Somehow, The Villainess Who Regressed in Time Lost Her Magic Power, so She Turned into a Secluded Maiden


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Rachel only became the fiancée of the Prince due to her high magic power. That’s why when the Saint appeared, she feared that her position would be taken away from her.

As a punishment for her vile deed against the Saint, her engagement was annulled and she was banished to the monastery. But on the way to the monastery, she was attacked by bandits. Just as Rachel thought she was about to die, she suddenly woke up and found out that she had returned to three years ago.

However, she no longer had her high magic power and became so sickly that she could hardly even sit up in her bed. Rachel was just happy that she was alive and decided to cancel the engagement; yet for some reason, the Prince refused!?

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New littlecaramel rated it
May 24, 2021
Status: c23
To be honest, do not trust the bad reviews. Read it. Don’t you see they all sound like broken records? Repeating and echoing one and only reason? And what reason? Shallow hate, that is all.
The prince never ever mistreated her. All she was accused of was the truth, she was a criminal and had what she rightfully deserved. She didn’t even got the death penalty or had the engagement annulled in public. Really she had it coming and she recognizes it herself. He saw her as a good asset... more>> for the good of the kingdom but isn’t it exactly what a good ruler should do? Instead of being swayed by emotions of love or whatever. This is clever and shallow but so was she. All she saw in him was his good looks.

They are both to blame (albeit Rachel more. She was arrogant, conceited and hateful) but this story of regression in time offers to show them trying to be better. Their second chance. Really. Regrets, trying to make amends somehow, looking of their own future, earnestly seeing each other for themselves, etc.
How could Louis begins to see her for herself and love her if he‘s not interested in her!?? Wth the hate comments make absolutely no sense to me. It’s just too s*upid! Isn’t it how you fall really in love? When you find someone healing, funny, kind, thrilling,..interesting?! And fall for their personality?! Id rather have that than "OMG she’s beautiful like the moon, her ebony hair in the wind blabla *vomits*". That’s just superficial and the prince isn’t this shallow, I promise. As far as I read (and remember), he never had thoughts with this sort of sappy descriptions but he does say she is pretty.

I like it a lot. It is not thrilling but calming, cute and I can’t help but hope for their happiness. <<less
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shadow1716 rated it
September 7, 2020
Status: --
Typical disgusting plot about the MC getting reborn and we very much knowing how the prince she was engaged to treated her like tr*sh and couldnt wait to get rid of her. She decided to cancel the engagement but since the prince is being nice to her and flirting with her shes all shy and embarrassed and keeps putting off. While the author literally tells us how the prince thinks ... more>>

"You shouldn’t expect me to let go of such an interesting thing."

. tr*sh plot, tr*sh character development, tr*sh world setting, and an author with a brain pit. <<less
38 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
xuexin rated it
October 19, 2020
Status: c11
I'm dropping this novel. This is really disappointing for me. ML is only keeping her, because as cliché as it sounds, he finds her interesting. What's worse is that the ML sounds sadistic and likes to keep interesting people under observation [ex. A cook who has interesting ideas and is one of the ML's observation subject]. FL is just happy she won't die again, because she realizes all her mistakes in her past life and the things she has said when she was younger. I feel bad for her, because... more>> even though she wants to break the engagement at first, the ML decides to keep her as an observation subject because she suddenly lost her powers and that's something that almost never happens in their world. He somewhat toys with her by saying sweet nothings without any meaning to it, because he's just interested in her reactions. He only likes her now because she's weak and he can protect her. [Like how he was protecting the Saintess against the Villainess in the past life? Lmao] He didn't like her before, because she was the usual noble lady who was arrogant and full of confidence. Well, yeah she had strong magic powers and she had a right to be confident of her abilities. If he talked to her properly like how he treated her when she's weak, she could have understood his plans and helped him with her powers.

I can feel the "subtle" sexism in this novel. It just doesn't sit right with me. <<less
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valzione rated it
October 23, 2020
Status: --
After the start, this one hit all the cliches of "get treated like doodoo in past life", "try to escape poor fate", "suddenly the ML we all hoped wasn't the ML is obsessed with her", "despite being killed by the ML in her last life all is forgiven because he's suddenly acting nice toward her".

So many red flags going on here, and the MC seems like she'd instantly fall to a pyramid scheme even if she knew it was pyramid scheme.

Pretty sure MC is going to meet the same fate... more>> as in her last life as soon as she tells the prince why she lost her powers. <<less
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kirakv rated it
February 5, 2021
Status: c24 part2
Don't pay attention to the other comments that are being harsh to the ML, I just finished reading all the TL and I'm really loving the story, it's different from usual, I feel like we'll really see the development of the characters and their growth.

