Shin High School DxD


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A continuation from where High School DxD Volume 25 left off.

Associated Names
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True High School DxD
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High School DxD (Prequel)
High School DxD DX (Side Story)
Dog God of the Fallen -SLASHDØG- (Shared Universe)
High School DxD EX (Side Story)
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08/26/19 MrLeoo01 v2 afterword
08/26/19 MrLeoo01 v2c9
08/26/19 MrLeoo01 v2c8
08/26/19 MrLeoo01 v2c7
08/26/19 MrLeoo01 v2c6
08/26/19 MrLeoo01 v2c5.6
08/26/19 MrLeoo01 v2c5.5
08/26/19 MrLeoo01 v2c5.4
08/26/19 MrLeoo01 v2c5.3
08/09/19 MrLeoo01 v2c5.2
08/09/19 MrLeoo01 v2c5.1
08/09/19 MrLeoo01 v2c5
08/09/19 MrLeoo01 v2c4
08/09/19 MrLeoo01 v2c3.1
07/17/19 MrLeoo01 v2c3
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