I Swear I Won’t Bother You Again!


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Violette, driven mad with jealousy towards her half-sister, committed a crime. However, she ultimately regrets ever committing such atrocity from the bottom of her heart while lamenting inside her prison cell. But fate was fickle, time rewound to the day she met her younger sister—the day she succumbed to insanity.

Violette returned to the past, a time before she committed the crime, where she reached a conclusion.

This time, there will be no irreparable mistakes. Without ever committing a crime and bothering anyone, she will live a life she thinks she deserves, an ordinary, plain, and inconspicuous life. Free from incarceration. Free from guilt.

Oh, but tweaking a portion of the past and going off-script for a bit to avoid that crime wouldn’t hurt anybody, right? Right, it will even benefit everyone? No one will know anyway, it’s not as if someone’s watching her anyway… Or so she thought, because for some reason, things are heading towards a very weird direction.

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Kondo wa Zettai ni Jamashimasen!
This time, I Won't Bother You Anymore!
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New stolemyowncar rated it
June 12, 2021
Status: v2c1

    • I like the complex personalities portrayed in this, and they're portrayed maturely. They aren't as one-note as many characters that you're used to are.
    • The main character goes through some amount of growth, but realistically is stuck in a self-defeating cycle where she can't figure out how to move on, or never makes enough effort to.
        • Which is realistic. Real people do that all the time.
    • It has a gripping tragic setting and yet makes it clear that things aren't just black and white, but dependent on the perceptions of the people involved. This is a more mature writing style than we're used to in many of these types of works.
Cons (note that this portion will contain some unmarked spoilers; I will try to keep them vague-ish but read at your own risk) :

    • This is kind of just tragedy p*rn. There is a lot of introspection, a lot of multilayered and complex interactions, but at the end of the day not much actually happens. It's just the tragedy of a girl dealing with her absolutely messed up family, which includes a misguided (and insufferable) half-sister.
        • And in fact you've probably seen this type of story before, just from novels set in a modern school instead. Or hell maybe you've already seen it in a medieval-esque one already, too. It's not new.
    • There's some contradictory characterization going on. Her half sister is described as a genius... yet she's pure and beautiful and good. She also never notices the main lead's suffering, doesn't care enough to, and overall is one of the most insufferable people in the story.
        • Likewise, the main lead doesn't understand that being pure doesn't make a person inherently good, despite being well above average academically and socially, and frequently reflecting on her own actions and the feelings of others. She constantly beats herself up for being angry originally at her half sister when frankly she has every right to be. It was a crappy situation for everyone involved.
        • Furthermore she keeps emphasizing that her sister is so good, but this doesn't really make sense. Her blithe ignorance of the main lead's feelings are remarkably bad. They don't call that kind of purity "good". She's just as bad as the main lead's father. Which isn't surprising, honestly everyone in this work (including, originally, the main lead) is basically mentally ill on some level.
        • It's not that this type of social dynamic is impossible per se, it's just highly implausible. Maybe this work has too many generations of inbreeding as the backdrop lol.
        • Overall I can excuse some of the character actions as not making sense simply because that's how things are in real life, and they're complicated characters... but it gets too implausible at some points.
    • Her beauty probably has at least some number of pages wasted on describing it. Like if you combined it, literal pages have been used to talk about how beautiful the main lead is. Yet... uh... it's not really used often. The fact that she doesn't get hit on at all, even considering the situation is... unlikely, to say the least. Very unrealistic. She's basically beautiful enough to start a war over, and she's got brains and manners to boot.
    • Finally last but not least, this isn't the fault of the work but this is relevant to you as a reader. There just isn't enough of this available for any sort of consumption. And the going is kind of slow. Official translations always take ages, and the wn translation is basically going at a turtle's pace. Vol 1 leaves off before anything that I would call major actually happens. It's just extremely unsatisfying to pick up at the moment. I enjoyed reading it, but that's also kind of a problem in and of itself.
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Luukia rated it
February 23, 2019
Status: c15
I really love this novel. I think the MC's background is the reason behind her villainess. Heck, if I were in her shoes, I might've commit suicide or maybe ran away from home and live as commoner already. This is the first novel where I want to strangle someone so badly like this. So yeah, I am emotionally invested already.

