Senpai, Jitaku Keibiin no Koyou wa Ikaga desu ka?


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One day, Hajime Tamachi, a typical person without a future, received a phone call.

“Senpai, will you hire me as a housemaid?”

The person who called him was “Rena”, a friend he had known for 5 years through online games, but neither her appearance nor her name were known.

“Actually, I’m a beautiful high-breasted high school girl!”

Hajime was captivated by those words and went to take a look, and what awaited him was the real thing as illustrated in his Light Novel!

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Senpai, Will Yo Hire Me As a Housemaid ?
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Date Group Release
08/05/23 Lovable Translation v1c5-10
07/28/23 Lovable Translation v1c4
07/22/23 Lovable Translation v1c3
07/21/23 Lovable Translation v1c2
07/20/23 Lovable Translation v1c1
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