Bite Your Fingertips


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Chu Yu was good-looking and had a good family background. Despite being male and an irredeemable slacker, he was still elected as Jianing Private School’s school flower by an overwhelming number of votes.

The whole school knew that Chu Yu was on bad terms with the second year’s top student who’d won so many awards from various competitions that his hand had gone limp with exhaustion just from holding them. He was the cold, restrained, taciturn, and indifferent to anyone school grass, Lu Shi.

That was until one certain day after school, when someone saw Chu Yu amongst the trees behind the school building, pulling on the sleeves of the study god’s white shirt while speaking pitifully, “Lu Shi, give me a bite, I’ll be gentle.”

Lu Shi put his finger in Chu Yu’s mouth. “It doesn’t matter if it hurts a little.”


Chu Yu was frightened to discover that, overnight, he had awakened a strange bloodline that required him to suck a drop or two of blood everyday in order to survive. However, the blood of everyone was bitter and smelly, except…Lu Shi’s.

#The Heavens must be pitting me#


*坑 (lit. Pit.) means a teammate that intentionally or unintentionally screws their teammate over.

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New Perrythe rated it
December 1, 2023
Status: c88
This novel was really great in the way it developed it's characters. It keeps it's pace nicely and didn't get dull at all despite the characters not dating until the latter half of the story.

I love the way how Chu Yu isn't oblivious to Lu Shi's advances and the way their relationship progresses feels so natural. Lu Shi never oversteps MC's boundaries but still shows his love so wholeheartedly. I love watching them heal together.

The translator also took the extra mile when translating.

I highly recommend this novel!!!
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New Qiaoyishanren
November 28, 2023
Status: Completed
Honest rate: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This is a nice read, the story is quite deep but because of Yu Shi and Chu Yu's relationship you'll be softie, it's just sad that at a young age, Yu have to get through those things but that's the cycle of life, the cycle of cause and effect, and they deserve the happiness that both of them have now.

... more>>
Im not sure whether it's important or not or maybe it was really just a blood condition or maybe Chu yu really have a blood of a vampire but at least he's Yu Shi's little monster exclusively lol 😂

Over all, I love the story and I love Su Laoshi. 谢谢你。 <<less
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VHanuel rated it
September 17, 2020
Status: Completed
Honestly, I was so invested in finishing this story and I did! It's so good and I was hooked. Highly recommend!

... more>>

I'm glad that CY in the end stood up against his mom. She gave up on him, and now, he gave up on her.

LS got his revenge on his family and avenged his mom.

Through out the story, you can see how possessive LS of CY. And at the end, CY's personality changed completely. He was aware of LS's possessiveness and accepted it. He also said that he is willing to be tied and locked by LS. You can actually see a tiny snip of CY's possessiveness toward LS in the last 3-4 chapters, I'm guessing LS influenced him.

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cosmicimmortal rated it
November 10, 2020
Status: Completed
This was absolutely amazing. Definitely one of the best Shounen Ai novels I've read recently.

The relationship between the MC and the ML is multilayered and deep. You can really see how they rely and depend on each other and how together they solve their problems and grow as people.

It also has comedy elements and tragic elements which complemented each other well enough to keep you invested throughout.

If I was to say anythingn negative about this, probably that the ML definitely needs to see a phycologist (but I'm not gonna lie,... more>> the possessiveness is kinda hot) and I would have liked to know more about their future but it ended fulfillingly.

Overall 5/5 would reread again <<less
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Byeouri rated it
September 27, 2020
Status: Completed

ML and MC have depth. To an extent, they go along with but also break the typical cold, all-powerful gong and beautiful but weak shou roles. The author utilized those common character molds but added her own spin on them to make the character settings both more realistic and unique to Bite Your Fingertips. This is alone deserved the story another star because of the unique depictions for the ML and MC.

It’s similar to My Underachieving Seatmate Doesn’t Need Any Comforting but with less focus on comedy/playing are-they-or-are-they-not-gay. The 88... more>> chapters are packed with developments.