Anyway, I'm going to rant about the things that infuriates me.

... more>>

First off, the father (SPERM DONOR) He's a sorry excuse of a father, I will call him SD, short for sperm donor because that what he was. SD practically neglected his own biological child. Yeah yeah I know SD hates MC mother but come on. MC is not at fault yet SD keep on treating MC like shit. I don't care if SD is so handsome or whatev, I want to bit*h slap this SD to the moon and back.



The female lead, Mary. As usual you get the innocence (idiot) , pure (dense), cute FL. BUT! I don't want to call FL as innocence. While our MC suffers from long period of neglect from both of MC parents, FL flaunts how loved FL was and how happy FL was in front of our MC. Like, if you even have an ounce of COMMON SENSE OR BRAIN TISSUE, you should be able to know not to rub the salt on someone's else wound. I'm disappointed to know that this friggin FL going to have her happy ending because she was practically "innocence". And yes, I want to bit*h slap this FL because SHE IS A b*tch.



The ML is the only one with brain tissue here. Sees a fight? He didn't immediately pick sides and judge the situation logically. Sees your friend's just lost her mother? ML comforted his friend. It's not that the ML is overly nice or something. The other person is just simply too cruel to notice how badly neglected our MC is. ML is the only one with working eyes and heart to see the thing as it is.

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January 25, 2019
Status: c64
yes---hello hello--- I MTL-ed the story to the latest chapter---

Well, this is a more serious story, honestly. it's not that there is any complicated plot, but the.. how shall I say it... the tragedy of violette's situation, being the neglected unloved daughter, in the loving family of three. excluding her, of course. violette's background is similar to 'my fiance loves my little sister', thoguh the degree of tragedy and drama is much less. but my heart hurts very much for violette!! and I know the little sister is innocent and... more>> all, but urgh, naive and ignorant people are just... not the characters I like to see...

But also, I ship the main couple, it's so cute! I ship it---kyaaaa! the main couple is cute, ok---! he cares for her so much---! I'm waiting for them to get together!! <<less
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October 25, 2018
Status: c1
Finally this novel has been translated. I just read the translated manga but reading the novel is good too. This is a really good novel about a rebirth villain from an seemingly otome world background who after gotten the 'bad end' was send back to the time just after the heroine's arrival. A bit dark and emotional so be prepared to stock up some tissues while reading it. I like the fact that this novel gives the inside view of a villain's mindset and why she turned villain before her... more>> rebirth. I'm giving my thumbs up for this novel. Can't wait to see more translated. <<less
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lorry rated it
May 16, 2019
Status: c73
Otome world, villainess as the MC, rebirth, angst. That about sums it out.

Highly recommended for those who understand the phrase "hurts so good."

The MC's life is an emotional desert. She would've been happier left to the household staff to raise, and only seeing her parents occasionally à la Victorian times.

... more>>

Her father was a leading man in his own dog's blood love triangle between his obsessive unwanted wife and the other woman he loves and had a lovechild with. Emphasis on lovechild, because that is the only child he would ever truly acknowledge and love, his first daughter little better than air at best, an irritating pebble in his shoe at worst.

To add to paternal negligence, is a suffocating maternal love, that isn't really love at all, her mother only seeing her as a substitute for her father, forcing her to subvert her femininity so she could act out her needy mother's delusions. Is it any wonder she latched on to a literal prince charming, hoping he'd sweep her off her feet and rescue her from being unloved? Then snapped and went homicidally insane when her golden child sister rode off with him instead


Her family life caused her to act out in ways that led to a bad ending in her original life. In this second chance she has now, she has resolved to cause no fuss, and be as inconspicuous as possible

until she can finally fulfil her goal to be a nun. That's right. A nun. Because cutting herself from the rest of the world is the closest she believes she can get to happiness

However, I don't think this is a tragedy though (although so far, there are only valleys and no peaks). I think the author is going for delayed gratification. All this angst, means the characters have to work harder to get their happy ending.

