Repaying Your Favor


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“Bai Yang knew this was an unrequited love with no hope, so he wasn’t bothered by the rejection of his confession. He still hoped to do something for Shao Cheng to repay his favor.

However, Shao Cheng, who clearly treated him with disdain and indifference, proposed that he should repay him with his body…

Shao Cheng X Bai Yang, a genuine love story, a heartfelt relationship (scratch that). 

1v1 Happy Ending, with some initial angst followed by sweetness. 

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New nightxueyin rated it
November 13, 2023
Status: c38
I wish I could deliver some tight slaps to whoever is giving this book 4-5 star reviews.

This book honestly made me choke with anger. The rubbish misunderstandings, the complete lack of romance, the sadomachiostic manner in which they carried out s*xual interc**rse.

I could feel my blood pressure rising after every single interaction with ANY of the characters in the book. The MC 'liked' the lead but what kind of s*upid liking holds up against such a cold and mean person????

I really hate this book, and I wish I never read... more>> it.

tr*sh. <<less
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wasthequeen rated it
August 20, 2023
Status: Completed
MTL ed the rest of the novel. It's 90% readable. Please add the smut tag, because it has a lot of spicy scenes. There is surprisingly no r*pe, or dub con scenes in a novel that very smut focused. The characters are have their distinct features, and it is explained why they act the way they are.

Although there is angst, it is reasonable, not dragged out. And they COMMUNICATE, when they decide to, which feels very natural imo.

Their relationship dynamics start off as very imbalanced, but they become equals in... more>> their own terms as the relationship progresses. Plus they are uni students in their first relationship, so their immaturity is very understandable.


The MC works very hard because he has to manage his comatose sister, and had to deal with his parents passing away in an accident. He is very optimistic and he pursues the ML for a majority of the novel. He falls in love with the ML when he notices how kind and gentle the ML sounded when he sponsored for the MC sister.

Although the MC is very sunny and bright, he has a lot of insecurities, which the ML deals with a lot of care and affirmation

Btw f*ck Song Chi

About the ML, he was sick for a lot of time which made him very unreactive and paranoid, plus he very rich and famous, so I understand his attitude in the initial stages of the novel. But he talks it out and fixes his shortcomings.

MCs sister gets well and even does her college. Also the smut might seems forceful but the ML always confirms that the MC is ok with it either before or after it, after they establish their relationship. And even when they were not in a relationship, the ML was not raping the MC.

All the misunderstandings seems reasonable when considered from both povs. Overall read this novel if you like the trope of cold and overbearing ML, but done right.

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damnmei rated it
August 31, 2023
Status: Completed
A short story with not too many twists and turns. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I ended up liking the ML, he appears cold at first but he’s mostly just protecting himself from being used by others.

The MC is your typical hardworking and downtrodden protagonist, who after being saved unknowingly by the ML, falls in love and wants to pay back all that he has been given, no strings attached. He’s a very mentally strong character, and despite going through so much, he remains optimistic, smiling sunnily at... more>> the ML whenever he sees him. It’s all very sweet and just a bit heartbreaking when ML misinterprets him.

There really is very minimal angst in this despite some of the heavy subject matter, it’s mostly a sweet love story. Also ML’s parents surprised me in that

they accepted the relationship right away, literally one of the first times I’ve seen such chill parents in a BL set in modern times. Granted homos*xual marriage is legal in this society, but still a pleasant surprise! Even if the grandpa beat up ML still lol

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