Some notable cons:


Firstly, the mystery of Chu Yu’s vampirism goes unanswered. It is used mainly as a device for them to fall in love and trust each other. This was done rather well in that it didn’t disappear once they fell in love and was consistently there. It was also used rather well in showing the personalities of the MC and ML. The vampirism was handled was handled rather well for that reason, but it could’ve been utilized more effectively, especially in the case of the second notable con for this story.

The second major con is that a significant portion of the side cast goes underutilized. Chu Yu’s family and the people in his social circle outside of high school (ex: his Lin-jiejie) were next to invisible outside of the opening chapters. Chu Yu’s brother and sister might as well have not existed in the story, and it wouldn’t be very different. The author could have utilized the problem of the vampirism to add more details to the family dynamics and background for Chu Yu; they could have also just added more content (in extras or as official chapters) near the end after


Chu Yu comes to terms with his mother about her emotional neglect


that discuss the reactions of the family to anything going on in the story, really. The sister and brother are meant to be good characters that are important to Chu Yu too, but they lack substance due to this severe lack of screen time. Maybe the author hurried to end this story or forgot to use them / focused too much on Lu Shi’s side of the story to give more focus to the MC. (Note: there aren’t any extras for this story. That isn’t a bad thing, but some things that could’ve been wrapped up or explained in the extras were not.)

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remyrem rated it
October 23, 2021
Status: c66 (TLer)
I read the DN TL up to c55, and MTLed to the ending since I got impatient.


  • MC is very cute (especially in the early chapters). He sort of makes me think of a Shiba Inu puppy? He's a delightful mix of narcissistic and a sweetheart, like a softer, more fragile version of TIHC's Song Yu. Weirdly, my enjoyment of ML indulging MC is because I also want to indulge MC.
  • ML is an interesting character, and ML being interested in and obsessed with the MC is actually justified.

    ML has an inferiority (?) complex and enjoys how MC needs him (/his blood) to survive. He doesn't exactly have feelings for him at the start, but he becomes yandere for the MC because he wants to monopolize him into only depending on him. This is also pointed out in the story, with MC and side characters observing that there's something off with him in a definitely not quite romantic way. Also, I'll admit I'm very into ML's contrasting personas as 'cold study god school grass' and 'beer-chugging yankee (?) '. It's like eating foie gras at a party and then coming home and eating really good spicy BBQ chicken.

  • Side characters are also pretty interesting. The classmates are all normal kids and not just archetypes (ie class rep isn't just a perfect student type, jock kid isn't just a jock, etc).
  • The writing is very engaging (and the TL is super good). Whenever I'm not doing anything, I find myself coming back to reread old chapters.

  • The author has no chill when it comes to some stuff.

    I'm not into self harm used as a plot point. It's not treated as badly as it could be (like preteens writing edgy whump fics), and it does seem to have some importance to the plot, but it still personally makes me uncomfy. There's also ML's reaction to his mother, which sometimes makes me feel like there was more than just emotional abuse going on in that house.

  • Because the side characters aren't just easy to remember archetypes, it makes them ironically less interesting since it's harder to remember who's who.
  • The ending feels a little rushed. Considering the build up, the way the family drama gets resolved feels too fast, although it was justified in-universe with the major players moving fast. Still, I would've liked another 50 chapters to see more of the relationship and the drama, even a post-graduation arc.
I didn't know whether to add this as a pro or a con, but

this wn is also weirdly super h**ny and kinky. You can see it early on with the weird angle of the emphasis on the blood drinking scenes, but in the last half the author really takes any excuse to show off ML's kinks. It's sorta wild to me since the rest of the novel feels like a high school tv drama combined with a family succession drama, then bam author hits you with a reminder that ML is definitely an M yandere with a blood and dependency (/caretaking?) kink.


