I was literally pouring tears for the last 15 chapters or so. So be prepared with a box of tissues, because this story will take you on a long, epic, tragic ride.

Regardless of how much it hurt to read, I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a well-crafted masterpiece of love, loss, and growing up. <<less
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sakirol rated it
March 7, 2017
Status: epilogue
Yun Zhong Ge has beautiful storytelling, foreshadowing, and historical incorporation. It is everything that you want in a historical novel with romance and politics. The story was carefully planned, and on your second... third reading, there are still literary nuances and gems that you'll pick up.

It is gut-wrenchingly tragic, and your heart will be held hostage for a good while after finishing everything.

When I say gut-wrenchingly tragic, I mean that it is about thrice as tragic as its' prequel Ballad of the Desert, so be prepared.

The prequel is unrelated to... more>> Yun Zhong Ge except for some familial ties and offhand references. <<less
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mei mei
mei mei rated it
April 11, 2018
Status: c29
This is the first tragic CN novel I have ever read and I wasn't prepared...

I haven't read Ballad of the Desert yet and I would've read it before but I was careless and didn't look to see if Song of the Clouds was part of a series. I have some of issues with this novel but I love it so far - it definitely touched my heart and caused so many sobs.

... more>>

The chance meeting between the two leads is really sweet. They both left a mark on one another: him finding temporary peace in her while listening to her stories and her finding a anchor in him feeling while distant from her family. I definitely rooted for Liu Fu Ling and Yun Ge because of the comfort and longing they felt in one another which is why this story break my heart!!!!! Unlike some other reviews, my favorite character was LFL. He was unable to escape his duty and had to go through life while watching his back. His only happiness was in waiting for a girl to return to him in order to listen to her stories and fulfill their promise. Yun Ge wasn't a great main lead because she while she was a catalyst in many of the occurrences in the story she isn't really dynamic. But her honest and bright personality gave the story some life which was a necessary contrast to all of the heartache and seriousness.


I haven't finished the story and I don't know if I will because I got spoiled to the ending and honestly cried a lot. I really wanted LFL and YG to end up together and.. I'm just.. so sad T^T their dream was so small but it became ruined due to everything happening around them.

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XD rated it
February 6, 2017
Status: epilogue
After reading the first book, the second book hits you harder with its brilliant storytelling and character development. Again, the author incorporates a lot of historical facts into the novel and is wonderful at leaving the reader guessing at what will happen next.

I suggest re-reading the book (after giving your heart some time to heal), just to catch all the hidden messages.
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Onna31 rated it
September 1, 2017
Status: epilogue

At first, I think this story is bored. But I keep reading and the end..... it was so heartbroken.

Really its a good story too bad the translator didn't have a heart to translate some of the chapter leaving u guessing some of the story.

I wish therr a side story of yu ge because I want to know how she ended.

And did MJ really die or? I hope he have a happy ending as he is one of the misunderstood character. I feel sad LFL... end like that....

Sk sad

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June 11, 2017
Status: epilogue
Oh. This is one of my favorite books written by Tong Hua. She really is indeed a very great writer. *Bowing to her three times*. There's a sense of realism in all of her stories. Like in real life, there are so many unexpected happenings that will happen. And we can't do anything because that's life. Also, I really like how the heroine in this novel knows what she really wants. If she likes that guy, she really like that guy. If she really moved on, she really moved on.... more>> She's not a fickle-minded person. I really admired that personality. As expected this is a tragic story. I cried a bucket because of this book. I became depressed after a few days. But I can't help but want to read her other books cause she's really an awesome storyteller. 100% recommended. :) <<less
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