I only hope that karma goes around, specifically for one person.

The father. O ye gods and little fishes, the father. Everybody else can be forgiven for their shortcomings: the MC who used to be queen bit*h and is now running for martyrdom. Her friendzoned best friend who is determined to snatch the gold medal from her as the most self-sacrificing. The oblivious sister who just keep. Making. Things. Worse. The prince who either comes to conclusions too easily or else can't make up his damn mind. Even the stepmom, who it seems just doesn't care to exert effort to make the MC feel included in their loving family

Things would be so much better if that person never talked or looked in the general direction of the MC ever again. <<less
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BennY_T rated it
July 20, 2020
Status: c45 part1
If you came here from the manga, be warned that not only is the manga 'caught up' to the novel but the novel's tone is drastically different since it goes into greater detail regarding the protagonist's backstory and her thoughts. As you'd expect from someone with a depressing home life whose aspirations at happiness have been crushed, she's quite depressed and listless in the novel as opposed to the manga where it seems more like she's simply become unambitious and apprehensive at associating with the people who got her killed.... more>> This sheer difference in tone means that the two might as well be telling different stories. Another factor to consider is that the translation of the novel has a few errors that might prove annoying to people not used to reading stories from this site.

Personally, I like the darker tone of the novel since it better fits my idea of what someone like the protagonist would actually go through if given a second chance and I have a higher tolerance for bad grammar from reading stories here and fanfics so thus the 4.0 rating. <<less
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fireutsie rated it
February 16, 2019
Status: c15
I like it, the MC realizes that she had done wrong and repents for it. And after time looping back to the past she doesn't suddenly become OP or start living her live happily again. She tries to slowly overcome those depressing things which had pushed her into despair and doing horrible things. She is learning and struggling with all her might. I like this kind of MC. I feel like that there is a lot of room for her character to grow and I'm looking forward to that.
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
laexdream rated it
November 3, 2018
Status: c2
I really like this story, mainly because there's potential angst? Not that there is that much since it's basically a villainess story.

It kind of reminds me a bit of My Fiance is in Love with my Sister in that the main character feels super unloved and unwanted. But she tries not to wallow in her pessimism, and the translation is pretty good, so I recommend you read it.
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ichigoeater rated it
July 12, 2019
Status: c18
It's rare for the light novel translation to be behind the manga translation, but I think I see why. The manga flows coherently with a timely progression, whereas three chapters from the novel can all be a conversation that took five manga pages, thanks to the descriptions of the characters' thoughts and mental states. While I usually appreciate the effort in that, in this case, it's rather redundant. I'm sure the intention was to rack up the drama, but rather than getting invested, it makes me bored and sleepy, wanting... more>> to switch to a more exciting story. In particular, I feel like things I already know are getting repeated to me, assuming I'm an illiterate idiot who can't pick up on context clues. It's a good story, don't get me wrong, but I feel sorry for the translator having to go through all that unnecessary exposition. The novel, I actually would say is three stars, but the manga is four and a half. <<less
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Baabaablack rated it
January 5, 2020
Status: c16
What everyone has liked about this book I agree with. The problem I have with this novel is the writing style. It's slow.

There is way too much exposition. There conversations that take whole chapters because after each person talks we have to read on why that was said and how the character felt about that statement. Happens for almost every line of dialogue and slows things down.
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October 28, 2018
Status: c1
This is different. And the villainess's planned action is actually realistic. Even the motive is realistic.

I had some confusion regarding the summary. It is true that the villainess was brought back before she committed the crime, however she didn't come back RIGHT before the crime happened, ala Duke's Daughter. She's sent far further back... to when she first met the heroine and when her madness started.