And finally, some personal stuff that didn't affect my rating but affected me emotionally while reading:


As someone who also had an uncaring mother, absent father, and siblings who were preferred over me (but as the oldest child rather than the youngest), MC's relationship with his mother really stabbed me in the heart. When that guy said all that sh*t in c24, I had to put down my phone because it was both a lot of whiplash for the moment and also cut deep. When the MC had that moment of stressing over not having a goal in life because everyone in his life has told him not to bother, I felt that; when he said he wanted to try getting better grades because he wanted his mother to look at him, I REALLY felt that; and when it didn't work anyway, his mother still didn't care even when he succeeded, I felt hollowed out like I was the one experiencing it. The ending was extremely satisfying, both as an ending to the buildup by the plot, and for my personal emotions. Chu Yu forces his mother to face her mistakes by being exactly the kind of son she has raised him to be but also showing her that he has managed well without her. It's bittersweet, but I'm so proud of him.

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judeiiro rated it
October 8, 2020
Status: Completed
oof this was a whole ride ฅ՞•ﻌ•՞ฅ one of the few pairs I've read with serious *serious* depth and growth and lots of lovin in between

might be spoilery from here on

Lu Shi and Chu Yu each have their own darkness and issues which are often soul deep. Who knew a bowl of beef stew was that powerful??? Connected these 2 lost souls together 😪 I hurt for them and love them together so much

... more>> I'm really happy with how the story turned out.

Issues? Airtight and dealt with properly

Dog food? I do not know starvation

S*xual tension??? So??? Much?????? Ngl sometimes the tension between Lu Shi and Chu Yu makes me wish there was more i feel like a lost cause

Overall, a gem I'm glad to have found while browsing the latest updates!!!! So glad I ignored my usual "no vampires" knee-jerk reaction sbdkjdkd the supernatural twist really made this novel worth it

The main unsatisfying points: author never clarified how Chu Yu's condition came to be and there are loose ends scattered

chu yu's friend's family just gets obliterated in lu shi's crusade to destroy the friend's cousin (which leads to the friend transferring schools) and chu yu says nothing lol friend just poofs out of existence

but aye it's completed and I'll just turn a blind eye 🙈 <<less
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Likalily rated it
October 2, 2020
Status: Completed
Ohoo ~~~ cute and possessive, although this is considered Shounen ai but it is well written so it looks sexy. MC and ML depend on each other and I agree with other comments that it is very unclear why MC is like a vampire and I am less satisfied with MC's mother, I would like to read more. MC classmates are also cute and take it easy there is no rival in love! Although I am still curious about the fate of the He family. I was sad to hear... more>> the story of MC and ML, I wanted to hug them both but in the end they could overcome it all and become stronger.

I like it when the MC tells his mother
"Mom, you didn't want me first, and you were the first to give up on me, so I also gave up on you."

ML :
"I want him to need me, rely on me, and not live without me." only me.

Chu Yu is also quite different from other MCs even though he is naive but he is not ashamed when kissing because usually other MCs are very embarrassed even if ML only approaches him.

Chu Yu took a half step back suddenly, “Boyfriend, you really are tired like this!” He drew closer again, “However, for the sake of your good looks, I will give you a kiss and make you happy. Happy." <<less
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Rida rated it
February 20, 2022
Status: c50
It's really, really boring. I get that it's as slice-of-life, highschool type of novel but the rest of the books that I read in this genre weren't like this. I don't know how many times I stopped to take a break and then forced myself to carry on reading.


I skipped to the end and I don't think it was ever even revealed why the MC became a vampire.

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Dragon_Reader rated it
November 17, 2020
Status: Completed
A very good romance novel. ML is yandere but MC likes it, allows it. Their relationship progress is 'just' right - not too fast, not too slow. ML ... more>>

falls because he wants to be needed and his step-mother has always called him 'dirty' blood. When MC comes across him and he can 'only' drink ML's blood, ML is at once attracted. However, it's not romantic attraction but simply having someone be dependent on him

. MC seems simple-minded but is actually smart. It's just that he was never expected to be smart and had thus repressed himself. He is a very good boi.

Together, ML and MC are magic. Their relationship with their friends is also very sweet and almost perfect.

