Soaring the Heavens


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A striking man of mysterious origin and peerless talent, he looks back at the world, in all its entirety, with utter disdain. And yet, in the treacherous and unpredictable ultimate formation of the Boundless Secular World, he guards a breathtaking ancient qin with broken strings, waiting silently for the destined one to arrive!

A boy encounters him, and knows for the first time that the world beneath the Heavens is a fickle place. Not even demons, devils, ghosts and monsters can match the frivolity of human nature!

A slender physique, and jade-like beauty, but the sword that strikes between heaven and earth is not unlike a streaming rainbow!

The vastness of the starry sky, the seven emotions and six desires! Greed, anger and ignorance! The teachings of Buddha will grant you boundless strength!

A sea of blood will come, at the cost of all mortal beings full of honest hope!

The ghosts wail as the gods roar, but the sea of blood has no end!

Where, pray tell, is the path I should take?

Since there is no path, no matter how bitter and bloody the sea, even if my boat is made out of bones, I will soar to the heavens above!

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novelbrah rated it
January 1, 2017
Status: --
If you like Er Gen's stories, then this is a must read!! All the bad ratings are from the previously translated version that was not good. What a great surprise! Was not expecting such an interesting story and fleshed out characters. Nothing less expected from Qidian (publisher). First thing I do before deciding whether to read a novel or not, is check for publisher. Qidian is always my preferred one. They have the most quality novels out of all publishers that I've seen from personal experience. Then I check the... more>> group translating as this is always important. Lastly I might check the author and read the description. On to the novel! I love adventure and this novel delivers. Most of the novels on this site are MMORPG/RPG leveling self fulfillment stories disguised as cultivation novels - not much plot, no character development or real writing. I won't reveal anything, but the MC is dropped into an adventure right from chapter 1 and has a goal in mind for his siblings. Cultivation at this point isn't even mentioned except in passing which I love as it keeps everything mysterious. Why would you reveal everything in the first chapter? Basic storytelling guys. Hell, even the random outlaw he meets has more development than some main characters from other novels. In all, the author is really good, the translator is incredible, and the story is well thought out. I'd give it a 4 or 4.5 if I could but to offset the really horrible 1 star ratings, I will give it a 5. I seem to be doing this a lot as ratings on NU are really messed up. <<less
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NaM rated it
February 5, 2017
Status: c62
[March 30, 2017 edits]

Oh.. Someone removed the Netorare Tag..

Well anyway saw some stuff telling that author is notorious for writting stories where heroines are either "Stolen" from the MC or made to marry someone else..

... more>> With all that said and your ok with that. Read my February review and i'll leave it for you guys to judge

[March 05, 2017 Edits]

OH MY GOD! It has a "Netorare" Tag..

saw some not so reliable spoilers about that ntr and thought that MC is up to a bumpy ride... Not really a fan of ntr (Netorare/Cuckold) so ive done some not so deep research about this novel. then saw this novel (in qidian) rated as 9.1/10. Seeing that numerical ranking, ive decided to wait and see to see. if i'll drop this novel or not

[FEB 05, 2017 review]

This Novel gave me the same vibe with the novel "Lord Xue Ying"

If you've read IET's novels (LXY, DE, CD, ST) , then you might notice this author way of creational thinking (meaning bizzare ideas ex. That cave master, will and stuff) and novel's pacing was quite similar to his..

And here's some simple reminders for those new readers. According to what ive learn reading a lot of CN novel.

This novel is a xianxia novel, which means "Immortal Hero" and not the common XuanHuan genre novel (such as DMWG, WDDG, KOG, TMW, MW). While both genre starts with having obtain cheat opportunity/item. "Xianxia" trends the immortality path, meaning a thousand years of hard cultivating to reach immortality. While "Xuanhuan" are more of the Martial way path. If you hadn't notice xianxia mc's tend to cultivate/train by yearly duration while xuanhuan tend to master their skills in a couple of weeks or a month. The former breakthrough every month or years. While the latter breakthrough every 3-10 days.. and thats the major difference ive notice so far. So its quite wrong comparing the two novel specially when they aint even the same genre.