I think that the people that give it low review didn't understand the story well

Also I feel like there are many important and unexpected things to happen and I can't wait
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Arha rated it
February 5, 2021
Status: c24
I don't know what the other reviews are talking about. The prince has done literally nothing wrong at all. He wasn't involved in her death in her past life and he broke off the engagement in private rather than publicly humiliate her. He also reached out to her numerous times BEFORE while giving very pointed hints about his priorities and his expectations for her behavior, which she brushed off every time until consequences hit her. She happens to have died in a bandit attack or something along those lines.

Also, him... more>> hanging around her while being 'interested' in her is quite clearly because he likes her but isn't aware with associating that emotion with her because he's the cliche beep boop robot prince only doing good without letting his own desires blah blah you've seen it before. I'd say he's pretty boring but he actually did give a pretty damn good gift when he put his mind to it.

Anyway looks promising so far. We'll see how it shakes out if the translator returns or someone else picks it up. <<less
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stunning_infinity rated it
August 18, 2020
Status: c4
Love it already. It's just it. Like, it has such an amazing plot and I'm just on chapter 4, but I can imagine all the scenes and the crown prince gettin confused and the saint... I feel like she's another ibelin (Miss not so sidekick). In conclusion, it's great. RECOMMENDED!!
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
eeveelover101 rated it
February 22, 2021
Status: --
The female lead is alright. She repents so quickly and does such a big 180 on her personality which I found somewhat uncomfortable. It's just so abrupt. Even with huge events like her death and going back in time, it's a bit too much. She might as well have been a reincarnator.

The male lead likes her cause she's "interesting". I hate that type of thinking along with how he forcefully keeps her even though she wants to break the engagement. I hate how before he disliked her and now he... more>> suddenly shows interest. She literally hasn't done anything but now he's falling for her? Maybe he has a fetish for weak girls who can't do anything without him.

If you wanted this type of "interesting"-->Love type of male lead I would much rather prefer Observation Record. He just makes me mad in this one. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Hikami2005 rated it
September 1, 2020
Status: c1
Finally a noble girl who is literally sick of life lol. She really did feel out of love with the prince. And I love it. This novel is starting great hope it remains the same till the end. Props to the translator for the hardwork. And of course to the author also.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Evyyyy rated it
December 15, 2020
Status: c24
So, first of all, please don't look at the comments before this. I will be very Frank with my review.

... more>>

at first the prince is quite shit, yes, I can confrim finding the villainess interesting and keeping her as his fiance is kinda shitty when she just wants to break it off. But hear me out. There IS character development. The later chapters shows it off. I've read almost 25 chapters so I can confirm the prince is better. Plus, the people complaining about him not letting her go... please read until the recent chapter. He does let her go and do whatever she wants.

And the FL isn't really that bad. She actually was at fault for being punished like that. The ML really wasn't bad either. If your fiance kept on bullying people for having magic power and being your fiance even I wouldn't like her and would get rid of my engagement as soon as possible. Even the FL agrees with it. The relationship they had in the first life was only for appearance.

The relationship they have now is after spending real time with eachother and understanding eachother.


So, yeah, it is a good story. Just give it a chance. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Judieli rated it
February 18, 2021
Status: c24
I love it, finally I can see a posible couple who are going through stages to know each other. Both are likable and had their own reasons to be the way they are. Their character progress is slow but it makes me love them more.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
September 6, 2020
Status: c9
I really like how this start and what possible happen in future. Like summary said villainess lose her magic. That moment she realized a lot thing that could have better not her life. It more of her surround than being egoist to be fiancée of prince. So I was surprise that Just few chapter already have little (basic not too deep) heavy topic plot about country and what did she was respond that before her second chance to redo her mistake.

I hope it will have more setting story plot than... more>> just romance focus. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
muchii19029 rated it
November 29, 2020
Status: --
at first the story line is good, the female lead is good.

But the shitty fiancee comes in and ruin the story because he seems to like her "now"

by saying she's "interesting" as a toy for him to play with.

... more>> As you can see he treated her like an animal and tr*sh in the past life and now hes completely different person and treated her with love" and stuff

this is totally boring. Already knows where the plot getting into.

the FL development is tr*sh too, by starting to like a person who treated her like tr*sh.

Really dissapointing. I though this novel might be different compared to others. But I guess its not. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
fiminkio rated it
February 18, 2021
Status: --
The review abt ML, I can't agree. In the past life, MC was the who is wrong. She looked down people & harshed saint just bcs jealously. ML broke their engagement bcs she never repent her wrongdoing. She was not qualified to be a crown prince's fiancee.

I really think this novel has good story. This is abt character's development. The MC changes to the better & the ML begins to adore her. And the saint is also not evil at all.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Night_Esfalls rated it
March 23, 2021
Status: c24 part2
It's good but I hope they update again, the story is far more good.

Pls anyone tell me where I can continue reading this?
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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