I look forward to seeing whether Violette can keep her vow, and the problems that crop up now that she's distancing herself instead of blowing... more>> up. <<less
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holizshit rated it
May 28, 2020
Status: c40 part1
What the... reading this story hurts like hell. How do I say this? It's like I'm the MC herself. I just can't help feeling bad for MC and want to jump into the novel to protect her myself. Being an unloved daughter with only a few people to count on... it's tough. The MC is really tough, but also afraid of relying on others for fear of being a burden. Thus, she keeps on shouldering her worries by herself.

The title itself, 'I swear I won't bother you again', speaks volumes.... more>> She's just trying to live without being a bother (because she apparently thinks she is... WRONG). Character development is crazy good, and the story gets better each chapter (... and sadder...).

It just makes me want to cry constantly, man... Poor MC. Every character is sh*t except for her and Yuran (I'm guessing he's the ML) and it pisses me off. She deserves all the love she can get ??? If you're expecting a cute and fluffy story then you're gonna get very, very hurt. Because I definitely did. <<less
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kawaii12345 rated it
March 24, 2020
Status: c37
First before anything else. The text of the story is completely unreadable. I mean it's painful to read. That's with three different groups trying their best to do something with it and google's machine translation. It's all like driving a spike into your eye

Recommendation: Read the Manga. It's nearly at the same point as the story and it reads much better.

Next the setting

... more>> Patient: It hurts when I do this

Doctor: Don't do that.

I love the groundhog day theme, its a wonderful setup but in this case it's really too much.

The MC is not the victim of a frame up (she is a victim in other ways). You are told from the start she tried to kill her sister, failed, is tried, found guilty, and sentenced to life. She had a blip back moment and the story starts a year before it happened.

[B]All she has to do is just not attempt to murder her sister, bing bang boom life goes on for her. [/B] The rest is pretty much overthinking things. All the usual crap in these things is just that crap. It pretty much happens in every scene.

Here's it boiled down to essentials. It's not a big spoiler as it's laid out early but it's a repeating theme.


The sister is an annoying Polyanaish character and a cheat character (does everything better than the MC without trying). While the MC has to live with the fact that the sister is indirectly both the reason her childhood was ruined, and the death of the MC's mother, all while their father shows the MC no affection, while pushing her to help her little sister to adapt.

The MC just needed to put distance between herself and this annoying idiot. Simply put just sitting her down and saying "Look your birth destroyed my childhood, drove my mother to her death, and has likely ruined my future. I don't blame you for it It's not your fault, but we aren't becoming besties anytime soon


I have to confess to a certain curiosity about how the author will resolve things. There's a few characters that I would dearly like to see get theirs but it's just not worth it to struggle through the text. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
October 11, 2019
Status: --
Well, I read the manga and got hooked, read the translated novel, loved, went to the raws (thanks google translate!)... This is a heavy drama, no fun in here.

... more>>

Reading the novel, you understand and kind of “forgive” what Violette did to Mary jun... her father married her mother for convenience, only her mother loved him, his father was cold and had a affair, as soon as her mother died, he brought the affair in, with the half-sister that he publicly love (he don’t try to hide), the half sister “steals” the one she wanted, no wonder why she snapped, Violette never had the love of her father


For what I hope the author do


Dad needs to be punished, he needs to depend on Viollete love to something and gets denied like he did to her. Half sister needs to get a punch of the “truth”, she needs to serious apologize for what her mother (and her) did to Viollet and finally, she needs to end with Juran


The only problem of this novel is that the author speed of development, she is too slow and in some chapters she don’t develop the plot at all. <<less
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Jellyworm rated it
January 31, 2021
Status: c162
The story never moves on and it's just a shitty joke tbh.


Vio is truly pitiable. His father is a bit*h that should be beaten then left in a ditch, her step-mother is a wallflower slut, he dead mom is a piece of shit. And worst of all her hlaf-sister is ignorant.