T/L - 5/5

Story - 5/5 <<less
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puffiness123 rated it
September 22, 2020
Status: Completed
This story is good... MC and ML slowly get together.

Below are spoilers of the entire plot.

... more>>

ML is possessive. MC is completely willing.

ML surprisingly had self-worth issues, but MC's loyalty helped him feel more secure. MC had terrible grades but ML tutored him and eventually MC tried to get better grades through his own efforts and succeeded. MC learned to stand up for himself, and ML served justice.

The only thing that didn't get resolved is why MC is somewhat a vampire and needs blood from ML, it wasn't talked about with his family.

I still have to give it 5 stars. It was a good story.

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lenniax rated it
September 8, 2022
Status: c87
As I'm almost done reading (one chapter left), I am recommending this novel to everyone! It is so beautifully written and translated. Amazingly fleshed out characters (both MC and ML) that each have their own little traits.

I want to praise the author especially for perfectly balancing an angstier plot amidst the 'slice of school life' we normally see in novels. To add, the ML is literally everything: very possessive, and actually quite yandere, but (again) not like a typical 2D character; he actually has so much reason to act like... more>> it and the MC's dependence on him (even though he can also handle himself really well) makes them very compatible.

In short: read, read, read!! <<less
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Kassandra rated it
July 17, 2022
Status: Completed
It's nice. My only complaint was, WHY THERE'S NO EXTRA!

I still want to see them together in the same school and how they mature together!

... more>>

I want to see Chu Yu's brother and sister's reaction when they got to know it (Their mother discovering Chu Yu's relationship and Chu Yu being firm about it.).

I also want to see Chu Yu's future. I WANT TO SEE HIS GROWTH AAAAAAAAAAAH

Lu Shi being the "domineering CEO" spoiling Chu Yu.


I want to see more of Chu Yu's narcissistic side!! (Which he backs up with his beauty.) I want to see him flauting his beauty!

There's still many things I want to see!!!

Unfortunately, sigh. Man proposes, God disposes.

As the other reviews said, the most glaring loophole of the novel would be; how did Chu Yu become a blood sucker/vampirish.

In the description, it said; "bloodline." Does it mean it has been passed down from their ancestors to generation? Because it really doesn't made sense.

I would say it's just there to promote the plot. I'm quite curious if Chu Yu will have that for a lifetime.

I love the side characters here, especially the campus characters. Their classmates, friends, and teachers. Made me remember some of my memories in high school.

I don't know if I've been influenced by one of the reviews saying Chu Yu and Lu Shi are made of each other, but I second that when I've read the first few chapters of the novel.

Overall, it's a very nice novel. Its packed with all you'll need. <<less
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YellowNoodle rated it
June 30, 2021
Status: Completed
...I mean I knew what was going to happen but I still read it. Albeit cliche.

Disclaimer: Self harm, suicidal thoughts, and yandere vibes.

Hmm, the story itself was alright. It mainly focused on the leads but it was so bland.

... more>> There was too much emotional drama and no plot. Perhaps you could say the plot was the lead's love story and the ML's revenge but what about the vampire thing? What about the ML's paranoia? What about the MC's family? Where was the logic?

The ending was rushed and it seems like the author grew tired of the story and didn't know how to continue, to which, could be seen when the MC's mother appeared out of nowhere to wrap the ending up when her main characterization is "neglect".

I mainly read it for the leads interaction but I can't deny I did grow bored.

The story could have been so much more but the romance just screamed twisted, distrust, control, and toxicity. The MC is so passive and ML really treats him as a doll. It reminds me of the show breaking bad. Y'know when Walter gets a high he instantly rails his wife and doesn't communicate. The leads are like that. When the ML needs to vent or when he feels out of control he forces the MC to kiss him.

They may love each other but these children got some real problems and need to go to a therapist or something. The healing in this story can't be considered "healing".

Anyways, the story is alright/meh, In the end, I did feel like I wasted my time mainly because the ending could be seen half into the story.