Anyway. This novel has a good quality trans. Plot depth and a more realistic representation of a cultivation world, meaning as long as the author don't screw up then this novel has a lot of potential. Recommended for ST, DE and LXY fan. <<less
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Trent rated it
May 16, 2017
Status: c144
Updated review:

Seriously, ignore the 1s. That said, I have a hard time reviewing this novel. On one hand, it does some truly wonderful things. But it also spends a lot of time doing boring things.

Let me say that there's nothing legitimately bad about the novel. Sure, it has occasional repetition, some harping on how awesome the MC seems, major plot points hinging on nonsensical ideas, a boring cultivation system that mostly just makes the first level's abilities more powerful, overfocus on women's beauty—but nothing that most other xianxia don't... more>> suffer from, and here the writer actively tries to avoid some of those common issues, and makes them less exaggerated than usual.

The problem is this: Soaring the Heavens is like an RPG/RTS hybrid. It's as if, midway through a DotA or LoL game, you have to do a Warcraft 3 or Starcraft campaign.

Some'll enjoy that.

I don't.

Xianxia, xuanhuan, wuxias—they're the web novel versions of RPGs. I like RTS games as well, but if I want to see that kind of thing, I'll go read a different kind of novel, or play a different kind of game. If I pick up a novel with this one's tags, it's because I want to see a cultivator adventuring, not commanding other cultivators and fighting for territory.

Because of its dichotomy, I can only split the novel into two parts: the one where the MC adventures, and the one where he stays within and focuses on his territory.

1) The small-scale interactions and adventuring. These parts are fantastic, nothing like the adventures of ordinary xianxia. They read like fairy tales, like stories that could be told for generations. They provide humor, non-simple relationships, and interesting characters.

The novel's immortals really suit their transcendent image when only one, or a small group of them, is present. During these times, the novel does an outstanding job at characterizing immortals and their relationships with the world around them. The MC's master is actually wise, and other older cultivators have things to teach as well.

Furthermore, when it comes to the still inexperienced MC, the author subverts the "oh so wise and clever" traits that many writers insist their young MCs have. Instead, this MC's bullheaded: inexperienced where he should be inexperienced, and bold where he can be bold, which makes him walk on a tightrope of death and success. I love it.

And then we have...

2) The territory control. This part has been... sigh. Okay. Chapters 20 through 100 are mostly about gaining and managing territory. So during this segment, the MC spends a couple years fighting and surviving schemes, for the sake of gaining and defending his own area.

The thing is, the territory battles are a key part of the cultivators' lives in this story. I can't fault the novel for doing something new with cultivators. Hell, I might praise the author for doing it, if he wasn't replacing great stuff with something that simply isn't fun to read about! What's interesting about seeing cultivators sitting at home for centuries as too-long-lived politicians-administrators-businessmen-commanders, or basically rulers? Who cares about how they vie for followers' wishpower by occasionally fending off attacks from neighbors or attacking neighbors to make their own territory larger? Where's the free spirit of an adventurer we love to see?

Apparently, it's been stolen by the MC's master, who in contrast to the MC wanders freely outside the boring system. The rare loose cultivators we see seem to experience far more interesting lives than the stay-at-home cultivators do.

I'm here for immortal cultivation and adventure, not for management and politicking. So the more of that I read, the less interesting the novel became for me. However, others might really enjoy this departure from the xianxia norm, so though half of the novel's chapters so far have bored me, I do recommend trying the novel out. The other half has been phenomenal, anyways. So you'll probably love one part of the novel, and very possibly both. <<less
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LuNaTiC rated it
August 20, 2017
Status: Completed
This one was my favorite types of novel. So I immensely into the novel and took continuous several weeks to finish it. Now, I'm very much disappointed and frustrated.

When I read or want to read a novel or looking for a novel,

I has certain criteria. This book covers many of them. Like-

    • The protagonist isn't a total sh*t character.
    • All or most of the characters are not two dimensional.
    • The novel has an interesting storyline and some memorable scenes.
    • The novel has a smooth flow of the story.
    • The characters, plot, storylines have consistency.
    • Good actions, adventures, world building.
    • Territory occupation, management and further territorial development. (My personal fav)
    • A good romance and probably harem (I'm not gonna defend)
    • Going through space from star to stars. Not the planes or upper & lower boundaries. (My personal fav)
Even though this novel has many of the aspects I like, I will give this novel 3.5 star. I love more than half of the novel and some further more scenes & plots. For that 2.5 and 1 for all the things normally I don't find other novels & my pure enjoyment.