In summary, she wants to kill herself later but is saved by the ML and one other person ;). Not worth reading tho IMO there is no plot to this anymore.

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HentMas rated it
May 27, 2020
Status: c40 part2
... Have you ever read a book that says "I don't want to know, but of course I know but he knows and I know, and I wonder if they know, but I definitely don't want to know... I could find out, all I have is to ask, but no... I don't want to know... although I already know, I can guess... no, I know... but I don't want to know"?

Well... that's a thing that can be written...

No, seriously, this book is written like this, such a meandering portrayal of... more>> a dumb train of thought just to appear as if you're doing characterization but in reality you're not saying a goddamn thing... oh! forgive me, let me point out, that meandering bull?? that's a whole chapter, what we got from that chapter?? "he's friends with one of the male leads"

And the chapters are short so you barely advance anything in the story... but they feel like an immense soliloquy that extends to eternity because they are sooooo boooooring.

So far we know 4 things that are important, her dark past (took like 10 frikken chapters), her reasons to act this way in her resurrection (this took like 5 chapters... veeeeery short and it's the most exciting and interesting part of the novel), there was someone that loved her for a long time (25 chapters... of boring, uninteresting characterizations) and that two main characters have a deeper relationship (10 more chapters, a bit of intrigue and world building that's kind of interesting)

Chapter 40 and that's all we know...

And the main plot has come to a screeching halt...

And it's mostly focusing on characterizations, but the MC is your run of the mill "no personality" MC of Japanese novels, just getting dragged on by the plot with no character or interesting trait, she doesn't act like someone that has gone through what she went trough, outside the 5 chapters where she was the most active, most of the time it's just... dull, boring, uninteresting interactions... (you know the type, oblivious to everyone, no reaction when someone does things for her, misunderstanding everything because she's emotionally deaf)

And I don't want to push blame to the translator, but this kind of novel... it needs faster releases because with the momentum being squashed in the first 5 chapters, and everything else being dragged on for AGES, I barely remembered that they were having lunch and who was sitting on the table.

I'll just stop reading as things get released because this novel is one that needs to have at least 10 chapters to move anything forward... sorry translator, I really do appreciate your hard work, but I think this novel is not worth to read on release because of the slow pacing... I'm more frustrated by the author than you my dear friend, this novel started so good and got so many things right and then just... stopped, and began to meander on obnoxious irrelevant stuff... Now I see why the Manga is much better, they have limited space for thought bubbles. <<less
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Arha rated it
January 3, 2020
Status: c30
How well you like getting into the head of a desperately unhappy person will make or break this story for you because Vio just comes across as having given up on everything. It's rather heartbreaking to see how she simply seems to have stopped wishing for happiness and just resigned herself to living an empty life of just living on. For me, being able to truly understand a character and feel what they feel is a rare treat and that seems to happen most often for me with a character... more>> that is suffering.

The rest of the cast is basically pretty solid as well and for the most part difficult to hate, setting aside one character in particular. Yes, Maryjun has the happy life that Vio could barely even dream of. Yes, the prince in her past life sentenced her to die in prison. However for Vio's sister it's not her fault that Vio's father never loved her or that her mother was crazy. She doesn't even know and you can tell that she would be horrified to learn because she really adores her older sister. True, the prince never cared about Vio and despised her despite her backstory, but he didn't know and it's not like she made the effort to show her what she's really like. For him to take the impetus to learn about her himself is asking for rather a lot since she was, after all, just another stalker. And despite this, you can see him revising his opinion of her quite quickly and taking the initiative to apologize when he's done something wrong, even when doing so only makes Vio uncomfortable.


But her dad can go f*ck himself. Hate her mother if you want, but she made Vio's life just as hellish as she made yours if not worse. To constantly ignore or belittle her when she's just trying to get by is awful parenting. Apart from hoping for Vio's happiness my greatest with for this series is to see the daughter he does love reject him when Maryjun learns how her beloved daddy has been neglecting and abusing her older sister.


