Slag Shou Cultivating Manual


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He Lang died by his own hands for the sake of his imperial younger brother’s ambition, whom he loved. He was offered to be reborn in exchange for giving up his past romantic feelings. Reborn without the burden of his romantic feelings, he brings with him a manual to new worlds. He wholeheartedly followed the instructions of the manual to complete the tasks, not knowing that the originally slag gong was blackening…
He pleaded to his affectionate Emperor brother to release him, he pleaded to the paranoid prisoner next door, but until the end he remained baffled.
In the end, he discovered that the full name of the manual was – “Slag Shou Cultivating Manual”
Σ (っ ° ° °;) っ!

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Date Group Release
04/08/19 Xiao Mushroom c9
04/06/19 Xiao Mushroom c8
03/31/19 Xiao Mushroom c7
03/17/19 Xiao Mushroom c6
03/15/19 Xiao Mushroom c5
03/12/19 Xiao Mushroom c4
03/11/19 Xiao Mushroom c3
03/03/19 Xiao Mushroom c2
02/25/19 Xiao Mushroom c1
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QuinNefertari rated it
March 15, 2019
Status: c5
I like the opening of the story, It actually have a deep and detailed background that leads to the Mc's world traveling. Not only his and the Ml's situation clearly explained it also evokes this bittersweet feelings inside me.

I really look forward to the rest of the translation. Kudos to the translator, hoping that it won't be drop.
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Delesaria rated it
March 18, 2019
Status: v1c5
I'm glad Xiao Mushroom picked this story up because I'm really enjoying it. The MC's painful beginning gives insight to his motivations, which is a pleasant change from some of the more nonsensical characters in the BL genre. The later power struggle between the MC and ML is both fascinating and hilarious. I'm especially enjoying that (so far) the MC is intelligent but not too OP.
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srrrahim rated it
May 25, 2019
Status: c35
I like the synopsis so much that I end up reading the raw version. It is actually pretty easy to MTL

I read until the end of the 1at and 2nd arc, and I am quite shocked that it end up in tragedy
1st arc
... more>>

ML forget about MC after MC give him a drug from the system. ML end up remember MC in his wedding day, so he hurriedly go to MC's house. ML finally understand MC intentions, and can't accept it. So, ML choose to die with MC. Double suicide in MC's house. He forced kiss MC in the middle of his burned house. So tragic and romantic. I like this kind of ending XD


2nd arc took place in the modern era


It has a tragic ending too. MC tried to jump from 2nd floor, and ML accompany him. MC died immediately. When ML look at his lover cold body, he attached a ring in his hand, and holding his hand. He tried to fulfill his promise to never separate from him, even in death


I like how each arc end in tragedy just like How to Die as Heavy as Mount Tie & Heroic Death System

I hope the 3rd arc that took place in cultivation world will be as tragically romantic as the 1st and 2nd arc <<less
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