Enjoi and Adieu. <<less
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Michelle-08 rated it
January 12, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel has a very interesting plot, it's just that there's some unanswered questions that's vital to the story. Don't get me wrong, I like the story, there's enough of everything- fluff, funny moments, it's a little dark and slice-of-life.

ML is an interesting character, he's sexy, smart, cunning and dark but very gentle, doting and obsessed with the MC. The MC is a school flower who loves to preserve his beauty, smart and very dependent to our ML. The obsessive behaviour of our ML towards our MC might set... more>> a red flag to some, but for me, I kinda understand where he's coming from. They both need love, support and acceptance but both are estranged from their parents and both suffer serious abandonment issues.

I have a lot of questions, CY's blood sucking problem was not explained until the end. Also what happened to CY's siblings after knowing his relationship to LS? What happened to Lu's company/corporation? At least there should be 3-4 extra chapters to tie everything together, I feel that the author just end it like that and keeps the people hanging. The end is rushed. lol.

Now, the other good part..... there's no smut but there's a lot of sensual and passionate scene between CY and LS, very satisfying indeed!

Overall, a nice read but if you're looking for something spectacular, then you may want to find another novel to read. <<less
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October 15, 2022
Status: --
Actually it's a bit complicated for me to give a review...

Overall, this novel has a very good plot... but when we look back we will realize that, the plot is really full of holes.

It's a little hard to explain, but the plot of the story is really very roughly told, and there are also a lot of characters who are only described in names but never appear in the story at all.

For example, ML's father's affair which is said to be used by ML, but in fact she only always... more>> appears in the narrative, there are also people like the detective which help ML for reveal his family's crimes, but in reality it was never explained how ML got to know him, in fact he only appeared once on the day of the arrest.

Not to mention there are also many people which suddenly become ML's subordinates without any explanation at all.

Like come on, he's still a sophomore in high school... And it's told that he's been planning everything for a long time which means he might even have started all his plans from middle school or maybe elementary school??? do you think it makes sense that important people in the family follow the cunning plans of junior high school or elementary school children who don't have any background at all??? I mean, I understand this is a novel world and there are many stories that use this kind of plot.

But you guys also have to remember, stories that use this kind of plot always explain how they can get their people, or at least they will have a background that can support them even if it's only a familly backgroud with little power, there also something like "My parents' confidant before both of them death..." things.

But ML doesn't have all of this because his mother didn't even have time to do something or know anything before she got killed.

So yeah, It just doesn't make sense to me how a middle school kid could affect the entire inside of a big family like that.

Besides that, you will feels very empty and anti-climax after you read this story. <<less
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Rutabaga rated it
February 22, 2021
Status: Completed
I finished the novel, and it was really good. Not much am I gay or not drama, the ML and MC are quite well written, and basically the whole stoty was really nice to read. The story has this "lost teens" thing to it. There are things that could have been expanded though, so I deducted a star. The ML is also not really my type, so I didn't enjoy this novel as much as I thought I would have. Overall, I'd definitely recommend this novel, sorry for the bad... more>> English and have a nice day. <<less
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ike_00000 rated it
October 6, 2020
Status: c20
Cute so far so I'll be generous with my voting.

I feel so sad for ML and MC, glad they found each other and I hope happier days are coming for both...

Ngl ML is seductive af sometimes but also I want to cry for him at the same time. This story is definitely deeper than it lets on, the ML is genuinely depressed / self-harming.
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rameowae rated it
October 22, 2022
Status: Completed
it's been a while since i've rated 5 stars in a novel lol.

this is really good as a psychological focused novel. The sucking blood thingy, as the others said, had no background on why it happened. Theres plotholes but I actually didn't expect a well-thought plot to come into slice of life stories.

the stuff that probably made me gave this a 5 is the way emotions were protrayed between the main characters.