In short, this is easily one of the best villainess isekai I've read. It's not a comedy. The characters are all flawed and either unhappy or ignorant. But if you want that feeling of gradually watching an unhappy person rise up and eventually achieve happiness they thought was out of their reach, then this series is probably the one for you.

Update. Knocked off a point for the slow pacing and the misery getting a little too 'pity poor little Vio' for my taste. You need to SHOW that she's unhappy, not have other characters tell us. You can't just have her sit around and be unhappy, the story needs to progress in some way to match it. <<less
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January 9, 2019
Status: c14
Loving that the story is not reincarnated into another where the MC use his\her knowledge of the modern world (i.e. their job, hobby, a game or novel about the new world they live now... e.t.c) and simply the villains had a 2nd chance to redeem herself knowing her mistake. I love how the story make you sympathetic toward the MC & know why she end up as the bad girl. Also I love the MC and which that she will get the love she deserve form not just a... more>> lover but everybody that ignored her suffering especially her father or at least let him suffer for putting his marriage problem into his child. I will rate so far as a 5 hopping that the story line doesn't disappoint me in the future.

Thanks for the translator effort and wish this novel will not dropped in the future. <<less
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Luz190234 rated it
July 5, 2020
Status: c37
I have to say this is one of the best novel I've read before. It is also one of my favourites. It's a novel which I eagerly wait for its update and never get bored of. I strongly recommend this novel for those who haven't read this yet. Although this novel has been adapted to the manga, in my opinion the novel is much much better than the manga and there is many parts in the novel that is not included in the manga.

Violette x yulan forever.......
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11thAgent rated it
June 5, 2020
Status: c36
Oh. My. God.

Okay, I don't usually comment about the writing in novels, because I usually can't tell what is bad writing due to my abysmal writing skills. So I usually just consume my novels thinking that the writing is decent or good.

Hence, when I do comment, that is really saying something.

This author needs a beta reader or an editor if they don't have one already because my god is the writing meandering. They would mention the same point 2-3 times within the same chapter with only a couple of sentences... more>> apart. Sometimes a point would be brought up even more but from a different character's point of view.

It feels like the author is just trying to add some buffer because they don't know what exactly to write, haven't thought out the plot yet, or have a predetermined number of chapters they want to hit. It is so frustrating.

I probably won't come back to this story until it has like 75 chapters translated. <<less
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CapnKarma rated it
May 13, 2020
Status: c40 part1
The premise is great, and the characters are neat, but as stated by others, the novel just takes things far too slow. It's no exaggeration that a single conversation can be multiple parts or even chapters, solely because the writer feels the need to dive into so-and-so's mental state and how they've felt about such-and-such for the last month and how they feel about them now and how the way they blink is so special and whatever else is relevant. And then they'll flash back to the conversation, progress two... more>> lines, and then we get to hear the same thing from such-and-such's perspective. Even worse is that this will happen more than once between the same two characters. Basically anytime Violette ever interacts with someone you'll get an entire essay about what that someone thinks of Violette, even if you've heard it before. Claudia's mental perspectives in particular just wax on and on about how astonishing and different the new Violette is, every single time he so much as looks at her, to the point where Claudia has brought up Violette's smile so many times it sounds creepily obsessive if anything, and Yulan's entire character feels like he exists just to tell the audience "Violette may have been a villainess but SHE'S SUPER SPECIAL AND A GOOD GIRL AND DESERVES BETTER"

Show Don't Tell is an important part of storytelling, and this novel does it, quite frankly, horrendously. If you're really interested in this story, I highly recommend looking for the manga instead, because somehow it's gone farther than the novel has and the only thing you're really missing from the novel is the so-called "perspective" chapters, and even then the manga does a good enough showing people's reactions and thoughts that you don't need them. <<less
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