For the reasons of dissatisfaction, disappointing, frustrations and deducting 1.5 points are going to explain in spoilers.


Protagonist has many issues. Like he knows what are his weaknesses but he never try to overcome or improve him. He has very little character development.

Author use old Chinese traditional harem system. Where one person is main wife and rest are concubines and wife rule the concubines. Concubine's status, positions even level of protagonist's affection are very much lower than main wife. Some concubines have special titles but simply used for s*x object and political tools.

Main wife Cloud Leaves (mtl) is a much overpowered character. I don't know is it author's intention or mistakes that he sometimes lost control of this character.

With story progression protagonist become very dislikable character.

Protagonist forsakes his friends and brothers. According to him upper level and lower level can't become friend something like that.

Protagonist has a talented subordinate who is a great strategician & ambitious. Who uses even protagonist for his daughter (one of the main concubine) safety. Protagonist never tries to win over him and even have no confidence to contend him. He rather tries to threaten him, controls him by taking hostages of his wife & daughter (concubine). Protagonist rise to the top seat very much for this subordinate, but he never trusts him. A great character but protagonist always feels enmity towards him.

Protagonist's wife some decision really badly affect him and surroundings his relation. She even makes sure his sworn brothers remain his subordinate not his brothers but he does not say word about that.

Protagonist's all the successes and gains are due to Old White who opens the door & builds the road to the future.

Here cultivation takes times like literally 100 years or more. But time goes by nothing much changes on surrounding & world around. The feelings & situations remains the same, no progression whatsoever.

Although Old White has his own reasons & interests for doing these. But protagonist never properly thanks him or shows any respect to him. Author tries to justify protagonist's actions and situations...... even so much frustating.

And many more......


Ultimately you guys will decide to read it or not.

For me it is sad, dissatisfaction, disappointing, frustrated and many unfulfilling promises & possibilities.

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Rosemn rated it
December 16, 2017
Status: --
This is hidden gem, these who rated this novel low is never read this novel, idiots.

Politic and scheming is whole another level in this novel, every worth MC says, every actions is very carefully planned. I still remember what MC said: "There's no one up there who will speak for me."

His enemys too not that aggressive like other trash huanhuas, very realistic characters, thinks carefully planned too good (before action they always carefully think and plan to hundreds year ahead, amazing isnt it). You can even say that most... more>> of enemy is not exactly enemy, sometimes they side with MC sometimes not.

Novel have feeling comedy, slice of life, revenge, qonquest realistic type MC


Truly good story. Not recommended for childs or teens. Novel is Xianxia but theres lots of realistic things. Others xianxia novels too overpewered and very unrealistic aggresive, but this novels MC arrogant but knows very well that his safelane and connection. Other novels harem girl make no sense, just love MC and MC always save them right in time. But its different. Harem members loved MC, someone seperated in their own ways, someone died, someone ntred, someone divorced really good sense. I even thought that " f*ckin save your girls". But now thinking it its really unique.
Story is good I will give 5/5

About harem MC had 11 girl I think. Maybe more, someone died or seperated anyways. Everyone have really unique personalty, they get stronger together with MC, not left behind.

NTR will not happen until 1000ch so its good, author is really good at BOOM!

i give ntr 5/5 to rage. If that didnt happen I bet this novel is #1 Best in Xianxia genre
Cultivation is really slow, no reincarnation, no past memory, no heroic things (cant protect his own harem) but scheming is whole another level. So its 4.5/5

Last is I give 5 Afterall its really few good written ntr novel
Just seeing the Propic, full of sadness disadifications. Our MC whole sad life making me cry. Truly good

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February 10, 2018
Status: --
This is actually pretty well written, it's just... NTR is very prominent...

Welp, in the starting chapters they did warn the MC he's going to get a shitty life and he's going to be all alone if he planned on cultivating.
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bearnanny rated it
January 30, 2017
Status: c45
This is an excellent novel, and it begins right in the action. It differentiates itself from the normal cultivation stories in an interesting way. There are multiple characters who all have fleshed out personalities, goals or motivations. If I had anything to complain about so far is that the MC is the usual sort; Unnaturally strong willed and obedient when training, but not showing those qualities other times. Given everything else I've read so far and can surmise from the foreshadowing, the MC is a disappointment, however the novel has... more>> only just begun. It is inevitable that this review is flawed. Despite this, the beginning is so strong that the quality could drop from this point on and it would still be on a level above a lot of novels. <<less
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Ananya rated it
August 27, 2017
Status: c176

Well, it's a classic Xianxia. You have a 'good' MC who is an orphan but single handedly brought up his two younger siblings (also orphans), treading the path of immortality so that he can meet and take care of his younger siblings again who are also fortunately on the same path because of his sacrifice.