the author didn't try to justify the ml's obsessive love/possessive love. They showed that it's dangerous, that it's not sweet, that its not normal at all. But it also made me realize that, irl there are also people like this. Who depends on someone's dependent attitude towards them to survive. Someone needs them so they need to live. It made think that, it's not a bad thing neither a right thing to do but it's understandable. After all, all of us have ways/reason to hold on in life. But as u can read from this, yes, the main couple has indeed a problematic relationship but, oh, well, did they ever hurt each other or other people from being with each other? No, right. They feel safe and belonged when they are together, they feel the desire to live when they think of each other. Isn't that a good thing?


and not to mention the s*xual ttension interaction between the main couple. I would always squirm in my seat every time the blood sucking happens. their relationship isn't that all toxic, but it's definitely out of ordinary.

anyway, this is a good read if u want to get away from life for a min. It's a mix of supernatural and real life situations. I thank the translator, editors of this novel, especially the author, for bringing us this story. It comforted me in some ways, and even bring me joy even for a short time.
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CarinaNovel Updates
CarinaNovel Updates rated it
September 28, 2022
Status: Completed
4.6 out of 5 stars

MC: simple minded, insecure, lacks familial love, busy career mother + siblings, sickly since birth, cheeky, doesn't like to loose face, rich

Character growth: more independent, hard working, sincere, open minded, has a future he is working towards

ML: terrifying, cold, fights to vent the anger deep inside him, suicidal, loyal, lowkey obsessed with MC

Originally MC was the kind of person ML hated the most, unsuspecting, clean, and unguarded.

My Summary

... more>>

MC heard of an amazing hidden restaurant in a 'ghost town' and rushed there immediately. But he couldn't find it and instead stumbled upon a gang threatening a handsome guy who is indifferent and mocked them instead. A fight broke out ML beats them up, hidden scared MC called the police. They (ML who threatens MC) tricked the police and played innocent students.

Since then MC has weird symptoms: thirsty but not thirsty/hungy, hot all over. Thinks ML's blood smells delicious.

Later MC drinks ML's blood with ML's consent and encouragement.

(Reason/Flashback: He hears a woman scream: "Bastard blood is flowing though your veins!") ML:“I want him to need me, rely on me, and be inseparable from me.”

Only me.

Lu Shi indulged in this pleasure of being craved.)

They get along well and MC tags along with ML and his friends.

Someone insulted, challenged MC to be in the top 200 of the next mid term test (?), insulted and made MC insecur/realise his mothers lack of intrest and presence in him and his life. MC doesn't care about the provocation but he wants to prove something to himself: that he is not usless and that his mother actually cares about him and isn' indifferent.

ML is supportive and seriously helps him with catching up and studying. So wholesome! MC achieves it and is super happy someone framed him for cheating. MC is indifferent and offers to retake the test. He proves his innocence his mom came, because the principle called and MC cry. She disappointed MC and proved she only cares for him to not make trouble, ML silently comforted him.

When their class went on a trip and MC and his friend get imprisoned in a cave in the woods, because of a landslide. ML is the first one to search for MC, disregarding his own safety and health searching hours (and days?) on end.

Afterwards he also helps MC in dealing with the traum caused by the incident. For example he let's MC sleep on the same bed with the lights turned on and an emergency backpack on the side of the bed.

They are always by eachother side and when some thug threatens/tries to sexually harrasse MC (while they are out eating at a stall/restaurant) he protects MC by beat the thug and his gang up and stabbed a fork (?) Into the leaders palm, in front of MC.

ML slowly revealed his everything befor MC, layer by layer (because he wants MC to fall in love with his true self) as not to scare MC off. Because he thinks of himself as dirty and dark person who wants revenge for his birth mother's mu*der. MC realizes he likes/loves ML and told him that he would be with him and be his accomplice. He knows ML is ruthless and his countenance was sometimes filled with coldness, hostility, and paranoia, but he also knows that ML is more fragile than he wants to let on.

MC is very reliant on and sticky to ML. After a long time of coming to terms with reality he accepts the fact that his mother doesn't care about home and moves on.

ML resolves his revenge and exposes the mu*derers of his mother. His step mother ends up in prison, her brother as well, ML's father too and his grandfather lays sick in a remote care home.


