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I heard that this year there aren’t enough dorm rooms for the girls at school, so a few of them have had to move into the boys’ dorms.

A group of testosterone-fueled guys suddenly become quiet.

They no longer hang their underwear and socks out to dry in the hallway, walk softly, and speak in hushed tones. Everyone is on edge, afraid of scaring off the new girls in their dorm.

One night, Bo Yan just finished showering and walked out of the communal bathroom. He carried a basin in his left hand and wore CK boxers that showed off his six-pack abs.

At the entrance to his dorm room, he saw a girl in a lace nightgown.

Jin Xi stared at his abs and nervously asked, “Excuse me, I’m from the dormitory across the hall. Could you help us set up the router?”

“Sure,” Bo Yan said, quietly moving the basin from his side to the front.

A carefree, silly story about a playboy and an energetic, lovely fairy.

I’ll conquer new territories for you and draw boundaries to keep you safe.

[This is a lighthearted and silly story, don’t take it too seriously.]
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hanihoney03 rated it
August 5, 2023
Status: --
Loved the story it was fun and no unnecessary conflicts. Love the relationship between the brother and sisters. The story of the side characters are also good and pretty fleshed out.

But I have a love and hate relationship with the side stories.

... more>>

Love the dramatic story of Jin cheng and Chao zou. It was action packed lol.



why?! Why did the author include the FL having Alzheimer's in her later years it's so bittersweet. They also mentioned that the brother already died. Can I have my happy ending I know death and sickness is inevitable at old age but for God's sake this is fiction so atleast not include those

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