It's a good story, the pacing is slow but it's interesting. It's similar to other novels in terms of the brutality and cold-bloodedness of the world, the story maintains it's novelty in terms of characters,... more>> power system, motivations/stakes but it's structure is similar to classic xianxias written by Er Gen.


MC is somewhat like Meng Hao from 'I shall seal the heavens' but the difference here is the MC is not that educated but he's very brave to the point of recklessness, so he doesn't do geeky stuff like Meng Hao atleast till the point where I read. His lack of learning/geekyness is offset by his mentor.

His mentor is as usual a cool character, he seems a bit cynical though because of his past and therefore he doesn't even trust the MC completely despite being convinced that he's the right person who can help him in his quest for vengeance.

All the other characters are distinct, they have character growth and they influence the MC, the author has not wastefully introduced any character, even the ones we didn't get to see much but the foreshadowing suggests that we will see them in future arcs.

Power system:

The power system in this novel is slightly different from what I have read in other Xianxias', the prayers/wills of ordinary people are solidified into orbs which when placed into the mouths of cultivators acts as a catalyst which accelerates the cultivation. Not many abilities of MC's cultivation technique are revealed yet, just that it's fire attributed and can resist the transcendence energy exerted by the cultivators to pressurize their opponents, this enables MC to skip a couple of levels in combat. The combat in the novel is described well and is gritty.

The special weapons in this novel are called transcendent artifacts and they are powered by demonic cores, their quality and power is dependent on the material used to refine the artifact and the grade of the demonic core.


This novel is worth reading despite it's slow pace, the author has written the novel with a lot of care and has ensured that there are not many loose ends so far. Also I would like to point out that there is no netorare up to the point I have read. <<less
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Anonymousse rated it
September 17, 2017
Status: c224
So far its a good reading material.

MC dont have any OP item, ridiculous leveling pace, or super heaven defying luck where he find randomly stuffs across the road every goddamn chapters. He start from the very beginning with normal pace.

Some characters really have an attitude (like the mysterious "grandpa" Lao Bai) and characters that aint 2dimensional or forgeted at 1-5 next chapters. Heck! Even mc`s pig dragon horse have an unique character. LoL.

Edit: I cant hold it anymore. MC is too naive n stupid!!! He let someone extort him over... more>> and over again, even got fooled around like a donkey repeatedly! <<less
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DaeLight rated it
January 31, 2017
Status: --
Ok. So because of the english version of it was so interesting, I went to binge read the raws and I was not disappointed. The cliffhangers at the very end of each chapter kept making me crave for more and I cannot stop myself from putting my phone down! I love this CN and it differs from the other xianxia novels in its own unique way. The novel itself does not focus much on cultivation which is good. Not only that, the training montage was more well written than any... more>> other stories I have read. And although the MC himself is not strong in the beginning, he's quite clever, using his wits to get him out of difficult situations. He might seem like a pushover right now

but the times will eventually change him and he will no longer be the same guy we know. Experience changes people and the MC is a fine example of that. And nobody can denied that humans can be fickle and selfish at times.

Even though it is harem but the MC doesn't go around collecting every single girls he sees without rhyme or reason unlike other typical harem novels. And he doesn't throw himself at every girls he see either which is great. Even all the other characters that appeared were not for show and had their own stories to tell. However, the story itself is probably one of the realest I have ever read. Things are very grim, coldblooded and heartless in the world the author created. Conversations exchanged between the characters are full of double-edge swords and hidden meanings. What differs from the usual cultivation novels is that the author had shone spotlights on the 'fights' between government officials as well. All in all, I highly recommend this novel! <<less
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DeathStroke96 rated it
April 30, 2017
Status: c107
I have not read this novel fully, I plan on doing so in june when I have some free time

From c1 - okay the first 5 or so chapters may not have been the best, but they were not bad either, we were introduced to the main characters and provided some info...

