Face Slapping The Slag Gong System


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【You will encounter gongs in different worlds with different temperaments and different emotions. They are fine and loyal dogs. 】

【You are superior in appearance, they will love you at first sight, willing to sacrifice all, but soon they will get bored, betray, cheat】

【You are vengeful, and want to take revenge on that slag gong】

“Can.” Qin Mu then put forward his own requirements. “To fall in love, they first must have a good waist and long legs. The abdominal muscles must have eight blocks to satisfy me. As for the face, I am not superficial, as long as it’s of the highest quality I don’t mind.”

The thieves are caught, and those slag gongs take for granted that because Qin Mu loves them, he will choose to forgive them.【Smile】

However Qin Mu, who is cold to the bones, only smokes a cigarette and expresses his deep love to a new lover. “Beauty, I want to be with you.”

The slag gongs, “Please come back to me, I will never leave you… If you don’t agree and continue to hook up with other people, then I can only break your legs and lock you up. From now on, only I can see you.”

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12/07/19 Anu’s translation c5 part1
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New lizanika rated it
May 21, 2020
Status: Completed
If you loved certificate of conformity’s protagonist, you’ll love this one too. Although the one in CoC is a lot colder and more detached, they still both display an analytical and intelligent mind. My pet peeve is when protagonists show too much emotion, although that may be a downside for some people. I despise when the protagonist is weak and relies too heavily on someone, becoming jealous over them so this novel and CoC were both treats.
The ending is very nice, not rushed at all, and yes all of the male leads from the different worlds are one person.
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Maiasia rated it
September 29, 2018
Status: Completed

Sure the MC is kinda scummy and a little very heartless, and this novel won't be for everyone but I loved it. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy novels like QWTFOTD, I'm Scattering IQ to the Protagonist, HDS, etc. Where the MC knows his lover maintains the same soul life after life and actively searches for him, but I also think that Face Slapping the Slag Gong System is a jewel in how the MC differs from the others. Not reading to the end, one might think MC is promiscuous in that he does end up sleeping with a different guy in each world but surprise surprise! Every single guy that MC sleeps with is a fractured shard of the ML's soul, in essence they are all one guy. MC differs in that he is indifferent to the guys who loves him. He'll love the one who loves him and he'll be faithful but MC never invest any deeper emotions because to him, the worlds weren't real. They were purely tasks he needed to finish so he could go back to his own reality. In all honesty I feel like there isn't much character growth in the MC until the end because he never really reformed from his scummy ways but that might be the MTL. However after learning everything at the end, this novel isn't really about MC slapping the faces of the Slag Gongs, it's more like ML trying to reform the scummy MC and in essence, it sorta worked? I mean, MC does end up wanting to be in a monogamous relationship instead of the initial 10p orgy. My high rating is because in spite of Mc's scumminess (I know it's not a word but it should be) I still liked the story, romance, heartbreak, and everything. It's quite refreshing how one of the personalities (one of my faves) is black bellied enough to try and kill the other eight personalities and only failed because MC went back to those worlds to resolve unfulfilled desires in order to stabilize the fractured shards.

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mereumsama rated it
March 23, 2018
Status: Completed
Just finished this novel and I would really recommend this novel for those who are craving for fast wear novels. Although the first arc was not really so good and MC was a real slag with poor MLs feelings which almost made me give up on this novel. But if you preserve and read ahead I can assure its worth reading. Its also quite different from other fast wear novels I read, and the MLs all had completely different personalities in every arc.
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Reandayo rated it
April 27, 2018
Status: c2
Interesting! Truly interesting.

This is the first time I've wrote a review for a story with less than 20 chapters but the story is worth of y'all's attention if you like stories like "Quickly Wear The Face Of The Devil"or "I'm Scattering IQ to The Protagonist".

The difference of this story is that if in the stories I mentioned above the MC are face slapping the villains in each story, this time the MC will face-slapped the cheating male characters until their "hurt" parameter gone 100% so that they could go to... more>> the next world. That's what makes it more interesting.

