Silent Confession


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In Xin Yi’s world, he was seventeen when he fell in love with Zhou MuHui, courting, confessing, a not-so-smooth marriage, everything was as perfect as a fairy tale.

In Zhou MuHui’s world, at twenty-five, he was pestered by a little kid, the little kid is too s*upid, he held money and said that he wanted to hold hands with him, then he change to more severe, and whispered that he wanted to marry him.

He was kept by the little kid, proposed, married, everything was so absurd as if they were playing house.

The origin of the fairytale shattering is that Xin Yi found a divorce agreement at home, he dumbly stared at the familiar name on the paper in a daze, slowly reacted, it seemed that everything he assumed, had always only been what he assumed.

“Silent, silent, is my silent confession.”

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Wú shēng gào bái
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5 Reviews

Mar 28, 2022
Status: Completed
Xin Yi's mood affects me so much! Whenever he gets distress or sad, I would just literally want to cry. I don't know know how many times I cried reading this...

... more>>

I was so curious as to why ML would want to divorce, like that was my question the entire time (but I kind of understand now after knowing the whole story ;/). Cause he was just so sweet and patient with XY. Every time XY was sad and depressed after finding out about the divorce papers, ML would coax him by kissing or hugging and cooking for him and it was just so sweet. Even ML was distressed as to why XY was in a weird mood and even tried to put his work off to spend more time with him... Also XY's mother is just the most sweetest and caring mother, I thought all Asian parents were mean. She was so attentive and supportive after finding about XY's first love even though he was still a high school student. And I kept crying during the ML's mother scene, that was just tear-breaking.....


The cut to the present and the flashback about their past was really good. Really love at how the author portrayed XY's emotions at the start compared to the current where he starts to become more timid and passive, like I couldn't help but having the same mood as XY if he was sad, happy, or angry.

And you might question as why the XY didn't question nor communicate with ML more? I think it might be better that you understand XY's thoughts and the situation than thinking he is s*upid :)

this was so cute... I just want to bawl my eyes out in a corner.........。゚ (゚இ‸இ゚+) ゚。 <<less
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Jan 02, 2023
Status: c28
I liked it. The present dynamic between the MC and ML and the story of how a young MC pursued the ML. Admittedly, the MC does seem to spend the majority of his time crying and usually I don't like characters who have their emotions all over the place, the MC has completly devoted himself unto the ML since he was 17. The ML was at the start indifferent to the MC, seemingly came to accept his presence and then grudingly entered into a relationship with the MC. Sure, he... more>> loved MC a lot but his love was always silent. He does pamper the MC but he never says it out loud. Because of their age difference and because of the difference in their personalities, the ML's care is one of that looking after a young one -which brings forth some misunderstandings. The ML disallowed the MC from visiting his office when he was younger for his safety but he never explained why and MC presumed that it's because he's a nuisance. Although, MC was 17 (a mere child) when he fell in love with ML, he is now an adult. They should now discuss things as adults. Before you pin down the MC's character down as annoying or a crybaby, it should be remembered that the book started with MC finding a divorce agreement in the drawer:his whole world crumbled at that moment. It's not easy to be vocal about your feelings, it takes a lot of courage to wear your heart in your sleeves. To transparently love and then find out that the other party may have not reciprocated your feelings is devastating. <<less
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Jun 30, 2022
Status: c14
From what I've read so far, the MC is very lovable and devoted but does not communicate well with the ML. It's a shame because the ML might be more doting than he seems. But I could also find fault in the way that the ML withholds information from the MC.

Overall, it's a common plot but it's a good read if you want something with a little bit of drama mixed in. My rating of this is that it's a decent read but you wouldn't miss out on anything if... more>> you don't read it. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 11, 2022
Status: --
Charity 5 stars because I can already tell that this will get a few more low ratings.

With that said, it's absolutely not my cup of tea. The MC is a timid, mumbling mess that has the mental age of a 13 year old. Probably a 13 year old would know more to be more open and honest. Meanwhile the ML also doesn't communicate properly despite being 10 years older and have been greatly exposed to the ups and downs of life of society and really should have learned the basics... more>> of communication especially since his job would have entailed it largely.

But I understand some people like dynamics like this. I just think the character settings weren't that well thought out. But I could also be wrong since I can't force myself to push through with reading this in full. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 25, 2023
Status: --
To be honest, I have nothing more to say than to tell some people who didn't actually finish the novel to not give their clueless opinions. Since you haven't even finished it, you've missed a lot of points and a lot of flashbacks so isn't it just weird to randomly judge based on the half first of the story you know? It's actually quite annoying from my point of view. Indeed the ML and MC has little communication and it created misunderstanding. But saying things that it is a common... more>> plot drama is also not something I will really accept just bcz it's somebody's perception. As I see this personality goes perfectly well with the ML. It would only be weird if he was so open and talkative. Please finish novels before giving a lengthy negative review <<less
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