Followed from there to c80 it has been really enjoyable except for 1 minor aspect which is negligible, the story has moved at a steady pace, we got some characterisation on the MC, some side characters as... more>> well as the direction-ish the story is progressing, the MC doesnt pull out stunts from his behind and does everything through being calculative and scheming which around c70 to c80 were quite enjoyable!

The World is quite extensive and is split into 6 parts where different factions lead, and how the hierarchy is split and how to increase cultivation which was really interesting as in most novels the protagonist would sit in some cave and few chapters later a breakthrough in here it doesnt work that way, it doesnt matter whether you are a super genius or normal at cultivation, the speed would not increase unless you are in possession of will orbs (something that can increase the speed), and the way to acquire them is quite something...

Not much on the plot other than, the fact that the MC is being groomed for something (speculation)...

Now I havent read it fully but went around the chinese forums, looking for what most people were saying and I do get that the netorare tag, is a massive flag for most underage readers so, I know that likely unless you have a grown up mentality where you dont judge something by its cover you will not read it, which is fine, but for those interested, a lot of recent reviews show that the novel was really enjoyable and that it shouldnt be under a xianxia/xuanhuan tag but more for kingdom building/fantasy as there was a lot of scheming involved, political intrigue and more.

So it is your choice whether you would read it, or not, I am not forcing anyone, nor trying to change your mind, but its likely by the point that the ntr does happen, its unknown whether you would still be reading Chinese novels, as we all have to grow up eventually... also from what I know no ntr happens within the first 1000 chapters so you are safe, to check it out and give it a go and drop it just before it happens... <<less
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Xiaron rated it
October 29, 2017
Status: c200
As of reading the story so far I was engrossed for the majority of half a day not leaving it down until I realised my well-being.

I know someone said if one enjoys ErGen's stories they should read this however I would say although they do share similarities to some extent; in my opinion this story does more. To some extent, even the story shows well divided focus on most of it characters. It also explains cultivation well enough for one to know the power hierarchy and how individuals govern one... more>> another as well as how they manipulate amongst themselves. So far, I gave it an average rating since there the story is still in its first stages however if does not disappoint then it will probably get an increase on its rating. Though that would mean I need to wait another month for the chapters to increase to give a better verdict. <<less
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Kamemono rated it
February 19, 2019
Status: c455
This novel is amazing, a very pleasant surprise. Wish there were more chapters on this or at least a better release frequency. The cultivation aspect of the novel is slow but till engaging. Wish they would elaborate on how the Orbs of will work exactly.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rdawv rated it
September 30, 2017
Status: c200
Interesting. It's a cultivation novel... yet the MC spends more time with mundane matters than actual cultivating. Things like dealing with maintaining his power base, fending off jealous rivals, facing warlords in power struggles, encountering women with hidden agendas... In fact, it reads more like a wuxia story.

It does have the usual cultivation tropes: treasures, meditations, pills, power-ups... however the combat is far more interesting than people shouting out special moves. Imagine those stylized fiction of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, where warriors and leaders duel atop their powerful... more>> mounts in the field of battle where hundreds and thousands of other individuals are also fighting.

The story itself is engaging, it's not just the usual "power-for-power's sake". It may start that way, but eventually you see how the MC is but one of many players in the setting. He has his own background and story, and in the first 200 translated chapters he unwittingly keeps getting involved in the stories of other people. Many of the characters have understandable motivations of their own. For example, one antagonist was someone he had crossed paths much earlier before, and the MC only realized it much later.

The translation is good and the speed of release is decent, and it reminds me of those older wuxia stories that were serialized in the newspapers, necessitating the need of cliffhangers to keep the reader invested in the story. <<less
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selweron rated it
September 1, 2017
Status: c75
For me, this novel can be only average. Sure, it is pretty innovative with good concept, or at least it was supposed to be. You could also say that there's nothing particuraly bad that's happening in the story. BUT- for me the only one truly good part is perhaps only Liu Bai. His style, freedom and way of talking is something I admire in this novel. The rest, be it uninteresting fights or building up territory reads like a filler. And a brainless filler at that. Sorry, but I am... more>> jumping out of this ride. See you master Liu Bai, we shall meet in another dimension. <<less
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