Too bad there are only 2 chapters that have been translated so far. I hope this story get more translations in the future, because I hate reading it with google translate on the website. ((This is why I wish I could learn Mandarin))

Anyways, good story; interesting, unique plot, and good translation; easy to understand words. Ten outta ten. Hope I could read more. <<less
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owlzeyes rated it
April 7, 2018
Status: Completed
So the MC in this novel is pretty dope. He's kind of similar to the MC from QWTFOTD but only not as skilled and cunning. But pretty much the same level of sass though. Felt pretty cool to see how sly and sassy MC acted towards the male characters. But the thing I don't like is the fact that the ML isn't as obvious as in QWTFOTD. It makes me feel like I'm reading a harem novel. I literally get through 3/4 of the arc and still trying to guess... more>> who the tf ML is. Which sucks because when a main couple has been established I can focus all my energy on shipping them and rooting for them. But when I don't know who tf the ML I can't afford to put all my eggs in one basket and root for a character cause he might just end up being a slag male. Heck in the beginning I thought the system was ML (honestly it might be nobody spoil it for me I didn't finish) And another thing, although I do think the ML was cute in the 1st and 2nd arc (I only got up to most of the 3rd arc) he feels kind of lackluster. Honestly I'm reading the 3rd arc right and both of the ML candidates are pretty crappy in my opinion. I also feel the coupling just isn't as strong. Like something is missing. Maybe I'm just having high standards because of QWTFOTD. Each arc has been pretty interesting so far. I just don't like this whole guessing game of who the heck is ML.

If you've run out of novels to read then this isn't a bad novel to pick up.

[I'll definitely try to finish and come back to edit if my opinions changed.]

Edit: Okay so I think I figured out why this novel feels so weird. It's because the ending never leaves me satisfied even when they get revenge. And I would also like to say that the line up for ML doesn't seem promising in the beginning but actually once we find out who it is ML is actually pretty cute. Like that tsudere cute.

Edit 2: actually ended up finishing it and it's actually not bad. Changed my 3 star to 4 ^^ <<less
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wrezkai rated it
July 4, 2019
Status: Completed
This novel was rated lower than it deserves.

Yes, the MC is cold and has little to no remorse. Yes the MC is sly, intelligent, good at acting, and keeps calm in any situation.

He doesn't even care when it comes to having a relationship with "different" people in every world. But that's what makes this story so fresh along with these other reasons.
    • You have no idea who the ML is or if there are several mls.
    • Every storyline is somewhat messed up and can be upsetting, but it includes realism and isn't too unreasonable or twisted. The MC isn't that op where he can do anything he wants, even though it seems that way on the surface. In one world he gave up trying to manipulate one of the targets to feel 100% remorse because he knew that it was impossible with their personality, values, and mentality.
After the MC completes all the worlds he has to go through and returns back home, (when you think the novel is over,) all his past lovers transmigrate into the world he's in and he's forced to realize how bad of an idea a freaking 10 or*y is.

He is barely able to control them due to one of the lovers threatening to kill the others which will end in the death of all of them.

The MC has to go back to all the worlds he's been through and complete the regrets of his lovers to pacify them. The personalities become one, which is the ultimate alien ML that the MC is completely satisfied with.

Overall, Face Slapping the Gong System made me contemplate life and surprised me with its uniqueness *without* leaving a bad aftertaste in my mouth. 5 stars! :D
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BaiYihan rated it
January 13, 2020
Status: c7
This hasn't been translated very far on NU yet so some of my review might be a little off- sorry in advance. The MC has no morals at all. He plans how to make the ML regret it and goes through with it without any qualms. The ML always ends up falling for him in the end and then he dies and goes to another world. It would be better if the world's had a bit more detail I think and the MC concentrated on solving them more. It feels... more>> like he doesn't care at all whether or not he completed his mission even though his eventual resurrection is hinging on it. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
February 27, 2019
Status: Completed
man, the first world really made me dislike the MC. My first impression was that he's worse than the MC in scum shou survival guide (and without his humor). Or maybe it just felt worse because we are reading it as it happens instead of in flashbacks. I felt so bad for the ML at first, however in later worlds the ML does some pretty underhanded and sneaky things. I even found myself sympathizing with the slag in one story, though everything he did after being manipulated into betraying... more>> the MC was all on him.

thankfully there is character growth for the MC and he isn't so scummy to his ML as the novel progresses, and even had a chance to fix some things later on. As for the ending:


I'm a little confused at the end because of MTL. As far as I could tell the ML is some kind of alien and something happened and part of him was the MC's system and part of him was the shards and once everything combined there are now something like 9 personalities in one body since the ML hasn't figured out how to completely recombine yet. There were also some other unanswered questions like why he wasn't allowed to have s*x in the beginning, though that rule didn't last for too many worlds. Why was it there in the first place?


this was entertaining but honestly it didn't leave as much of an impression on me as some of the other quick wear I've read like scum gong (with very sad and twisted worlds) or ones like those years when we killed the white lotus (where the MC is super memorable). Really want to rate this at a 3.5 <<less
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