They have a happy highschool live and then...

Me: *reads* chapter 88 (end)
Also me: QAQ What? This is too sudden.
What about MC’s vambire trait? What happened to the ML’s father’s company after his imprisonment?
I have so many questions! I don’t want this story to end just yet.
Wuwuwuw. (╯ರ ~ ರ) ╯︵ ┻━┻
But I can’t deny that this last chapter somehow gives closure. T^T It has a very fresh and youthful feeling to it. I wish every character a bright future eventhough I don't want this to be an open ending.

This dog is still hungry for more.

4.6 out of 5 stars <<less
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November 17, 2021
Status: --
Really sweet so far, however, I’m dropping it for now. I want to wait until the translation is done, because I can never resist MTL once I get caught up. The story in general is really cute and I love the dynamic between the MC and ML. I feel really bad for the MC because of the relationship between him and his mother.
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ScarletGlassesMochi rated it
February 24, 2021
Status: Completed

The slow built up of romance is great and the transition of selfish "love" to genuine love in a gradual approach is the best. It may have been a little dark if you look at their progression closely and each others thoughts on how they confirmed how they'll feel about the other. But aside from that, IT'S A BEAUTIFUL STORY.

... more>>

I'm just a little vexed at the ending because I wasn't able to discover anything about Chu Yu's family, especially his dad and his mother's intial approach in acting indifferent with him. The only issue that was visibly resolved is in Lu Shi's side, however, it's still a satisfactory ending because the point in this story is walking along side the 2 main protagonists resolving current issues. The matter about Lu Shi's dad nay have been a matter of the past but because he hold on to it and has plans for his family - that's why the matter is visibly read and compromises half of the novel. It's the protagonist's resolution. And Chu Yu doesn't want to explore about everything in his family's past. It's like playing a game in the character's perspective. So instead of looking into the story in a whole picture, we can only see through their eyes and we're limited to which area can we see and explore. Thus, we weren't able to look into Chu Yu's past because he didn't want to explore it. He already let it go - which is one of the "themes", about letting the past go, or chain and torment yourself because of a past. The indifferent treatment of his mother made him also indifferent, but because he still hold on that hope that he and his mother will one day become intimate again, he wasn't able to grow up and thus need an external force for him to expand his views. This matter may haven been half manipulated by Lu Shi by being always on Chu Yu's side, a trustworthy shoulder to lean on, the mother in the end said those words in her own accord. And thus the chance to rightfully correct her position and her son's disposition was gone. She also can't rebute because she herself is aware of her own actions thus can't reasonably defend herself. But ofc, I can't truly decide if she's a character worthy of sympathy because the author truly fit her role as a workaholic mother. Thus her minimum presence in the story is logical.



The matter about the vampiric qualities of Chu Yu (for me - a theory) is the manifestation of fate, to intertwine him with Li Shu. Think of it like the author's real role is like Cupid, they just have to make an opportunity where these two lone souls will meet, and the rest of the story is the climax and the conclusion of the encounter and the author is a reader himself, he's just writing whatever he sees while following the story of these two people.

Anyway, so the vampirism, the sudden thrist is like opening a new world, a new perspective, an awakening to maturity. And by maturity I mean, is to open your eyes and calmly accept the cruel truth. Also the thirst itself is a symbolism of looking for something to fill in the void, which is the lack of familial love. He may have been pampered by his siblings and other relatives, but he's extremely bothered by his mother's indifference so he subconsciously looking for something to fill that lack of love. And of course, it's pretty evident about the obsession of Li Shu in his own blood. The sweet scent may have been a calling to finding someone who fits to be the person you're yearning for (the smell of sweet loneliness). It's a theme of two lone people, seeking comfort and happiness in each other's arms. And yeah, acceptance (accepting his blood and accepting his pain/Li Shu - accepting his naivety, his insecurities about himself/Chu Yu).


I'm sorry, i've been binge watching all these game theories so I have a thing in making in depth theories this period 😅 <<less
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