I Swear I Won’t Bother You Again!


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Violette, who was driven mad by her jealousy towards her half-sister and committed a crime, regrets that crime from the bottom of her heart inside her prison cell. However, when she came to, time rewound to the day she met her younger sister—the day she lost her sanity.

Violette, who came back to the time before she commits her crime, makes a decision:

She will not make mistakes this time. Without committing a crime and bothering anyone, she will live an ordinary, plain and inconspicuous life.

Oh, but going off the rails for a bit because of that crime wouldn’t hurt, right? No one is watching me anyway… Or so she thought, but for some reason, things are heading to a weird direction.

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Kondo wa Zettai ni Jamashimasen!
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New Luukia rated it
February 23, 2019
Status: c15
I really love this novel. I think the MC's background is the reason behind her villainess. Heck, if I were in her shoes, I might've commit suicide or maybe ran away from home and live as commoner already. This is the first novel where I want to strangle someone so badly like this. So yeah, I am emotionally invested already.

Anyway, I'm going to ran about the things that infuriates me.

... more>>

First off, the father (SPERM DONOR) He's a sorry excuse of a father, I will call him SD, short for sperm donor because that what he was. SD practically neglected his own biological child. Yeah yeah I know SD hates MC mother but come on. MC is not at fault yet SD keep on treating MC like sh*t. I don't care if SD is so handsome or whatev, I want to bitch slap this SD to the moon and back.



The female lead, Mary. As usual you get the innocence (idiot) , pure (dense), cute FL. BUT! I don't want to call FL as innocence. While our MC suffers from long period of neglect from both of MC parents, FL flaunts how loved FL was and how happy FL was in front of our MC. Like, if you even have an ounce of COMMON SENSE OR BRAIN TISSUE, you should be able to know not to rub the salt on someone's else wound. I'm disappointed to know that this friggin FL going to have her happy ending because she was practically "innocence". And yes, I want to bitch slap this FL because SHE IS A BITCH.



The ML is the only one with brain tissue here. Sees a fight? He didn't immediately pick sides and judge the situation logically. Sees your friend's just lost her mother? ML comforted his friend. It's not that the ML is overly nice or something. The other person is just simply too cruel to notice how badly neglected our MC is. ML is the only one with working eyes and heart to see the thing as it is.

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New fireutsie rated it
February 16, 2019
Status: c15
I like it, the MC realizes that she had done wrong and repents for it. And after time looping back to the past she doesn't suddenly become OP or start living her live happily again. She tries to slowly overcome those depressing things which had pushed her into despair and doing horrible things. She is learning and struggling with all her might. I like this kind of MC. I feel like that there is a lot of room for her character to grow and I'm looking forward to that.
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October 25, 2018
Status: c1
Finally this novel has been translated. I just read the translated manga but reading the novel is good too. This is a really good novel about a rebirth villain from an seemingly otome world background who after gotten the 'bad end' was send back to the time just after the heroine's arrival. A bit dark and emotional so be prepared to stock up some tissues while reading it. I like the fact that this novel gives the inside view of a villain's mindset and why she turned villain before her... more>> rebirth. I'm giving my thumbs up for this novel. Can't wait to see more translated. <<less
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laexdream rated it
November 3, 2018
Status: c2
I really like this story, mainly because there's potential angst? Not that there is that much since it's basically a villainess story.

It kind of reminds me a bit of My Fiance is in Love with my Sister in that the main character feels super unloved and unwanted. But she tries not to wallow in her pessimism, and the translation is pretty good, so I recommend you read it.
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January 25, 2019
Status: c64
yes---hello hello--- I MTL-ed the story to the latest chapter---

Well, this is a more serious story, honestly. it's not that there is any complicated plot, but the.. how shall I say it... the tragedy of violette's situation, being the neglected unloved daughter, in the loving family of three. excluding her, of course. violette's background is similar to 'my fiance loves my little sister', thoguh the degree of tragedy and drama is much less. but my heart hurts very much for violette!! and I know the little sister is innocent and... more>> all, but urgh, naive and ignorant people are just... not the characters I like to see...

But also, I ship the main couple, it's so cute! I ship it---kyaaaa! the main couple is cute, ok---! he cares for her so much---! I'm waiting for them to get together!! <<less
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October 28, 2018
Status: c1
This is different. And the villainess's planned action is actually realistic. Even the motive is realistic.

I had some confusion regarding the summary. It is true that the villainess was brought back before she committed the crime, however she didn't come back RIGHT before the crime happened, ala Duke's Daughter. She's sent far further back... to when she first met the heroine and when her madness started.

I look forward to seeing whether Violette can keep her vow, and the problems that crop up now that she's distancing herself instead of blowing... more>> up. <<less
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DeepSeaLove rated it
December 28, 2018
Status: prologue
The story is great but the translation is not good to me. Its like machine translated, but still you can understand the story flow. It would be nice if the translation is smooth, still it did not stop me reading this novel.

I know it's hard to translate because it costs you time, effort, and money. So I hope for improvement.
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January 9, 2019
Status: c14
Loving that the story is not reincarnated into another where the MC use his\her knowledge of the modern world (i.e. their job, hobby, a game or novel about the new world they live now... e.t.c) and simply the villains had a 2nd chance to redeem herself knowing her mistake. I love how the story make you sympathetic toward the MC & know why she end up as the bad girl. Also I love the MC and which that she will get the love she deserve form not just a... more>> lover but everybody that ignored her suffering especially her father or at least let him suffer for putting his marriage problem into his child. I will rate so far as a 5 hopping that the story line doesn't disappoint me in the future.

Thanks for the translator effort and wish this novel will not dropped in the future. <<less
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Juuen rated it
February 13, 2019
Status: c15

Okay, so far so good. The translation is definitely not my favorite since there are a lot of common grammar errors, but the story still flow well!

The MC's family, except her half (or step) sister, will make you want to kill them. I mean despite how talented and beautiful MC said her father is, he's still a douche of a father for treating MC like that!!!

Beside MC's family, I love this novel so much and I hope it won't be dropped.
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