High School DxD DX


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A compilation novel series of short stories from the Highschool DxD universe that were published in Dragon Magazine.

DX.1. Love Song to the Reincarnated Angel

DX.2. Worship☆Dragon-God Girl!

DX.3. Cross x Crisis

DX.4. Student Council and Leviathan

DX.5. Superhero Trial

Associated Names
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ハイスクールD×D DX
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
09/04/20 zxzxzx v5 afterword
09/04/20 zxzxzx v5c15
09/04/20 zxzxzx v5c13
08/30/20 zxzxzx v5c7
08/29/20 zxzxzx v5c6
07/31/20 zxzxzx v5c11
07/24/20 zxzxzx v5c10
03/26/19 zxzxzx v4 afterword
03/26/19 zxzxzx v4c15
03/26/19 zxzxzx v4c14
03/26/19 zxzxzx v4c13
03/26/19 zxzxzx v4c12
03/26/19 zxzxzx v4c11
03/26/19 zxzxzx v4c10
03/26/19 zxzxzx v4c9
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